Top Quality Beauty Cultivation System Chapter 5: The Enchanting Bath

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“What? Don’t tell me Aunt Liang came back home! Not a moment early, not a moment late; she just had to come back at this time? If Aunt Liang saw me coming out of the bathroom while Elder Sister Zhu is taking a bath…, Even if I had ten lives to explain, it won’t be enough, Ah!”

At this moment, Su Lin’s one foot was inside the bathroom while the other was outside. Since Ye Xingzhu’s mother had just entered the house, Su Lin was forced to shrink back into the bathroom, closing its door. He was going to hide here until he had a chance to escape or explain.


As soon as the door closed, Ye Xingzhu, who was inside the bathtub behind the curtain, knew it couldn’t be her mother. She had just heard her mother’s voice from the entrance. Taking a shampoo bottle from nearby, Ye Xingzhu came before the curtain, lifting it lightly.


As soon as Ye Xingzhu lifted the curtain, she yelled.

“Elder Sister Zhu, don’t shout, please! Otherwise, I…”

Su Lin hurriedly went forward and covered Ye Xingzhu’s small mouth. If he got discovered by Aunt Liang, then even if he was innocent in the matter, he would be charged with the crime of “mad peeping tom!”

“Li’l Lin? You stupid brat, appearing and disappearing mysteriously. Were you trying to frighten your Elder Sister Zhu into getting a heart attack? You… Elder Sister was taking a shower… You… What are you doing, running in? Go out immediately…” After confirming it was Su Lin, Ye Xingzhu immediately felt her heart relax. But suddenly, she remembered she was taking a bath, Ah! She was still naked, and even though she treated Su Lin as her younger brother, he was also a man now, Ah!

Immediately, Ye Xingzhu used the curtain to cover her privates, while telling Su Lin to get out hurriedly.

“Not good. Ah! Elder Sister Zhu, right now… I can’t exit now…”

Su Lin replied with an awkward expression. He also wanted to go out, but Ye Xingzhu’s mother was just outside the bathroom, that’s why he had entered in the first place. If he went out now, it wasn’t possible to not get caught! However, no matter how anxious he was, Su Lin’s thief eyes weren’t idle. Although Ye Xingzhu had covered her private parts with the curtain, her visible smooth skin and the intoxicating fragrance in the air made Su Lin’s heart jump fiercely.

“Can’t exit? Why can’t you leave…”

Ye Xingzhu hadn’t even finished speaking when she heard her mother’s voice from the bathroom’s entrance, “Zhu’er, what happened? I just heard you call for me…”


Su Lin shrugged his shoulders helplessly and pointed towards the bathroom’s entrance, whispering lightly, “See, Elder Sister Zhu, Aunt Liang is right outside! How am I supposed to go outside?”


Ye Xingzhu’s complexion turned red. Being looked at by Su Lin so unscrupulously, she felt a bit embarrassed and awkward. With her temper, she would have already been hitting and scolding Su Lin savagely. But now, she must first deal with her mother who was standing right outside. Otherwise, if her mother found them, then the misunderstanding would only get bigger.

“Mom, you don’t need to be worried. I just saw a cockroach on the ground, so I yelled your name…”

It was an old excuse, but still credible. After Liang Guizhu heard Ye Xingzhu’s words, she didn’t ask further. Instead, she said, “Is that even a reason to be scared? We live in these old houses. Having cockroaches here is normal!”

After hearing her mother’s words, both Su Lin and Ye Xingzhu relaxed, but who would have known Mother Ye suddenly twisted the knob while saying, “Zhu’er, how long are you going to take? Mom needs to go to the bathroom; it’s very urgent.”

Ah! Liang Shu wants to come inside the toilet? Aren’t we going to be discovered then?

Su Lin’s brain churned fast. Before Mother Ye could twist the knob completely, Su Lin locked the door from inside.


Mother Ye couldn’t open the door so she knocked on it and said, “Zhu’er, you silly girl, why did you lock the door while taking a shower? You don’t lock the door usually…, Open it, Mom needs to go to the toilet…”

“This… Mom, you… you wait for a while…”

Ye Xingzhu was getting anxious with every second as she heard her mother’s words. Fortunately, Su Lin had already locked the door.

“I can’t wait! You little lass, hurry up and open it! What’s there to hide from your mother? Open the door, if you don’t open it, Mom will open it with the key!”

