Top Quality Beauty Cultivation System Chapter 59: Hearts Fluttering In The Ward

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“How could this be? How can it be like this?”

Seeing the scene in front of her, Qin Yanran felt as if her head was going to explode. She, who was always calm, couldn’t think rationally as tears started to flood out of her eyes. Covering her face, she turned around and fled from the place.

“Who is that woman? Why did Su Lin kept on proclaiming that he liked me, and he even confessed to me? But now, he is actually with another woman…”

She couldn’t understand, nor could she think through anything. Qin Yanran really couldn’t think straight at the moment. As she ran in the corridor, large drops of her tears fell on the floor. It was the first time in her life that Qin Yanran felt so uncomfortable. She felt as if her heart was being suffocated, and she couldn’t breathe.

“No, I can’t cry! Mom said that women must be strong. I… Su Lin and I have nothing to do with each other, so why… On what grounds am I feeling so uncomfortable?”

Suppressing her tears, Qin Yanran stood in one corner of the corridor and panted for breath. Her small chest heaved up and down, while a determined and firm expression started to appear in her eyes.

“Hold yourself together, Qin Yanran! There’s nothing to cry about!”

Slowly, her mood calmed down, and she wiped the tears from the corners of her eyes. Taking in long breath, Qin Yanran finally left the corner of the corridor and went to the ICU where her mother and grandmother were.

“What happened, Yanran, did Su Lin not come with you?”

As soon as Fang Liping saw her daughter return, she noticed her red eyes and realized that something wasn’t right.

“It wasn’t him; I made a mistake.”

Qin Yanran replied icily, returning to her otherwise normal attitude and mood.

“Yanran, what’s wrong with you?”

Qin Yanran’s abnormal behavior started to worry Fang Liping.

“It’s nothing, Mom. You stay here to accompany grandma; I am going home to study.”

After saying this, Qin Yanran directly turned around and went out.

“Liping, what’s with Yanran…”

Although she was still lying on the bed, Tang Huiqin had noticed her granddaughter’s unusual behavior and started to get worried.

“Mother, it’s nothing. Young girls have to go through some things before they can grow up. Let’s let Yanran solve it herself! We should believe in our family’s Yanran…”

Looking up at the door, Fang Liping could actually guess a little about the reason for Qin Yanran’s sudden change in behavior. She was sure that it had something to do with Su Lin.


At this time, Su Lin was in another ward and wasn’t aware about anything that went on behind him. At this moment, he was gently holding his Elder Sister Zhu’s warm and jade-like body in his arms, feeling an unprecedented feeling of satisfaction.

“Elder Sister Zhu, you can relax. I will always be here for you!”

Su Lin gently patted Ye Xingzhu’s back. Right now, he wasn’t looking at the savage little girl from his childhood, instead, he was protecting his own Elder Sister Zhu. The one in his arms right now was the woman named Ye Xingzhu.

This young woman had no one to depend on right now as her only dependence, her mother, was lying on the hospital bed. Su Lin was the only one Ye Xingzhu could now rely on.

Suddenly, Su Lin felt a weight pressing upon his heart. It was the weight of responsibility, and duty. No matter what happened, he had to help Elder Sister Zhu, no matter how difficult it would get.

“Elder Sister Zhu, you should stop crying. Let me put down the fruit basket to the side! Have you eaten anything today? Should I peel an apple for you?”

Gently pushing up Ye Xingzhu, Su Lin looked at her with a gentle gaze that could melt people’s hearts. Seeing her pale face and disheveled hair, Su Lin felt an inexplicable pain in his heart.


Ye Xingzhu was still crying a bit as she gently shook her head.

“No? Elder Sister Zhu, did you not eat anything since last night?”

Su Lin looked at the trash can next to the bed and realized that there really was nothing. There was only a paper cup with some water on the table.


Ye Xingzhu nodded, and Su Lin felt even more distressed. No wonder she looked so disheveled and pale, it was because she hadn’t eaten anything since last night.

“Elder Sister Zhu, you wait here, I will go buy something for you to eat!”

After putting down the fruits basket, Su Lin ran out of the ward. Running out of the hospital entrance, he went from one snack shop to another food stall.

“Elder Sister Zhu didn’t eat anything for an entire day, so she must be unbearably hungry; also, I can’t buy something dry for her to eat. What food should I get, right… Eight-Treasure Porridge! Elder Sister Zhu loved to drink the Eight-Treasure Porridge, and it’s also good for health.”

At the entrance of the hospital, Su Lin bought a serving of Eight-Treasure Porridge, had it packed, and returned to the hospital ward.

“Elder Sister Zhu, take a look; what did Little Lin bring for you?”

After entering the ward, Su Lin smiled and shook the Eight-Treasure Porridge in his hand. Ye Xingzhu’s eyes immediately brightened.

“It’s the Eight-Treasure Porridge! Little Lin, you… You still remember that I love eating the Eight-Treasure Porridge the most!”

Even before she tasted the porridge, Ye Xingzhu felt that her heart was filled with sweetness and warmth after having eaten blessed honey. There was still someone who cared about her so much!

“I naturally remember. Ah! I still remember that one time when we were little, Elder Sister Zhu liked eating Eight-Treasure Porridge so much that you snatched mine and drank it…”

Su Lin said while his neck shrank back. Smiling, he opened the take-out box of the Eight-Treasure Porridge and handed it over to Ye Xingzhu.

“Ah! How is that true? Didn’t we share it afterward? Little Lin, you aren’t very sensible, eh!”

Ye Xingzhu happily smiled with her eyes narrowed, and remembered her childhood. Although their living conditions weren’t great, they were still very happy.

“Elder Sister Zhu, eat it quickly! It’s still nice and warm!”

