Top Quality Beauty Cultivation System Chapter 47: Ill-Gotten 200,000

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“Poisonous Scorpion, we are also not new in these sort of dealings, so you should definitely give us some preferential treatment! The price that you gave us before is indeed too expensive. Don’t think that our Dragon-Tiger Gang can’t look for someone beside you to fill our quota.”

The one talking was one of the Dragon-Tiger Gang’s chief, Brother Tiger. He wore a black western suit and had a buzz cut. The way he spoke and acted portrayed him as a superior of some faction. If one didn’t know him, they would think they were meeting some big shot when they saw him. But the knife scar on his face betrayed that big shot image completely, and made him look scary.

“Brother Tiger, our brothers also need to eat something. Us brothers went all the way to South Vietnamese to fight for the goods, their every minute was spent under pressure and fear of how to keep the matter under wraps — If they were even a little careless, they would have been caught by the border police, and would have to eat shit for the rest of their lives! With how you are trying to negotiate the price, let me, Poisonous Scorpion, say this beforehand: This price is final, and we won’t lower it even a bit. Whether you like it or not is your choice.”

Although he was in the Dragon-Tiger Gang’s stronghold, Poisonous Scorpion didn’t yield at all. He wasn’t afraid of Brother Tiger murdering him to rob his goods.

“Hmm… Alright! Then we will do it according to that price! Poisonous Scorpion, you sure turned out to be an ungrateful wretch! However, the amount you brought this time is still too little, so you better remember to bring more when you come over next time. This box has 200,000 Yuan in it, more than enough for your goods.”

After considering it for a moment, Brother Tiger finally accepted the price Poisonous Scorpion gave him. He opened the black box in front of him and pushed it forward. At that moment, Su Lin saw that the box was indeed filled with shining red chairman Mao’s, ah!

“Great! Brother Tiger is really kind!”

Seeing the money in the box, Poisonous Scorpion was already grinning from ear to ear. He also opened the black box in front of him and proceeded to push it forward. From afar, Su Lin could see that the box was filled with drugs one after another. Those must be what those good for nothings outside were talking about, the Happiness Powder, and the God-feeling Pills.

“Originally, the drugs in the karaoke and other KTV recreation areas in our Jian’an City all came from here.”

Seeing drug trafficking happening at such a close range, Su Lin understood that the Dragon-Tiger Gang purchased drugs from these criminal syndicates that smuggled them into the country, then sold them at various recreational areas. The price of the drugs can be increased by several times, so this was indeed a profitable business.

“Hm! Though the quality of the goods is on point, the quantity is not enough to meed the requirements.”

Brother Tiger personally put on white gloves, appraised the drugs in the box, then said with a nod.

“There’s no other way, Brother Tiger. The border police have gotten quite strict with their work recently, and several other groups have been caught and now they have to make do with shit for the rest of their lives. The times are hard, and we only got this much — it’s already a great thing that I didn’t raise the price further.”

Poisonous Scorpion also counted the banknotes in the black box and revealed a satisfactory smile.

“Alright, then! With this, the deal is finalized. Poisonous Scorpion, Viper, do the two of you wanna go to our Dragon-Tiger Gang’s bathing house to cool down?”

Now that the price was acceptable, and the goods were also great quality, the transaction naturally came to an end. Brother Tiger closed the box filled with money and pushed it to the front of Poisonous Scorpion. After that, he closed the box of drugs and handed it to the little thug standing next to him.

At this time, Han Xiaoxiao, who was standing next to Brother Tiger had a very complicated mood. She had followed orders to infiltrate the Dragon-Tiger Gang, and had been an undercover agent here for almost two months. It was all to steal some evidence and account books of the Dragon-Tiger Gang. But although she won the appreciation of the two leaders of the gang because of her fiery temper and might, she wasn’t yet truly a high level member of the Dragon-Tiger Gang. It was quite hard to obtain the true trust of the Dragon-Tiger Gang’s Brother Dragon and Brother Tiger.

