Top Quality Beauty Cultivation System Chapter 62: Gangs Fighting Among Themselves?

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“Doctor! Doctor… The patient in ward no. 513 woke up, but she’s coughing fiercely…”

Su Lin hurriedly ran to the nurse’s station, and had the doctor on duty follow him speedily.

“It’s good that she’s awake. Coughing is just a normal postoperative reaction, and she will be fine in a while. There won’t be any more problem later, and we will do another inspection tomorrow.”

After checking Mother Ye’s condition, the doctor on duty calmly replied.

“It’s good that everything is well, it’s good that everything is well! Thank you, Dr. Liu!”

Ye Xingzhu was relieved when she saw that her mother’s coughing had eased down a bit. Because the two had hurriedly came out of the bathroom, her clothes were not worn correctly, and some of her nurse’s uniform’s buttons were also not buckled neatly.

At the same time, when Su Lin fully recovered his senses, he realized that he had put on his T-shirt inside out.

“Nurse Ye, there’s no need for such polite words; your mother’s situation is quite optimistic. At the earliest, she would be able to get out of bed only with half a month of rehab…”

The doctor on duty, Dr. Liu, explained some precautions required after surgery to Ye Xingzhu. After Su Lin realized that he was wearing his shirt inside out, he quickly patted his head and went out of the ward into the corridor. He was going to look for a bathroom to change his shirt’s orientation.

However, just when Su Lin walked out of the ward and went to look for the bathroom, he happened to meet Fang Liping who walked out of the Intensive Care Unit.

Seeing Fang Liping, Su Lin was quite surprised. It was so late, so what was Qin Yanran’s mother doing in the Municipal Hospital? Remembering the events in the hotel that day, Su Lin immediately felt awkward. He didn’t know how to face Fang Liping, so he hurriedly lowered his head and wanted to turn around and leave before Fang Liping could see him. But, Fang Liping had actually already seen Su Lin.

“You are… Student Su Lin?”

Fang Liping shouted towards Su Lin in the corridor. Now, Su Lin had no more excuses to walk away. He was still wearing his T-shirt incorrectly, and felt quite awkward. He could only stupidly touch his head, and smile towards Fang Liping while saying, “That… Aunt Ping, what a coincidence! I never thought I would bump into you again here!”

As soon as he said those words, Su Lin immediately regretted them in his heart. What did he mean by bumping into her again? Ah! His stupid mouth really couldn’t shut itself. By saying that, wasn’t he hinting to their previous meeting in the hotel, and those amorous moments?

“What the heck are you thinking, brain? Aunt Ping is Yanran’s mother. These thoughts are not good, certainly not good. I can’t indulge in these flights of fancy!”

At a loss, Su Lin lowered his head and didn’t dare to look straight at Fang Liping, while Fang Liping was sizing up Su Lin with an amused expression with her arms crossed before her chest. When she saw that Su Lin’s shirt was inside out, the always calm female mayor couldn’t help but laugh out and said, “Eh, I never thought that not only is student Su Lin quite good at his studies, but he’s also quite quirky!”


Bewildered, Su Lin looked down at himself and immediately saw his inside-out T-shirt and realized what she meant. Ashamed and wanting to burrow a hole in the ground, Su Lin immediately replied, “That’s not… Aunt Pin, I… I don’t know how to explain it… It’s just… accidental… I put it on inside-out accidentaly…”

Su Lin could, of course, not say that he was wearing the shirt incorrectly because he was lost in passion with Ye Xingzhu in the bathroom and the two were interrupted. Moreover, whenever he was in front of Fang Liping, Su Lin always felt an invisible heavy pressure upon him. After all, the aura of a powerful female mayor wasn’t there just for show.

“Alright, alright, it seems our little student Su Lin can’t take a joke? You were so fervent and zealous when giving that speech in the school’s General Assembly today, so how come you suddenly turned into a meek and shy little lady?”

Seeing Su Lin’s current appearance, the always serious Fang Liping couldn’t help but laugh and chat with Su Lin. At the same time, Fang Liping remembered her daughter’s sad appearance when she left, and now that she saw Su Lin really was in the hospital, she was even more sure that her daughter’s actions were related to Su Lin. So, she asked him in a probing manner, “Little student Su Lin, did you see Yanran a while ago?”

“Yanran is also in the hospital? I didn’t see her… Because of Aunt Liang’s heart disease, she’s our neighbor, I represented our family to come over and have a look at her. I haven’t seen Yanran today? Eh, right! Aunt Ping, what are you doing in the hospital at this time? Who fell ill?”

When Su Lin was inside ward no. 513, his back was to the entrance, so he didn’t see Qin Yanran following after him. So, he naturally didn’t know anything. But now that he found out that Qin Yanran and Fang Liping were both in the Municipal Hospital, the only possibility was that someone in their family fell ill.

“It’s my mother who is ill. Oh, right, Su Lin, my mother is well all because of you! You are the benefactor of our family. Yanran and I already discussed that after the College Entrance Examination ends, we will invite you to eat a meal at our place.”

After Su Lin asked her, how could Fang Liping not remember that her mother was rescued by Su Lin? The youngster her mother sketched was 9/10 definitely Su Lin.

“Your mother is ill? She is well because of me? Aunt Ping, I… Why don’t I understand what you are saying? You wouldn’t have made a mistake, right…”

Su Lin was somewhat bewildered, but after chatting with her for a while, he was no longer as nervous as before. But whenever he looked at Fang Liping, he would have a somewhat guilty conscience.

‘Aunt Ping and Yanran are quite similar to each other in looks, but Yanran obviously does not have Aunt Ping’s voluptuous figure. Well, Yanran is only 18 years old, while Aunt Ping should be around 38 years old. Even though Aunt Ping is middle-aged, she still looks so attractive, mature, and graceful, ah!’

Unconsciously, Su Lin started to compare the Fang Liping in front of him with her daughter, Qin Yanran. In his heart, he even wondered if Aunt Ping’s body was more voluptuous when compared to his Elder Sister Zhu?

The fragrance of Elder Sister Zhu still lingered on his hands, and the fire that had been previously extinguished started to burn again as he sized up Fang Liping. He didn’t know why, maybe because it was a feeling of taboo love, Su Lin suddenly started to indulge in his flights of fancy.

“Su Lin, do you still remember, seven or eight days ago you saved an old lady suffering from heart attack in the Jian’an Morning Market? She was my mother. It’s fortunate that you promptly brought her out of the Morning Market, otherwise, if she had to wait for the Ambulance’s arrival and they were even a bit late, I am afraid she might not have been saved.”

Fang Liping answered, then she lowered her voice and said, “Also, I must also thank you for saving me at that time in the Jiaxing Hotel.”

“Oh! So that grandma was originally Yanran’s grandmother! The world really is too small. Aunt Ping, that was nothing; it just took a little effort of my part. I am a good boy in the 21st century, so helping others and being brave is something I should do. There’s nothing to thank me about.”

Su Lin was getting more and more comfortable talking to Fang Liping, and even started talking loquaciously.

“So you also know how to talk with a bureaucratic tone in front of me, eh. Anyway, Su Lin, it is what it is. After the College Entrance Examination, please come to our house for a meal. We would like to thank you…”

Fang Liping’s words had yet to end when her cell phone started to ring.

“Hello, I am Fang Liping. What’s the matter?”

Fang Liping very professionally picked up the call, and replied seriously.

“It’s not good, mayor Fang! The gangs are fighting among themselves in the west side of the city!”

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