Top Quality Beauty Cultivation System Chapter 70: Rushing Out

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“Where are we now?”

Han XiaoXiao no longer joked with Su Lin either, and questioned him seriously.

“Where we are is exactly what I want to ask you! If I knew where we were, why would I need you to lead the way? Wouldn’t I have rushed out of here myself?”

Su Lin curled his lips, but he wasn’t as worried as before. Now that he had more than enough time to suspend, Su Lin felt much safer. To add to it, there was Han XiaoXiao beside him. Even if he ran out of time, he could just… Hehe… He could simply increase it by getting intimate with Han XiaoXiao.

“Where did you go after leaving the room we stole the Accounts Book from?

Han XiaoXiao wasn’t angry at his response, and slowly asked Su Lin while staring at him.

“I am also unclear about that. Right after getting out of that room, I was relentlessly chased by the thugs. And when I finally couldn’t run from them for long, I found this utility room, and hid inside!”

With their exact location unclear, Han XiaoXiao couldn’t tell what way to take to get out from the massive underground base that had various intersecting tunnels and paths. To make matters worse, there were also a ton of thugs outside searching for them.

“We can’t help it then. Only by going out and looking around first would I be able to determine our location, and find a way for us to get out!”

Han XiaoXiao’s expression turned dignified, “There were already dozens of thugs looking for us, and when Brother Tiger finds out the Accounts Book is gone, he will do anything to capture us! Su Lin, we must escape from here as soon as possible, and then give the Accounts Book to the Captain!”

“Then… Should we just go out like this?”

Su Lin lowered his head, and started to smile lasciviously as he saw Han XiaoXiao’s smooth and fair legs.

“You… You smelly bastard, turn around!”

Han XiaoXiao had been seriously analyzing their situation, but as soon as Su Lin started smiling, the entire serious atmosphere was destroyed. Putting on an annoyed expression, she realized that she was wearing nothing to cover her lower body. Only now did Han XiaoXiao realize that she couldn’t go out just like that!

“What? Afraid? What’s there to worry about me seeing? Haven’t I already seen everything there is to see, and touched everything there is to touch…”

Su Lin impolitely replied and winked at Han XiaoXiao, but didn’t turn around.

“Su Lin, stand up!”

“What do you want?”

“Take off your pants!”

Han XiaoXiao seriously stared at Su Lin as she spoke.

“You want me to take off my pants? You… What do you want to do? Just now you were calling me a rogue, but it turns out that you are the biggest female pervert here!”

As Su Lin spoke, he used both hands to protect his pants while putting on an expression of a man not afraid of fighting to the death, “I am not some casual man! You… You better not have any ideas about me, you perverted woman!”

“What nonsense are you spewing! Su Lin, I have discovered that your brain really is full of nonsense all the time. What I mean is… What I am saying is that you should take your pants off, and let me wear them!”

“You want to wear my pants? What will I wear then?” Su Lin shook his head, “Nope! Not good! We can’t do that!”

“You are a big man, so what are you afraid of? Moreover” Han XiaoXiao lowered her voice and said, “Moreover, aren’t you wearing underwear? Look at me… I have nothing to wear. If you don’t take off your pants and put them on me, then I… Ah! You wouldn’t want me to be seen by everyone else, right?”

When under the eaves, one has to lower their head. Han XiaoXiao, however, was still Han XiaoXiao. Although she had to rely on Su Lin right now, her attitude was still firm, and she only slightly gave in.

“Alright then!”

As Su Lin thought about it, he felt that he really couldn’t take Han XiaoXiao out there without anything covering her. Wouldn’t he be suffering a loss if she was seen by those useless trash of the Dragon-Tiger Gang? So, Su Lin accepted the compromise, and took off his pants to put on Han XiaoXiao.

“Hey, hurry up and take off your pants, little Lin…”

Unknowingly, the way Han XiaoXiao addressed Su Lin turned very intimate.

“I am taking it off… Eh… XiaoXiao, you… Why haven’t you turned your head away? Why are you staring at me?”

As Su Lin stood up and prepared to take off his pants, he realized that Han XiaoXiao was looking at him with a playful and expectant gaze. They way she looked at him really made Su Lin feel embarrassed. Although one could say that Su Lin wasn’t going to really be naked as he was wearing boxers underneath his pants, he wasn’t really used to taking off his pants in front of a girl like this.

