Top Quality Beauty Cultivation System Chapter 68: Thongs

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Is this a joke? You want me to help you remove the bullet? I… I will not do this… I… Blood makes me dizzy! I can’t do this…”

Although Su Lin claimed that he was a man of indomitable will, he couldn’t help but feel terrified as he looked at Han XiaoXiao’s leg covered with blood.

Su Lin would have no issue even if he was asked to fight the thugs outside to death, and kill a few of them, but making him help Han XiaoXiao take the bullet out of her leg… Impossible! That was simply impossible! Even shooting Su Lin to death wouldn’t be as cruel as forcing him to do something like that!

You… The one with the bullet in her thigh hasn’t released a squeak, yet you… What are you even afraid of? Are you even a man?”

As she spoke, Han XiaoXiao yanked at her jeans, and completely exposed the wound on her thigh. Originally, it was just a small hole in the jeans through which her wound could be seen, but now the tear had turned much wider. The ripped jeans completely exposed Han XiaoXiao’s full white legs.

But… I am not a doctor, and you are bleeding so profusely. How am I even supposed to help you? By getting the bullet out with my hands? Is that even sanitary? Wouldn’t you get a viral infection?”

As soon as Su Lin lowered his head to have a look at Han XiaoXiao’s thigh wound, a sick feeling took him over and he almost vomited. He quickly turned his attention away from the wound, and started staring at Han XiaoXiao’s uninjured thigh.

Now that Su Lin got to take a closer look, he realized that Han XiaoXiao wasn’t just beautiful, she was gorgeous. Apart from her strange clothing, saying that Han XiaoXiao was an absolute beauty wouldn’t be an overstatement.

Especially with how Han XiaoXiao’s fair body had not a trace of excessive fat on it. She was a beauty with a flat lower belly, and slender and attractive white legs. The only stain that currently ruined her attractive thigh was the bleeding wound.

As long as you follow my words, there will be nothing to worry about!”

Tolerating the severe pain coming from her wound, Han XiaoXiao further tore apart her jeans. At the same time, she pointed towards the cabinets in the utility room and instructed, “Go and check inside those cabinets; there should be liquor and knives stored in them. At the same time, check and see if there’s anything that can be used to light a fire…”

Liquor and knives? Sister XiaoXiao, you wouldn’t really be planning to get yourself treated in a place like this, right? Or… How about we try it once more, and see if we can get out of here and bring you to a hospital?”

The environment of the utility room was far too crude, and even the air in there had a stale taste to it. If they were not careful, there was a high chance they would end up getting her a fatal infection. Su Lin couldn’t feel relieved in taking the bullet out of Han XiaoXiao’s thigh in a place like this.

Do you really think we can rush out of here? The smartest choice is for us to deal with my wound right here! How long do you think I will be able to hold on for otherwise?”

Han XiaoXiao’s voice had turned much fainter than before, and even when she scolded Su Lin, there was no strength behind her words. There was an apparent chance that Han XiaoXiao might faint at any moment, never to wake up again.

Not wasting any more time, Su Lin quickly flipped through the boxes and found two bottles of white wine, a fruit knife, and a lighter to make fire.

Sister XiaoXiao, I have found everything! What should we do now, Sister XiaoXiao?”

Su Lin bravely looked at Han XiaoXiao’s wound without turning his face. It was nothing, he comforted himself in his heart. Wasn’t it just a little blood and a gunshot wound? No big deal!

First you need to find a cloth, soak it in the white wine, light it up with fire, and then disinfect the fruit knife…”

Step by step, Han XiaoXiao weakly supported herself and taught Su Lin how to disinfect the knife.

It’s all done now, Sister XiaoXiao. Now… Can I really remove the bullet with this? Like… Should I really just stab the blade into the wound and dig it out?”

Su Lin gulped and looked at Han XiaoXiao with a worried expression.

Yes! Do it… Remember, you must do it quickly; pinpoint the location of the bullet, and then stab there with the knife…”

Slowly closing her eyes, Han XiaoXiao steeled her heart and prepared herself.

Um… Your jeans are still covering the wound though…”

Su Lin had also calmed down by now. He clearly understood that if he didn’t help Han XiaoXiao deal with the wound right now, then there would be no way for either of them to get out of this place alive.

Just tear it apart then…”

Eh… Tear it apart…”

Oh Heavens! What was this Han XiaoXiao saying? Her jeans were already torn, and if he tore them further, wouldn’t there be nothing left to cover her?

What are you dawdling for now? Make it quick!”

Han XiaoXiao urged Su Lin to hurry up. Su Lin looked at the ripped jeans, steeled his heart, and then tore it apart further…


Han XiaoXiao’s jeans were completely pulled apart by Su Lin, revealing her fair and enticing thighs. Especially, when one looked up a further from the wound! Oh Heavens! Han XiaoXiao was actually wearing a cute white thong, and Su Lin could clearly see the black curls exposed through the white cloth.

Ah, I didn’t do it intentionally!”

Seeing the scene in front of him, Su Lin felt his blood rush to his head. It was just too exciting, and he quickly turned his head away to avoid the fiery scene.

You… You aren’t allowed to look!”

Although Han XiaoXiao had a gunshot wound on her thigh, she could still feel her body. She could feel the sudden coldness on her lower body, and she was able to see that her entire jeans were ripped apart by Su Lin, leaving nothing but her white thong to cover her secret garden. Losing her focus, she abruptly moved her injured leg to cover the view.


Such a sudden movement caused Han XiaoXiao to feel a fierce pain, and she immediately grabbed her thigh with both hands; no longer daring to make even the tiniest movement.

