Top Quality Beauty Cultivation System Chapter 52: Mother’s Mortal Enemy!

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The next day, the glaring light of the sun pricked Su Lin’s eyes from between the curtains of the hospital ward, waking him up. As soon as Su Lin opened his blurry eyes, he felt his back hurt greatly.

“Where is… Did I spend the entire night sitting in the hospital?”

Su Lin opened his eyes while feeling a bit dizzy. Right after that, he realized that there was something nice-smelling and warm on his chest.

“Elder Sister Zhu…”

As he looked down, Su Lin saw Ye Xingzhu sleeping in his embrace. Su Lin’s expression immediately turned gentle, and he started to gently caress Ye Xingzhu’s hair.


Ye Xingzhu seemed to be enjoying Su Lin’s gentle caressing, and a comfortable smile appeared on her face. It might be because she was very tired last night, but Ye Xingzhu slept very well while lying in Su Lin’s arms throughout the night.

“Forgive me, Elder Sister Zhu. All these years, you had to work hard all by yourself, and even take care of Aunt Liang. Little Lin swears to take good care of you later.”

Formerly, Su Lin didn’t understand the difficulties that Ye Xingzhu and her mother had to go through, but now, Su Lin felt that he grew up in a flash. Just a few days ago, he was still thinking of skipping classes and playing games in the arcade, but now, Su Lin felt that his responsibilities had increased and he had changed.

Whether it was his own future, his family’s future, or even Elder Sister Zhu’s future, Su Lin felt that all the responsibility had now fallen on his shoulders.

The greater the ability, the greater the responsibility.

These words were not wrong at all. Su Lin didn’t know whether it was good or not, but what he did know was that no matter what happened, he will certainly make good use of this ability that God granted him to help himself, his family, and the ones he loved, have a wonderful future.

“Ah… How did I fall asleep?”

Su Lin had wanted to hold Ye Xingzhu close for a while more, but who would have thought Ye Xingzhu would wake up so soon.

“Elder Sister Zhu, you seem to be quite tired still; would you like to sleep for a while more?”

“Little Lin, I… did I sleep while being hugged by you throughout the night?”

Ye Xingzhu quickly sat up straight and looked at her mother sleeping on the bed. She was a little embarrassed, and lowered her head with a blush, not daring to look at Su Lin.


Su Lin suddenly clenched his teeth, so Ye Xingzhu hurriedly asked anxiously, “Little Lin, what happened?”

“Nothing, my hand just went a little numb.”

Raising his arm, Su Lin patted it and felt that his entire arm had gone numb already. And why would it not? It had been pressed under Ye Xingzhu for an entire night.

“Your arm is numb? I will rub it for you.”

Saying this, Ye Xingzhu used her small hands to grab Su Lin’s arm, and started to gently massage it from top to bottom.

Ye Xingzhu’s massaging technique turned out to be quite effective. Su Lin had originally thought that it would take a long time for his blood to flow normally through his arm, but as soon as Ye Xingzhu started massaging his arm, it slowly returned to normal. Ye Xingzhu was, after all, a professional nurse, so she was quite adept at massaging. Especially when it came to Su Lin, there were also her tender feelings mixed in her movements. Su Lin felt really comfortable because of her massage.

“Little Lin, do you feel better?”

“En, I feel much better…”

In fact, Su Lin felt so comfortable because of her massage, that he almost wanted to fall asleep.

“Good. It’s almost eight o’clock, so you should be hungry. Elder Sister Zhu will give you some food to eat.”

Looking at the time, Ye Xingzhu estimated that Su Lin must be hungry and said.

“What? It’s almost eight o’clock? This isn’t good, Elder Sister Zhu, I must go to school… I will leave first…”

As soon as Su Lin heard that it was almost eight o’clock, he jumped to his feet.

It was over! He was going to be late to school again today!

Su Lin ran out of the Jian’an Municipal Hospital and rushed to Jian’an First High. If it was any other day, there wouldn’t be an issue even if he went even late! In any case, he had a reason, and his class in-charge, Teacher Lin, would only give him a light scolding.

But today was different! Not only was it the last parents’ meeting today, but also Grade 3’s General Assembly. Originally, this had nothing much to do with Su Lin. On the contrary, if there was no class, it was alright even if he didn’t go to school. But the issue was with what Lin Qingxue had told him yesterday.

In the General Assembly today, Su Lin was supposed to go on the stage and give a speech. Moreover, Su Lin’s father and mother would also come to school today, so Su Lin couldn’t make them lose face. If he still couldn’t get there on time, and ended up missing his speech while still on the road, then he would be losing a great deal of face.

When Su Lin was hurrying towards his school, Su Guorong and Liu Aizhen had already arrived there as they were ready for it early in the morning. They had reached Jian’an First High before 7:40 AM.

“Old Su, you say, Little Lin spent the entire night in the hospital with Xingzhu; could there be some problem?”

Pulling her husband’s arm, Liu Aizhen asked with some worry as they walked on Jian’an First High’s drill ground.

“What could have gone wrong? Didn’t we call the hospital to confirm it last night? Didn’t the nurse say that Little Lin and Xingzhu were together. All right, just let the two brother and sister be together; Xingzhu needs Little Lin’s company at this time.”

As Su Guorong was saying this, he suddenly pulled Liu Aizhen to the side, and acted as if he was trying to hide from something.

“Old Su, what happened? What are you hiding from?”

As she was being pulled away by Su Guorong, Liu Aizhen turned her head to have a look and immediately turned serious!

“It’s Liu Lanfeng, that smelly bitch! Old Su, why are you hiding when there’s nothing to hide! Enemies always meet on narrow roads; I never thought I would meet her here!”

