Top Quality Beauty Cultivation System Chapter 69: Su Lin, You Must Take Responsibility!

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“Ah! Su Lin, you rogue!”

Han XiaoXiao almost jumped up as she felt the coldness on her lower body. If it wasn’t for the bullet wound on her leg preventing her from getting up, she would have surely trampled Su Lin, this bastard, under her feet until she kicked him into the oblivion.

“Ah! I… This… I didn’t do it intentionally… I was just not careful, and my hand… My hand slipped…”

Su Lin didn’t know what to do, so he immediately put the fruit knife to the side and said, “It’s not that big of a deal… I… I won’t look at you, so you should hurry up and put on your underwear!”

“Put on my underwear? You just ripped that, so what am I supposed to wear now? Su Lin, you little bastard, you must have done it intentionally! Now that you have seen everything of this aunt… You… You must take responsibility!”

Han XiaoXiao threatened him fiercely. Instead of someone who had suffered a gunshot wound, Han XiaoXiao currently resembled a tigress whose tail someone had stepped on. Su Lin felt that Han XiaoXiao might eat him at any moment without leaving a bone behind.

“What responsibility do I have to take? I… I didn’t even see anything!”

Su Lin felt aggrieved — he had really not seen anything. He was well aware of Han XiaoXiao’s fiery temper, so he immediately turned his gaze as soon as Han XiaoXiao’s thongs fell off. Speaking of it, Su Lin blinked hard and thought for a while, but still couldn’t recall if he really saw anything.

“I don’t care about that! Su Lin… You… You, help me quickly dress up my wound…”

At this time, Han XiaoXiao got rid of her high and mighty act, and showed Su Lin an expression that made her seem dependent on him.

“You have told me not to look, so how can I help you dress up the wound? Here’s the bandage; you can do it yourself…”

Su Lin raised the bandage he previously found towards Han XiaoXiao, while intentionally turning his face to the side to show her that he wasn’t looking towards her.

“I… I cannot move! No matter what, you must help me dress up the wound…”

Han XiaoXiao decided not to bicker with him anymore, and lifted her injured thigh towards Su Lin. No longer giving a damn about the matter, she put some pressure on Su Lin’s calf and said, “Hey… Bandage it quickly… Look at how much blood is flowing from the wound. Hurry up and dress the wound, or how do you think I am going to get you out of here if I lose too much blood?”

The words Han XiaoXiao spoke were said in a casual tone as if the blood flowing from her thigh wasn’t her’s, but someone else’s. She grabbed the jeans that was torn down by Su Lin, and used it to cover her most private parts.

“You… Let’s consider it your win this time!”

Although Su Lin was a little unwilling, he still turned his head. At the same time, there was a bit of anticipation in his heart, “Remember, it is you asking me to look…”

Gently lifting Han XiaoXiao’s thigh, Su Lin placed it above his own legs, and lowered his head to carefully look at her wound. Now that the bullet had been removed, if he hurried up and dressed the wound, then the wound shouldn’t cause too much trouble.

“It’s going to hurt a bit when I bandage your wound!”

Su Lin unrolled the bandage, and slowly started to wrap it around Han XiaoXiao’s thigh. Once done, he put in some force, and tied a knot to hold the bandage in place.

“I am not afraid of this pain… Ah…”

As soon as Han XiaoXiao opened her mouth to say some brave words, the pain made her tightly clench her teeth. The hands that were holding the jeans covering her most private body parts also shook. Su Lin, on the other hand, sneakily glanced towards the hidden area every now and then to have a look at the place Han XiaoXiao was putting in great effort to hide.

‘What use is hiding anything from me…. It’s not like I haven’t seen it already. However, I must say that the figure and looks of this Criminal Policewoman are first-class, and she must be the Criminal Police’s most beautiful belle…’

Although the bandage was wrapped up and tied, Su Lin’s hand didn’t stop moving. His hand full of Han XiaoXiao’s blood slowly rubbed around the root of Han XiaoXiao’s thighs, gently caressing her.


