Top Quality Beauty Cultivation System Chapter 49: Money, Money, And Just Money!

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“Just 100,000? Xingzhu, which hospital are you in right now? I will immediately bring the money and come to you!”

To Sui Hongwei, 100,000 Yuan really was nothing worth mentioning; that’s how much he would spend on an ordinary car. He never thought that the same Ye Xingzhu, who couldn’t be tempted with the promise of houses and cars, was now willing to accept his proposal and marry him for just 100,000 Yuan.

Sometimes, even a penny can change a person’s heart; having money was indeed a good thing. Many a time, people are really willing to go against their heart’s wish for a little bit of money when in need.

“I will be waiting for you outside the Jian’an Municipal Hospital’s emergency operation theater on the third floor.”

Once she was done speaking, Ye Xingzhu hung up the phone and went towards the operation theater. There, she looked at her unconscious mother lying on the surgery table in a stupor. She turned her head to the head surgeon, Dr. Pang, and said, “Dr. Pang, please perform the bypass surgery! I will have the expenses for the surgery here in a while.”

“Good! Nurse Ye, it’s naturally the best to perform a bypass surgery on your mother. You can relax, as the difficulty of the surgery isn’t too high, and there basically won’t be any problem. After the surgery, your mother will be just like a normal person with half a month’s rehabilitation.”

Since Ye Xingzhu had made her decision, Dr. Pang also started to prepare for the bypass surgery. Ye Xingzhu started to calmly wait outside the operation theater with a complicated mood.

“Elder Sister Zhu, Elder Sister Zhu…”

The bypass surgery had just started when Su Lin arrived at the Jian’an Municipal Hospital, and directly rushed to the third floor where the operation theater was located. There, he saw Ye Xingzhu standing outside the operation theater’s entrance.

“Little Lin? What are you doing here?”

Seeing Su Lin running towards her, Ye Xingzhu didn’t know why, but she felt her mood brighten. But when she thought of the deal she had just made with Sui Hongwei, her mood again plummeted and she started to feel even more agitated.

“Elder Sister Zhu, I… I called my father, and he said that Aunt Liang suddenly contracted some heart disease, and was being rescued in the hospital! How is the situation right now? Where are my parents?”

Right after getting off the taxi, Su Lin had to run up the stairs, so he was now panting. He held the wall with one hand, while his other hand supported his waist, and he gasped for breath.

“Thank you, Little Lin! My mother was no longer in danger, so I asked your parents to go back home first. Didn’t you bump into them when coming here?”

Seeing Su Lin’s face full of intense worry, Ye Xingzhu felt warm in her heart, and her expression also softened as she looked at him.

“I got here by taxi, so I didn’t bump into them. Since Aunt Liang is fine, then everything is well.”

When Su Lin heard that Mother Ye was not in serious danger, the weight pressing down on his heart also lifted.

“Little Lin, there will not be any more issues, so how about you go back first? Don’t you have to attend classes tomorrow? Moreover, you will be taking the College Entrance Examination in a few days, so you need to review your study material and be well-prepared! I believe that our family’s Little Lin can certainly pass the College Entrance Examination with flying colors, and be admitted to the top domestic University.”

Ye Xingzhu tried to squeeze out a smile with all her might. In fact, she was worried about Sui Hongwei coming here at this time as it wouldn’t be good if Su Lin saw him. That was why, she was anxious to make Su Lin go back home as soon as possible, so as to make sure that these two didn’t encounter each other in the hospital.

“It’s nothing, Elder Sister Zhu. Tomorrow is the General Assembly for the College Entrance Examination, and the last parents meeting, so our Grade 3 doesn’t need to attend classes. Moreover, my academic record is also not an issue, and I can absolutely get a good score and enter a top University.”

Su Lin was absolutely confident regarding his current academic performance. Moreover, it was already so late, and Su Lin could feel that his Elder Sister Zhu was quite anxious at heart, so Su Lin decided to accompany Elder Sister Zhu through the night.

“Little Lin, I will be alright, so you don’t need to accompany me here. Be obedient and go back quickly.”

As Ye Xingzhu spoke, she was also looking towards the stairway with worry. If Sui Hongwei caught up at this time, then he might really get tangled with Su Lin. Therefore, Ye Xingzhu put forth all her strength to urge Su Lin to go back home.

