Top Quality Beauty Cultivation System Chapter 71: Hail of Bullets

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“Su Lin, put me down; you need to escape alone!”

With so many thugs coming for them, Han XiaoXiao knew it would be impossible for Su Lin and her to escape unscathed. If Su Lin was by himself, then he might still have some hope for escape, but if Su Lin had to keep carrying a wounded person like her on his back, there would be no way for him to get out of the siege of the gangsters.

“What nonsense is that? Throwing you here is something I, Su Lin, will never do! And who do you think is going to show me the way out if I leave you here? How am I even going to escape then? In the end, both of us would be caught, so we might as well fight back with all we have!”

Su Lin took in a deep breath as he watched the blockage ahead and the chasers behind. His grip on Han XiaoXiao’s butt tightened further, and he said to her in a determined tone, “In a moment, I will rush out with full force, so you must hold onto me tightly. Make sure you don’t let go!”

“Su Lin, that’s impossible! All of them have guns, and they won’t hesitate to shoot you at all. You are still young and can’t die here! We… We will surrender to them and return the Accounts Book to them!”

Han XiaoXiao had already accepted her fate and imminent death. From the moment she had enlisted into the Police Academy, she had prepared herself to sacrifice herself in the line of duty at any time. But Su Lin was different! He wasn’t a police officer, but an ordinary 17-year-old high-school student. He couldn’t and shouldn’t die in a place like this. Han XiaoXiao was now making every effort to keep Su Lin safe, even if it meant sacrificing herself.

“Will they let us go if we return the Accounts Book to them? And once you fall into their hands, what do you think you fate would be? Can you imagine how they might defile you?! Sister XiaoXiao, believe me one last time, and rush out of here with me!”

Saying this, Su Lin no longer waited for Han XiaoXiao’s response and rushed ahead to get to the exit.

“They are rushing over!”

“Brothers, don’t let them die so easily! We must catch that reckless brat, and especially that bitch, Han XiaoXiao, alive! Brother Tiger has said that once we catch her, we brothers can do whatever we want with her! We can play with her to our heart’s content!”

“Awesome! This slut has fooled us for quite some time now; I had thought she was Brother Tiger’s woman, but who would have thought this whore would be an undercover cop!”

“That’s right, brothers, everyone gets to take turns with her in a while, so don’t take pity on her at that time! We must kill this slut afterwards! The last time she kicked me in my nuts, I almost became infertile because of her! I must teach this slut a good lesson this time!”


It was apparent that the punks despised and looked down on Su Lin and Han XiaoXiao. Su Lin was just a little piece of crap, while Han XiaoXiao was shot in the leg already. In addition, they hadn’t been coveting Han XiaoXiao for a day or two. So this time, they were quite anticipant of how they would get to play with Han XiaoXiao once they caught her.

“Su Lin, you escape! I will divert their attention…”

Han XiaoXiao suddenly started to thrash around, trying to break free from Su Lin so that she could cover for him. Su Lin, however, had long expected Han XiaoXiao’s actions, so the hands he held Han XiaoXiao’s butt with dug further into her flesh. No matter how she struggled, Han XiaoXiao couldn’t get away from his back.

“Do you trash believe you can stop your great Uncle Su’s advance with the bunch of you?”

As the distance between him and the thugs decreased, a faint smile appeared at the corners of Su Lin’s mouth. In the next moment, he commanded in his heart, “Time Stop!”

One second, two seconds, three seconds….

As soon as time stopped, all the movements of the thugs and Han XiaoXiao, whom Su Lin was carrying on his back, stopped. The only one who could now move freely was Su Lin, and he vigorously rushed through the thugs with immense speed.

“Time Resume!”

Although it took a few seconds for him to do it, but to other people, Su Lin appeared to have broken through several defensive lines and jumped out of the siege in an instant.

“What happened to me? How did we rush out so easily?!”

In one moment, Han XiaoXiao saw the thugs stopping their path in front of her, while in the very next moment, Su Lin and her were out of the siege. She couldn’t comprehend what was going on.

“You fools, how could you let them escape so easily? Catch them…”

The thugs rushing after them couldn’t understand how Su Lin escaped their siege. And Su Lin couldn’t care about what those small fries thought of it all. He seized every second he could, and while the thugs weren’t responding, made his way out with Han XiaoXiao on his back.

“Quick, shoot them! No matter what happens, we can’t let them take the Accounts Book away! Shoot!”