Upon seeing the person who arrived, Liu Aizhen immediately halted her steps and turned around. No matter how Father Su tried to pull her away, she remained unmoved.

“Aizhen, we are at Little Lin’s school right now. Every time you bicker with her, nothing good comes out of it.”

All of this gave Su Guorong a real headache. The middle-aged woman who arrived was called Liu Lanfeng. She was from the same village as Liu Aizhen and the two grew up together. However, this Liu Lanfeng wasn’t Liu Aizhen’s beloved girlfriend, instead, she was Liu Aizhen’s mortal enemy!

It wasn’t just Su Guorong who was aware of this point, even Su Lin had experienced their beef first hand. Every time they went to his grandmother’s house, Su Lin would watch her mother bicker and quarrel with Liu Lanfeng with full force.

And now, they actually bumped into her in Jian’an First High. That was why Su Guorong wanted to hurriedly take his wife away to avoid letting the enemies meet. But now that Liu Aizhen had seen Liu Lanfeng, it seemed there was no way to avoid a war! [Aizhen Sousuke is ready to wreak havoc. Sorry!]

“Aha! I was just wondering where this strange smell was coming from, so it’s you, Aizhen! Hehe…”

Liu Lanfeng also walked towards Liu Aizhen while speaking with wide smirk.

As soon as Su Guorong heard Liu Lanfeng’s words, dark lines covered his forehead. What Liu Lanfeng just said was a shot at an embarrassing matter from Mother Su, Liu Aizhen’s childhood. At that time, the 8-9 years old Liu Aizhen thought of her family’s agricultural spray as a perfume and sprayed it on herself. The result was a strong smell with a strange taste. Now, every time the two met, Liu Lanfeng would always remind her of that incident.

“Liu Lanfeng, is it really necessary to stay hung up on the matters of the past, and talk about them all day long? If you really want to talk about the past, how about we talk about the time when you peed in your pants by the river when you were nine?”

Mother Su, Liu Aizhen, also didn’t back down and immediately counterattacked with the words she had already prepared in her heart.

“You… Liu Aizhen, I never thought that I would get to see you in Jian’an First High! Can your son even be admitted to Jian’an First High?”

“Don’t think that only your son is smart! Why can’t my son be admitted to Jian’an First High?”

“Even if your son is in Jian’an First High, I have heard that his results are nothing worth mentioning! Can he even get admission to a University? When the time comes, he probably won’t even be able to get into a third-rate University with how poor you are…”

Liu Lanfeng had heard in the past that Liu Aizhen’s son, Su Lin, was also studying in Jian’an First High, but his results weren’t good and he barely passed his tests. That was why Liu Lanfeng decided to mention this matter. The two of them, from their infancy to maturity, just couldn’t be convinced with each other. From their barbie dolls to their husbands, they just had to compare everything.

Now that their sons were in the same Grade in Jian’an First High, there was no way the two weren’t going to compete with each other.

Moreover, the performance of Liu Lanfeng’s son, Yang Chen, wasn’t too bad. This time, he had ranked 57th in the Grade, and was also in the top 100 of the Grade, usually. According to his achievements, entering a key university was a foregone conclusion. Therefore, Liu Lanfeng didn’t think that Liu Aizhen’s son could perform better than her son.

“Oh, and says who? My son, Su Lin’s, result is great! I don’t know how many times better his results are compared to your family’s Yang Chen!”

However, this time, Liu Aizhen was emboldened. Putting her hands on her waist, she stood upright in an imposing manner, and said arrogantly.

This Liu Lanfeng had always been trying to bully her. Depending on various tricks, she married a good husband, and every time they went back to their maternal families for new year, she (Liu Aizhen) would lose to her. But now that her son, Su Lin, had obtained a high position in the exams, Liu Aizhen couldn’t wait to shut Liu Lanfeng’s mouth with her might.

“Heh, you really know how to brag, huh? Do make sure that you don’t boast so much that when the truth comes out, you fail to bear the slap! Who doesn’t know that your son, Su Lin, has always been at the bottom of the Grade? So how can be obtain better results than my son? Do you know what rank my son got in this time’s mock exam? 57! There’s no suspense in him getting into a top university. And when he graduates later, he would be a white-collar. What about your family’s Su Lin? He can only be an ordinary worker…”

“You should get your facts before you fart? My family’s Su Lin took the tenth rank in the Grade this time. Tenth! Do you even know what that is?”

Liu Aizhen was almost shouting. If it wasn’t for her husband, Su Guorong, keeping the two apart, the two might have already started to exchange blows.

“Tenth? Why don’t you boast a bit more? Right, where’s your family’s Su Lin? Did he not accompany you for the parents’ meeting today? He must be afraid that he would lose all face, so he didn’t come with you.”

Liu Lanfeng didn’t believe that Liu Aizhen’s son could rank tenth in the grade. Just at that time, a broadcast reminding all the students and their guardians to gather in the drill ground and stand in orderly fashion sounded.

It heralded the beginning of the final parent’s meeting for Grade 3 of Jian’an First High.

At this time, Su Lin was still on his way to school. As he couldn’t get a taxi so early in the morning, he had to run all the way to school.

“Old Su, Little Lin wouldn’t have forgotten to come to school, right?”

Looking at the other parents standing with their children while the two of them were by themselves, and then remembering Liu Lanfeng’s sarcastic remarks, Liu Aizhen couldn’t help but feel bad.

At the same time as Liu Aizhen was anxious, Lin Qingxue was also looking around anxiously while standing on the podium.

“This Su Lin, it’s going to be 8:30 AM in a while, so why is he still not here? He still has to go on the stage and make his speech!”

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