“No! Elder Sister Zhu, I must accompany you! Otherwise, you will be alone, and will have no one to speak…”

Before Su Lin could even finish his words, he heard someone call Elder Sister Zhu’s name from behind him.

“Xingzhu, I am here!”

As soon as Su Lin turned his head to see who it was, he frowned. It was him, Sui Hongwei, the guy he saw outside Elder Sister Zhu’s house, who was also pestering Elder Sister Zhu.


As soon as Su Lin saw Sui Hongwei, his expression turned ugly. Sui Hongwei wasn’t feeling too well either after he saw Su Lin there. But it was Ye Xingzhu who took the initiative to call him there this time, so Sui Hongwei thought that he was on the winning side. Moreover, why would he need to be afraid of Su Lin, a brat who hadn’t even graduated from high school yet?

“Heh, brat, so you are also here? Why don’t you go home and study, here is a matter for adults.”

Walking forward, Sui Hongwei said to Su Lin with a sneer.

“What are you doing here? I am telling you, you better stay far away from my Elder Sister Zhu. Otherwise, don’t blame me for being rude!”

Su Lin gripped his fists. He didn’t have an iota of good impression regarding this Sui Hongwei.

“What am I doing here? Obviously, I am here to see my future mother-in-law since she has fallen ill. Isn’t that natural?”

Putting on a high and mighty act, Sui Hongwei started to flaunt himself as Ye Xingzhu’s fiance right then and there. As he arrogantly looked at Su Lin, he said in his heart, ‘You are just a little brat that has yet to grow his hair, and you dare to fight against me? Hehe, this time, the Heavens are helping me. I never thought that I would be able to make Ye Xingzhu willingly marry me for just 100,000 Yuan. This deal really is cost-effective…’

Sui Hongwei had rushed over all the way to hospital while thinking that he would finally be able to possess Ye Xingzhu, whom he had coveted for many years. His heart was full of perverted fantasies at this time.

And now that he was at the hospital and saw Ye Xingzhu in front of him, he thought that his decision couldn’t have been better. Even though Ye Xingzhu was dressed in a nurse’s uniform, and hadn’t put on makeup, she still looked fair and had a devastating figure. When he thought of how such a stunner would soon belong to him, Sui Hongwei couldn’t control the itch in his heart. He wished he could immediately rush forward and make her his own.

“How fucking shameless can you be? Who is your future mother-in-law? Elder Sister Zhu already warned you the last time, yet you still dare to thicken your face and refuse to accept reality? Just look at yourself; can Elder Sister Zhu even like someone like you? You better scram for me, and don’t harass Elder Sister Zhu again!”

Looking at Sui Hongwei’s wretched appearance as he stared at Ye Xingzhu, Su Lin couldn’t help but swear. This kind of person deserved to be punched in the face; just because he earned a bit of filthy money, he started to think of himself as superior to others, and that every woman he likes must like him in return!

“Oh? So, Xingzhu won’t like someone like me? Hehe… Alright! Xingzhu, since it’s this beloved younger brother of yours asking me to scram from here, I will take my leave. Later, I will certainly not come to disturb you; you should have this beloved younger brother of yours help you feel relieved!”

Listening to Su Lin’s sharp words, Sui Hongwei wasn’t angry at all. Instead, he laughed out and made an action of turning around and leaving.

“Scram, scram as far as you can for this daddy.”

Su Lin was also stunned. How come this arrogant prick turned so obedient right now? But since the other party was willing to leave, Su Lin was more than happy to kick him out.

“No… Sui Hongwei… don’t go. Su Lin, he’s an innocent child, so you… You shouldn’t take his words to heart.”

Seeing Sui Hongwei going away, Ye Xingzhu turned anxious. It must be known that the expenses for her mother’s surgery now depended on him. 100,000 Yuan, it was 100,000 Yuan. Ye Xingzhu was practically selling herself into servitude like this.

“What? Elder Sister Zhu, you…”

Sui Hongwei was about to leave, yet Elder Sister Zhu unexpectedly asked him not to leave. Moreover, she even called him an innocent child. This… What was wrong with Elder Sister Zhu?

“Hehe, this is how it should be. Brat, do you see it now; does your Elder Sister Zhu want me to leave or not? After we get married, I will be sure to send you some wedding candy.”

Sui Hongwei had long expected that Ye Xingzhu would stop him, so he Hongwei turned and walked back with a smug look. He then tried to take a yard when given an inch, and reached out his hand to embrace Ye Xingzhu’s waist, but Ye Xingzhu immediately flashed to the side and avoided his grasp.

