Top Quality Beauty Cultivation System Chapter 60: To The Bathroom

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Jian’an City Municipal Hospital, Ward No. 513.

The door of the ward was half-closed, and there were a lot of people walking through the corridor.

On the floor of the ward, a pair of infatuated man and woman were lost in their jerky and ignorant passion, with their hormones burning.

“Elder Sister Zhu…”

Su Lin was unable to breathe normally. His heart beat violently, and he gasped for breath. His big, hot, and slightly rough palm was being gently guided by Ye Xingzhu’s delicate and small hands, from her soft towering peaks all the way down to her hidden garden.

The fiber of the nurse’ uniform was gently stroking on the back of Su Lin’s hand, while his palm was rubbing against soft, smooth, and exquisite flesh. Under the back and forth movements of Su Lin’s rough palm, the cool flesh under it started to turn boiling hot.


Ye Xingzhu couldn’t say a single word, and could only rely on her instincts to express her inner feelings while releasing soft sounds.

Su Lin’s fiery palm gently moved downwards, making Ye Xingzhu’s heart turn itchy. And Su Lin’s slow movements made Ye Xingzhu tightly clamp her smooth legs as she felt their were a million ants crawling on her body.

Ye Xingzhu wanted to moan loudly, but she didn’t dare release and loud sound and could only whimper, while her mouth was still being fiercely kissed by Su Lin.

‘Umm, Heavens!’

‘How can there be someone who kisses so tyrannically? How can someone be so hungry for lips?’

Ye Xingzhu had completely lost her ground, and her body and heart had long fallen into Su Lin’s hands. No matter what happened, and no matter what the man in front of her did to her, she wouldn’t regret it. She was willing!

Su Lin’s lips were very thick, especially his lower lips. Every time he kissed her, Ye Xingzhu couldn’t help but take a bite of Su Lin’s lower lip with her pearly white teeth.

Her actions let Su Lin feel a little pain, and then he kissed her even more passionately!

His overbearing kiss enchanted Ye Xingzhu. In the past, she didn’t understand why some women would indulge themselves in the love of a man, even when that man’s love for them isn’t real, they are still willing to die for that man.

Especially in that aspect. Ye Xingzhu felt that a woman could easily solve the need on her own, so why would she want to find a man?

But now, Ye Xingzhu finally understood that her past ideas were wrong, they were simply a gigantic mistake.

Man! Oh, how wonderful a creature he is.

The man who one loves, even if he only looks at her and doesn’t do anything, she wouldn’t be able to resist her innermost desires from budding.

The man whom one loves — his crazy kisses, his hot touches, and ever time he caresses her body, it would send a tremble to the very depth of her soul.

It was all too wonderful. Ye Xingzhu deeply felt that the little man under her, Su Lin, whom she was pressing atop, was the one she loved and the only one she was ever going to love.

Without a doubt, there was nothing else in Ye Xingzhu’s heart at this time. So long as it was Su Lin, she wanted to melt him into her body, be one with him, make him be part of her life, and never separate from him even for a moment.

She completely let go of herself and wanted to feel Su Lin’s fiery touch and love for herself. This was how Ye Xingzhu currently felt. At the same time, Su Lin had also almost completely lost his reason.

The Elder Sister Zhu riding on top of him, her white nurse’s uniform, and those blurred eyes. Her cherry mouth that was tightly being sucked by him, and her delicate body that was being carefully caressed in his hands…

Oh, how much Su Lin had been craving for her?

‘Elder Sister Zhu, we have been together since childhood, can I really have all of you today?’

Su Lin’s heart was shaking with excitement, but his movements were getting more and more gentle.

“Elder Sister Zhu, I will love you dearly!”

They were still on the floor of the ward. Although Su Lin was about to lose his sense of reason, he would absolutely not make love to his Elder Sister Zhu on the floor. Moreover, the corridor was still very crowded, and there was a chance that a doctor or nurse would suddenly rush in.

“Let’s go to the bathroom…”

Su Lin looked around the hospital ward. Fortunately, they were in a single-patient ward, and the ward was equipped with an independent bathroom. Without delay, Su Lin got up and took Ye Xingzhu in his arms, holding her like a princess, and walked to the bathroom.

“Little Lin, not like this…”

Su Lin was holding her like a princess, and one of his hand was still inside Ye Xingzhu’s clothes. This made Ye Xingzhu feel very ashamed and she buried her head in Su Lin’s chest.

Su Lin was currently sweating profusely, not out of tiredness, but out of nervousness and excitement. His entire person was excited as he locked the bathroom’s door from the inside. There were only the two of them left in their own world. The world now belonged to only the two of them.

“Elder Sister Zhu, I love you!”

Gently putting Ye Xingzhu down, Su Lin faced her with his eyes filled with burning emotions. Ye Xingzhu lowered her heard shyly. For Elder Sister Zhu, Su Lin didn’t fear anything. For Elder Sister Zhu, Su Lin could do anything. For Elder Sister Zhu, Su Lin was willing to pay any price!

“Little Lin, my little fool, Elder Sister Zhu… Elder Sister Zhu also loves you!”

Slowly but surely, Ye Xingzhu also expressed her love to Su Lin. Looking at Su Lin, Ye Xingzhu felt he was both familiar and strange. Was he still the same little brat who followed behind her all day long, the Little Lin who was a head shorter than her, and loved to make trouble all day long?

“Elder Sister Zhu…”

Su Lin looked into Ye Xingzhu bright and intelligent eyes. Now that his Elder Sister Zhu confessed her love to him, Su Lin didn’t know what to say.

Just looking at Ye Xingzhu provoked his affection and stimulated his love for her, making him fall into heavy sentiments and desire of her.

“My foolish Little Lin, what are you looking at?”

Ye Xingzhu couldn’t help but smile as she saw Su Lin’s dull appearance. Her cheeky smile and crimson cheeks made Ye Xingzhu look even more charming and attractive.

“I am looking at my family’s Elder Sister Zhu, the prettiest woman int he entire world!”

“Stinky loquacious brat, there are so many beautiful women in the world that I can only be at the bottom!”

Although Ye Xingzhu said so, her heart was fluttering with happiness. She raised her head and looked at Su Lin. The two pairs of eyes met, and sparks flew around, making them want to dodge the other’s attack.

“Elder Sister Zhu, I… I…”

The atmosphere was a little awkward, and Su Lin moved his gaze to the side. He didn’t know how to open his mouth. Right at this time, a faint smile appeared on Ye Xingzhu’s, and without saying anything, she embraced Su Lin and took the initiative to fiercely kiss Su Lin’s fiery lips. Standing on her toes, she closely bit onto Su Lin’s lower lip.


It was Su Lin releasing the voice this time, and it was too late for him to prevent himself. Su Lin then embraced Ye Xingzhu back, and both his hands tightly held onto Ye Xingzhu’s back, kissing her passionately.

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