Top Quality Beauty Cultivation System Chapter 65: Criminal Policewoman Han XiaoXiao?

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“What’s going on? How did this rowdy chick get injured…”

Su Lin wondered when he saw her. If in front of him was someone else, he would have certainly stopped time to run away. However, when he saw the person hiding beside him was Han XiaoXiao, and how she seemed to have a gunshot wound on her thigh, Su Lin calmed down and looked at her cautiously.

“What are you doing here? Do you know how dangerous this place is? This isn’t somewhere a high-school student like you should be!”

Han XiaoXiao covered the bullet wound on her leg, and reprimanded Su Lin in a low voice and enraged expression.

“Where I go has nothing to do with you. Now that the Criminal Police are surrounding your Dragon-Tiger Gang’s underground base, there’s nowhere for you to run!”

Although Su Lin felt some pity when he looked at the injury Han XiaoXiao suffered, his heart hardened when he remembered that she was one of the Dragon-Tiger Gang’s members. He reckoned that the gunshot wound Han XiaoXiao suffered on her leg might have been caused by the policemen during their gunfight.

“Do you know how dangerous this place is? Do you realize that they have guns in their hands, and if they found you, what a miserable fate you would suffer? Someone is after me, and they will soon catch up. It won’t be long before you are also exposed!”

With a frown, Han XiaoXiao got rid of her haughty act from before. Looking down, she seemed to be making some sort of important decision. Steeling her heart, she said to Su Lin, “Brat, listen well. I will go out of here in a moment and distract the person pursuing me, and those thugs standing guard at the stairway. Once that happens, you will immediately go up the stairs and get out from this underground base. After that, you go to the Criminal Police Officers, and lead them to the entrance of this underground base!”

“Why would you help me inform the Criminal Police?”

Su Lin was confused and wondered what was going on? Isn’t this Han XiaoXiao the woman of that Brother Tiger of the Dragon-Tiger Gang? Why would she help the Criminal Police find the underground base? This was not logical. What was this Han XiaoXiao trying to accomplish? Su Lin couldn’t comprehend what was going on.

“Don’t ask why, and just do what I ask you to do, or else, both of us will die!”

Enduring the pain in her leg, Han XiaoXiao tried to stand up. Before, she had relied on her will to run all the way here, but now that she had taken a rest, she couldn’t endure the pain anymore and stand. The pain from the gun wound in her left leg tore at her, and let alone run, she couldn’t even properly support herself into standing.

“With just you? You who can’t even stand up properly wants to lead the gangsters away for me to escape?”

Although Su Lin’s previous impression of Han XiaoXiao wasn’t very good, but at this time, he had to acknowledge the fact that he felt some pity for her.

Although his attitude and tongue were still relatively strong, his movements had turned gentle. He carefully held Han XiaoXiao, and looked at her left leg. The gunshot wound on her leg was quite large, and the bullet had penetrated deep into her flesh, making her bleed profusely. If her condition remained the same, and no proper medical measures were taken, then Han XiaoXiao would definitely suffer a massive loss of blood.

“I can do it! This is the only way we have, or else, the Criminal Police won’t be able to find this underground base!”

Han XiaoXiao was regretting that they had failed to inform Chief Yan of this underground base’s existence beforehand. What’s more, the other two undercover policemen who were with her had also sacrificed their lives just to save her.

“What can you do with your current situation? With the way you are right now, let alone distracting the thugs away, you would be subdued the moment you get out of here. To begin with, aren’t you one of the Dragon-Tiger Gang? Why would they be after you?”

Just when Su Lin finished speaking, he heard the sound of rushed footsteps coming from the tunnel ahead. Huang Gou, and two of his cronies came running out with guns in their hands. They immediately shouted towards Liu Zhuzi and Erzi, the two who were guarding the stairway, “Oye, have you two seen that woman Han XiaoXiao? That bitch, we never thought she would turn out to be an undercover agent sent by the Criminal Police! It’s good that I saw her before she could send out any of our secret information. Have you two seen her? I saw her running out to this way!”

