Top Quality Beauty Cultivation System Chapter 61: Mother Ye Woke Up!

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Inside the bathroom, the little spark had already turned into a raging fire, almost threatening to set on fire everything around it.

Su Lin was no saint, so now that he got the chance to be with his Elder Sister Zhu, who had been an object of admiration for him for a long time, how could Su Lin restrain himself?

“Elder Sister Zhu, do you… do you really want?”

Even though they had reached this point, Su Lin still gently asked Ye Xingzhu.


Half-naked and shy, Ye Xingzhu affirmed. From the depths of her heart, she had already determined Su Lin to be her man. So now, no matter what Su Lin did to her, she was completely willing to accept and accommodate him.

“Then… Elder Sister Zhu, I will begin…”

Su Lin’s little heart was wildly thumping up and down. Putting his hands inside Ye Xingzhu’s clothes, he gently started to unbutton her dress from bottom to top.

One, two, three…

Going from the bottom to the top, the last button holding together her chest was finally untied by Su Lin, and the soft fullness that was originally tightly pressed inside was fully released in all its glory.

‘So big…’

Although it wasn’t the first time Su Lin saw them, but he was still as surprised as before as his mouth grew dry, and he gulped down his saliva. His hands started to climb the cotton peaks on their own initiative.

It was hard to fully grasp them. Su Lin had known that Elder Sister Zhu was quite big there, but wasn’t she a bit too big. It seemed that the globs were bigger than the last time he played with them. Even with his entire hand stretched wide, Su Lin couldn’t hold one completely. Moreover, the softness and firmness inside his hand was simply breathtaking.

“Elder Sister Zhu…”

Su Lin didn’t know what to say at this time, so he could only call out Ye Xingzhu’s name. He gently fondled and pinched Ye Xingzhu’s boobs as he was afraid of using force and hurting her in the process.

“Ah… Um… Ah…”

Ye Xingzhu was pressed against the wall by Su Lin, and her body subconsciously twitched with every touch. Her legs were closely clamped against Su Lin’s leg, and rubbed against him, going up and down. Her eyes were glazed, and she licked her own lips with her tongue stretched out, showing an attractive scene. While she was being teased by Su Lin, her hands didn’t stay put either. They quietly circled around to Su Lin’s back, and extended inside from the bottom of his shirt.

“Little Lin, why are you still wearing clothes… Let Elder Sister take them off for you…”

She didn’t know where the strength came from, but Ye Xingzhu was able to pull up Su Lin’s T-shirt in one movement. Su Lin’s heart was also burning with desire, and he bent his arms a bit, and flung away the shirt. There clothes were scattered on the bathroom floor now.

“Little Lin, your chest is so hot…”

Ye Xingzhu’s two jade hands gently hooked around Su Lin’s neck, and her legs propped themselves and clamped around Su Lin’s waist. Her waist was extraordinarily soft, and she was almost hanging in the air with her ears sticking to Su Lin’s chest.

Thump! Thump! Thump!

It was Su Lin’s heartbeat, strong and powerful, but extraordinarily fast at this moment.

“Elder Sister Zhu…”

“Um… don’t speak, I am trying to listen…”

Ye Xingzhu put a finger on his mouth, and now, only one of her hand was hooked around Su Lin’s neck.

“Listening? Listening to what?”

Su Lin was a bit muddled at this time. Although Ye Xingzhu wasn’t too heavy, she was still a person, after all. Ah! With more than 90 pounds hanging around his body, how could it not get hard for him?

“Hehe, I am listening to my family’s Little Lin’s heartbeat…”

“Heartbeat? What’s there to listen about that? Isn’t it the same for everyone?”

“No, it’s different. I heard something from your heartbeat…”

“What did you hear?”

“I heard you heart say that Elder Sister Zhu, I love you a lot!”

Ye Xingzhu narrowed her eyes, and spoke with a content and mischievous smile.

