Top Quality Beauty Cultivation System Chapter 48: Mother Ye Had A Heart Disease

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It was around 7 o’clock in the evening when Su Lin cautiously returned to the entrance of his home with a worn-out fertilizer bag in hand.

“200,000, this is 200,000! With this 200,000 in hand, Father and Mother will no longer have to worry about the issue of money, but how am I going to explain where this 200,000 came from to Father and Mother?”

Since he had never seen so much cash before, Su Lin was indulging in fantasies of what he could do now. His parents earned a few thousand at most every month, making it a few ten thousand Yuan every year. But now he had 200,000. Their entire family could only save up this much if they didn’t eat or drink for 4-5 years straight.

For a gang like Dragon-Tiger Gang, buying drugs at a cheap price like this and then making a huge profit was a normal thing, but for a person like Su Lin, whose parents were normal workers and had to overwork themselves every month to make 2000-3000 Yuan, suddenly obtaining 200,000 Yuan was a big matter.

“Father, Mother, I am back.”

Su Lin opened the door and excitedly shouted. He must make his Father and Mother see this 200,000 so that they would know that their son Su Lin was not useless, that he could also make money.

However, even after Su Lin called out to his parents several times in the living room, he didn’t hear any response from them.

“Are Mother and Father not home? Where did they go at this time?”

Su Lin’s parents were now laid off, and even when they went to work, they would usually be back by this time. But today, it turned out that he was home alone and his parents were not there!

“What happened? What’s going on?”

Su Lin had a bad premonition in his heart. He quickly picked up the landline from the table and dialed the number of his father, Su Guorong.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

After a few seconds of wait, the call finally connected.

“Dad, it’s me, Little Lin. How come you and Mother are not home when I returned home today?”

As soon as the call connected, Su Lin couldn’t wait to ask.

“Little Lin, your Mother and I are in the City Municipal Hospital. You should go out and eat something for dinner by yourself. Father and Mother might return home late tonight.”

Su Lin’s father, Su Guorong spoke with a low and deep voice. As soon as Su Lin heard they were in the hospital, he felt something clutch his heart, and he hurriedly asked, “Father, how come you both suddenly went to the hospital? Did someone fall ill?”

“Un! It’s your Elder Sister Zhu’s mother, your Aunt Liang. We don’t know how, but she suddenly contracted a heart disease, and is now being rescued in the ER in the hospital. I and your Mother are accompanying your Elder Sister Zhu outside the operation room right now. I can’t say too much to you as the hospital doesn’t allow the use of phones, so you should be careful and stay at home.”

After saying what needed to be said, Su Guorong cut off the call. Su Lin’s heart, however, couldn’t stay calm at all.

“How come Aunt Liang suddenly contracted a heart disease? Now that she is being rescued at the hospital, just how worried would Elder Sister Zhu be?”

For as long as Su Lin could remember, Ye Xingzhu’s family only had the two widow mother and orphan daughter. Maybe because Elder Sister Zhu was born in a single-parent family, she was far more mature compared to other girls the same age, and her mother, Liang Guizhu, was her only dependence and family member. If something happened to Liang Guizhu, Su Lin couldn’t imagine the impact it would have on Ye Xingzhu, or if Ye Xingzhu would even be able to shoulder the burden.

“It is not good! I must go to the Hospital right now! Elder Sister Zhu needs me at this time!”

Making up his mind, Su Lin immediately flung the fertilizer bag filled with money into his bedroom, and then rushed out the door of his home. Taking a taxi, he headed towards Jian’an City’s Municipal Hospital.

Jian’an City Municipal Hospital, Emergency Rescue Ward.

Mother Ye, Liang Guizhu’s rescue operation was under full swing. Outside the operation room, Ye Xingzhu was restless and couldn’t sit or stand calmly. Her forehead was covered with dark clouds, and tears were swirling in her eyes. Fortunately, there were Mother Su and Father Su to accompany her, and say a few words of comfort from time to time.

“What’s wrong? Was that Little Lin’s phone call just now?”

Su Guorong had just answered the call and returned when Liu Aizhen immediately asked, “Is Little Lin home? Have you told him to eat something outside and not wait for us?”

“Yeah, I told him!”