‘The drug trade this time only amounted to 200,000. For a behemoth like the Dragon-Tiger Gang, an amount like this is but the tip of the iceberg. Moreover, the real backer behind the Dragon-Tiger Gang is likely to be Liu Jianguo, the Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee. If we want to thoroughly wipe out the Dragon-Tiger Gang, we must get evidence of their collusion.’

Watching the drug trade happen in front of her eyes, and the fact that she still couldn’t arrest these criminals with her own hands, was quite a torment for Han Xiaoxiao. What made her suffer more was the fact that she still had to dance on the same tune as these criminals all day long.

For the past two months, Brother Tiger had tried to put his hands on Han Xiaoxiao more than once. And Han Xiaoxiao didn’t know how long she could escape from him again. She must find a way to get the account books of the Dragon-Tiger Gang as soon as possible.

To catch a bigger fish, one must extend the (fishing) line. She could only do this now. Han Xiaoxiao’s wrinkled brows immediately relaxed. Standing beside Brother Tiger, she made sure not to lose her composure. But in her heart, she had put Brother Tiger, Poisonous Scorpion, and Viper in the must-kill list. She made sure to record the appearance of these drug lords in her mind.

“No, no, no. We are thankful for Brother Tiger’s good intentions, but our brothers are still waiting for us to bring back the money. For this reason, we must bid you farewell, and may we have more happy co-operations in the future.”

Poisonous Scorpion handed the box of money to Viper who was standing next to him, and then stood up and bowed towards Brother Tiger. With 200,000 Yuan cash in hand, he dared not stay in this place any longer. What Poison Scorpion said also had another meaning, and that was that there were brothers of his waiting for them to return with the money. It was to let Brother Tiger know that the two of them weren’t alone, so if Brother Tiger wanted to swallow the bait and the fish all by himself, his brothers will certainly come for revenge.

Moreover, those who mixed in the underworld almost never used their real name. Everyone called everyone else with a nickname or some code number. And almost all the drug lords who smuggled drugs were nicknamed with the word Poison in their name.

“Alright, then. We will indeed have a chance to meet again. For now, I will see you two off.”

Brother Tiger also got up. With a bunch of his cronies following after him, he went out to see off the guests.

“Ah, they are going to leave soon.”

After witnessing this drug trafficking deal, Su Lin’s eyes were closely following the black box Poisonous Scorpion took with him.

There were 200,000 Yuan inside it; that was real money, and all of it was made through a drug deal.

‘If I can get this 200,000, my family’s current economic problem will be easily solved. Father and Mother will no longer have to worry about my University fee, nor would they have to fret over living expenses. Moreover, even if Father and Mother no longer went out to look for any work, this 200,000 would be more than enough for us to start a small business. With a business of our own, would we still have to worry about not being able to make ends meet?’

With his ability to pause time, Su Lin knew that it won’t be hard for him to make money for him. Since he could cheat perfectly, he could naturally commit a perfect crime as well. However, the money that is obtained through that method is illegal, and it would be obtained by giving pain to someone else. Su Lin just couldn’t do something like stealing the hard-earned money from others.

The 200,000 in front of him, however, didn’t have such shackles. It was the illegal income of these drug lords who betrayed the country. This made Su Lin’s heart not feel guilt.

‘But there are so many people here right now, so I can’t think of a flawless way to pause time and take away the black box from Poisonous Scorpion.’

Seeing Poisonous Scorpion and Brother Tiger walk upstairs, Su Lin’s mind was crazily churning.

‘No matter what, I will first follow them and see what’s going on.’

Su Lin cautiously came out from the place he was hiding in. He didn’t pause time, and instead, started following behind them quietly.

‘If I can find a way to make Poisonous Scorpion leave the black box, then I will immediately suspend the time, open the box, and steal all of the money inside it. Afterwards, I will put some things inside it to add weight, so they don’t find out for the time being. As long as Poisonous Scorpion doesn’t open the box, he won’t find out anything. When he finally finds out the truth, there wouldn’t even be a trace of mine left, and he will think that it was the Dragon-Tiger Gang’s doing. That way, these scourges of society can also fight each other to mutual destruction!’

