Top Quality Beauty Cultivation System Chapter 51: For You, I Am Impulsive!

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“Brat, you… How come you are back?”

Now that Su Lin caught him by the collar, Sui Hongwei had also reached his limit and was burning with rage. This bastard, Su Lin, just had to get in his way again and again and ruin his good deeds, so he opened his mouth to scold him, “Xingzhu is now my fiancee, so I can do whatever I want with her! When have I ever needed a brat like you to teach me what I can and can’t do? Let me tell you, not only will I hold Xingzhu, later, I will personally kiss her lips, and kiss her neck; embrace her into my arms, and push her on the bed! I will play with her however I want to play then! You can’t do shit about it!”

“You son-of-a-bitch, scram out of here for me!”


Su Lin flung Sui Hongwei to the side, and then went to Ye Xingzhu and said angrily, “Elder Sister Zhu, did you listen to his words? This is who he really is! He just can’t be a person, so do you want to spend the later half of your life with such an animal?”

“Little Lin, I… I don’t know…”

“Do you not want to make him scram?”

“Let me scram from here? Xingzhu, don’t forget that I have already paid the 100,000 Yuan for your mothers medical expenses. This daddy will certainly not let his 100,000 Yuan go to waste. Xingzhu, you are now a woman of my Sui Family, and not your own!”

Crawling up from the ground, Sui Hongwei viciously stared at Su Lin and said, “Brat, maybe, I can’t beat you, but let me tell you, this society isn’t run on brute force! Today, you beat me, so I can’t guarantee you won’t find a few gifts from me on your Elder Sister Zhu’s body later on.”

“If you dare to touch Elder Sister Zhu, I will kill you!”

Su Lin was really angry; he had never been this angry. He immediately rushed forward and kicked Sui Hongwei in the belly.

“Little Lin, you shouldn’t not be so impulsive; don’t be so naive!”

Ye Xingzhu quickly stepped forward and pulled Su Lin back while speaking through sobs, “Now that things have gotten to this point, Little Lin, Elder Sister Zhu really wants to thank you for everything you have done for me. But the reality is such, brutal. You have also grown up now, so you must learn how to live in society; you can’t be so impulsive and naive in the future. Would beating Sui Hongwei and giving him some wounds now be useful? When the time comes, he will just go to the police station and cause trouble for you. You are soon going to be taking the College Entrance Examination, so you can’t let these matters hold you down. Elder Sister Zhu is begging you; please don’t act so impulsively again…”

“I am naive? I am impulsive? Yes, when it comes to you, Elder Sister Zhu, I simply cannot stay calm. Just thinking that you will marry someone like him, I turn unbearably angry and want to kill him at once. If you think that this is me being naive, then you can keep on thinking like that! But, no matter what, I will not let you leave with this bastard!”

Su Lin had firmed his resolve. No matter what, he couldn’t not allow Elder Sister Zhu to marry this bastard, Sui Hongwei. Without a doubt, his Elder Sister Zhu was only his.

“Humph! So, brat, you don’t want to let Xingzhu be with me? But I have already paid the 100,000 Yuan, so she must follow me now. Alright, just make her give me back my 100,000 Yuan then; I will see how her old mother’s illness is cured thoroughly after that!”

Sui Hongwei had nothing to fear as he stood up. The biggest card in his hand was the fact that Ye Xingzhu took 100,000 Yuan from him. As long as Ye Xingzhu couldn’t immediately return the 100,000 Yuan, she would have to fulfill her promise and marry him no matter what. Sui Hongwei decided that he would get a marriage certificate from the the Registration Office, and tie the knot with her next month. Then, his long awaited wish to get Ye Xingzhu would be fulfilled and he would be able to play with her as he liked.

“100,000 Yuan? Good, isn’t it just a 100,000 Yuan? I will give them to you…”


Su Lin pulled open the fertilizer bag that he was holding, and took out brand-new stacks of 100 Yuan notes from inside. Each stack was worth 10,000 Yuan, and there were a total of 20 stacks. Su Lin took out ten stacks from inside, a total of 100,000 Yuan, and flung it to Sui Hongwei’s face.

“This is 100,000 Yuan, in cash. Now scram for me!”

