Top Quality Beauty Cultivation System Chapter 58: Witness

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Jian’an City Public Bureau of Security.

Mother Su, Liu Aizhen, brought Su Lin to the Public Bureau of Security to report the case. After going through some documents, and signing a few others, the case was recorded at the Public Bureau of Security.

“Ms. Liu, based on your son’s description of the appearance and names of the punks, we already have a good idea about the thugs who caused trouble for you. However, as our Jian’an City’s Public Bureau of Security is eyeing their gang right now, we can’t immediately arrest them, so it will take some time for us to process your case. I hope you will understand.”

The one talking to Liu Aizhen was Yan Longyong, the captain of Jian’an City’s criminal investigation division.

“What? You lot already know who the criminals are? Then why are you wasting time here and not arresting them already? Instead of arresting them, you are actually letting those punks harm us ordinary civilians! You lot of police and those gangsters are all in cahoots! You… you are giving them refuge like this!”

Liu Aizhen wasn’t in the least bit happy when she heard Yan Longyong’s words, and she immediately started to cause a ruckus for the authorities.

“Pardon us, Ms. Liu. This is the Bureau of Security, and our criminal investigation unit is almost at the breakthrough point, so we hope you will understand our difficulties. We are not covering them, instead, we will soon catch them all at once and bring them all to justice. However, we can’t disclose any specific matters with you.”

Yan Longyong immediately felt his head hurt as Liu Aizhen kicked up a fuss, so he tried to explain to her.

“Mother, since Chief Yan says so, we should also believe that the police will not let those bastards go unchecked. It’s already late, and father might even have returned home, so we should also hurry back! We also need to tidy up the mess in the house, so lets hurry up…”

Su Lin said while looking around. He knew that if the police were really harboring those criminals, then no matter what he or his mother did, it would all be useless. Their actions would only provoke greater retaliation from those thugs of the underworld. It was better to go back earlier and be prepared for any unexpected matter.

Su Lin had already decided that since that Huang Gou and his cronies have already found his house, he must hurry up and find a way to deal with them to avoid any future troubles. If necessary, he didn’t mind using some special methods.

It was Su Lin’s bottom-line. If Huang Gou and his cronies dared to endanger his family and loved ones, than Su Lin wouldn’t hesitate to be cruel with them either. He will make use of his ability and remove them from the face of the world.

“Ah, right! If your father saw the mess in the house, he will definitely think that I had gone crazy at home. Alright, since we have already reported what needed to be reported, we should go home now, Little Lin!”

As soon as Su Lin reminded her, Mother Su, Liu Aizhen, turned anxious to go back home. Taking Su Lin’s arm, she walked out of the Jian’an Public Bureau of Security.

“Mother, you should go back first. I will go to the Jian’an Municipal Hospital to check on Elder Sister Zhu and Aunt Liang.”

Both the Municipal Hospital and the Public Bureau of Security were located in the city center, and were only a block away from each other. So, when Su Lin left the Bureau of Security and saw the Municipal Hospital right across the street, he remembered his Elder Sister Zhu, Ye Xingzhu, and her mother, Liang Guizhu, who were still in the hospital.

“That’s also good. It isn’t easy for Xingzhu to be alone in the hospital. Little Lin, do you have any money on you? You should buy some fruits or something else for your Aunt Liang when you go there.”

Liu Aizhen nodded and said.

“Yeah! Alright Mother, you should hurry and go back home!”

“You should also return early; don’t stay there too late. Your College Entrance Examination is going to be in a few days, so I don’t want your study to be affected.”

After saying some more words, Mother Su hurriedly went back home. Su Lin, on the other hand, bought a basket of fruits from a fruit vendor by the side of the road, and walked towards the Municipal Hospital.

“I wonder how Aunt Liang is doing now? Last night, the doctor said the surgery went quite successfully, so there shouldn’t be any major issue. All that was left was to slowly nurse her back to health, and that would be quite laborious for Elder Sister Zhu. Fortunately, I was able to take that 200,000 Yuan from the Dragon-Tiger Gang, and the cost of surgery was only 100,000 Yuan. The rest of it should be enough for Elder Sister Zhu’s use.”

Entering the Municipal Hospital, Su Lin went straight up the stairs, going to the fifth floor where the patients’ ward was located. On the way, he rejoiced over the fact that he was able to arrive promptly and take out the cash to help Elder Sister Zhu. Otherwise, Elder Sister Zhu might have had to comply to marry that Sui Hongwei for that 100,000 Yuan out of helplessness.

“Money might not be everything, but not having money really makes life hard.”

It was quite ironic, but Su Lin felt that it was the truth. Coupled with his family’s situation, Su Lin felt an urgent need to use his ability to earn more wealth.

“Hmm, according to the nurse I asked at the reception, Aunt Liang’s seems to have been directly moved to ward no. 513 from the ICU…”

On the fifth floor, Su Lin began looking for the ward where Liang Guizhu was.

At the same time, on the fifth floor of the Municipal Hospital, Qin Yanran and her mother were in the ICU. As soon as Qin Yanran saw the sketch her grandmother drew, she was sure that the young man sketched was non other than her own classmate, Su Lin.

“Liping, Yanran, what’s wrong? Do you mother and daughter know the young man who rescued me?”

Tang Huiqin asked with surprise while still lying on the bed.

“Far from knowing, Mother. The young man that you sketched is the classmate of our family’s treasure, Yanran. When I went to Yanran’s school to attend the parents’ meeting today, he was the one to go on the stage and give a speech as the student representative. He’s called Su Lin!”

