Top Quality Beauty Cultivation System Chapter 45: Going Into The Tiger’s Den

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“Su Lin, your progress is the greatest in this rounds mock exam. It can be said that throughout our entire Jian’an First High’s history, no one has made such massive improvement to their result. Therefore, the Principal Li personally chose you to give a speech at the general assembly so as to drive everyone’s morale. That’s why Su Lin, you should go back and prepare for the speech in the evening. The speech doesn’t have to be too long; about 3500 words would be enough. You should let me take a look at the draft first thing in the morning. Do concentrate when you write it, it must be able to boost the fighting spirit of everyone appearing in the College Entrance Examination!”

Lin Qingxue was earnestly explaining to Su Lin when she discovered that Su Lin appeared to be somewhat absentminded, and his eyes were roaming here and there. Lin Qingxue immediately became unhappy, and pounded on the table, “Su Lin, are you even listening to what Teacher is saying?”

“Yes… Teacher Lin, I am listening.”

Su Lin hurriedly took back his roaming gaze, while whispering in his heart, “Naturally, I am also looking very carefully, ah!”

During the morning class, Su Lin had used his ability to stop time to secretly fondle Lin Qingxue, so now that he looked at Lin Qingxue, it was impossible for avoid those thoughts and indulging in various fantasies.

Puberty was the time when a youth’s imagination was in its golden age, and even looking at or touching a woman’s underwear would make them fantasize endlessly. Not to mention that Su Lin was facing Lin Qingxue whose fragrant body he had tasted a bit.

“Alright, Su Lin, you should be aware of what needs to be done in your heart. Tomorrow, you should come to school early, and then come to my office to show me the speech. Now then, you can leave!”

Being looked at by Su Lin always made Lin Qingxue feel somewhat strange in her heart, but she just couldn’t figure out what the issue was. Especially when Su Lin stared at her chest; Lin Qingxue felt her heart palpitate as her heartbeat accelerated, and her breathing started to get heavier, so she quickly decided to send Su Lin away.

“Teacher Lin, then I will leave first.”

Su Lin’s mouth was slightly curled up into a smile as he got up to leave. But when he arrived at the door of the office, he intentionally smirked while turning towards Lin Qingxue, and left behind a sentence, “Teacher Lin, now that you are wearing a silk bra, your growth won’t be hindered!”

“Su Lin, you bastard!”

Lin Qingxue’s entire face turned red, and she wanted to immediately catch Su Lin and beat him up, but Su Lin had already run away.

‘Su Lin! Humph! He… How did he know that I wore a silk bra today? Can… Can he see through clothes?’

Lin Qingxue certainly didn’t know what happened to her in the classroom in the morning. In fact, she had already been touched and felt by Su Lin. She was both angry and shy, and vowed that when she met Su Lin again, she must teach him a lesson.


“Hehe! Teacher Lin’s stature is really nice, and being able to occasionally harass Teacher Lin also has an appeal of its own. But, what a pity, I will be taking the College Entrance Examination in a few days, and I don’t know if I will even be able to see Teacher Lin again.”

Once school ended, Su Lin walked towards the exit of the school with his bag on his back.

Su Lin had stayed in Jian’an First High for three years, but he didn’t have many good memories of this place. But now that there were only a few days left to the College Entrance Examination, and it was about time for them to leave, Su Lin felt completely different in his heart.

“There are only a few days left before I leave the school, and there won’t be an issue with me getting a good score in the College Entrance Examination. Then, during the rest of my days in school, I will do the things I didn’t dare do before, and do them in a single breath, so that I no longer have any regrets. Tomorrow’s speech will be held before all the teachers, students, and the students’ parents of Grade 3, so I must bring glory to my parents. I can’t just let them be looked down on by the other parents every time they come to school, and I must also say the words I never dared to say before.”

As he was walking out of the school gate, Su Lin was also considering what he would say during the speech tomorrow, and how he would say it. While Su Lin made an early draft in his mind, a bunch of thugs standing at the entrance of Jian’an First High saw him walking out. The thugs immediately discovered Su Lin and went to report to Huang Gou.

Su Lin had obviously increased his vigilance this time, so when he left the school, he subconsciously started to observe his surroundings. Sure enough, he soon discovered the yellow-haired thug with the bunch of his cronies directly walking towards him without trying to hide.

‘Humph! I didn’t go to look for you, and here you are knocking at my door!’