The command came from non other than the second boss of the Dragon-Tiger Gang, Brother Tiger! As soon as he heard the news that Han XiaoXiao was an undercover agent, he realized that their future wasn’t looking that good. Right after that, he was given the bad news that the Accounts Book was stolen. The Accounts Book recorded every secret transaction the Dragon-Tiger Gang had ever made, and it contained information about a large number of Senior Government Officials, too. If the contents of the Accounts Book were to be exposed, not only would the Dragon-Tiger Gang be finished, but many of the Senior Officials of Jian’an City would also be laid off.

“Brother Tiger has commanded to shoot! Shoot!”



Now that their Brother Tiger had spoken, the thugs obviously didn’t dare to hold back. As they chased behind Su Lin, they took out their pistols and aimed the muzzles towards Su Lin and Han XiaoXiao.

“Su Lin, it’s not good. They are going to shoot at us!”

Han XiaoXiao’s heart burned with impatience. The exit was right in front of them, but they were already in a hopeless situation. As long as the thugs behind them opened fire, with how many guns they had and how narrow the passage was, even if their marksmanship was trash, they would be able to shoot Su Lin and her to death without an issue.

Once she were shot, neither her not Su Lin would have any chance to escape this place alive.

“Don’t be afraid, Sister XiaoXiao. They can’t shoot at us!”

Su Lin was already panting after having run so far in a single breath. But Su Lin saw that he still had more than 500 seconds left for his ability, and the exit was not too far away either. So long as he forced himself to keep going, Han XiaoXiao and he would be able to escape the underground base successfully.

But right at that moment, Han XiaoXiao heard the sound of gunshots coming from behind.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

At least 5-6 rounds of bullets flew straight towards Su Lin and Han XiaoXiao, and the speed of bullets was insane. Han XiaoXiao felt the God of Death grip her heart as she closed her eyes in despair.

However, in the very next second, no… it should be said that in the very next moment, Han XiaoXiao felt Su Lin’s body slightly incline. She also realized that no bullet had hit Su Lin or her.

One, two, three, four, five…

There were six or seven bullets, but all of them just brushed past their bodies and flew ahead.

“The bullets didn’t hit? Is the marksmanship of these thugs really that bad? Or could it be that our luck is simply Heaven-defying?”

Han XiaoXiao gawked. In theory, with how narrow the place was, it was technically impossible for the seven or eight punks behind them to miss their target with how they all shot together. But the facts were right in front of her. Han XiaoXiao personally saw the small bullets brush past her face, and even she thought it was unbelievable.

“No, it’s not that the marksmanship of those punks is bad, nor that we are lucky, instead, it’s Su Lin who avoided those bullets!”

Feeling the slight tilt of Su Lin’s body, and how they avoided the bullets just right, Han XiaoXiao’s eyes widened in surprise, “Oh my god! How could he avoid the bullets like this? The bullets are so fast, so how agile would a person have to be to avoid them in the nick of time? Moreover, those bullets were shot from behind him! Does he have eyes behind his back too?”

Immersed in surprise, Han XiaoXiao was increasingly unable to understand the man who was carrying her on his back. He appeared to be more and more like an insolvable mystery. Suddenly, Han XiaoXiao felt as if there was some sort of inexplicable connection between Su Lin and her. Otherwise, how could Su Lin appear in the underground base of the Dragon-Tiger Gang out of nowhere? It’s as if everything was arranged by a higher power. Had he really appeared here just to save her?

“Su Lin, what kind of person are you?”

Han XiaoXiao couldn’t help but wonder in her heart as Su Lin carried her on his back. The grasp of her arms around Su Lin’s neck also tightened, and her eyes turned a bit blurry as she watched Su Lin’s broad back.

“Have you bastards been eating shit?! There are so many of you, yet not even one of you could hit the target? Shoot, and shoot fast! Don’t let them get to the exit! No matter what happens, you have to stop them! Shoot! Shoot them to death!”

Seeing that Su Lin was about to escape Han XiaoXiao on his back, Brother Tiger turned more and more anxious. He also took out a pistol, and aimed it at Su Lin’s back, firing several shots in succession without any hesitation.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

This time, it was no longer just 6-7 rounds like before, and instead, every thug was continuously firing 2-3 shots in succession. There were dozens of rounds flying towards them from different directions and angles, ready to end them where they stood.