“Sui Hongwei, since I promised you I will marry you, then I will indeed do it. But before we get married, please don’t touch me.”

Ye Xingzhu said with knitted brows. As she raised her head and looked at Su Lin, she felt a sharp pain in her heart, and felt suffocated.

“Alright, then… Xingzhu, I, Sui Hongwei, am also an honorable gentleman. In any case, you will be my woman sooner or later, so I am in no hurry either. I just wanted to comfort you that aunt’s illness is no big deal, and everything will be alright.”

Although this was what he said on the surface, Sui Hongwei’s wretched gaze was still roaming over Ye Xingzhu’s heart. He didn’t know just how many times he had smashed Ye Xingzhu in his heart.

‘What? Elder Sister Zhu complied to marry this Sui Hongwei?’

An explosion went off in Su Lin’s mind. What was this? How could his Elder Sister Zhu comply to marry this bastard Sui Hongwei? It was absolutely impossible that Elder Sister Zhu liked him; Elder Sister Zhu must have been forced. Elder Sister Zhu obviously… She obviously loves me!

“Elder Sister Zhu, you can’t marry him!”

At this moment, Su Lin felt that Elder Sister Zhu was more important than his own life. He must win her for himself. What was happening was not right! He must stop her from doing this!

“Why can’t? Just because you say so, does that mean others have to listen to you? What does a kid like you know? You can’t provide shit for her? Let me be clear with you — once Xingzhu follows me, she can simply stop working as a nurse, and then live the life of a rich young married woman at my house. My family is rich and…”

“What’s great about having money? Elder Sister Zhu does not like you! If she followed you, she will only be unhappy and unsatisfied. Elder Sister Zhu, you said that… Elder Sister Zhu… You say something!”

Su Lin’s voice was quite loud as he stared at Ye Xingzhu and questioned her.

“Sorry, Little Lin, Elder Sister Zhu does not have any other choice. Sorry, sorry!”

Ye Xingzhu was also being driven a bit crazy, and could no longer suppress her tears. All her strength ran out at this moment, and she broke down and started to shake her head while continuously apologizing to Su Lin.

At this time, Ye Xingzhu felt powerless as she had never felt before. It turned out that people could have such helpless moments in their life.

“What’s great about having money? Kid, you will understand it later. Money is everything; without money, you are nothing. With money, you can get whatever you want. Wasn’t your Elder Sister Zhu aloof and had no desire for worldly desires? Did she not have no liking for me? But this time, did your little darling not call me herself and finally act servile for a 100,000 Yuan? If I don’t give her those 100,000 Yuan, her mother’s surgery won’t go through. Now, I can spend a 100,000 and hug a beautiful woman back home.”

Even when seeing the unwillingness on Su Lin’s face, and Ye Xingzhu’s tear-stained face, Sui Hongwei kept on speaking without a care in the world. He pointed towards Ye Xingzhu’s face, and said to Su Lin with an obscene smile, “Later, your Elder Sister Zhu is going to be my wife. No matter how I want to kiss or whenever I want to hug her, she will be all mine! Now then, are you convinced, brat?”

“That’s enough, Sui Hongwei! This is a matter between you and me, don’t involve Little Lin in this again!”

Sui Hongwei had completely exposed his disgusting face, but he no longer needed to pretend to be a gentleman as it was Ye Xingzhu asking him for help. So even if he was an even more disgusting man, would she dare to go against him when he was the one paying 100,000 Yuan for her mother’s surgery?

‘Money, Money, and just Money! It turned out to be money once more. So it was because of the 100,000 Yuan operation fee that Elder Sister Zhu needed help from Sui Hongwei and complied to marry him! Good, it’s just 100,000 Yuan. Since you, Sui Hongwei, can put out this much, can I, Su Lin, not do the same?’

From Sui Hongwei’s words, Su Lin finally understood the reason why Elder Sister Zhu was willing to sell herself into servitude. Wasn’t it just 100,000 Yuan? The worn-out fertilizer bag that Su Lin got today was filled with 200,000 Yuan!

“Elder Sister Zhu, there’s no need for you to take his filthy money! Isn’t it just 100,000 Yuan? I will give it to you!”

Stepping forward, Su Lin pushed Sui Hongwei out of the way and said.

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