Pausing time was the only ability Su Lin had right now, and if he really wanted to put this ability to its best, then Su Lin must also use his own intelligence and ability. Only then would he be able to apply this ability in different scenarios, and make the most use of it.


As the sound spread, Su Lin, who was still following after them immediately realized that it was the sound of the factory’s front door opening, and Poisonous Scorpion and the others were almost out.

‘Poisonous Scorpion is going to leave, and he will certainly leave by car. When boarding the car, he would most certainly first place the box of money in the car. That would be an exceedingly good opportunity.’

Thinking of this point, Su Lin commanded time to pause, and then he rapidly ran out of the underground hall. Huang Gou and his several cronies were still playing cards as they were paused. Su Lin paid them no attention and rushed up the stairs. As soon as he arrived above, he discovered that Poisonous Scorpion and the others had just went out through the factory’s door.

And outside the factory’s front door was parked a black Honda car. It was obviously the car that Poisonous Scorpion and Viper were going to take.

“Brother Tiger, we will take our leave first. It was great co-operating with you, and everyone is now rich and happy. Us brothers will bring in even more inventory the next time we come.”

Since he had received the money now, Poisonous Scorpion was in a great mood. 200,000 was more than enough for them to spend freely for a while.

“Good, I will send you off then. You should drive carefully, and make sure to be careful on the road. There are a lot of cops around nowadays.”

Brother Tiger took with a bunch of his cronies and sent them off from the gate of the factory. In a while, Viper opened the door of the black Honda, and Poisonous Scorpion threw the box of money in the car through the open door.

‘This is the moment! Time Stop!’

Seeing the opportunity he was waiting for, Su Lin smiled and immediately suspended the time.

“200,000, ah, 200,000! It’s time for you to belong to this Grandpa Su.”

Su Lin rapidly found a worn-out fertilizer bag from the open area, then ran back to the factory’s entrance. Everyone from the Dragon-Tiger Gang, and Poisonous Scorpion’s group were now frozen in time, and none of them could see Su Lin’s movements at this time.

“Ah, it’s 200,000 Yuan. This young master has never seen this much money before.”

Su Lin’s heart was jumping like a fawn. Gently going past Poisonous Scorpion, he reached out his hand into the black Honda and took the black box placed inside.


Opening the black box, Su Lin saw bundles of 100 Yuan notes placed inside. Each bundle had 10,000 Yuan, and there were a total of 20 bundles. The new banknotes had obviously just been taken out from the bank recently.

“This 200,000 is now mine!”

Su Lin’s heart was ecstatic, but he was in a hurry. He quickly opened the worn-out bag in his hand and shoved in all the money from the box in it.

“I am done with this. Now, I just need to stuff something in the box.”

Now that the box was empty, Su Lin found a little rubbish from the side of the road and put it in the black box to replace the weight of the money.

“Haha, I wonder just what kind of expression Poisonous Scorpion will make when he opens the box and finds all this rubbish inside it after going back?”

After putting back the black box, Su Lin took the worn-out fertilizer bag and ran back to his hiding place, and recovered time.

There was no flaw in his execution. No one could have imagined that there was a black box full of 200,000 Yuan in one second, and in the next second, the box was filled with rubbish.

Poisonous Scorpion saw nothing abnormal either. He opened the door of the car and then sat inside. Closing the door, he started the engine, and the black Honda went its way.

On the factory’s entrance, when Brother Tiger saw that Poisonous Scorpion had left, he also returned inside the factory with his men. This time, with the drugs they bought, they would be able to make massive profit. With just an expense of 200,000, he calculated that they would be able to make 700,000 to 800,000 in income.

The biggest winner of the this drug trafficking deal was, however, Su Lin. The 200,000 that the Dragon-Tiger Gang used to purchase those drugs all went inside Su Lin’s pocket. Ah, no, inside a worn-out fertilizer bag.

“Haha! Now that I have this 200,000, Father and Mother won’t have to worry about money anymore. However, how am I going to explain the origin of this 200,000 to them? What excuse will work?”

When the people of the Dragon-Tiger Gang went inside, Su Lin came out of the place he was hiding in.

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