Top Quality Beauty Cultivation System Chapter 50: Isn’t It Just 100,000?

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“It’s just 100,000 Yuan? You will give it to her? Ahem… Even if you are going to boast, you need to have the capability! Let alone 100,000 Yuan, let’s talk about 10,000 Yuan; do you even have that much, brat?”

When Sui Hongwei heard Su Lin’s words, he dismissed it as empty boasting. After he saw Su Lin last time, he had already investigated him. Su Lin’s parents were just ordinary workers, and their monthly salary combined was less than 5,000 Yuan. And to suddenly take out 100,000 Yuan — let alone Su Lin, even his entire family couldn’t do that.

“Little Lin, don’t speak nonsense. Where do you have so much money, it’s 100,000 Yuan, ah!”

Ye Xingzhu was well aware of the Su Family’s situation. The savings of Mother and Father Su would certainly not reach 100,000 in any way. Therefore, she also thought that Su Lin was being arrogant, and he wished to make sure Ye Xingzhu didn’t marry Sui Hongwei.

“I am neither boasting, nor am I talking nonsense. Elder Sister Zhu, just wait here for half an hour… I will immediately go back and get the money.”

At this moment, Su Lin also calmed down. He knew that his words would only fall on deaf ears, and Sui Hongwei and Elder Sister Zhu would never believe that he really had 100,000 Yuan.

It was necessary to take out the 100,000 Yuan. Only real money would be able to convince them.

“Alright, then, boy. I will wait here and see where a stinky brat like you can get 100,000 Yuan from. Xingzhu, have a look at this brat whom you proclaimed to be the one you love, he’s just a little chick wet behind the ears who doesn’t even consider the consequences when speaking. He doesn’t even know how many cents he got, so the smartest decision for you would be to follow me.”

Sui Hongwei didn’t believe that Su Lin could really come up with 100,000 Yuan. In his opinion, this was just a way for Su Lin to gain some face. However, in his heart he also believed that the more childish Su Lin acted, the less Ye Xingzhu will like him.

Therefore, Sui Hongwei further stimulated Su Lin, “Brat, later you better not say that this big bro bullied you. If you can really take out 100,000 Yuan, then I swear to god that I will not look for Xingzhu again. Ah, but unfortunately, by the time you are able to earn 100,000 Yuan, who knows how many months or years would have passed. Xingzhu and I might even be buying pampers for our children by then.”

“Good, you just wait for me here. Elder Sister Zhu, you wait for me, I will be back soon.”

Su Lin wasn’t angry, and replied calmly.

‘Since you aren’t convinced that I can take out money, then isn’t it just 100,000 Yuan? I, Su Lin, just looted a bunch of gangsters and secretly gained 200,000 Yuan that would have otherwise been used for a drug deal. Even after taking out 100,000 Yuan, I will have a lot left to spare.’

“Little Lin, don’t deliberately create trouble. You are already eighteen years old, a young adult. You should now understand that there are some things that one just can’t do. There are many matters in life that we have no control over!”

At this time, Ye Xingzhu loudly shouted towards Su Lin instead.

Ye Xingzhu’s heart was in a complete mess at this time. She was already worried about her mother’s surgery, and she also had to find a way to raise the high surgical expenses by herself. She really had no other way but to ask Sui Hongwei, but Su Lin was now causing trouble.

Ye Xingzhu understood that Su Lin was doing it for her own good, and he didn’t want her to spend the rest of her life with someone she didn’t like. Before, Ye Xingzhu wasn’t able to determine what kind of feelings she had for Su Lin. Her feelings for him were a mix of love and familial love. But remembering the feelings of growing up together from childhood, and the mutual care finally made her understand that she couldn’t be separate from him.

‘Little Lin, I am sorry! Elder Sister Zhu has no other way.’

Sighing in her heart, Ye Xingzhu made a cruel decision. Taking a deep breath, she said to Sui Hongwei, “Sui Hongwei, you don’t need to trouble yourself with Little Lin anymore. Please come with me now to help pay for my mother’s medical surgery fee, alright?”

“Alright, then. Xingzhu, look here, I have brought my bank card with me. However, you would better not go back on your words. Tomorrow, I will take you home to see my parents. After listening to me talk about you day and night, they have already been impatient to see you, their future daughter-in-law, for a while now… And you can also start living in my house from tomorrow night.”

Pulling out a bank card, Sui Hongwei’s eyes unceremoniously ogled over Ye Xingzhu’s body. Wearing a nurse’s uniform just added another kind of temptation to Ye Xingzhu’s charm.

“Elder Sister Zhu, you should not use his money. Believe me, I will be back with the money soon. Just wait for me for a while.”

Su Lin had no other way to convince Ye Xingzhu. After he said this, he turned around and ran. He had to go back and get the money as soon as possible. Only after putting out the bright red banknotes will he be able to convince Elder Sister Zhu.

100,000 Yuan! It was all because of 100,000 Yuan!

Ye Xingzhu and Liang Guizhu had been each other’s only support, and since the start, their financial situation was not very great. And it was because of this that the mother and daughter pair were more proud, and cherished their reputation and dignity more than anyone.

Ye Xingzhu had never thought that one day, just because of 100,000 Yuan, she would have to sacrifice her entire life’s happiness.

Looking at Su Lin’s indignant face, Ye Xingzhu felt even more indignant! Why, just why was this world so unfair? Some people are born with a golden spoon in their mouth, and they don’t even need to work hard, and live a rich life devoid of any worries. And there were others like her who had to get familiar with the ways of the society, and value of money from a young age. Money, money, and money. If one had money, they could do whatever they wanted, but if one didn’t have money, money could make them do whatever it wanted…

Closing her eyes, she turned her head away. Ye Xingzhu didn’t dare to look at Su Lin again, and two streaks of tears gently flowed down the corners of her eyes.