As Su Lin caressed her like such, Han XiaoXiao couldn’t help but moan out. Although she no longer felt pain, there was a strange itch she wanted to scratch. Han XiaoXiao obviously didn’t feel it too much when her wound was being dressed up, but now that the bandage was tightly wrapped around her thigh, Han XiaoXiao could clearly feel the itch.

‘Ah! What kind of feeling is this? Why is it so itchy, and making me feel numb? I feel so strange…’ Han XiaoXiao wanted to stop Su Lin’s movements, but a voice inside her heart prevented her from speaking up. In the end, all that came out of her mouth was a soft moan.

“Such soft thighs…”

Su Lin kept on gently rubbing Han XiaoXiao’s thighs, and his actions resulted in Han XiaoXiao’s body getting tense. Her thigh was held on top of Su Lin’s legs, while her hands were being used as support on the ground. Her upper body had arched backward, while her small cherry mouth was open, and a difficult expression showed on her face. It was as if she was feeling something worse than the pain she felt when the bullet was taken out just before.

‘Humph! Weren’t you acting bossy, and commanding me like your little slave just now? What happened? Just watch how I make you taste the might of this Uncle Su here!’

He didn’t know why, but as Su Lin saw Han XiaoXiao’s expression that seemed to be caused by a mix of pain and pleasure, a cheerful sense of accomplishment burst inside his heart. Just like that, Su Lin’s actions turned even more wanton and unrestrained.

Originally, he was just touching the bottom of Han XiaoXiao’s thigh, and didn’t try to reach for her most sensitive and mysterious garden. But now, Su Lin’s rough and fiery fingers started to slowly slide upwards.

How could a piece of torn jeans even prevent the advances of Su Lin’s sharp fingers? Still, Su Lin intentionally made sure not to move away that scrapped jeans cover, and instead, he fiercely thrust his entire palm under it.

Suddenly, Su Lin’s fiery palm pressed against something immensely soft.


Han XiaoXiao had never experienced something like this before, and she could not endure the feeling. Her body turned stiff, and confusion reined over her mind; she felt that her entire body went numb, starting from the place that Su Lin held onto right now. What wound on the leg? Han XiaoXiao couldn’t feel a single iota of pain from there. Han XiaoXiao felt her heart flutter, and she felt as if she was high on drugs.

As for Su Lin… Su Lin had never expected that Han XiaoXiao — a Criminal Policewoman with a fierce and evil temperament — would cooperate with him so well at a time like this. She slightly bent her body forward, and her lower abdomen matched Su Lin’s rhythm. She supported herself upwards in a disordered way, while her eyes closed partially. Her brows wrinkled together, and her mouth kept on releasing soft and infatuated moans of pleasure.

Looking at the scene in front of him, and listening to the intoxicating sounds coming from her, Su Lin could no longer stand the temptation. He gently put down Han XiaoXiao’s leg, while the movements of his right hand sped up, instead of slowing down. That ripped piece of jeans was already thrown away by Su Lin, while his hand kept on gently snaking around in a wetland that couldn’t get any muddier…

Slowly, his hand gathered more and more moisture, while Su Lin couldn’t figure out what kept attracting him into being unable to stop. As he looked at Han XiaoXiao’s intoxicated pink face, he felt that she looked immensely adorable at that time. Especially her half-opened cherry mouth that had dried up… It just asked for him to moisturize it.

‘What’s wrong with me? We are in the underground base of the Dragon-Tiger Gang, and the one in front of me is Han XiaoXiao. The same Han XiaoXiao who has an evil temperament, and is also part of the Criminal Police. She might have lost her reasoning right now, but if I kept on taking advantage of her, she will definitely kill me when she regained her senses!’

Su Lin’s tried to fight the desires in his mind, but his thick lower lip was only a few centimeter away from Han XiaoXiao’s small cherry lips. At such a short distance, Su Lin could already feel the Han XiaoXiao’s breath hitting his face. He felt hungry and thirsty for her, and there was a sort of temptation she gave off that made him unable to stop even if he wanted to stop.