Hail of Bullets! It was simply a hail of bullets! There were more than a dozen pistols, all targeting Su Lin alone. In this situation, let alone Su Lin, even the most experienced veterans of the battlefield would be left with holes all over their bodies.

“Let’s see where you escape this time!”

Brother Tiger believed that with such a dense cover of bullets, there would be no way luck would be able to save Su Lin. However, what he saw in the very next moment made his proud smile stiffen.

“How is that possible? He… How did he jump out of the curtain of bullets? That’s impossible! Just now… He was obviously there just now! What’s going on?! How did he suddenly get up the stairs leading to the exit all of a sudden?”

That’s right, under the incredulous eyes of Brother Tiger and more than a dozen thugs, Su Lin disappeared into thin air and all the bullets passed through empty space. And when the little bastards came back to their senses, Su Lin was already standing on the stairs leading towards the exit. Carrying Han XiaoXiao on his back, he rushed to the top, opened the exit of the underground base, and escaped.

“Out! We are finally out, Sister XiaoXiao!”

The had finally escaped from the hail of bullets. By now, Su Lin’s nerves were stretched taut, as even though he had the ability to stop time, the slightest of mistakes would have resulted in a completely different outcome. So long as there was even one bullet dug into his flesh, it would have been absolutely impossible for them to escape the base alive.

“Quick, there’s sound coming from over there!”

“Look over there! There is an underground pathway; there are people coming out of it!”

“Security! Security! Immediately report to Captain Yan, it’s the Iron Lady who’s being carried on that guy’s back. It’s the Iron Lady, Han XiaoXiao!”

“Reporting to Captain! We were searching through the abandoned factory when we suddenly discovered a path leading underground. It seems that’s the den of the Dragon-Tiger Gang. Together with that, we have also discovered Elder Sister XiaoXiao. That’s right, it’s the Iron Lady, Han XiaoXiao. There was someone escaping from the underground base, and she was on his back…”

As soon as Su Lin came out of the underground base, he made his escape. The police officers who were searching above the ground discovered the underground pathway as soon as they saw him come out of it.

“Reporting to the Captain! There is a large group of criminals from the Dragon-Tiger Gang in the vicinity! All of them have guns in their hands! We just heard the sound of gunfire coming…”

“Got it! Don’t let even one of them escape! Get them all!”


Now that the Criminal Police had found the hiding spot of the Dragon-Tiger Gang, they entered the underground base with sub-machine guns in hand. After a fierce gunfight with the members of the Dragon-Tiger Gang, they finally arrested everyone.

And after Su Lin brought Han XiaoXiao out of the undergroundbase, his tight nerves finally relaxed.

“We… we are safe now!”

Several police officers stepped forward to help Su Lin and Han XiaoXiao. By now, Su Lin had long overdrawn all the energy from his body and spirit, and could no longer support himself. As soon as he put Han XiaoXiao down, dizziness overwhelmed his mind, and he fell down on Han XiaoXiao’s soft and full chest.

“Su Lin, Su Lin…”

As she watched Su Lin faint, Han XiaoXiao thought that Su Lin might have been shot, so she turned anxious. As she shook Su Lin and tried to wake him up, tears started to flow out of her eyes.

Seeing the scene in front of them, those police officers who were standing next to them opened their eyes wide in surprise. They had never imagined that the Iron Lady, Han XiaoXiao, who was famous for her brutality against men in the Criminal Police, would be so concerned about a man one day. But the fact was right in front of their eyes, and they couldn’t not see the worried look on Han XiaoXiao’s face.

Recalling the previous matter of Su Lin escaping with Han XiaoXiao on his back, and how Han XiaoXiao tightly clasped her arms around Su Lin’s back, while Su Lin tightly clutched onto Han XiaoXiao’s butt… Those police officers had never thought they would see something like that happening with the Iron Lady, Han XiaoXiao.

“Su Lin, how are you? You… You haven’t been shot anywhere, right?!”

On the floor, Han XiaoXiao strenuously rolled Su Lin over his back, and realized that there was no trace of him being hit by a bullet. That made her realize that Su Lin had really just fainted now.

“So big! So soft! I feel so comfortable here…”

Just when Han XiaoXiao was getting more and more worried, she heard Su Lin talk in his sleep as his hands reached forward and grasped onto the soft mounds atop Han XiaoXiao’s chest. In front of a bunch of police officers, he started to unceremoniously rub and mold her chest with an expression of joy covering his face.

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