Top Quality Beauty Cultivation System Chapter 67: Remove the Bullet

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Accounts Book? What Accounts Book? Do you even realize that you are injured? With how much you are bleeding, do you think you will survive for long if we don’t get you to a hospital immediately…”

Su Lin instantly felt enraged at her words and loudly started to reprimand Han XiaoXiao.

It must be known that Han XiaoXiao had suffered a bullet wound on her thigh that continuously dripped blood.

That’s not good! That Accounts Book is very important as it records all the criminal trading the Dragon-Tiger Gang has done. It wasn’t easy for me to get the location of the Accounts Book this time. It’s a pity that I was immediately discovered. If we don’t go there and take the Accounts Book this time, then we won’t have such a good opportunity to get back at the Dragon-Tiger Gang in the future!”

Han XiaoXiao spoke with a firm tone. Their ultimate goal in infiltrating the Dragon-Tiger Gang with undercover cops was to get the Accounts Book, the biggest secret of the Dragon-Tiger Gang. It was an opportunity that came only once, and if they missed it now, then getting any evidence against the Dragon-Tiger Gang would be as difficult as ascending to the Heavens.

What nonsense Account Book? Is it really that important? Is it even more important than your life?”

Su Lin was stunned, but he still kept running towards the exit with Han XiaoXiao in his arms, “No matter what, we need to get you medical treatment first!”

Su Lin, we must go back! We just need to get into the right passage back there… The Accounts Book is there. All the evidence related to Dragon-Tiger Gang’s collusion with the various City Officials are recorded in it; I must get that!”

Even though she was being princess-carried by Su Lin, Han XiaoXiao didn’t stay still and started to struggle in his embrace.

If you move, I will throw you here and see how you are going to get that Accounts Book!”

Su Lin was annoyed by her actions. Han XiaoXiao was struggling so much that he couldn’t hold her steadily while running. What’s more was that Su Lin couldn’t concentrate his spirit due to the two mounds of fullness belonging to Han XiaoXiao rocking and squeezing against his chest.

It’s my duty to get that Accounts Book! This has nothing to do with you, so you can leave this place without worry. Just put me down, and I… I will go take the Accounts Book…”

Han XiaoXiao finally struggled her way out of Su Lin’s embrace. Holding her bleeding thigh, she started to limply walk back, but the severe pain made her fall when she had barely walked two steps.

Ah! Is there really no way to persuade you otherwise? Alright… I will help you get the Accounts Book! It’s in that right passage, right? Let me help you get it…”

Su Lin felt helpless at her insistence. He couldn’t just sit back and watch Han XiaoXiao go to her death, after all! It was just that the gunshots had already alerted the rest of the Dragon-Tiger Gang, and it wouldn’t be long before they were chased by armed thugs.

Let’s go… I will bring you to get the Accounts Book!”

Embracing Han XiaoXiao once more, Su Lin walked forward and carefully sneaked into the right passageway. Han XiaoXiao, on the other hand, felt an unprecedented sense of security in Su Lin’s embrace even though the wound in her leg was transmitting severe pain.

What’s going on here? He’s just an ordinary high-school student, so why would he give me such a feeling? Why would he be so bold for me, and brave such great danger?’

Han XiaoXiao, who was held tightly in Su Lin’s embrace, didn’t realize that the gaze she used to look at Su Lin had turned unprecedentedly gentle. Her current appearance was so different that usual, that if her colleagues from the Criminal Police saw her, they would certainly think that a tenth wonder of the world had happened. How could the famous iron lady of their Police Squad put on such a gentle expression? That was absolutely inconceivable! Just what sort of god could make the iron lady, Han XiaoXiao, reveal her gentle and womanly side?

Where is the Accounts Book? There are several desks in this room, so where is the Accounts Book hidden?”

Holding Han XiaoXiao in his arms, Su Lin followed her instructions and arrived in a small conference room after running for several minutes and taking several turns. Su Lin was fiercely panting by now, but he knew there were many gangsters pursuing them. He estimated that there were at least 6-7 thugs with guns coming after them.

The Accounts Book is in the drawer of that middle desk over there. There should be a combination-locked briefcase in it…”

Han XiaoXiao had lost excessive amount of blood, and now looked quite weak and pale as she spoke. Her wound had left many bloodstains on the ground, and Su Lin didn’t have the time to get rid of those traces. He was afraid that the gangsters won’t take long in getting to them with all the bloodstains left behind them.

Combination-locked briefcase! Combination-locked briefcase… Where are you…”

Su Lin wished that he had some sort of Superhuman ability at this time. Tightly holding Han XiaoXiao in one arm, he used the other one to unceasingly open the various drawers in search for the combination-locked briefcase.

Finally, a drawer opened and Su Lin saw a fine silver-colored combination-locked briefcase.

Found it! Han XiaoXiao, take a look and see if this is the one you want…”

Su Lin was sweating profusely. Now that he had found the briefcase, their job was done. And since he still had enough time to spare for his ability, he reckoned that there wouldn’t be much issue getting out of there.

This… This is it…”

Han XiaoXiao weakly nodded, giving Su Lin’s heart an assurance. He grabbed the briefcase with his hand and tried to pull it out in one go. Regrettably though, he realized the briefcase seemed to have been fixed in place inside the drawer and couldn’t be pulled out.

What should we do? We can’t take this briefcase with us!”

By now, they could clearly hear the sounds of footsteps coming from outside the conference room. Su Lin urgently wished to somehow get the Accounts Book, and bring Han XiaoXiao to flee with him.