Su Guorong nodded and then looked at Ye Xingzhu and started to comfort her, “Xingzhu, don’t worry too much. The Heavens are protecting your mother, so she will certainly be alright. Uncle and Aunt are here to accompany you, so you don’t need to be afraid. If there’s any matter, you can tell uncle and aunt.”

“Thank you, Uncle Su, I am alright. How about you two go back home first? After all, Little Lin will be all alone. Moreover, I know all the doctors in the hospital, so there’s no issue. I will call you again if something happens.”

Ye Xingzhu was a nurse in the Jian’an Municipal Hospital, so in terms of the Hospital’s procedures, she was very familiar with them. However, no matter what she said, she couldn’t hide the fact that her heart was very anxious right now. Who else could understand the place of her mother in her heart? If she lost her mother, she might really be left alone in the world.

“We have nothing important to do. Little Lin is also not a child anymore, and he will be alright even if left alone at home. Moreover, your Aunt Liu and I have also been laid off, so we don’t need to worry about not being able to go to work tomorrow. So we will accompany you in the hospital today!”

Su Guorong said and then sighed. It had not been easy on the Ye Family’s pair of mother and daughter all these years. And now that they were going through such harsh times, how was it possible for their Su Family to stand by?

“I must thank you Uncle Su, Aunt Su. All these years, us mother and daughter were lucky to have your family help us whenever we needed you. We are really indebted to you.”

Although Ye Xingzhu didn’t say much, but her heart was as clear as a mirror and full of sincerity. Ever since her youth, she had seen that the Su Family had given a shelter to their pair of mother and daughter. Uncle Su had always treated her like his own daughter, and no matter what he brought, he would also share it with them. It was because of this that Ye Xingzhu and Su Lin’s relationship was so good.

The waiting time is always extraordinarily long. Although Ye Xingzhu’s heart was in a fluster, she had to put on a calm expression as she stared at towards the operating room. Her eyes were glued to the red light of the operating room that indicated the surgery was in process.


The gate of the operating room opened and the chief surgeon, Pang Dehua, came out while still wearing his surgical gown. Ye Xingzhu quickly stepped forward and hurriedly asked, “Dr. Pang, how is my mother?”

“Nurse Ye, your mother’s sudden heart failure was caused by myocardial infarction (heart attack). Fortunately, she was brought to the hospital on time, and she has already passed the dangerous period after the emergency rescue. However, your mother’s heart is in a critical condition now, so if she were to leave the hospital like this, she can suffer the same issue once more at any time. If she had such a problem once more, then… It’s possible that we might not be able to save the situation.”

When Pang Dehua opened his mouth and said his words, Ye Xingzhu relaxed and breathed a sigh of relief when she heard that her mother was alright. But when she heard the later half of his words, her heart contracted and she hurriedly asked him, “Dr. Pang, what should we do now? Can a heart stent or bypass surgery settle the issue?” 1

As Ye Xingzhu was a nurse herself, she had heard the various medical symptoms, issues, and the treatments that could be used for them.

“Yes! My suggestion is to undergo a bypass surgery. A heart stent is only viable for a lighter issue. For your mother’s situation, a bypass surgery is the best option. After the surgery, she won’t have an issue even if she does some vigorous exercise. As long as you pay attention to her daily life, there’s basically no chance of a re-occurrence. This surgery, however, is quite expensive. Of course, if nothing can be done (financially), then a stent can be used. But in that case, the risk of the operation itself isn’t small either. After the stent is fixed, there’s a high probability that the issue will reoccur.”

Pang Dehua explained the situation of her mother in detail. Ye Xingzhu frowned while listening to him. With a somewhat heavy mood, she asked, “If we ask for the bypass surgery, how much will it cost altogether?”

It wasn’t easy for Mother Liang Guizhu to raise her all these years, and she had not suffered little for her. So Ye Xingzhu certainly also wanted to give her mother the best. The heart attack this time had already almost scared Ye Xingzhu to death, and she didn’t want to experience something like this again. That’s why Ye Xingzhu decided to let the doctor perform a bypass surgery for her mother no matter what.

“With a conservative estimate, it will cost around 80,000 to 90,000 Yuan. And if we include the post-operative care and medication, it will cost above 100,000 Yuan. And if it is the stent surgery, then that’s a bit cheaper, but it will still add up to 50,000 to 60,000 Yuan.”

