Top Quality Beauty Cultivation System Chapter 54: Su Lin, The Student Representative

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“How is it, Aizhen, the General Assembly is almost about to end, yet your son, who presumably took the 10th rank in the Grade is still nowhere to be seen? Hehe! How about you ask him to come forward, to let me take a good look at him!”

“Hehe… Aizhen, why don’t you say something? The student representative is going to be giving the speech in a moment, so how about we sisters get together to reminisce the old days after the parents’ meeting comes to an end since we haven’t met in a long time?”

In their quarrel, Liu Lanfeng was the one with the upper hand. Listening to her nonsense, Mother Su, Liu Aizhen, was fuming and complaining about Su Lin in her heart, ‘Stinky brat, now you have harmed mother by not accompanying your parents to the parents’ meeting. Because of you, I have to be ashamed in front of this Liu Lanfeng! Just you wait and watch how this old lady deals with you when I go back!’

Just as Liu Lanfeng was getting proud of herself like a peacock that came out victorious in a match of competing its tail, Li Jianhua’s voice again transmitted throughout the drill ground, “We will now invite the student representative, Class 2 Grade 3’s Su Lin, to give a speech for the General Assembly and raise the morale of the students of Grade 3!”

“What? Su Lin? Su Lin of Grade 3’s Class 2… Isn’t that Liu Aizhen’s son? Impossible! How can this be? How could her son be the student representative?”

As soon as she heard the broadcast, disbelief covered Liu Lanfeng’s expression. She thought that it must be someone with the same name and surname, otherwise, how could Liu Aizhen’s son be the student representative?

“How is it? Didn’t I say my family’s Su Lin ranked tenth in the Grade this time, yet you didn’t believe me? Now take a good look… If he hadn’t ranked tenth in the Grade, why would he be selected as the student representative to give a speech on such an important occasion?”

“What are you being so arrogant for? Isn’t it just the tenth grade…”

Liu Lanfeng wanted to refute with something more, but she didn’t have the energy to. Looking at Liu Aizhen’s high-spirited expression, she could only hold her words in her stomach.

Her defeat had turned into victory in a flash. Looking at Liu Lanfeng’s uncomfortable expression, all the anger in Liu Aizhen’s heart disappeared and she said heartily, “Little Lin, you cheeky little rabbit, why didn’t you tell your mother beforehand if you were going to the stage to give a speech?”

“Aizhen, quickly look over there… Our family’s Little Lin is going on stage… I had never thought that this boy would not only put in great effort to succeed academically, but he would also be chosen as the student representative and give a speech on-stage!”

One shouldn’t underestimate Su Lin’s father, Su Guorong, just because he was a man of few words usually. Now that he saw his son stand out among so many outstanding students in Jian’an First High, how could he not be proud? Especially since he had the pride of a soldier. He felt that his son, Su Lin, had helped him win a great deal of face.

The parents who were sitting around Father and Mother Su with their children were originally giving them strange looks since their child wasn’t with them. But now they realized that originally, their son didn’t accompany them because he was the student representative supposed to give the speech at the General Assembly. This made these parents immediately be envious of Father and Mother Su. Since their son could be chosen as the student representative from such a pool of talent that was Jian’an First High, then his academic record must be one of the best!

“Hehe! This little rabbit, he really put in all his effort to succeed! When I go back today, I will make sure to cook more delicious rewards for him.”

Looking at Su Lin standing on the podium, Mother Su, Liu Aizhen, straightened her back and proudly looked at her son. She was afraid that others wouldn’t know that she was the mother of the student representative, Su Lin. Her vanity was showing.

A woman’s vanity was the most terrible thing in the world, and once a woman’s vanity is satisfied, there’s no way that same woman would look the same to ones eyes.

At the same time, Fang Liping, who was sitting in the front row of Grade 3’s Class 2, was taken aback as soon as she saw Su Lin standing on the podium. Stunned, she asked Qin Yanran, “Yanran, that student on the stage… Is he that Su Lin, your classmate, you were just talking about?”

“Indeed, it’s him. Why, mom, do you really know Su Lin already?”

As soon as she was asked by her mother, Qin Yanran felt her heart tighten. It must be known that Su Lin’s former academic performance was quite poor, so if her mother knew Su Lin from before, then her impression of Su Lin would certainly be bad.

Qin Yanran understood that her mother had particularly high standards when it came to others. So, it was quite possible that her mother, Fang Liping, would directly lump Su Lin in the group of bad students that she (Qin Yanran) shouldn’t come into contact with.

“Well, I have seen him before; he’s a good boy.”