Enter… password… 43896… Just take the Accounts Book, and leave…”

Han XiaoXiao weakly instructed him. She had already gotten the password out of the Dragon-Tiger Gang’s second brother, Brother Tiger’s mouth.

Having the password makes it easier. 438… 96… Good, it’s open…”

Putting in the password as fast as he could, Su Lin opened the briefcase. And it turned out that the Accounts Book of the Dragon-Tiger Gang really was inside it. Taking the Accounts Book, Su Lin flipped it open to have a brief look, and realized that it contained all records of Dragon-Tiger Gang’s massive transactions and bribes.

There’s also information related to the Municipal Party Committee’s Secretary, Liu Jianguo’s shady dealings. What’s more, his son Liu Yuanfeng is quite deeply involved with the Dragon-Tiger Gang. Good! Now that I have this Accounts Book, I believe I will be able to topple those Lius…”

Su Lin was immensely delighted, and thought that happiness came too suddenly. So long as the contents of this Accounts Book were exposed, the Liu father and son would absolutely not be seen in Jian’an City again. The transactions recorded about them in this book were simply too massive. Saying that the Dragon-Tiger Gang were the real masters of the Liu father and son wouldn’t even be an overstatement.

This is solid evidence! This is great, Sister XiaoXiao. So long as we have this Accounts Book, we will have no problem eradicating these criminal syndicates and corrupt officials from our Jian’an City…”

Su Lin looked at Han XiaoXiao with a smile. Before, Su Lin used to call Han XiaoXiao by her name, but this time he kindly called her Sister XiaoXiao. Su Lin’s impression of Han XiaoXiao had completely changed at this time. She was no longer the little femal thug he met, but a true and honorable Criminal Policewoman who could endure any humiliation to serve the people.

Sister XiaoXiao, Sister XiaoXiao, what happened to you?”

As Su Lin turned his head to have a look at Han XiaoXiao, he realized that she had already lost consciousness.

Not good, she must have lost too much blood already… I must help her stop her bleeding and bring her to a hospital as soon as possible…”

It was only now that he remembered that they hadn’t employed any method to stop her bleeding, nor had they removed the bullet lodged in her thigh. The fact that Han XiaoXiao could hold on until now was all due to her sheer willpower.

Now that they had found the Accounts Book, he must bring Han XiaoXiao out of this place, and take her to a doctor for treatment. Having made up his mind on what to do next, Su Lin tightly held Han XiaoXiao in his embrace and rushed out of the conference room’s door.

Hurry up… I found them! All of you, get here right now…”

Catch them…”


Right after Su Lin came out of the conference room, the thugs of the Dragon-Tiger Gang discovered him.

Time Stop!”

Seeing that there was no other way of escape, Su Lin had no choice but to suspend time and rush out. After escaping to a safe place, he resumed time back to normal.

Where did those people go?”

They are here! Come here… Come here quickly…”

Surround them, don’t let them get away… Stop them from getting to the exit…”

There were just too many thugs after them. Moreover, the passageways in the underground base were too narrow, while Su Lin was also holding Han XiaoXiao in his arms. Both of them were in imminent danger in this place. Su Lin was consuming more and more of his time that he could pause, yet there were still thugs chasing after them, while there was still massive distance before they made it to the exit.

No, we can’t keep going like this. If we continued escaping like this, we will reach a dead end as soon as my time runs out!”

After running in circles for a while, Su Lin had already lost his way in the middle of the underground base. He had consumed more than 300 seconds, yet he had still not found the way out.

This underground base has so many passages and rooms that I keep on going in circles. Moreover, I am not familiar with this place, so it won’t be long before I am besieged and forced deeper into the enemy’s den. That won’t be good! Sister XiaoXiao must know the way down here. The only way to get out of here is for me to wake her up, and have her give me directions…”

With no way to get out in sight, Su Lin decided to no longer waste his time as a headless fly. Pausing time to avoid getting caught by the useless punks, he entered into a utility room while tightly holding onto Han XiaoXiao.

Sister XiaoXiao, wake up! Sister XiaoXiao…”

Su Lin gently patted Han XiaoXiao’s face, making Han XiaoXiao regain some of her consciousness.

Su Lin, where are we?”

Han XiaoXiao’s eyes were blurred, and her mind was confused, making her unable to grasp their current situation.

Sister XiaoXiao, we have taken the Accounts Book already, but we are now trapped in the underground base of the Dragon-Tiger Gang. I don’t know the way out of here, so I have been going in circles all this time. You must show me the way out of here; all the gangsters of the Dragon-Tiger Gang are looking for us outside in the passages. The situation is very dangerous, so you must hold on and show me the way out…”

Su Lin briefly explained their current situation to Han XiaoXiao, and although Han XiaoXiao was still weak and in severe pain, she sobered up a bit. Covering the wound on her thigh, she said to Su Lin in a determined tone, “Su Lin, I can’t hold on for too long like this. The only way for us to get out is if you help me remove the bullet first, and bandage the wound. Otherwise, if we keep on running like this, I will really die due to excessive blood loss!”

This wasn’t the first time she had suffered a serious gunshot wound, and Han XiaoXiao had dealt with such a situation before, so she calmly thought up of a solution. But when Su Lin listened to Han XiaoXiao’s proposition, he was stunned and asked, “What do you mean I should help you remove the bullet? You know I am not a doctor, right?”

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