Top Quality Beauty Cultivation System Chapter 64: Why Are You Here?

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As soon as the time stopped, Su Lin rushed out from his hiding spot and ran up to the open entrance of the factory as soon as he could.

“There’s blood around? It seems it wasn’t some ordinary gang fight, instead, the Dragon-Tiger Gang had a massive internal fight.”

There were 7-8 police officers in the open area, but all of their movements were now paused as if a frame in some movie. Su Lin hurriedly looked around and saw two policemen trying to lift a man who he couldn’t tell was alive or dead. As Su Lin looked closely at the guy, he said out in shock, “Wasn’t this guy that Poison Scorpion from yesterday, the one making the drug deal?”

Leaning forward to take a closer look, Su Lin was certain the man on the stretcher was none other than Poison Scorpion. Poison Scorpion had a gun wound on his chest, and was bleeding profusely. But because time was currently paused, Su Lin couldn’t tell whether he was alive or dead just from his outward appearance.

Poison Scorpion’s appearance at the place of the gang fight, however, made Su Lin think deeply about the matter once more.

“It seems it wasn’t the Dragon-Tiger Gang having an internal gang fight this time, instead, Poison Scorpion found all the drug money had disappeared and brought back his men to have a gang fight with the Dragon-Tiger Gang to settle accounts!”

Su Lin looked at the other injured men on the scene, and realized that they were the thugs from the Dragon-Tiger Gang he saw before. Almost all of their wounds were from gunshots, and as he looked more, his expression turned more and more serious.

“The Dragon-Tiger Gang must have been hiding a massive amount of firearms, and this Poison Scorpion’s gang doesn’t seem to be any simple either. Since they dare to attack the Dragon-Tiger Gang at their base, they must have something to back themselves. When two tigers fight, one will certainly be wounded heavily. Trying to secretly kill Huang Gou and Liu Yuanfeng has inadvertently made me into a fish going through muddy waters. Since all of them have guns, if I am not careful enough, I will get myself in a miserable situation!”

Su Lin shuddered as he looked at the blood on the ground, and the gunshot wounds suffered by those people. He had never seen death since young, so the current situation made him feel a bit dizzy. The good thing was that time was currently stopped, and Su Lin somehow didn’t immediately faint after seeing all the blood and gore.

“I can’t stop now. To protect my family, I must overcome this resistance and get rid of Huang Gou no matter what!”

After all, Su Lin was but an ordinary senior year high school student. And even though he had obtained the ability to manipulate time according to his will, he was not much different from other high school students his age when it came to experience. But now, his ability was greater, and so were his responsibilities. Along with the arrival of the Top Quality Beauty Cultivation System, and the ability to control time, Su Lin was forced to grow up step by step. To protect his family, and to have a better future for himself, he must overcome all his fears and move forward no matter how dangerous it was ahead.

“All of the Criminal Police are now patrolling outside, and there probably aren’t many thugs left from the Dragon-Tiger Gang. As for those left, most of them probably already ran away after learning that the Criminal Police was out here to subdue them!”

As Su Lin snuck into the factory, he saw 5-6 armed policemen searching the place. But other than some bloodstains, there was nothing. He could not see any gangsters.

“Wait! The factory on the surface is just a cover, while the actual base of the Dragon-Tiger Gang is in the underground base below the factory. Since the entrance to the underground is currently closed, it would be impossible for the policemen to know of its existence. Therefore, they might just do a simple inspection on the surface without finding anything.”

When Su Lin previously snuck into the Dragon-Tiger Gang’s base, he was also surprised to find such a massive underground hiding area located under the factory. If he hadn’t followed after Huang Gou, Su Lin wouldn’t even have been able to think such a place could exist right under his feet, where there would be steps going down once the floor was flipped around.

“If the Criminal Police can’t discover this underground base, there would be no way for them to completely wipe out the Dragon-Tiger Gang. But how do I tell them? I can’t show myself, and if they found out and entered the underground base to apprehend all members of the Dragon-Tiger Gang, I won’t have the opportunity to get rid of Huang Gou and Liu Yuanfeng.”

Su Lin struggled to decide whether he should reveal the location of the underground base to the Criminal Police or not?

“Although it would be a little dangerous if I go in by myself, I should still enter by myself first. I will make sure to leave some flaw in the entrance, so that the policemen can find it afterward. In that way, I will have enough time to do my thing without any interference.”

Su Lin had decided after a bit of thought. Although he could pause time for more than 600 seconds, and it appeared to be more than ample time, he had already wasted 60 seconds by now, and had to hurry up and conserve his time. After all, Su Lin didn’t know what kind of scene awaited him down below.


Using his full strength, Su Lin slid away the entrance to the underground base that he remembered. At the same time, he discovered that his strength seemed to have increased while the time was paused. The floor that took two guys to open before was easily opened by him alone.

“Could it be that the mass of an object frozen in time will be reduced?”

Su Lin seemed to recall reading something along those lines when he read Einstein’s theory of relativity in his Physics book. There was something about the relationship between time, space, and the quality of objects. However, all of that was just hypothetical as even the greatest Jewish scientist, Einstein, couldn’t suspend time just like Su Lin for his experiments. [TL: You can ignore this scientific nonsense.]

As soon as Su Lin stepped down the stairs, he saw two Dragon-Tiger Gang’s men holding pistols as they guarded the entrance to the underground stairs.

It seems his guess wasn’t wrong, and the members of the Dragon-Tiger Gang were hiding inside. Since Su Lin didn’t see Huang Gou outside, he reckoned that the guy must also be hiding down here. As for Liu Yuanfeng, the son of the Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, Su Lin knew there were all sorts of collusion between him and the Dragon-Tiger Gang, but whether he would be hiding inside the Dragon-Tiger Gang’s base was something Su Lin couldn’t be sure of.