‘No… No matter what, if it weren’t for me, she would have already been caught by the thugs of the Dragon-Tiger Gang, and who knows what would have happened to her at that time! Moreover, I helped her take out the bullet, and also bandaged her wound, so… I… Well, I will just consider this as getting even…’

Finally, the evil Su Lin defeated the righteous Su Lin in his head. No longer giving a damn about the situation, Su Lin bent forward and lowered his head. Aiming at Han XiaoXiao’s small cherry lips, Su Lin pecked them fiercely.

“Wu… Wu… Um…”

Originally, Han XiaoXiao was already gasping for breath because of Su Lin’s actions, but now that her mouth was completely sealed by Su Lin, she could no longer breathe. And even though her mind was still in a daze, she started to punch her hands out to push Su Lin away for air.

As soon as Han XiaoXiao’s mind fully registered that Su Lin was kissing her, her eyes went wide open. Han XiaoXiao was stunned, and she felt that the entire world was going crazy. She couldn’t comprehend what she was going to do!

‘Oh god! Ah! What’s going on here? Why am I suddenly being kissed by this little bastard? What’s happening here? His mouth… Why is he kissing me? Ah! This was even my first kiss! What am I going to do! Heavens! Why are his hands moving there, and also… He… He’s doing… I… What am I going to do…”

Receiving such a strong kiss from Su Lin, Han XiaoXiao lost herself in a momentarily daze. She felt both enraged and bashful at the same time, and she wished that she had a gun to shoot Su Lin right away!

“You… Su Lin, get away from me…”

Han XiaoXiao suddenly used the strength of her entire body to push Su Lin away from herself, “Su Lin, you rogue! You bastard wolf! You… You go die!”

The iron lady Han XiaoXiao of the Criminal Police… when had she been treated so frivolously? When had she ever been bullied so much by a man ‘till now? Currently, Han XiaoXiao felt immense grievance fill up her heart. The body she had saved for over 20 years was tainted by this Su Lin in one day. He had looked everything there was to look, and he had touched everything there was to touch… Ah! What more was left for her to lose?

“How am I a rogue? How am I a wolf? If it wasn’t for me, you would have been caught by the Dragon-Tiger Gang’s men, and who knows what would have happened to you then? Moreover, weren’t you the one who wanted me to take responsibility for you? Isn’t it a good thing now that I am taking responsibility, or do you not want me to? And why don’t you look at yourself first? You were clearly enjoying it at the beginning, so why are you fuming so suddenly?”

Su Lin intentionally roared at Han XiaoXiao angrily, leaving her speechless.

Sure enough, as soon as she heard Su Lin’s words, Han XiaoXiao blushed. Indeed, when Su Lin was doing all that to her, she did feel a strange comfort. Just what was that feeling? Why was it so strange? And why did she feel like that?

“No matter what! You… You have touched me, and you have kissed me, so you are definitely a rogue, a great pervert! I… I must arrest you and bring you to the police station! I… I will lock you up… I will lock you up for a lifetime!”

Han XiaoXiao was so angry that she started to talk nonsensically without knowing what she said.

“Good, good! Come here, Criminal Policewoman Han XiaoXiao! I am here, so come and arrest me! Arrest me if you can!”

Su Lin extended both arms and tilted his head forward. He knew that Han XiaoXiao wasn’t going to do anything to him.

“You… You, just wait and watch how I deal with you!”

Han XiaoXiao could barely move herself, so how was she going to arrest Su Lin and bring him to the police station with her current condition? All she could do was spew out big words, and give out some steam to appease her anger.

“Alright, I won’t tease you anymore. My great police officer Han, how is the wound on your leg? We have already removed the bullet, and the blood has also stopped flowing, so can we exit this place now? I think that even the Criminal Police outside has long left the place…”

Su Lin estimated that it had been more than an hour since he entered this underground base, and if those Criminal Police Officers hadn’t found the clues he left behind, they would have surely evacuated the place by now. As the matter stood, that just made things more difficult for them. If the two of them couldn’t escape during the time he had left for suspension, then they would really be in dire straits.

As Su Lin was thinking all this, his gaze landed on the remaining time in the right-hand corner of his vision. Immediately, Su Lin was stunned on the spot, ‘What happened? How come the time increased by so much? And it’s even more than 600 seconds right now!’

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