Top Quality Beauty Cultivation System Chapter 6: Mysterious Ability

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Inside the bathtub, Su Lin was shocked to see the number skyrocket suddenly.

“If I have speculated correctly, then my magical ability to pause time depends on the value of this bright red number. Now that the number has risen above 100, does it mean I can pause time again?”

Thinking till here, Su Lin felt his heart jumped in excitement. He originally wanted to find Ye Xingzhu to study the magical ability of time suspension. Now, the numbers had risen back up, even more than before. Su Lin thought of trying it out and muttered in his heart again, “Time pause!”


Again, the same familiar feeling hit him as time suspended. In the still world, Su Lin could even see a crystal drop of water that had dripped from Elder Sister Zhu’s hair, suspended in the air.

102 …

101 …


He didn’t know the reason why the number that had just risen started to decrease again, so Su Lin regarded these numbers as a precious commodity. Since he had experimented, he hurriedly called in his heart once more, “Time restore!”

The time immediately started to flow, and the quarrel between Ye Xingzhu and Mother Ye continued. Ye Xingzhu didn’t speak too much for Su Lin’s sake, while Mother Ye kept on speaking tirelessly.

“Zhu’er… In short, Mom won’t say too much, but it wasn’t easy for Mom to provide for you by herself over the years. Now you already have a job and can provide for yourself, so Mom doesn’t have too many worries. The only worry I have left is regarding your life-long happiness. Mom has asked the co-workers in the factory to look around in their relatives and see if there are any good young men. Soon, I will introduce some of them to you…”

Mother Ye stood up and raised her pants as she spoke with a heavy heart.

Ye Xingzhu, however, wasn’t very happy. Instead, she felt disgusted with that idea and yelled angrily, retorting her mother, “Mom, I don’t want to date anyone! It is already the 21st century, and only I will get to decide who I marry!”

“You still have to…… let you decide for yourself? How long have you been working for, two to three years, yet I haven’t seen you bring back a single man! Just look at Lili, the girl next door. She already changed men a few times this year, and each one is better than the previous…”

Su Lin quietly listened to the conversation between the two. It was apparent that the mother and daughter quarreled over this matter quite a lot! Su Lin wanted to say a few words of consolidation to Elder Sister Zhu, but he knew they would get exposed if he said even a word.

“Very well, stinky lass, Mom won’t care about this anymore. It is your matter, so you deal with it yourself! If you can’t find a decent man by the end of this year, then I will arrange a blind date for you. Mom will go and cook now. Quickly vent yourself and immediately come to the table and eat your meal before you leave for work…”

Flinging a few sentences, Mother Ye didn’t wait for Ye Xingzhu to reply. Opening the door of the bathroom, she left for the kitchen to prepare food.

“Mom, you…”

Ye Xingzhu wanted to explain herself, but Mother Ye had already left the bathroom. As Ye Xingzhu looked down, she could see Su Lin staring towards her with a mischievous smile as he blinked ignorantly, pretending to have not seen nor heard anything. Ye Xingzhu was ashamed and said to him angrily, “Little brat, what are you looking at, want to fight, huh? Hurry and get lost now that my mother is in the kitchen preparing food!”

“Oh! oh… well… Elder Sister Zhu, this…Do you still want this?”

Su Lin shook the green cucumber in his hand as he smiled naughtily. Looking at the cucumber in Su Lin’s hand, Ye Xingzhu’s face turned crimson. She immediately seized the cucumber from him, and pushed Su Lin away, “Brat, remember, you didn’t hear anything, nor did you see anything today! Now, hurry and roll out of here for me!”

“What’s all this? Considering I am so close to Elder Sister Zhu, I won’t haggle over anything with you!”

Su Lin reluctantly stood up from the bathtub and discovered himself soaked from head to toe! His wet clothes stuck to his body, making him feel weird and uncomfortable. But when he looked towards Elder Sister Zhu’s intoxicating body and remembered how he was squeezed together with her in the same bathtub, caressing and feeling her, Su Lin thought it was all worth it.

“Still looking? You aren’t allowed to look!”