“As long as Huang Gou is removed from the picture, and one of the bases of the Dragon-Tiger Gang is terminated, the Dragon-Tiger Gang will be severely injured. After that, even if Liu Yuanfeng wanted to trouble, he wouldn’t be able to do so for quite a while.”

Walking towards the bottom, Su Lin closed the entrance behind him while leaving a small gap for the policemen. In this way, so long as those policemen weren’t blind and searched carefully, they would find the abnormality of the floor, and then discover the underground base hidden below.

“I have already spent a 100 seconds, and I need to save the rest of it. If it’s not absolutely necessary, I won’t pause time again.”

Running down, Su Lin saw the hall he saw yesterday. Seeing that there were only two punks guarding the place, he quietly went to the same corner he hid in yesterday, and then silently commanded in his heart, “Time Resume!”

“Brother Liu, there seem to be a lot of Criminal Policemen searching around above. Do you think they will discover the entrance to the underground base?”

“Erzi, afraid? I am sure they wouldn’t be able to find the place. You tell me, if you were in their place, would you have even imagined their would be such a massive underground base under a factory area like this?”

As soon as Su Lin restarted time, he heard the two thugs guarding the entrance make some small talk. What that brother Liu said was indeed the case. If it weren’t for Su Lin following Huang Gou back to this place, he would have never imagined a hidden base like this either, nor would he have known the existence of the entrance.

“By the way… Brother Liu, who were those people that dared come to mess with our Dragon-Tiger Gang in Jian’an City? They were quite powerful as well. And even though there were only 3-5 men, they brought sub-machine guns with them, and many of our buddies suffered massive loses under their firing.”

The youth named Erzi was obviously a little scared, and his hand holding the gun was shaking, “They wouldn’t be dead, right?”

“Erzi, it’s because you have only been in this business for a short while that you are scared. Look here, here, and here. I, your Brother Liu, have all these scars left behind by real bullets. It’s no big deal to get shot by a bullet. So long as you aren’t shot in a vital spot, and the bullet is removed in time — and wound disinfected properly — you will be good to go after recuperating for a period of time. Since you have come out to mix with this world of ours, you will also get these scars one day or another. With the current scared appearance you are making, don’t tell anyone you mix with I, Liu Zhuizi, lest you disgrace me!”

Liu Zhuzi rolled up the sleeves and pants on his arms and legs, exposing three scars that seemed to have been healed gunshot wounds. Pointing at those scars, Liu Zhuzi proudly showed them off to Erzi as if they were trophies.

“Brother Liu, your luck must have been great to have survived three gunshots! I saw our Qin Erhu getting shot once in the chest, and he was gone in minutes. Brother Liu, you got shot thrice, but none of them were in a vital spot. Your luck sure is insane!”

Erzi looked at Liu Zhuzi with reverence, but there was still some worry in his heart, so he said, “Brother Liu, if the Criminal Police really rushed down, do we really act as the boss commanded and shoot them?”

“Shoot them with shit! If the Criminal Police really broke their way down here, the two of us will raise our hands above our heads and squat in the corners. Tsk, do you really want to confront armed Criminal Policemen with these two shitty pistols? The boss’s words, there are times we should and shouldn’t listen to them. We need to differentiate when to do what by ourselves!”

Liu Zhuzi turned his head and looked at a tunnel behind him. Pointing towards it, he said, “Brother Tiger and the others are currently hiding in there. If the Criminal Police really rushed down, then everyone is going to be finished. Brother Tiger still has some relationship with that Young Master Liu, so he will definitely not end up the worst. Since that’s the case, who do you think will become the scapegoat for him to get away? How else do you think it’s possible for us to mix in with the gangs so easily? The big bosses will let you live in luxury for a while, but when it comes time to save their asses, do you think they will still care about you?”

Taking out a few cigarettes, Liu Zhuzi took a few puffs. He obviously understood the situation well.

“Young master Liu? Is he the young master of our Municipal Party Committee’s Secretary? If we have Young master Liu’s father cover our Dragon-Tiger Gang, would these Criminal Police still dare move against us?”

“The entire city of Jian’an isn’t run by the Committee Secretary alone, there’s also the Mayor, that fierce woman. We were able to get her to Jiaxing Hotel the last time, and were going to get rid of her for good. That way, the entire underworld of Jian’an would be ours. What a pity though, the men tasked to finish here were really unlucky and were found out by the Criminal Police.”

These two thugs really knew how to talk. With the Young master of the Municipal Party Committee’s Secretary backing their Dragon-Tiger Gang, they had been acting lawlessly as much as they could. But this Liu Zhuzi also new some inside information and limits of the Dragon-Tiger Gang. Su Lin was no longer anxious to leave; squatting in his place of hiding, he wanted to listen to some more information from these two men.

But just as Su Lin was carefully listening to the rantings of those two useless fools, he felt the shadow of a person suddenly brush past him. From the tunnel ahead, the shadow snuck into the place he was hiding.


Su Lin immediately felt endangered, and was about to stop time to run away when he discovered that the person who had arrived was none other than the young female thug, Han XiaoXiao.

“You… Why are you here?”

Han XiaoXiao’s spoke with a weak voice and pale face. As soon as she hid in the shadows, she discovered the other person already hiding there. What surprised her more was the fact that the person hiding there was none other than Su Lin.

“You are hurt!”

Su Lin immediately noticed that Han XiaoXiao was covering her thigh with one hand, and that there was blood dripping from it.

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