Huang Gou was holding a Type 64 pistol in his hand, and chased all they with great excitement. He had long had his eyes on Han XiaoXiao, and now that it was proven that she was an undercover agent sent by the Criminal Police, wouldn’t he be able to capture her and do her as he pleased?

“What? Elder Sister Xiao is an undercover cop?”

“That’s impossible! Brother Guo, isn’t Elder Sister Xiao our Brother Tiger’s woman?”

Liu Zhuzi and Erzi were stunned by the explosive news. Han XiaoXiao had always been thought up of as Brother Tiger’s woman, and that’s how she mixed in with their Dragon-Tiger Gang. Who would have thought that Han XiaoXiao would turn out to be an undercover agent sent by the Criminal Police?

“Shut your traps; I am not here to have a nice chat with you! I clearly saw her run in this direction, so how is it possible for you to have not seen her?”

Huang Gou frowned. Tightly holding the gun in his hand, he narrowed his eyes and carefully searched for clues in the surroundings.

Seeing that Huang Gou had caught up, Han XiaoXiao’s nerves tensed up, and she didn’t even dare breathe heavily. The gun in her hand only had one bullet, and she could only shoot one person with it. The opponent, on the other hand, now had two more men on their side, making up a total of five people. Not only that, but she also had to protect Su Lin beside him, and make sure that he didn’t get shot in the process. It was simply impossible for her to kill them and escape.

“Huang Gou, I have finally found you! Since you have failed to walk up the path to Heaven, let me send you down the road to Hell!”

Compared to Han XiaoXiao, Su Lin was much more relaxed. Since Huang Gou had chased her to this point, it saved him the effort needed to search for him everywhere. Su Lin intended to get rid of Huang Gou right here and now to prevent any future troubles.

“Who would have thought that this female thug was actually an undercover cop? Criminal Policewoman Han XiaoXiao, eh?”

Su Lin was surprised to find from Huang Gou’s words that Han XiaoXiao was an undercover cop. Didn’t that meant she dressed up and acted like a young thug to mix in with the Dragon-Tiger Gang?

This time, when he looked at Han XiaoXiao, Su Lin’s attitude had a change. In his heart, he started to feel guilt for treating Han XiaoXiao the way he did yesterday. Turns out, she was really trying to help her out of the goodwill in her heart. Su Lin felt that he had somewhat wronged Han XiaoXiao.

“Brother Guo! There are bloodstains on the ground…”

Su Lin and Han XiaoXiao hid in the space behind the cartons and carefully looked at the situation outside. Suddenly, one of Huang Gou’s crony found a trace of blood left behind by the gunshot wound on Han XiaoXiao’s thigh.

“The blood most definitely belongs to that bitch, Han XiaoXiao, as she was shot in her thigh by me. She must be hiding around here somewhere. You two, follow the blood trail and help me search for her. Once we have caught her, we brothers will be able to enjoy her crisp and pert body. What say you, brothers?”

Huang Gou smiled lasciviously and looked around the hallway. Soon, his gaze finally fell on the cartons behind which Su Lin and Han XiaoXiao hid.

“Erzi, Liu Zhuzi, you two check behind those cartons sitting over there. Han XiaoXiao, that bitch, must be hiding behind those!”

Taking a puff of smoke from the cigarette in his mouth, Huang Gou commanded.

“We are done for!”

Han XiaoXiao’s chest tightened, and the hand holding the pistol also gripped forcefully. But there was only one bullet in the gun, and she was also shot in her leg. No matter what happened, the only result apparent was her death. Moreover, this Su Lin beside her would also be implicated.

Listening to the sound of approaching footsteps of the two thugs, Han XiaoXiao’s heart burned with impatience and anxiety. And as she looked at Su Lin who appeared to be not a bit worried about their impending doom, Han XiaoXiao’s heart choked with rage.

“What should I do?!”

In a situation like this, it was impossible for Han XiaoXiao, a Criminal Policewoman, to put a civilian like Su Lin in danger. No matter what happened, she had to prevent them from discovering him. And the only way to do that was for her to take the first step, and expose herself, while keeping Su Lin back there.

“I will go out in a while, so you must stay inside. Remember, don’t expose yourself. After they take me away, you should try to escape from this place!”