Fang Liping said with a smile. Actually, there were a few more words in her heart that she wanted to say but couldn’t, ‘Not only had this Su Lin rescued her mother, but he had also rescued her!’

However, because there were a lot of ambiguous moments with Su Lin in that hotel room, Fang Liping felt embarrassed to say it out loud in front of her mother.

“Oh, is that so? Is he really Yanran’s classmate?”

Tang Huiqin was also surprised. She never expected that there would be such a coincidence.

“That’s right, grandma. There’s no doubt, he’s Su Lin from our class!”

When talking about this matter, Qin Yanran puffed out her small chest and spoke proudly.

“That’s good, that’s good. Liping, you should thank our little Yanran’s classmate, Su Lin… If it weren’t for him, your mother might not be here.”

Tang Huiqin was very clear about the fact that if it wasn’t for Su Lin bringing her to the ambulance without hesitation, there was a high possibility that by the time she was rescued, it would be too late.

“That’s natural, Mother. However, the College Entrance Examination is going to be in a few days, and Su Lin will also be taking the Examination, so how about we thank him after the College Entrance Examination ends. At that time, your body will also be good enough to leave the hospital, Mother, so how about we ask Su Lin over for a meal to thank him?”

Fang Liping comforted her mother, and replied after considering all factors.

“Mom! Is that true?”

Tang Huiqin had yet to speak when Qin Yanran actually excitedly jumped up and said, completely different from her usual style.

“Yanran, sit down. What kind of appearance is this, jumping like a little girl? Has mother not told you to act as a dignified lady at all times?”

Fang Liping started to teach her daughter with a serious expression. Qin Yanran immediately became embarrassed and spat out her tongue, “Mother, wasn’t it because I was just a bit surprised? Are we really going to invite Su Lin to a meal at our home?”


Fang Liping replied with a nod. After that, she suddenly smiled, stared at her daughter, and said jokingly, “You don’t want that? Or could it be, you wanted to say thanks to Su Lin in person, and let the matter pass like that?”

“No, no, no… Mom, that’s not what I meant. Su Lin has saved grandmother, so we naturally have to invite him to a meal and thank him for his help. How can I simply say thanks and let the matter pass?”

“Well… Then, please ask Su Lin to find some time to eat dinner with us after the College Entrance Examination ends.”

Seeing her daughter, Qin Yanran, get so anxious, Fang Liping smiled a little mischievously. In her heart, she had already formed the conjecture that her daughter, who was always cold to boys, was finally moved by that little brat, Su Lin.

“That’s right! That’s right! When the time comes, we should also cook the food ourselves. That way, we will be more sincere in our thanks! What should we make? Hot pepper chicken… Sweet and sour ribs… Ah, right! Mom, I only know how to cook these two dishes well, so you should do the remaining ones yourself…”

Qin Yanran started to make calculations in her heart, and didn’t discover that her mother and grandmother were secretly smiling to the side.

Right at this time, when Qin Yanran looked up towards the door of the ward while talking and smiling, she immediately saw a familiar figure walk past the door of the ICU and wondered, ‘Wasn’t that person Su Lin?’

‘Isn’t that Su Lin? It seems to be Su Lin, but what is he doing here in the hospital? He’s also holding a fruit basket. Could it be that he knew my grandma was at the hospital, so he came to check up on her?’

As she focused her gaze, she realized that it really was Su Lin. Qin Yanran immediately turned happy when she thought that Su Lin had come to visit her grandma at the hospital.

“Grandma, Mom, look, isn’t that Su Lin outside?”

Qin Yanran excitedly pointed outside the ICU’s entrance.

“Su Lin? I don’t see anyone…”

When Fang Liping and Tang Huiqin looked towards the entrance, they didn’t see anyone.

“Eh? I definitely saw him just now! Moreover, he was also holding a fruit basket, and appeared to be here to see someone! Could it be that he couldn’t find the ward?”

As Qin Yanran looked again, she also couldn’t see even Su Lin’s shadow, so she decided to go out and find him, “Grandma, Mom, I will go and take a look. Su Lin probably couldn’t find the ward; I will go bring him here.”

“Mother, you see how this girl, Yanran, is behaving…”

Fang Liping knowingly looked at Qin Yanran while speaking to her own mother with great interest.


Su Lin, on the other hand, didn’t know that he had been seen by Qin Yanran when he passed by the ICU.

After looking around for quite a while, Su Lin finally found hospital ward 513. Shoving open the gate, he went inside and really found Ye Xingzhu looking after Liang Guizhu who was sleeping on the hospital bed.

“Little Lin, how come you are here? Since you are here yourself, there was no need to bring something!”

Ye Xingzhu didn’t know why, but when she saw the fruit basket in Su Lin’s hands, she felt her nose turn sour and she couldn’t speak.

“Elder Sister Zhu, what’s wrong? Don’t cry, ah! What is it? Are we still short of money? I will go and try to find a solution…”

“It’s not that! It’s not money, Little Lin, I…”

Ye Xingzhu moved forward while choking with sobs, and held onto Su Lin. The entire day, she had been alone with her unconscious mother. No one else had come to see them, mother and daughter. For an entire day, Ye Xingzhu had looked after her mother and didn’t even eat food.

Looking at Su Lin arriving to see her holding a fruit basket, she couldn’t help but go forward and hold onto Su Lin. After an entire day of helplessness, being able to hold Su Lin allowed Ye Xingzhu to feel as if her heart had been strengthened.


At this time, Qin Yanran, who was happily looking for Su Lin, saw Su Lin enter another ward. Just when she was going to call out to him, she saw him embrace Ye Xingzhu and her words came to a halt.

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