“Elder Sister Zhu, aren’t you being too narcissistic? Where can someones heartbeat talk? Hahaha…”

Su Lin was amused by her words, but what he said didn’t amuse Ye Xingzhu. Her two arms hooked around his neck again, and her person bounced upwards. Her cherry mouth faced Su Lin’s thick lower lip, and bit it.

“Elder Sister Zhu, why are you biting me!”

Su Lin felt the pain, and almost put Ye Xingzhu down. But Ye Xingzhu tightly clung onto Su Lin, and didn’t let go.

“Humph, you actually dare to laugh at me! What did you say to me a while ago? Didn’t you say you loved me? Were you deceiving me?”

Staring into his eyes, Ye Xingzhu put on an angry expression.

“No… Elder Sister Zhu, I like you, no, I love you the most. From… Um… Right, from the moment I started following behind you with a snotty nose, and ate the candy you gave me, I have loved you ever since!”

Su Lin quickly explained.

“Less sweet words. Where did you understand these matters at that time? Didn’t that Little Sister Xiaoli from next door also give you candy back them, then wouldn’t you say the same words to her?”

Although this was what Ye Xingzhu said, she was chuckling inside her heart. It was no wonder that people said women had hypocritical mouth. They were obviously dying of glee in their hearts, but they still loved to pretend so hard.

“That’s not the same… There… There are a lot of elder sisters, but there’s only one Elder Sister Zhu… My most favorite Elder Sister Zhu… Elder Sister Zhu, I…”

Before Su Lin could finish his lascivious words, Ye Xingzhu’s sudden attack came again. Her small cherry mouth sealed Su Lin’s mouth, and wouldn’t allow him to continue his words.

Her tender and sweet tongue slid into Su Lin’s mouth, and it was too late to prevent her invasion. Su Lin had lost the battle before he could even prepare his defense. But of course, how could Su Lin surrender without fighting back such a battle!

He had never thought that Elder Sister Zhu would take the initiative. It seems, once a woman has set her resolve, she would become even wilder than a man.

Since Elder Sister Zhu was already like this, Su Lin would naturally not back away. Since the high grounds had been occupied by Ye Xingzhu due to her prompt initiative, Su Lin could only maintain his position on the battlefield.

Inside the narrow bathroom of Jian’an Municipal Hospital’s ward no. 513, Su Lin’s heavy gasps and Ye Xingzhu’s lovely moans could hardly be suppressed. Fortunately, there were no outsiders in the ward at this moment, otherwise, it wouldn’t have been easy on whoever had to listen to the moans and groans coming from inside the bathroom.

“Elder Sister Zhu, I am going inside…”

Su Lin didn’t know how long they had been playing with each other, but the foreplay had finally come to an end. Ye Xingzhu had also been teased a lot by Su Lin by now, so she could only respond with a nod. At this moment, her heart was only thinking about Su Lin, her little brother Little Lin, who had been with her for more than 10 years since her childhood.

Cough! Cough!

But right at this moment, the sound of coughing came from outside the bathroom. It belonged to Ye Xingzhu’s mother, Liang Guizhu.

“Little Lin, what’s this sound? Is it my mother coughing? My mother… My mother woke up…”

The coughing sounds were akin to a splash of icy water poured on their heads that extinguished the fire burning inside them.

“Aunt Liang woke up? That… We must hurry up and have a look. I will go and call a doctor…”

Although there were hundreds of reluctance’s in his heart, but still, Liang Guizhu was Ye Xingzhu’s mother, after all. Although the bypass surgery was quite successful, they couldn’t ignore any of her movements or they might regret it for their lives if something went wrong. So Su Lin hurriedly took his T-shirt from the floor and wore it.

The two rapidly wore their clothes, and opened the door of the bathroom. Sure enough, Mother Ye was awake, but it seemed she was having difficulty breathing. She was coughing violently, and her face was also slowly turning pale, and it appeared that she was suffocating.

“Mother, what happened to you?”

When Ye Xingzhu saw her mother’s appearance, she immediately got anxious. On the other hand, Su Lin was still calm and helped Ye Xingzhu calm down. Immediately after that, he ran out of the ward and started to shout towards the nurse’s station.

“Doctor! Doctor!”

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