“Yo, yo, yo! So even a perverted wolf like you, Su Lin, can turn shy? I wonder who was it who so decisively tore down this elder sister’s jeans without feeling shyness? Now that it is your turn, you wouldn’t be thinking of chickening out, right? Quick, take them off, take them off! This elder sister must watch you take off your pants!”

It seemed that Han XiaoXiao had been infected by Su Lin, and the evil thoughts she had had increased. Even the evil laughter, and the bad smile she showed were exactly the same as those of Su Lin.

“Humph! Isn’t it just taking off my pants? Who is afraid of doing that?”

Who was Su Lin? He was a man of indomitable will, so how could he let a little girl ridicule him like that? Wasn’t it just taking off his pants? What was there for him to feel embarrassed about? What was there for him to be afraid of? He will take his pants off in front of her!

Wasn’t it just unbuckling the belt, and loosening the button? He would show that to her right now! Bracing himself, Su Lin swiftly pulled down the pants and extended them in front of Han XiaoXiao, while saying in a natural tone, “Here, put them on!”

“Little Lin, there’s something I need to ask you!”

Han XiaoXiao narrowed her eyes. With a doubtful expression, she pointed towards Su Lin’s lower half, and said, “There… What’s wrong… How come there’s a bulge in that spot? Are you hiding some sort of food in there? I have been starving to death here, so hurry up and take it out, and let me eat it!”

“Ah! I… What do you mean by something to eat? Do you really not understand, or are you making fun of me? Um… This thing here is not… It’s not something you eat… Well, you can eat it if you want to, but…”

Su Lin looked at Han XiaoXiao with a strange expression. From his observation, he realized that Han XiaoXiao really didn’t seem to know about matters related to that aspect.

“Humph! Stingy! Go away, I won’t ask to eat your things then. And with where you are hiding them, they must be dirty!”

Han XiaoXiao hissed, and the looked away from Su Lin’s boxers. Spreading out the jeans he handed to her, she said, “Little Lin, you need to help me put these on!”

“What! You want me to help you put them on? Can’t you wear them by yourself?”

“How do I put them on? I cannot move my legs! Hurry up… Stop dawdling around, or the people from the Dragon-Tiger Gang will find us soon, and we won’t have a chance to escape. You are a grown man, so why are you fooling around so much? Hurry up and help me put them on!”

Finally compelled by Han XiaoXiao, Su Lin took the jeans from her, and sat beside Han XiaoXiao with shaking hands. Slowly spreading wide the jeans, he started putting them on Han XiaoXiao’s snow-white and smooth legs, starting from her ankles.

“Hurry up… Yeah, that’s right… I don’t feel anymore pain, so you can do it faster…”

“Hey, stop moving around blindly! It’s almost there…”

“That’s right. I am not moving, so you can go a bit faster…”


Just like that, a profusely sweating Su Lin finally helped Han XiaoXiao put on the jeans after much effort.

“How is it? Aren’t this young master’s pants cool?”

Su Lin buckled the belt around Han XiaoXiao’s waist, but because her waist was so much thinner than his own, the belt was still loose around her waist even when the buckle was on the innermost hook.

“It’s ugly, and it stinks!”

Han XiaoXiao seemed to love the feeling of talking back to Su Lin. Seeing Su Lin’s sweaty and anxious appearance, she felt immensely refreshed inside her heart.

“Then don’t wear it if it smells that bed! Here, I will help you take it off again…”

As he said those words, Su Lin acted as if he was going to take the pants off Han XiaoXiao. Han XiaoXiao hurriedly moved sideways to avoid him, and then suddenly reached out her hand to tightly grab the place between Su Lin’s legs, “I must have a look and see what good things you are hiding here…”


Su Lin yelled out pitifully, while Han XiaoXiao spoke up with doubt, “How come I can’t pull this thing out? It’s hot, and thick, and seems to be similar to hot dogs. Su Lin, are you secretly hiding a sausage inside there?”

“Let go! Do you want to kill me! Let go…”

As soon as Han XiaoXiao pulled on his thing, Su Lin felt as if he had died. The pain he felt due to her grip was no inferior to the pain Han XiaoXiao felt because of the bullet wound in her leg.

“There are also two circular things here, are they boiled eggs? Su Lin, how many edible things are you hiding inside? How do I pull them out?”