That’s right, it was cash! 100,000 Yuan of crisp red-notes with Chairman Mao on them. Su Lin didn’t even flinch when he threw the money to Sui Hongwei.

“You… You really went back to take money; Brat, where did you get all this money?”

Sui Hongwei was a stunned and his eyes widened into two saucers. He picked up the 100,000 Yuan and turned the notes around to confirm. All of them were real, genuine money. All the bills were worth 100 Yuan each.

“That has nothing to do with you. We have now returned your 100,000 Yuan, so you can get lost from here. If I saw you harass Elder Sister Zhu again, then I won’t hit as lightly as today!”

“It’s your win!”

Sui Hongwei never expected that Su Lin could actually take out 100,000 Yuan. With the matters at this point, he could no longer take advantage of his money, so he indignantly said a few vicious words and dingily went down the stairs.

Ye Xingzhu, on the other hand, was still confused about the entire matter. How come Su Lin suddenly came up with 100,000 Yuan in cash? What’s more, there still seemed to be a lot of money in that worn-out fertilizer bag that Su Lin was holding in his hands.

“Little Lin, you… that money… where did you get that money from? You wouldn’t have done something illegal, right?”

Seeing that Su Lin took out so much money at once, Ye Xingzhu was a bit scared, fearing that Su Lin might have done something illegal.

“Elder Sister Zhu, rest assured, there’s absolutely no problem with this money. I have absolutely not done something illegal!”

Su Lin then took out the remaining pile of money from the fertilizer bag, a total of 100,000 Yuan, and handed it to Ye Xingzhu while saying, “Elder Sister Zhu, here are 100,000 Yuan; you should take this money as well! You will certainly have to spend a lot of money after Aunt Liang’s surgery!”

“No, no, Little Lin, how can Elder Sister Zhu take your money? And if you don’t say how you got the money, how am I supposed to feel at ease about you?”

Ye Xingzhu was very clear about Su Family’s economic situation. If Su Lin went home and asked Father Su and Mother Su for the money, then… First, it was improbable that the Su Family had so much money saved up. And even if Father and Mother Su did have the money, and agreed to give it to him, where did they get 200,000 Yuan in cash now that the banks were already closed at this time.

That was why Ye Xingzhu put on a stern expression and doubted Su Lin’s words. In her heart, she was worried that Su Lin might have committed a crime to get the money!

“Elder Sister Zhu, it was all just a coincidence. I got this money when I accidentally stumbled upon a group of gangsters carrying out a drug deal today…”

In order to make Ye Xingzhu feel at ease, Su Lin started to explain the events from the evening in a superficial matter. Obviously, Su Lin didn’t mention that he used his ability to stop time, as that detail needed to be kept a secret, “In any case, the money was obtained from that bunch of gangsters, so Elder Sister Zhu, you can feel relieved in using it!”

“Gangsters? Drug deals? Heaven! Su Lin, that is very dangerous! How could you go into the Dragon-Tiger Gang’s stronghold? What if they found out? What will we do then?”

Don’t look at the strong front Ye Xingzhu put on all the time, in reality, she was just a weak young woman at heart. When she heard about gangsters, and drug deals from Su Lin’s mouth, she suddenly felt something suffocate her heart, and got worried that Su Lin might face retaliation from those people.

“Elder Sister Zhu, relax; didn’t I just say it? Nobody discovered me there, so the don’t even know I stole their 200,000 Yuan. Let alone me, they can’t even find a hair on my head.”

Su Lin was quite confident about this matter. When he sneaked into the Dragon-Tiger Gang’s stronghold this time, he was either hiding in some obscure corner all the time, or moving around while time was suspended. Those little thugs of the Dragon-Tiger Gang would not be able to find a single hair of his. What’s more, this 200,000 Yuan actually belonged to that Poisonous Scorpion. He wondered if Poisonous Scorpion and Viper had already left Jian’an, and if they even found out that their 200,000 Yuan had disappeared yet?

“Little Lin, you should still be careful. As for the remaining 100,000 Yuan, Elder Sister Zhu won’t take it. That is what your risked your life for, and you also need to go to University in the future. Uncle Su and Aunt Liu have already been laid off, and your family is also short of money. Elder Sister Zhu here still has a few ten thousand saved up, and they will be enough for my mother’s treatment. You have already paid 100,000 Yuan for Elder Sister Zhu, and Elder Sister Zhu is really thankful to you. Those 100,000 Yuan, Elder Sister Zhu won’t take advantage of you, and I will slowly pay them back to you in the future!”