Ah… You… You… You brat, you certainly did that on purpose, didn’t you? You were trying to eat this elder sister’s tofu, right? I asked you to rip open a small hole in the jeans, so how did you end up ripping the entire thing apart?”

Han XiaoXiao was so angry that steam seemed to be coming out of her red cheeks. Not only did this bastard dare to play rogue in front of her, the iron lady, but she couldn’t even do anything about him. She wanted to dig a hole and bury herself inside it now. She wanted to fiercely smash Su Lin with a kick at that moment.

Unfortunately for her, though, Han XiaoXiao could barely move now, let alone kick someone. In the end, she could only fume at her spot and hurl a few words at Su Lin.

I didn’t tear it all off on purpose… To begin with, who asked you to wear that rag full of holes that would be torn apart with just a small pull? Those jeans were simply rotten; I tugged lightly, and all of it got pulled apart! You… You can’t blame me for this!”

Su Lin wasn’t going to just take the blame for nothing. He had been helping her with good intentions, yet she treated him as evil, and even scolded her. Being treated so unjustly made Su Lin fume with rage as well. He had been treating Han XiaoXiao respectfully because he thought she was an honorable policewoman doing her duty, going as far as sacrificing herself by infiltrating the enemy’s den to fulfill her duty. But now, this Han XiaoXiao was just asking for a mile when given an inch, slandering an innocent man like him!

If you aren’t the one to be blamed, then who is? Me?”

That’s right, you are the one to blame! It is you who wanted to get rid of the bullet right here! I had been trying to help you with all my heart, and I braved so much dangers for you, yet you treat me like this? Why am I the one to take the blame for your mess? This young master here will not help you take the bullet out anymore! You can have someone else you are alright with to remove the bullet for you!

Su Lin was a person with a bad temper, and when Han XiaoXiao treated him so unreasonably, he turned even angrier. No longer caring about her, he dropped the disinfected fruit knife on the floor.

Humph! If you won’t help me, then I will just do it myself!”

Han XiaoXiao bit her already dry lips. Trembling, she bent down, and tried to pick up the fruit knife from the ground, but before she could bend down enough, the severe pain from the wound made her whole body slump on the ground as she fell over to one side.

Hey, hey… are you all right?”

Even if Su Lin had a worse temperament than he already did, he still couldn’t remain angry at her now at a time like this. He hurried forward, squatted down, and without having any ideas, gently took Han XiaoXiao in his embrace, “You… Just let me help you remove the bullet, alright!”

You can remove it… but you aren’t allowed to watch!”

Han XiaoXiao’s face flushed, and she regretted coming out wearing a thong today. She would usually wear conservative clothes, but since she was pretending to be a young female thug, she obviously had to go all they way and dress up the way they dressed up. Although she wasn’t accustomed to it, Han XiaoXiao had been wearing these type of thongs for a while, and thought they weren’t that bad.

However, what Han XiaoXiao had never thought was that her thong would be completely exposed in front of someone. Especially, when the other person was a man at that. Now, all of her was seen by Su Lin, this jerk.

Can’t look?”

Su Lin felt a bit helpless, and replied, “Oh my great aunt, you are asking me to remove a bullet from your leg, yet you tell me not to look? What are you going to do if I close my eyes, and make some mistake while running the knife on your legs? What will you do if I turn your beautiful white legs into meat strips?”

Then… Then you try to not look as much as possible!”

Han XiaoXiao’s two little palms moved downwards, and covered her most secretive garden. Still, when Su Lin narrowed his eyes a little, he could clearly see the curled up little hair peeking from behind the seams of her hands. And even though Su Lin could only see a little bit of hair, his heart still turned quite itchy.

However, Su Lin still knew that now wasn’t the time to think about these matters. The most important issue now was to quickly remove the bullet from Han XiaoXiao’s leg, and handle the wound.

Are you ready? I am going to move the knife now…”

Again disinfecting the knife using the wine and fire, Su Lin made moving gestures above Han XiaoXiao’s thigh, and figured out the approximate position of the bullet.

Alright, come!”

Han XiaoXiao fiercely nodded her head and closed her eyes.

Alright then, I am coming!”

To be honest, Su Lin’s hand was still slightly shaking. Just thinking about sticking the knife into her leg, and digging out the bullet made him feel scared about looking at the bloody scene that would ensue.

Su Lin, however, tried to overcome the fear in his heart. He was a man now. He was no longer the little boy he used to be. He had grown up, and there were greater responsibilities on his shoulders. He was going to be responsible for his parents and his loved ones, so how could he let a bit of blood scare him?

Gathering all his courage, he steeled his heart, and slowly stabbed the blade downward…



Su Lin and Han XiaoXiao yelled out at the same time, and Su Lin slowly moved the knife in his hand as it dug into Han XiaoXiao’s wound. With a tinkering sound, the bullet from Han XiaoXiao’s wound was dug out and fell to the ground.

It’s out!”

Su Lin’s heart filled with delight, while the shaking fruit knife in his hand — that was now stained with Han XiaoXiao’s blood — slipped.


Su Lin quickly grabbed the fruit knife, and tried his best to keep it from falling. But his hand slipped and the bloodied fruit knife scraped past Han XiaoXiao’s lower body. Coincidentally, the fruit knife ended up cutting through Han XiaoXiao’s white thong…

[TL: I tried narrowing my eyes, and it only makes it harder to see. Either I am abnormal, or these Chinese dudes have something going on with their eyes!]


Disclaimer published: January 15, 2020 at 11:56 AM UTC

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