Han XiaoXiao pulled even harder, and made Su Lin’s face distort in agony, “Quick… Let go of it… Let go…”

Seeing that there was no other way, Su Lin was compelled to launch his own attack on the enemy grounds. Without holding back, he reached out his hands, and directly grabbed onto Han XiaoXiao’s chest while roaring in his heart, “If you won’t let go of my hot dog and boiled eggs, then I won’t let go of your big meat buns either!”

“Ah! Su Lin, you pervert, what are you doing?”

As soon as Su Lin grabbed onto her chest, Han XiaoXiao felt a pain and loosened her grip on him to protect her chest. Glaring at Su Lin, she slapped her palm towards his face.

“Ah… You have finally let go of me, my great aunt…”

Tilting his face to the side, Su Lin avoided Han XiaoXiao’s slap. Finally feeling relieved, he hurriedly covered his crotch with his hands, and started to rub it gently.

It was only a while later that Su Lin felt the pain recede. As Han XiaoXiao looked at Su Lin’s ugly expression, she wondered what had happened. Holding back her curiosity, she waited for Su Lin’s complexion to ease up, and then she timidly asked, “Su Lin, can you tell me… You… That bulge that you have there, what is it? How come I can’t pull that out?”

“Pull it out?”

Dark, heavy lines covered Su Lin’s forehead, and he said to Han XiaoXiao with a blackened face, “My dear grand aunt, are you fucking with me? Or do you really not know? You hurt me so bad that if it weren’t for my luck, my lower body would have been completely destroyed in your hands!”

“What do you mean? Wasn’t it just some sausage and boiled eggs? Do you need to be so angry over a sausage and two boiled eggs? What’s more, Su Lin, you perverted bastard, you actually attacked my chest for it!”

“Attacking your chest is a light matter. I say, XiaoXiao, do you really not understand? Did you not take physical education classes? Did the teacher not teach you anything? This… This here is… This is a man’s… A man’s ‘little brother’!”

Although Su Lin had thick skin, he still felt embarrassed when saying it out.

“Little brother? What is that? I went to the Police Academy, and the teacher there didn’t teach us this. However, my combat coach did talk to me about something like that. He said that that place of a man was called their ‘little brother’, and it was their most vulnerable spot. However… I followed the coach’s instructions and kicked him hard in that place, and then the coach never taught me anything about it…”

Blinking her eyes, Han XiaoXiao replied to Su Lin with an innocent expression. Her innocence made Su Lin feel helpless before her, so he decided to shift the topic and said, “Now that you have put on some pants, we should hurry up and get out of here. We don’t have much time!”

“Oh! Alright, then you will have to carry me…”

“I still have to carry you?”

“I have a wound on my leg, so I can’t run. If you don’t carry me, then how am I going to show you the way out?”

“Alright, I will carry you!”

Putting Han XiaoXiao on his back, Su Lin grabbed Han XiaoXiao’s thighs with both hands, while he made sure not to touch the place where she was wounded. Once he was sure he held her well, he knocked open the door, and rushed out of the utility room.

“Take a look at the surroundings, and see where we are, and where the exit is located?”

As soon as Su Lin rushed out of the utility room, a bunch of thugs saw him, and rushed towards him in droves.

“We are currently outside Storeroom No. 39. Turn right from here, cross three intersections, turn left, go forward, and then turn left again…”

Looking at the rooms around, Han XiaoXiao immediately calculated their location, and started to give Su Lin instructions towards the exit.

“Great! Hold on to me tightly, and we will rush out of here…”

Remembering the route in his heart, Su Lin tightly held onto Han XiaoXiao’s bubbly butt with both hands, took in a deep breath, and rushed to the right.

“They are here! Go and report to Brother Tiger! They must be the ones who stole our Accounts Book!”

“Everyone, come here! Surround them from all sides…”

“We can’t let them run away! Catch them, everyone!”

“Shoot them! Brother Tiger said that we should rather kill them than let them escape with the Accounts Book…”

Many thugs from the Dragon-Tiger Gang began surrounding Han XiaoXiao and Su Lin. The opponents had guns in their hands, and there appeared no path for them to escape.

“Not good! Su Lin, there are too many of them! We… We are going to die!”

Han XiaoXiao immediately regretted coming out here. If she had known earlier that there were so many people outside, she would have preferred staying inside the utility room!

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