Pang Dehua reported such an amount. Although Ye Xingzhu had already prepared herself, she was still shocked. It must be known that the entire amount they had saved up at home was 30,000 to 40,000, and that too was because Ye Xingzhu had started to work as a nurse over the last two years. Even then, they could only save a bit more than 10,000 Yuan each year.

What was the concept of a 100,000 Yuan? Even if Ye Xingzhu didn’t eat or drink, with her salary that was a little above 2,000 Yuan, it would take a full five to six years before she would be able to save 100,000 Yuan.

“100,000 Yuan! It costs so much?”

When Father Su and Mother Su heard the cost of surgery from the side, they had a scare and felt that it was really too much. Especially for Ye Xingzhu and her mother — 100,000 Yuan was, without a doubt, an astronomical figure.

“Dr. Pang, I will need to consider… If I can’t do anything, then I will ask you to perform a stent surgery.”

“Well, Nurse Ye, you better make your decision as soon as possible. It is best to do it by tonight, so that you don’t need a second surgery for your mother. You will be able to save a lot of surgery expenses that way.”

Ye Xingzhu was, after all, a nurse in the Municipal Hospital, so Pang Dehua reminded her out of kindness.

“Xingzhu, this operation is too expensive. If there’s not enough money in your family, then you can let uncle know. Uncle here might not have too much, but there’s still 30,000 to 50,000 that you can take.

Su Gourong’s manner was quite straightforward. He was a military sergeant in the past, so it was hard for him to not help someone in need. Moreover Ye Xingzhu was someone who grew up in front of him.

Mother Su, Liu Aizhen, however, had many more considerations. It wasn’t that she didn’t want to help Ye Xingzhu, but that their Su Family wasn’t that well-off either. When she heard Su Guorong’s generosity, she couldn’t help but pull him aside and pinch his arm while complaining in a whisper, “Old man, are you crazy! Us husband and wife are already laid off now, and all the savings that we have amount to nothing more than 50,000 Yuan. If you lend it all to Xingzhu, she won’t be able to pay it back soon. What do you want Little Lin to do when it’s time for him to go to University in the future?”

“This… Should we let this matter take a life then?”

Su Guorong wasn’t too good at refuting. At this time, Ye Xingzhu also saw the light, and hurriedly beckoned with her hand and said to Father Su and Mother Su, “Uncle Su, Aunt Su, I can’t take your money. It’s not easy for your family, and Little Lin must go to University as well, so your family would need to spend a lot of money on that. Since it’s my mother undergoing the surgery, I will think of a way to get the money somehow.”

Saying this, Ye Xingzhu bit her lower lip and seemed to have made a major decision in her heart.

“This… Xingzhu, it’s not that Aunt Liu isn’t willing to help you, but you also know of our family’s situation. Your Uncle Su and I are already laid off, and the situation of our pair is not hidden from anyone. However, if its any other aspect, Aunt Liu will absolutely help you as much as possible.”

Liu Aizhen was also a little embarrassed. She and Liang Guizhu were like sisters, but now, she could only feel sorry in her heart.

“Alright, Uncle Su, Aunt Liu, it’s already so late, so shouldn’t you two head back first? My mother has already passed the dangerous period and will be well for the time being.”

“Good! Xingzhu, you should also pay attention to your health. Your Aunt Liu and I will head back first. If there’s any matter, you must immediately call us.”

Su Guorong knew that they husband and wife couldn’t do anything by staying here, and Ye Xingzhu herself was a nurse at the Municipal Hospital, so she would be more clear about what she ought to do. That’s why Su Guorong and Mother Su went out of the hospital after saying a few more words of comfort to Ye Xingzhu, and started looking for a taxi to go home.

After Father Su and Mother Su had left, Ye Xingzhu walked out of the hospital with a guilty conscience to see if they had really left. After determining that they were gone, she took out her cell phone and dialed a number.

“Hello! Xingzhu, you are finally willing to call me. Have you changed your mind? Are you willing to marry me?”

As soon as the call connected, an excited voice came from the receiver. If Su Lin heard the voice, he would definitely recognize it as the guy who was pestering Ye Xingzhu outside her house, Sui Hongwei.

“100,000 Yuan! Sui Hongwei, my mother fell ill and she is hospitalized due to a heart disease. If you can put out 100,000 Yuan, then I will comply to marry you.”

Saying these words, Ye Xingzhu closed her eyes as two lines of clear tears flowed down her fair cheeks.

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