Seeing that Su Lin had stood up, and was staring at her body, Ye Xingzhu quickly wrapped her body with a bath towel, and carefully stood up from the bathtub. The misty vapors, wet hair dripping with water, her unique fragrance in the air, and Ye Xingzhu’s fresh and elegant countenance made her appear like a blooming Hibiscus, making Su Lin stare at her as he drooled.

The white bath towel binding her soft body appeared to be a bit short, barely wrapping around Ye Xingzhu’s three most private parts. However, it was such a bare covering that made Su Lin’s imagination run wild as his eyes stared at her lewdly without even blinking. Fantasizing about the tightly wrapped bath towel around her body as an erotic short-skirt, and her having nothing covering her down there, Su Lin looked towards them without any reservations.

“Little brat, turn around, Elder Sister wants to change clothes for work. You…, you better not peep, or else…, You know what I mean, right?”

Maliciously staring towards Su Lin, Ye Xingzhu took down the clothes she had hung in the bathroom. That was her nurse uniform for the evening shift in the hospital. Looking at the white bra, small lace panties, and a snow white nurse suit, Su Lin could only turn around grudgingly.

“You better not peep! If you dare to peek, Elder Sister will gouge out your two eyes, and use them as bullets in a gun!”

As soon as Su Lin turned around, he could hear the sound of clothes rustling. Ye Xingzhu slowly opened the bath towel and dried the water on her body, flinging her hair. After that, she put on her white bra and wore the small lace panties.

For Su Lin, not being able to see was both a torture and a form of enjoyment. ‘Can’t see with eyes, yet the clever ears hear everything.’ Listening to the clothes rustle as Ye Xingzhu put them on, Su Lin’s heart was getting itchy, Ah! But there was no way to scratch that itch!

Turn around? Don’t turn around?

Or should I pause time? Su Lin evilly thought in his heart. But the ability to suspend time was precious, so it was better not to use it so casually.

Leaning his head slightly, Su Lin could see the nearby bathroom glass and chuckled to himself. The image reflected in the bathroom glass wasn’t very distinct, and he could only see an ambiguous figure of Elder Sister Zhu. Due to the water vapors, the mirror was dimmed, only allowing him to see a vague outline of her body.

But that was what made it even more tempting and made him scratch his ears and cheek. It also caused his fantasies to increase the itch. Su Lin wanted to stop but couldn’t!

Su Lin intently gazed at the beautiful figure inside the mirror. The Elder Sister Zhu, who slowly covered her snow-white and exquisite figure in those clothes, looked just too alluring!

Su Lin kept on staring in the mirror. When Elder Sister Zhu dressed entirely, she patted his back and said, “Haven’t you seen enough, stinking brat! Don’t think I don’t know you were peeping through that mirror!”

Just now, in the bathtub, she had already been seen by Su Lin and touched and caressed by him all over her body. Even “that matter” of hers had been found out by Su Lin. What could looking at her through a dimmed mirror even amount to?

“When did I peep? Elder Sister Zhu, I, Su Lin always does everything in an honest fashion. If I am going to look, then I will do it uprightly…”

Su Lin patted his chest and turned around, looking towards Ye Xingzhu who just stood there.

She was so beautiful! Elder Sister Zhu looked very enchanting in her nurse’s uniform. Her flinging wet hair, the young nurse uniform, and the short-skirt reaching her knees, that particularly slim figure, together with that pair of proud jade rabbits on Elder Sister Zhu’s chest appearing as if they were going to explode out of that coat, made her look very tempting.

Now that she had worn her clothes, even when Su Lin looked towards her, Ye Xingzhu didn’t evade his vision. Instead, she proudly raised her chest and opened the bathroom door. Turning her head towards Su Lin, she said, “Hmph, naughty boy, watch carefully. When I gesture you from the living room, then you will be safe. Immediately run out of the home without making any noise. Make sure my Mom won’t see you…or else, you are going to die.”

“Oh, okay…”

Su Lin lowered his head and squatted down. He looked towards Ye Xingzhu entering the living room. As soon as she gave him the hand signal, Su Lin immediately dashed out of the bathroom and ran out of the Ye Family’s house.

