Top Quality Beauty Cultivation System Chapter 66: Accounts Book

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“Brat, be careful!”

Seeing that Su Lin was about to get hit in his vitals by the thugs, Han XiaoXiao could no longer stay hiding. Gripping the gun in her hand tightly, she stomped her foot on the ground and rushed out with just a single bullet to spare.

She aimed her pistol at one of the thugs going towards Su Lin, but right when she was going to pull the trigger, she saw Su Lin turn at a completely incomprehensible angle with unimaginable speed, baffling the two punks.


Immediately after that, Su Lin punched out towards the chests of the two punks and hit them meticulously. The two punks never expected such an attack from Su Lin, and immediately spat out blood. Their entire person fell to the ground as they howled in pain.

“What happened?”

Huang Gou, who was waiting to see the excitement, blurted out. In his opinion, Su Lin was nothing but dead meat in front of his men. What he never expected was that Su Lin would turn the tables in an instant, while Han XiaoXiao would also rush out with a gun.

“Shoot them immediately! Kill them!”

As soon as Su Lin smashed the two thugs, Han XiaoXiao turned the muzzle of her pistol towards Huang Gou’s head without wasting a moment. “Bang!” She immediately shot the bullet towards Huang Gou’s forehead. But right at that moment, Han XiaoXiao felt severe pain from the wound on her right leg, and that made her entire person recline downward. Her movement resulted in the muzzle tilting sideways, making it so that the bullet failed to hit Huang Gou, and instead flew beside him and lodged itself in a corner.

Lying almost paralyzed on the ground, Han XiaoXiao once more lifted her gun to shoot at Huang Gou, but the only sound that came out was the sound of the pistol getting jammed due to a lack of bullets.

“Bitch, how dare you open fire and try to kill this daddy here?! Look how this daddy will play with you…”

The gunshot had frightened Huang Gou, and he was sweating profusely. It was great that Han XiaoXiao fell down, and it was even better that she lacked any more bullets. If that weren’t the case, then he, Huang Gou, would have lost his dog life here today!

“What the fuck are you looking at? You, go and capture that brat… no… lodge a bullet into him. Just make sure to shoot his leg, and don’t kill him. Let’s see how arrogant he will be after his foot is wasted!”

Han XiaoXiao no longer had any bullets, while they were three people, and each of them had a gun in their hand. Huang Gou wasn’t afraid of his opponents now. After all, even if Su Lin could fight better than this, he would still not be able to dodge bullets.

“Brat, your luck has run out!”

After listening to the command, Liu Zhuzi raised his gun and aimed at Su Lin’s leg. But right at that moment, Su Lin suddenly appeared in front of him, and a flower bloomed in his vision.

“Ahh!!! It hurts!”

Not only did Su Lin give Liu Zhuzi a bone fracture, but he also made sure to smash the gun out of his hand.

“Sister XiaoXiao, here…”

Bending down, Su Lin grabbed the gun that fell from Liu Zhuzi’s hand and threw it over to Han XiaoXiao.

Naturally, Su Lin’s actions that appeared to be extremely fast and done without a pause were performed through his use of his ability to pause time. However, Su Lin also discovered that using his Time Stop ability had increased his reaction time by a lot even when he wasn’t using the ability.

“Not good! We can’t let that bitch get a hold of a gun… Hurry up and open fire! Kill her…”

Huang Gou was well aware of Han XiaoXiao’s marksmanship — so much so that he had previously asked her for advice — so he immediately made the other thug target her together with him. The two immediately pressed the triggers, and two bullets rapidly made their way to Han XiaoXiao who was on the floor.

“Not good!”

Seeing the situation, Su Lin immediately felt regret in his heart. He had thought that as long as he threw the gun to Han XiaoXiao, she would be able to deal with the other thug. He had failed to realize that his actions might divert the attention of the two thugs towards her instead. Now, there were two bullets flying towards Han XiaoXiao, and if no miracle happened, the chances of her living through them were almost non-existent.

At the same moment, Han XiaoXiao also felt the two bullets get closer and closer to her. A feeling of woefulness filled her heart, and she wondered if her life was going to end? She had just graduated from the Criminal Police Academy, and there were so many evil people she had yet to arrest, so how could her life end here?

She was unwilling to die! Han XiaoXiao screamed inside her heart. She was the most outstanding female officer ever enlisted by the Huaxia Criminal Police Academy, and she had won many first-class, countless second class, and even more third-class achievements during her training. The number of thugs and criminals she had caught could crowd a jail.

But, why, why was she going to fall here today?

Han XiaoXiao could see an evil smirk on Huang Gou’s face in front of her. How she wished she could have killed this scum in the morning. Yet here she was, about to die in his hands. As a member of the People’s Police, Han XiaoXiao clearly couldn’t tolerate the existent of those who endangered the peace of society. This time, if not for the “Eagles and Falcon” plan that made her infiltrate the Dragon-Tiger Gang as an undercover cop, the entire Dragon-Tiger Gang might already have been dealt with by Han XiaoXiao.

In her vision, Han XiaoXiao could also see Su Lin’s worried expression. She immediately regretted wasting so much time on idle nonsense with him, when she could have let him escape before Huang Gou caught up to her. Su Lin was innocent, moreover, he was still a high-school student. Although she didn’t know why he appeared here and got involved in the Dragon-Tiger Gang’s mess, she was sure that right after she was shot, he would have no way to escape.

Such desperation! Such helplessness! Was her only choice giving up?

Han XiaoXiao had never felt this powerless. She always felt there was nothing that could hinder her. In the Police Academy, she was a famous beautiful rose full of thorns who could easily make the Martial Arts Instructor taste the dust of her sole and admit defeat. In the Police Authorities, she was an iron lady famous for never giving face to anyone. Whoever annoyed her better be prepared to spend 10 days to half a month in the hospital!