Su Lin opened the box, and very naturally took up the disposable spoon, scooped some porridge, blew on it, and brought it in front of Ye Xingzhu.

“Little Lin…”

“Elder Sister Zhu, eat it… You have been awfully hungry for an entire day…”

He didn’t know why, but at this time, Su Lin felt as if Elder Sister Zhu wasn’t his elder sister, instead, she was the younger sister he had to care for. So he unconsciously started to pat Ye Xingzhu’s head, just like Ye Xingzhu used to do to him in the past.

“You are not allowed to pat! Where has there ever been a younger brother patting his elder sister’s head? It’s the elder sister who pats the head of her younger brother!”

Taking a bite of the porridge, Ye Xingzhu gently licked her cherry lips and said mischievously.

“Hehe, Elder Sister Zhu, I am now taller than you. I am no longer the former little boy, so why can’t I touch you like this?”

Su Lin also joked while standing on his toes to show off his height.

“Even if you are now taller, you are still the younger brother. Since I said you aren’t allowed to touch, and only I can touch you, then you cannot touch me!”

Ye Xingzhu, who was still not convinced, stood up and stretched her hand to touch Su Lin’s head.

“Can’t touch me… Hehe, you can’t touch me…”

Su Lin smiled and straightened his back even more, also leaning a bit back. Ye Xingzhu was hopping in front of him, trying to touch his head.

“Stinky brat, no matter how tall you are, I will certainly touch you!”

As Su Lin was avoiding her, Ye Xingzhu jumped up and slammed into Su Lin’s head. As Su Lin’s back was a bit arched backwards, as soon as she hit him, he suddenly lost balance.


Unable to maintain balance, Su Lin’s entire body fell backward!

“Little Lin, be careful!”

Realizing this point, Ye Xingzhu yelled out to remind Su Lin, but she herself was already like a mud doll flooded by the river, and it was difficult for her to save herself.

Just like Su Lin, Ye Xingzhu also lost balance after bumping her head with Su Lin’s and the two instantly fell down.



Two sounds were heard. One was of Su Lin’s body colliding on the ground, while the other was produced by Ye Xingzhu falling atop Su Lin’s body.


With his butt smashed on the ground, Su Lin was about to yell out that it hurt when he felt Ye Xingzhu falling on top of him right at that moment. Su Lin, who was already in pain, instinctively reached out his hands to push Ye Xingzhu away from himself, but when his hand reached their target, they encountered two groups of familiar yet unfamiliar softness.

After Su Lin accidentally caught Ye Xingzhu’s sensitive parts, he didn’t appear to have any intention to let them loose.

He gently rubbed and pinched the softness in his hands, feeling that they were quite big.


Ye Xingzhu fell on top of Su Lin, and her entire person was pressed against him. And since she was being supported from by Su Lin grabbing her chest, Ye Xingzhu felt quite uncomfortable. It was an uncomfortable feeling that somehow made her feel inexplicably comfortable.

“Elder Sister Zhu…”

With her so close to him, Su Lin looked into Elder Sister Zhu’s eyes, and then stared at her dry and blazing cheery lips that made his mouth dry.

Now that it was like this, Su Lin loosened the hand that was tightly holding the Eight-Treasure porridge. He could no longer care about the sticky porridge on his hand, and both his hands tightly clasped Ye Xingzhu from both sides.

“Ah, not go…”

Ye Xingzhu struggled and tried to say something. They were in the hospital, and Su Lin’s wet and sticky hands actually went up her clothes from behind.

“Elder Sister Zhu, I want you…”

However, how was it possible for Su Lin to give up so easily. As he pressed his hands on her back, Ye Xingzhu couldn’t help but lean forward again. Su Lin immediately seized the opportunity, raised his head, and blocked Ye Xingzhu’s cherry mouth.

“Wu… Wu… Un…”

Ye Xingzhu couldn’t believe that Su Lin actually dared to kiss her in the hospital. Ye Xingzhu was still wearing her nurse’s uniform at this time, and her little nurse’s hat fell to the ground, scattering her long hair. A few of her hair naughtily also made their way to Su Lin’s face, arousing an itch in his heart.

“No, we can’t continue this. Little Lin, we are in the hospital, you can’t be like this. Don’t be… Anh…”

Gradually, Ye Xingzhu’s vigorous revolt started to slow down as she couldn’t escape Su Lin’s teasing in her mouth. She slowly started to lose herself to her body’s instincts and started to respond to his advances.

Fortunately for them, because her mother had recently gone through surgery and needed rest, the hospital had given them a separate room only for Mother Ye, even though it wasn’t an intensive care unit.

At this moment, Su Lin was laying on the ground, while Ye Xingzhu was almost riding atop him, kissing Su Lin with love and passion. Su Lin’s pair of salty pig trotters weren’t resting either as they extended everywhere under Ye Xingzhu’s uniform — fondling, pinching, and caressing — it was as if they were appreciating the greatest art in the world.

“Ah… Anh… Ah…”

Ye Xingzhu tried to tightly suppress her innermost feelings and prevented herself from releasing any voices, but in the end, she failed and couldn’t stop herself from moaning. She felt ashamed in her heart, and blamed herself for acting like this with Su Lin…

However, she thought that the feeling was very good. Not only did her body feel good, even her mind felt relaxed. Ye Xingzhu felt that she and Su Lin were originally one person, and she so wanted to melt her body into Su Lin’s and become one with him!

“Little Lin, mm…, I… I… I want…”

Finally, Ye Xingzhu could no longer restrain her body’s desire. She unexpectedly started to kiss Su Lin fiercely, while her hands grabbed Su Lin’s hands roaming inside her dress. Grabbing Su Lin’s hands, she started to slowly and gently guide him down, towards her…

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