Steeling her heart and enduring the severe pain in her leg, Han XiaoXiao instructed Su Lin in a low voice.

However, what Han XiaoXiao never expected was that right when she was about to stand up, Su Lin stood up before her. Looking at her with a smile, he ran out of their hiding spot without any display of timidity, or hesitation.

“Brat, what are you…”

Looking at Su Lin rush out so bravely, Ha XiaoXiao’s already thumping heart started to beat even faster. In the current situation, even she or her colleagues in the Criminal Police wouldn’t be able to escape the place if exposed, let alone an ordinary high-school student like Su Lin who hadn’t undergone special training, nor had any experience.

As for the reason Su Lin stood up so proactively, in Han XiaoXiao’s eyes, it seemed to be just to cover her! Han XiaoXiao couldn’t tell what she felt in her heart right now. She was a Criminal Policewoman, yet she needed a child like Su Lin to protect her now? Wasn’t that making her lose all face? But how come she felt her heart move a little?

Looking at Su Lin expose himself in front of Huang Gou and the other thugs, Han XiaoXiao tightly held onto her pistol. Although there was only one bullet in the gun, she was fully prepared to make a clearance for Su Lin’s escape at a critical moment.

“There’s no need to look around anymore, Huang Gou! I am here!”

Walking out of the hiding spot, Su Lin carefully looked at Huang Gou and his cronies. His imposing and unannounced appearance almost gave Huang Gou and his cronies a scare.

“You brat, why are you here?”

Huang Gou was very surprised. How come Su Lin popped up here? He had been worried about not having a chance to find this Su Lin. How would he have expected him to break right into their wolf-den?

“Brother, this stinky bastard is the one Young master Liu asked us to catch by name. Let’s pummel him, tie him up, and send him to Young master Liu to deal with later!”

Huang Gou was treating Su Lin as a defenseless high school student in his grasp. With the five of them there, and each of them having a gun in their hand, was it even possible for him to escape? Naturally, they needed to capture him alive, so they weren’t going to waste their bullets on a brat like Su Lin. Two of the thugs put their guns around their waists, and then walked towards Su Lin.

“You dare to underestimate me? Since you aren’t going to use any guns, the entire thing becomes even easier. Let this Grandpa Su help you taste his fierceness!”

Su Lin was originally cautious and worried that Huang Gou and his cronies might open fire at once. After all, bullets are hella fast, and Su Lin wasn’t completely sure he could hide away and avoid them at the right time.

But contrary to his thoughts, Huang Gou and his cronies became arrogant and decided not to use their guns. This, in turn, lowered the risk factor by a lot.

“Alright then! Let’s have a battle and decided the outcome as soon as possible! Let this Grandpa Su show you his fierceness…”

Keeping an eye on the two thugs in front, Su Lin suddenly rushed towards them instead of dodging their advance. He wanted to meet the two of them head-on with a tough attack.

“Brat, you are just overreaching yourself now! Do you think you can turn into Jackie Chan or Jet Li?”

Huang Gou sneered. In his opinion, although the two cronies of his weren’t masters of fighting, they had still fought with real blades and guns. Even if nothing else was taken into account, just their sheer ruthlessness was something an ordinary high-school student like Su Lin wouldn’t be able to resist.

At the same time, Han XiaoXiao — who was also not optimistic about Su Lin — aimed her gun at one of the approaching thugs from the dark. She was ready to shoot and rescue Su Lin at any time.

The two punks also seemed to be enraged over Su Lin’s provocative actions, and they went out with their fiercest blows. Both of them used the strength of their entire body. Two fist flew towards Su Lin, one towards his head, and the other targeted his chest. If the two hit their target, Su Lin would definitely lose at least half his life. And even if he survived, he would be knocked unconscious on the ground below.

Moreover, the two punks were cooperating with each other, and there was almost no chance for Su Lin to dodge. The situation was very serious. Yet still, Su Lin didn’t try to go back and avoid the attacks. Instead, he rushed forward with even more fierceness as if there was nothing that could hinder him.

“Time Stop!”

Just a moment before the fists of the two punks could reach Su Lin, Su Lin silently paused time with a command in his heart.

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