With his dripping clothes, Su Lin entered his home. Realizing that his parents hadn’t returned home, Su Lin hastily changed his clothes. When he just threw his wet clothes into the washing machine, his mother Liu Aizhen returned from her grocery shopping.

“Mom, you are back? What are we eating today?”

As he saw his mother holding groceries, Su Lin immediately hurried forward and received the stuff from her hand attentively.

“Little brat, instead of studying well, all you can do is play all day!”

Liu Aizhen sighed as she looked towards her son Su Lin. In the past, her son’s results used to be good, but in the three years of high school, she couldn’t understand what happened to her son as his results dropped and he just won’t study. Soon, he was going to have the College Entrance Examination, but his condition didn’t improve at all.

“Tomorrow will be the last mock exam. Mother bought spareribs to cook for you. You don’t want to give this old lady a fight. After you graduate from high school, I will send you to the Dongguang Province to work together with your cousins…”

She didn’t have too many expectations anymore. From elementary school to junior school, Su Lin’s result had always been around the top of the school. Though she had to work every day bitterly, Liu Aizhen had a treasure to be proud of before her friends and relatives. She had always been expecting and waiting for the day her son would be admitted to a University and become even more outstanding. But when he entered high school, Su Lin’s results suffered a disastrous decline, making Liu Aizhen lose her pride before her relatives and friends.

“Send me to Dongguan Province for work?”

As he heard his mother say that, Su Lin felt his heart sank. Although he had also considered the issue of his studies, there was only a month till his College Entrance Examination. Even if he took the examination, he was only good at three subjects. Also, how was his family even going to afford the high tuition cost for his further studies?

“Sigh… Li’l Lin, Mother also talked to your father about it last night. You know, since your grandmother fell ill, our family has spent a lot of money over the years. Though there are your uncles and aunts to split the amount, our family still spent a lot. The bank books add up to 40,000-50,000. If it’s the third-rate Universities, then their tuition fee adds up to 20,000-30,000 Yuan a year, yet the graduates can’t even find any work. Your dad also thinks those third-rate Universities aren’t good…”

Liu Aizhen sighed and said with a heavy heart, “You are already a grown up now. Since you entered high school, Mother has scolded you, even beaten you, but what can be done. The College Entrance Examinations are already at hand, yet look at you. If you don’t get admitted to at least a second-rate University, then we can only send you for work.”

Actually, Liu Aizhen was also very helpless in the matter. What kind of mother won’t want for her son to go to a good University and become a white-collar gentleman? Alas! Their Su Family’s circumstances weren’t very good, and even affording Su Lin’s high school fees, and the family’s living expenses were very hard. They could barely make ends meet!

“No? I don’t want to work like that…”

Su Lin also realized the gravity of the matter. He had been continuously evading this matter, but the College Entrance Examinations were already at hand. If his results weren’t good, then the only choice he had was to find work in Dongguang Province. Moreover, as Su Lin looked towards his mothers greying hair, and thought of her age, and the fact that she had to still work every day to make money by working in a factory, Su Lin’s felt his heart immensely pained.

“Mother, you go and cook food. Don’t think about these matters anymore, I will think of something!”

Sitting on the sofa in the living room, Su Lin looked towards his mother’s busy figure in the kitchen and got lost in thought.

“With my current results, even if I put my life on the line, I will barely be able to achieve more than 400 points. Though they are enough to enter a third-rate University, the expenses are too great. There are only 20 days left until the College Entrance Examination. Even if I study with all my heart, I don’t have enough time…”

There wasn’t too much time, and Su Lin knew he had neglected studies for a very long time now. It was impossible to reach the Heaven’s in a single leap at once.

“Right! Though it would be very difficult to improve my results normally, I have now obtained super powers. I can stop time. When I am taking the College Entrance Examination, all I have to do is pause time. As long as I do that, what need is there for me to fear not being able to get good marks?”

A flash of enlightenment hit Su Lin’s mind as he thought of this point, making his heart thump fiercely. With his magical ability to pause time, it shouldn’t be too hard to get a good grade in the College Entrance Examination!

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