It seemed Mother Ye really needed to go to the toilet and twisted the knob twice. Inside the bathroom, both Ye Xingzhu and Su Lin were even more anxious.

“Mom, just wait a while. I will get out soon!”

“So, you won’t open? Good, Mom will bring the key and open it!”

The two could hear the sound of Mother Ye’s footsteps going farther from them.

“Time Stop… Stop Time…”

Su Lin whispered a few commands for pausing time in his mind, but none of them worked. The bright red “0” in the corner flashed, showing that the amount of time Su Lin could suspend was 0.

If he really couldn’t pause time, and Aunt Liang discovered him, then his life won’t be very easy!

“Li’l Lin, hurry up and hide! If my mother found out, then… What, just what is happening, Eh?”

Hearing her mother say she was going to open the door with a key, Ye Xingzhu was even more anxious.

“Hide? Where… Where am I supposed to hide…?”

Su Lin was also covered in sweat. Looking all around, there wasn’t any place to hide in such a small bathroom. How was he going to hide? Was he going to hide inside the toilet seat, go through it and enter the sewer? Even if he wanted to, it was impossible!

“Hide…” As Ye Xingzhu looked all around, she realized that the bathroom was indeed too small. Just a glance was enough to see everything inside. Where was someone going to hide? If only…

“Right! Li’l Lin, you get inside… Hide in the bathtub, yeah, hide in the water. Go…”

As it was an emergency, and they had to get over it, Ye Xingzhu steeled her heart, hurrying Su Lin to enter the bathtub!

“Eh, what? Hide inside the bathtub?”

Su Lin stared towards the bathtub. The bathtub could indeed hide a person, but Elder Sister Zhu was still inside the bathtub, that too, stark naked.

“Fast… Hurry and hide! Ah! My mother will be back soon, come in immediately…”

Just at that moment, the sound of keychain sounded at the door. In her anxiousness, Ye Xingzhu extended her smooth, jade-like hand from the bathtub and grabbed Su Lin, pulling him with all her force.


Being pulled like this on the slippery bathroom floor, Su Lin was stunned by Ye Xingzhu’s action and lost his balance. He actually fell upside down into the bathtub; his head inside the bathtub while his legs outside.


At this time, Mother Ye finally turned the key and opened the door. Ye Xingzhu hurriedly drew the curtains and covered the bathtub, simultaneously pulling Su Lin’s legs, dipping them into the water.

“Mom, why did you come in? I was just going to open the door for you…”

In order to cover Su Lin’s whimpers, Ye Xingzhu intentionally splashed water to produce noise and also started to speak with her mother.

“You little lass, taking a bath and not letting your mother go to the toilet! Do you want your mother to pee in her pants?”

Mother Ye said with anger.

At this time, Su Lin’s condition was very awkward and complicated. He had just gripped the bathtub, yet he still fell into it head first. Immediately afterward, Ye Xingzhu shoved his legs into the bathtub as well. Right now, he was lying inside the bathtub horizontally. His head, at this time, was being squeezed between two soft lumps of meat.

So slippery! So smooth…

Such softness! Such mellowness…

As his body was under water, Su Lin couldn’t maintain his balance. He naturally needed support, so he reached his hands to hold something. Unexpectedly, his hands held onto Ye Xingzhu’s flexible and soft thighs.

Hah! Being able to get this advantage is great. Elder Sister Zhu’s body is so intoxicating, and her skin is so smooth. Su Lin had seen her grow together with him bit by bit. Although Su Lin called Ye Xingzhu his elder sister, the two weren’t related by blood at all. In addition, the arousal caused by the tumultuous hormones of puberty had made Su Lin use Ye Xingzhu as an object of his fantasies more than once.


The two people were stuffed inside the small bathtub, making the bathtub full. The water inside it was already overflowing a lot. Ye Xingzhu could feel Su Lin’s head on her chest, making her feel an inexplicable itch due to his breath. In addition, Su Lin’s filthy pig trotters had grabbed her thigh forcefully, and… Unexpectedly, the bastard was still caressing her, trying to touch what was up!

“Brat, keep your filthy paws to yourself…”

Ye Xingzhu was unable to endure being caressed like this by Su Lin. Just now, she had already been pleasuring herself in the bathtub, and now, being teased and touched like this by Su Lin, Ye Xingzhu felt her body was on fire, and her mind would go blank.