Fang Liping felt a bit guilty and didn’t tell Qin Yanran about the events from that day, and how it was Su Lin who rescued her in the hotel. First, she was afraid that her daughter would be worried about her, after all, she had been kidnapped by drug-dealing gangsters, and if Su Lin hadn’t appeared, then who knows what would have happened to her. Second, Fang Liping knew that on that day, Su Lin didn’t take just a little bit of advantage from her. Her daughter’s classmate had taken so much advantage of her, ah! She could only let that matter rot in her stomach. Where would she have the guts to talk about that with her daughter?

“Nice! Then, mom, where did you meet Su Lin before?”

Seeing that her mother didn’t say any bad words about Su Lin, and instead, praised him with good words, Qin Yanran felt her curiosity rise and quickly asked.

“Nothing much, it was just an accidental meeting. Even if I told you, you won’t understand. Look, Su Lin is going to speak. Usually, you are the one giving the speech, so today, you should listen carefully since someone else will be speaking.”

Seeing Qin Yanran’s expression of wanting to get to the root of the matter, Fang Liping hurriedly changed the topic. Her face blushed slightly, and she felt strange. She didn’t know why, but when she recalled her encounter with Su Lin in the hotel room, her heart couldn’t help but beat rapidly? It was a feeling she hadn’t felt for more than 10 years.

‘What happened to mom? She just blushed… Moreover, mom already knew Su Lin from before…’

Qin Yanran also discovered her mother’s abnormal behavior, but she knew that there was no use asking any more as her mother, Fang Liping, would not give her any answers. So Qin Yanran could only temporarily bury the questions in her heart. She then focused her attention towards the podium where Su Lin was about to start his speech.

“Look, the one standing there is Su Lin who ranked 10th in the Grade this time. I heard that he was usually among the top 100 from the bottom, yet this time, he suddenly shot to the top!”

“I also heard about him. And it seems that when the English exam just ended, he was already full of confidence, and even announced in front of all the present students that he would enter the top 50 of the Grade!”

“Yeah, he also gambled with our school flower, Qin Yanran. Surprisingly, not only did he enter the top 50 this time, he directly shot to the top 10 of the Grade ranking!”

“That’s such massive progress; he wouldn’t have cheated, right?”

“Cheated? Can you get into the top ten of the Grade by cheating?”

“That’s amazing! Ah, if I could only increase my ranking by 20-30 ranks, I would already be satisfied! He actually improved his ranking by hundreds of ranks!”


There were those who ever envious, those who disapproved of him, those who were showing disdain, and those who thought otherwise; but no matter how they all looked at Su Lin, they couldn’t change the fact that Su Lin was now the man of the hour in Jian’an First High’s Grade 3.

After all, how was it possible for Su Lin to not cause a stir after his ranking improved from the bottom to the top 10? Especially when this time’s mock exam was the harshest Grade 3 ever had. Not only the students of Grade 3 paid attention to him, even many students of Grade 2 were focused on him.

And in this drill ground, not only were there only students of Grade 3 and their guardians, there were also students of Grade 2 observing everything. Especially those young maidens of Grade 2; over the last few days, they had heard many of Su Lin’s legendary deeds, including the fact that he dared to confess to Qin Yanran in public outside the examination hall after English exam. In the eyes of these young girls, his actions were simply too romantic.

It was undeniable that after such rumors, Su Lin became the Prince Charming in the hearts of various young maidens, even though he had an ordinary appearance.

All the audience, the students of Grade 2 and Grade 3, their guardians, and almost all of the school leaders and teachers were focusing their gazes on Su Lin, who was standing on the podium.

Now was the time for Su Lin to perform. It was the first time in Jian’an First High’s history that everyone was anticipating a student representatives speech with such zeal. Everyone wanted to listen to the story of a former loser’s rise to the tenth rank in the Grade.

But as the protagonist of the entire event, Su Lin was standing on the podium while panting, trying to calm his breathing.

In fact, Su Lin was also very nervous. It was easy to speak before the students and teachers of the school, but now that he stood there with thousands of eyes focused on him, Su Lin couldn’t help but feel even more breathless.

‘Calm down! Calm down… I can’t bring disgrace upon myself…’

Su Lin, who had never experienced something like this before, took a deep breath and tried to calm his confused mind. The speech that he had thought up a moment ago was completely gone, and since he had nothing prepared beforehand, Su Lin’s mind was completely blank at the moment.


The teachers and students of the school were waiting for the magical teenager in front of them to start speaking, but Su Lin simply stood there without uttering a single word.

‘What should I say? How do I start?’

Looking at the teachers and students sitting in front of him, and this place where he had studied for three years, Su Lin felt very emotional. After ten years of hard work, the upcoming College Entrance Examination was about going to determine the height they would reach in life.

It was laughable. Su Lin felt that God above had given him a very precious opportunity, giving him the ability to stop time. Because of that, in the span of a few short days, he had turned his destiny upside down.

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