Outside the hospital, Su Lin was running with all his might. It was already after 10 o’clock in the evening, and getting a regular taxi was quite hard. Su Lin stopped an unlicensed taxi outside the hospital and rushed home.

“I will absolutely not let Elder Sister Zhu to marry that Sui Hongwei!”

This was how people were. When they were about to lose something they previously owned, they would realize just how precious it was to them. Only when they lose something do they know how to cherish it, only then do they know its true value.

Sitting in the taxi, Su Lin’s mind was filled with Ye Xingzhu appearance. The little Elder Sister Zhu wearing a floral dress with a pony tail. The Elder Sister Zhu with short hair wearing jeans and a T-shirt. The Elder Sister Zhu with long hair, and her exquisite stature covered in a nurse’s uniform…

That was Elder Sister Zhu, his Elder Sister Zhu, the Elder Sister Zhu who only belonged to him.

Getting off the taxi, Su Lin directly slammed open his house’s door and rushed towards his bedroom.

“Little Lin, it’s so late right now. When Father and Mother returned home, we didn’t see you at home; where did you run off to?”

As soon as Liu Aizhen saw Su Lin come back, she started to question him.

But Su Lin didn’t reply a word to his mother and directly entered his bedroom, found the worn-out fertilizer bag he threw there, opened it, and made sure the money was still there. And impressively, there were stack after stack of 100 Yuan bills inside, making a total of 200,000 Yuan.

“You stinky little brat, mother just asked you something, so why aren’t you replying? Tomorrow is your school’s last parents meeting, so your father and I will be going there together since we are no longer working…”

Before Liu Aizhen could even finish her words, Su Lin hurriedly ran out of his room with the bag of money, and directly went out the house’s entrance.

“Little Lin, where are you going?”

It was already so late, yet he was still going out, so how could Liu Aizhen not stop him?

“Mother, I am going to the hospital to accompany Elder Sister Zhu!”

Su Lin didn’t have a lot of time to explain the matter to his mother; if he let his mother know that he was taking 200,000 Yuan to help Elder Sister Zhu, then he would have to waste a lot of time explaining the origin of this 200,000 Yuan as well.

That was why Su Lin directly rushed out of the gate without saying much. Liu Aizhen wanted to pursue him, but she couldn’t catch up to him, and saw Su Lin leave the neighborhood in an unlicensed taxi.

“This child… It’s already so late, and there’s nothing wrong at Xingzhu’s side either. Even if there’s some problem, what can a brat like him even do?

“Let Little Lin go. The Ye Family had such a big matter, yet we were not able to help them at all. Fortunately, that girl, Xingzhu, has been sensible since childhood and is strong enough. Xingzhu and Little Lin’s sentiments have been deep for each other since childhood, so it’s good to let Little Lin accompany her!”

“But doesn’t he have to attend classes tomorrow? The College Entrance Exam is quite near now.”

Liu Aizhen said worriedly.

“What’s there to fear? Isn’t there going to be a parent’s meeting tomorrow? Just let Little Lin take some rest.”

Saying this, Su Guorong stood up with a sigh. Their Su Family was already going through a rainy time, and both husband and wife were laid off. Yet now, the Ye Family also had an accident.

When he had got off the taxi, Su Lin had made the taxi driver wait for him at the door to save time by not having to look for another taxi.

Whiz! Whiz!

The road was quite empty since it was evening, and in just 20 minutes, Su Lin had returned to the Jian’an Municipal Hospital.

This time, Su Lin didn’t come empty-handed. Running directly to where the emergency operation theater on the third floor, there was a worn-out fertilizer bag in his hands, and all the nurses and doctors he passed by through the way gave him strange looks.

However, one shouldn’t look down on the fertilizer bag in Su Lin’s hand just because it looked tattered as there were 200,000 Yuan in that bag. Inside was not a checkbook, nor a bank card, instead, there were 20 stacks of brand-new 100 Yuan bank notes.

“Xingzhu, do you see, my money is also for you to use. Now, you are my girlfriend and fiancee, so even if I hold you, it won’t be too much.”

Just after paying the operation fee with Ye Xingzhu, Sui Hongwei couldn’t wait to reach out and hold Ye Xingzhu in his arms.

“I hope you will wait until my mother gets better. We can talk about this then.”

Ye Xingzhu said with an indifferent expression. Her heart was close to giving out as her world was turning gray. Looking at Sui Hongwei’s countenance, she despaired at the thought of having to spend the rest of her life with a person like him!

“Good, I will wait then. In any case, I have already paid 100,000 Yuan, and you also complied by yourself. Xingzhu, when the time comes, you better not renege on your promise, otherwise, don’t blame me for being forceful.

If the soft approach wasn’t good, then Sui Hongwei was more than ready to take the hard route. Anyways, it was what the both of them agreed upon, so he wouldn’t be in the wrong. Him paying the 100,000 Yuan for the medical expenses was equal to having bought the beautiful Ye Xingzhu as his wife. He calculated that this deal was quite cost-effective.

“Elder Sister Zhu, I am back. Sui Hongwei, you bastard, what are you trying to do? If you dare to touch my Elder Sister Zhu, do you believe I will kill you?”

As soon as he arrived outside the operation theater, Su Lin saw the scene of Sui Hongwei’s attempt to hug Ye Xingzhu. He was immediately infuriated, and rushed forward like an arrow that left the bow. As he tightly clutched Sui Hongwei from the collar of his western-styled suit, fire emitted from his eyes.

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