Saying this, Ye Xingzhu put the 100,000 Yuan back into his arms.

“Elder Sister Zhu, how about you keep them for me first even if you aren’t going to use them? Otherwise, I will have no place to keep this 100,000 Yuan. If I took this money back home to my parents, my mother will kill me if she found out that I stole this from gangsters. With the money in your hands, I can also feel relieved. When I really want to use the money, I will ask you for it!”

Su Lin pushed the 100,000 Yuan back to Ye Xingzhu and said, “Elder Sister Zhu, I know that this world is very materialistic, and one can’t do anything without money. That’s why Little Lin will work hard. Later, I will certainly go to University, find a good job, and make a lot of money. Little Lin has already grown up, and I am no longer naive like before, I understand a lot of things. However, sometimes, I can’t help but be impulsive for you, Elder Sister Zhu. I might be impulsive and naive, but it is all for you, Elder Sister Zhu! For you, my Elder Sister Zhu, everything is worth it!”

“Silly Little Lin, how is Elder Sister Zhu worth doing so much for? Why are you so good to Elder Sister Zhu?”

Ye Xingzhu’s eyes were wet. Hearing such sincere words from Su Lin, she fondly patted Su Lin’s head out of habit. The current Su Lin was no longer the little brat who followed after her all the time, he had already turned 18, and was a little man now. He was already half a head taller than her, and Ye Xingzhu had to stand on her toes to touch Su Lin’s head.

“Everything is worth it if it’s for Elder Sister Zhu! Elder Sister Zhu has always been so good to me, so why can’t I be good to Elder Sister Zhu?”

Su Lin showed a faint smile. He felt that the way Elder Sister Zhu looked at him was incomparably gentle and full of love.

“Silly Little Lin, that’s because you have not grown up yet. You might think Elder Sister Zhu is good right now, but when you later meet more outstanding women, you will completely forget Elder Sister Zhu.”

“No, Elder Sister Zhu will always be the best. I don’t want you to leave me, Elder Sister Zhu! I don’t want you to marry another man…”

Unable to bear it anymore, Su Lin stepped forward and held Ye Xingzhu in his arms.


All the 100 Yuan stacks suddenly fell to the ground. Ye Xingzhu had never thought that a hug could feel so warm. Ye Xingzhu couldn’t help but let go of all thoughts and tightly hold Su Lin as well.

It was very warm and soothing. She couldn’t help but feel relieved and calm…

Her mother was critically ill, and Ye Xingzhu’s heart was in great pain. But at this time, with Su Lin holding her in his embrace, Ye Xingzhu couldn’t help but feel safe. She felt that so long as Su Lin was there, no problem would be a problem. Right, Su Lin had such a charm and strength that could make her thoroughly relieved.


The surgery eventually came to an end. When Ye Xingzhu heard the gate of the operation room open, she quickly broke away from Su Lin’s arms. Wiping away the tears from the corners of her eyes, she stared at the entrance of the operation room.

“Nurse Ye, you can relax. The surgery was very successful!”

Wiping his sweat, and taking off his mask, the head surgeon, Dr. Pang, said to Ye Xingzhu with a smile.

“Thank you, Dr. Pang, thank you very much!”

Hearing that the surgery was successful, Ye Xingzhu thanked the doctor and the Heaven. The weight on her heart was finally lifted. Su Lin, on the other hand, also smiled and squatted down to pick up the 100 Yuan notes spread on the ground.

Soon after the operation was over, Mother Ye, Liang Guizhu, was brought out and Su Lin accompanied Ye Xingzhu to the nursing ward.

“It’s already 12:00 AM, Little Lin, you should now go home and sleep first! You still need to attend classes tomorrow…”

Looking at her mother serenely sleeping on the hospital bed, Ye Xingzhu finally felt relieved in her heart.

“Elder Sister Zhu, I won’t go back. Tonight, I will accompany you in the hospital.”

Su Lin was determined to not go back. Just like before, he gently hugged Ye Xingzhu, letting her rest in his embrace. He felt that the current moment was the happiest moment in his life.

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