Born in a family of Martial Artists, Han XiaoXiao’s life-long dream had always been to be part of the People’s Police. She wanted the glory of being the protector of the common people, and wanted to use her ability to catch all the evil people in the world. But today, her life-long dream was about to get crushed when it had barely even bloomed. The evil people were still out at large, so how could she die just like this?

“Grandpa, XiaoXiao couldn’t do what she promised to you. Forgive me, Grandpa! You taught XiaoXiao her Martial Arts, and now XiaoXiao will no longer be able to use them…”

It was too late, and Han XiaoXiao could already feel the bullet almost touch her skin. At the moment when death was about to take her in its embrace, Han XiaoXiao’s entire life flashed in her mind.

She was born in an ancient Martial Arts clan, and although her parents passed away when she was still an infant, her grandfather raised her with much love. Moreover, her grandfather taught her Martial Arts, and brought her to the Police Academy. He taught her the importance of catching all the evil people in the world, so that no other innocent people would have to suffer the same fate as her parents.

She became a part of the People’s Police, punished evil for good, and arrested criminals. And although she was up against dangerous guns and rains of bullets, Han XiaoXiao never regretted her decision. Even now, when she was about to die under the hands of a gangster, Han XiaoXiao believed that even if she was given 10,000 more opportunities, she would still choose to be one of the glorious People’s Police.

There was only one regret in Han XiaoXiao’s heart, and that was the fact that even though she was already so old, there had not appeared a person she could fall for. She had heard many times that love was magical, and the joy of falling in love was immense. When you fall in love with someone, you would care for them even if it cost you your life. But why was it that even though she was over twenty years old, there had never appeared a person she could love?

Han XiaoXiao was a Criminal Police officer, but she was also a woman. She also used to dream of a prince charming when she was young. But for a long long time, she had not fantasized like this again. She often thought that her life was perhaps meant to be like this, spent catching bastards! That it was her mission!

‘Forget it! What use is there thinking of all these matters now?’

The bullet inched closer, and Han XiaoXiao closed her eyes in despair. She had accepted her death in both mind and body.

But right at that moment, Han XiaoXiao felt something. Someone seemed to have picked her up, and the speed was so indescribable.


That’s right, the person was none other than Su Lin. At such a critical moment, he had no choice but to pause time, or else there would have been no way for Han XiaoXiao to live.

As soon as he heard the sound of the gunshot, Su Lin decisively suspended time. Then like an arrow, he stepped forward through the suspend space. Before the bullets could reach their target, he princess-hugged Han XiaoXiao in his arms, and took a few steps to avoid the two deadly bullets.

“Damn… What a narrow escape! Luckily, this young master, I, have a unique life-saving skill, or else even if the Heavenly Emperor came here today, he wouldn’t have been able to save you!”

Su Lin was shocked and sweating as he held Han XiaoXiao in his arms. Guns were no joke, and the speed of bullets was quite insane. Even when the time was paused, Su Lin felt a chill when he looked at the still bullets in the air.

“Time Restore!”

Not daring to waste too much time, Su Lin immediately took the gun from Han XiaoXiao’s hand and restored the time.

“Bang! Bang!”

Su Lin decisively shot two bullets. This was his first time holding a gun, yet he was still quite accurate. The two bullets respectively lodged into Huang Gou and Erzi’s chests.

“Heavens… It isn’t so easy to control a gun, after all…”

Feeling the vibrations from his hand, Su Lin looked at Huang Gou and Erzi who were killed by him. Immediately, his heart started to pound faster and faster. He was the one who shot them. He killed them! He killed two people!

Su Lin didn’t regret it, however. His initial goal when he sneaked in here was to get rid of Huang Gou. But because it was his first time killing someone, there was still some shock affecting him.

Han XiaoXiao, on the other hand, was stupefied in Su Lin’s arms. Everything was a shock to her. And all the shock was brought to her by Su Lin. It was obviously a dead end for her, and there was clearly no way for her to avoid the bullet. Han XiaoXiao clearly remembered that when Huang Gou shot at her, Su Lin was several steps away from her. So how could he have suddenly appeared beside her, hold her, and then dodge the bullets?!

How fast would one need to be to be able to escape bullets?

Moreover, right after avoiding the bullets, Su Lin was even able to take the gun from her and accurately and smoothly shoot Huang Gou and the other guy. His feat was amazing.

To top all that, Su Lin’s current appearance, his sweating forehead, and his thick manly scent seemed too heroic from Han XiaoXiao’s perspective. Just now, did Su Lin really rush forward so boldly just to save her? Han XiaoXiao felt a little foolish. She had always been the one saving others, yet today, she was the one rescued by Su Lin.

“If you love someone, you will care for them even if it endangers your life!”

She didn’t know why, but this sentence appeared in Han XiaoXiao’s mind at this time.

“Clip! Clop! Clip! Clop!”

Right at that moment, the sound of footsteps came from the tunnel ahead. It was apparent that there were many thugs coming their way.

“Not good! The sound of gunfire most definitely alarmed the rest of the gangsters inside. We must hurry up and leave…”

Hearing the quickly approaching footsteps, Su Lin got worried and ran towards the exit with Han XiaoXiao still in his embrace.

“No, Su Lin, I still haven’t found the Accounts Book! We must go to that side and get the Accounts Book!”

Huang Gou had been killed by him, so Su Lin’s purpose in sneaking into the Dragon-Tiger Gang’s base was achieved successfully. But Han XiaoXiao started pointing towards another passage, and told Su Lin to go there.

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