Top Quality Beauty Cultivation System Chapter 63: Sneak: Once More

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“What!? The Gangs are having a deadly battle among themselves? What’s going on?”

As soon as she heard the words on the phone, Fang Liping’s expression turned stern. Su Lin, who stood nearby, also felt his heart clench. Although there had always been Gang activities in their Jian’an City, most of them did it in the shadows. Never had the Gangs acted like those shown in old Hong Kong movies, and there had never been any gang fights before.

Yet today, Jian’an City actually had to witness a major gang fight. If the words were said by someone else, Su Lin would have definitely thought the other person was just cracking a sick joke. But the one who actually said it was none other than the Mayor of Jian’an City, Fang Liping.

“Mayor Fang, we aren’t yet aware of the reason behind their fight, as we also received the news from the neighboring residents just now. They heard multiple gunshots, and found out that their was a gang fight going on…”

The voice coming from the receiver obviously sounded worried, and as Fang Liping listened, her brows tightened, “What? Gunshots? Chief Yan, have you tried getting a clear understanding of the situation? How many casualties? And what’s the exact location of the fight?”

Fang Liping was anxious to know the specific situation, and asked multiple questions in tow. She wanted to help them in getting the situation under control.

“Mayor Fang, we are now bringing an armed crew to suppress the gang fight currently, and the location seems to be an old factory in the western side of the city after going through the east road. As our people are still on the road, we don’t know how many casualties there have been. The first thing I did was call you to give the report…”

Although the Criminal Police Team Leader, Yan Longyong, reported the matter over the phone, Su Lin was still able to hear the location of the gang fight. Immediately, he wondered in his heart, ‘Western side of the city? East road? An old factory? That… Isn’t that the headquarter of the Dragon-Tiger Gang that I snuck into yesterday? And there was also the drug trafficking matter from yesterday…’

“That’s good! Since they are fighting in the suburbs of the city, they would be unable to cause too much damage to any civilian property. However, you must be attentive, and also send a bigger force of armed police. Remember to not let them affect the inhabited areas; we can’t have those scoundrels running downtown.”

Fang Liping relaxed after hearing Yan Longyong say that the place of the gang fight was in the suburbs. It must be known, that as the Mayor of the city, the thing she was most worried about wasn’t a natural disaster, but a man-made one. If any civilian got involved in the matter, then it would be inevitable that the responsibility of the entire matter be shoved onto the head of the highest leader, the Mayor.

And for Fang Liping, the matter would be even worse. As she had had a falling out with her late husband’s family, it was already hard for her to maintain her official career due to all the pressure from their side. And if this matter also got blamed on her, then she wouldn’t have much future prospects left.

“Mayor Fang, what about our earlier plan? Would the ‘Falcons and Hounds’ plan of ours be affected by this? I tried contacting several of our undercover cops who have infiltrated the Dragon-Tiger Gang, but we have lost all contact with them for some reason, and couldn’t reach them (through phone). Do you think that the gang fight this time is because our men got exposed…”

Yan Longyong’s words were laced with worry, but Fang Liping interrupted him with a firm tone.

“Don’t worry about them, and work on stabilizing the current situation. Catch all the thugs and interrogate them slowly. As for whether our men were exposed or not, we can think about that later. Our main priority right now is to minimize their impact and casualties!”

“Understood! We will do as Mayor Fang commands!”

“That’s great, Chief Yan. I am currently in the Municipal Hospital, and will immediately head over to the Criminal Police’s unit. Our priority right now is to get the situation under control.”

Fang Liping ended the phone call after giving some more instructions to Yan Longyong. Turning towards Su Lin, she said with a sorry expression, “Su Lin, there are some important matters aunt has to take care of now… Also, don’t you have school tomorrow? You should go home early! After the College Entrance Examination ends, I will have Yanran invite you to our place for a meal.”

Saying that, Fang Liping hurriedly walked towards the exit with her black high-heeled shoes clip-clopping on the way.

“Alright, Aunt Ping, you should also walk slowly!”

Looking at the departing back of Fang Liping, Su Ling thought out loud, “Gang fights, eh? Is the Dragon-Tiger Gang really duking it out with someone? That Huang Gou is on their side, so it’s possible that Liu Yuanfeng might also be there. If they had an accident while the Dragon-Tiger Gang was fighting someone, and they happened to die during the gang fight…”

Su Lin was surprised to realize he had such an evil and cruel idea pop into his head right after learning that the Dragon-Tiger Gang was having a gang fight.

“Liu Yuanfeng, Huang Gou… All day long, they are doing nothing but evil deeds. If they could somehow die, that would only be good for the society. If they can be removed, who knows how many innocent people will be saved from their evil clutches. As long as they are gone, many people can be prevented from the torment they would inflict them.”

“Huang Gou has already dared to smash my house’s window, who knows what he would do later. He might even dare to injure my family to threaten me. To keep my parents safe, and to avoid any future trouble, that’s what I should do! I should get rid of people with any evil plot against them…”

After a complex psychological struggle, Su Lin finally resolved himself. Steeling his heart, he ran out of the Municipal Hospital.

“Taxi! Take me to the western corner of the city, through the east road…”

At the entrance of the hospital, Su Lin stopped a taxi and directly headed towards the place where the Dragon-Tiger Gang was having a gang fight.

‘When the time comes and I get there, no matter how the situation is developing, I will stop time and find Huang Gou and Liu Yuanfeng. As soon as I get them, I will give them a lethal shot, and make the two disappear completely. As the matter will happen, I will be able to thoroughly avoid any future troubles…’

Su Lin’s mind hatched a careful plan while sitting on the taxi. In a short time, he had thought up several plans he could act upon to achieve his goal.

“Boy, the way ahead has been sealed by the police, so I have no way of going forward. What do you say now? Will you get off here?”

“That’s alright, I will get off here. Thanks mister, here’s the fair.”

Paying the fare, Su Lin got out and looked to the front. He realized that he wasn’t too far away from the Dragon-Tiger Gang’s factory, but there were several police cars parked on the away. What’s more, there was even a green military truck, probably there to support the Criminal Police.

“Now that the military is here, the situation doesn’t seem to look too good. I might not be able to deal with Huang Gou and Liu Yuanfeng now.”

Su Lin’s heart sank as he saw all the police vehicles in the vicinity. Now that fully armed police had arrived on scene, he estimated that it won’t be long before the gang fight was curbed. Su Lin had no doubt that it would be too hard to get rid of Liu Yuanfeng and Huang Gou, while also making them appear as having died during the battle.

“I don’t know what the situation is right now. Have the armed police already rushed inside and stabilized the situation? Why can’t I see any of the thugs?”

Afraid of getting caught by the armed policemen, Su Lin made sure to observe the area from afar. So naturally, he couldn’t get a good understanding of the current situation. However, when he looked at the number in the top-right corner of his vision, a happy smile appeared on his face. He still had the mean to find out.

“The time I can use unexpectedly rose to more than 600 seconds. Ten minutes are more than enough for me to sneak inside and have a good look at the situation, right?”

When Su Lin and Ye Xingzhu were getting intimate in the hospital, the time unknowingly increased by more than 300 seconds. The greater the level of intimacy, and the more time he spent being intimate, the more time the Top Quality Beauty Cultivation System would give to him.

“Time Stop!”

Su Lin commanded in his heart. He had enough time to sneak into the Dragon-Tiger Gang’s secret base now.

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