I can’t go on like this! Ye Xingzhu maliciously twisted Su Lin’s arm, making his advance stop.

Having his arm twisted, Su Lin almost yelled. Both of his hands slipped from Ye Xingzhu’s thighs, trying to find some support. Just when he was looking for support, Su Lin felt a rod-shaped object in his hand. As he grabbed it and looked towards it, it was actually a green cucumber.

“Why is there a green cucumber inside the bathtub? Hmm, it sure is weird.”

Su Lin felt strange looking at the cucumber, but he dared not ask Ye Xingzhu about it. All he could do was to push forward and squeeze his head between Ye Xingzhu’s soft valley.

It was very soft and warm. Besides that, the water temperature was also perfect, making Su Lin very comfortable. Su Lin just wanted to sleep with his head on her soft pillows.

“Damned lass, what are you whispering? Can’t you see Mom needs to go to the toilet urgently? Yet you aren’t even…”

Mother Ye didn’t think too much. She was already very anxious, so she immediately took off her pants and sat on the toilet seat.


“What Mom? You stinking lass. Didn’t I just ask you to open the door? Not only did you not open it, now you won’t even let Mom go to the toilet! Can I not even go to the toilet in my home now?”

You can indeed go to the bathroom, but we have other people here right now. There’s a full grown man here, Su Lin!

Ye Xingzhu’s innermost feelings were stirring, but she had to make sure not to reveal them before her mother. She wasn’t very uncomfortable. On top of that, the fire in her body, together with having Su Lin tangled with her in such a small bathtub, she couldn’t help but moan faintly.

Soft and slippery everywhere. That was the only feeling all five senses of Su Lin right now! It was simply too arousing. From Su Lin’s current point of view, the water vapors were smashing against a pair of plump and small jade rabbits, with a bright yet appetizing cherries on top.

Gently producing waves with his hand, Su Lin’s courage skyrocketed. He knew Ye Xingzhu wouldn’t dare make any noise with Mother Ye on the side. Su Lin’s big, rough hands held onto Ye Xingzhu’s thighs, stroking them lightly.


Being stroked like this by Su Lin, Ye Xingzhu’s whole body trembled, yet all she could do was to glare at him furiously. She had no other choice.

Pitter Patter……

The sound of water could be heard. Mother Ye didn’t know that Su Lin was inside the bathtub, so she didn’t care about it. Ye Xingzhu was getting irritated and hot. Su Lin was already getting all advantage from her body, so she didn’t want him to get any other advantage. Extending her jade hands to her chest, she covered Su Lin’s ears.

“You can’t listen!”

As her hands clamped onto his ears, Su Lin was squeezed deeper into the two jade rabbits on Ye Xingzhu’s chest!


So soft and big!

Su Lin was unable to endure the excitement! His two hands went around Ye Xingzhu’s back and started to stroke and caress her bright and clean back gently. Feeling his gentle strokes, Ye Xingzhu couldn’t help but moan in pleasure.


Although she tried her best to suppress her primitive impulses, being aroused like this, Ye Xingzhu couldn’t help but moan in a low voice.

“Hmm? Zhu’er, what happened? What are you doing? Could it be… You couldn’t be unable to endure loneliness, right?”

As Mother Ye heard Ye Xingzhu’s moan, she knitted her brows and said, “It’s not that Mom wants to lecture you, but you have already reached adulthood! Yet you are still satisfying yourself like this? Mom has been telling you to quickly find a good man! We are just a widow and an orphan. If you found a man to support you, you wouldn’t need to do this in the day either!”

“Mom… What… You, what are you talking about? I wasn’t…”

At this moment, Ye Xingzhu’s face was crimson and hot. Instinctively, she lowered her head. But it was right then when Su Lin’s looked up, and their four eyes met. Ye Xingzhu’s vision landed on the green cucumber that Su Lin just held in his hand underwater. She was so embarrassed that she wanted to dig a hole and bury herself inside it. This… It was too disgraceful.

“Satisfy yourself? Cucumber… And those faint sounds I heard before… Elder Sister Zhu was inside the bathroom… Could it be…”

Thinking till here, Su Lin finally had an enlightenment. His blood started to rush as he got inexplicably excited. But just at that moment, Su Lin noticed the number in the right-hand corner of his line of sight. The “0” was increasing at an unexpectedly rapid rate now.



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