Su Lin glanced at the number in the top-right corner of his vision, and saw more than 300 seconds still available. It was more than enough to wipe the floor with these trash, so there was no panic in his heart.

‘These people are just a bunch of dogs reared by Liu Yuanfeng, so even if I knocked them out, there would be others coming to trouble me. As long as I have not dealt with the source of all trouble, Liu Yuanfeng, I won’t be able to live a peaceful life.’

Originally, Su Lin planned to use his ability to pause time to play with these bunch of thugs for a while, beat them up good, and then have them know that he wasn’t someone they could afford to offend while also giving a warning to Liu Yuanfeng to not trouble him again.

But he wouldn’t be dealing with the root of the issue this way. Even if he beat away this bunch, there would be another stronger bunch coming after them. Su Lin knew that Jian’an City’s biggest syndicate, the Dragon-Tiger Gang, and Liu Yuanfeng’s relationship wasn’t a shallow one.

‘I can’t let this go on like this, I must find a solution for this problem.’

As Su Lin made plans for the future in his mind, he was also closely watching the movements of these thugs. Suddenly, Su Lin no longer walked slowly, instead, he fiercely rushed towards an alley.

“After him, quickly! We have been discovered by the brat!”

“Quickly go after him; don’t let him run away today.”


The thugs screamed and quickly ran after Su Lin, and were soon on his heels. Su Lin turned around his head to take a look, and finding a good opportunity, he turned a corner and commanded time to pause in his heart.

“Time Resume!”

After concealing himself and making sure that the thugs won’t be able to discover him, Su Lin restored time. This only cost 8-9 seconds, and Su Lin wasn’t too worried about his ability running out, and could do as he pleased for a while.

“Eh? How come the brat disappeared?”

“That’s impossible! I just saw him run there ahead of us, so how can we not even find a shadow when we turned the corner just after him?”

“He must be hiding somewhere up ahead! Everyone, go and carefully search everywhere; it’s impossible for him to run away so quickly…”

As the thugs saw that Su Lin disappeared right after turning a corner, they were stunned, and then immediately started to search around everywhere, but they couldn’t not even found Su Lin’s shadow, let alone him.

“Goddamn, just how did this brat run away? It seems that we can only disappoint Young master Liu today as well. Tomorrow, we will bring a few more people and directly stop and capture him at the entrance of his school! Dammit!”

As Huang Gou, who was taking the lead, couldn’t find Su Lin even after searching for a long time, he spat on the ground and said, “Damn, Elder Brother brought so many people, yet couldn’t find one brat. Tomorrow, I must beat the shit out of him! There’s some business coming at the gang today, so we should go back and take care of it. When it’s all done, Elder Brother Gou will take you all to squander outside.”

At this time, Su Lin was hiding at the back of a shop while quietly looking at the thugs. Yes, the solution he thought up was to quietly follow those thugs and go into the tiger’s den! If he could directly find Liu Yuanfeng, then Su Lin didn’t mind teaching him a painful lesson to make sure he would never dare to send someone to cause trouble for him.

As the bunch of thugs couldn’t find Su Lin, they started to go back. Su Lin carefully ducked down to avoid being discovered by them, and as they went a distance away, he started to follow them.

“Elder Brother Gou, I heard that this business this time is going to be quiet huge; the deals going to be worth hundreds of thousands!”

“That’s nothing. All the Karaoke, KTV, and nightclubs in Jian’an are like the back garden of our Dragon-Tiger Gang, so what do you think is the volume of God-feeling Pills, and Happiness Powder that is sold every day? Hehe, later we will go to a high school and find a rich second generation to squander for us, so you don’t have to worry about not having enough money or women.”

Huang Gou happily blew his trumpet before his bunch of cronies, and didn’t notice that Su Lin was following behind him.

“Where are these thugs going? Are they not going to the Jiaxing Hotel in the city?”

Su Lin followed after them and they soon headed for the south of the city. Su Lin knew that the Jiaxing Hotel was Liu Yuanfeng’s nest, and many activities of the Dragon-Tiger Gang were carried out there. However, after the police raid last time, the Jiaxing Hotel was asked by the authorities to suspend business for a week.


After walking for half an hour, the bunch of thugs lead by Huang Gou arrived at a cottage factory in the south of the city. They knocked on the gates of the factory, and someone immediately said the secret code: “God covers tigers on the land!”

Su Lin had been following from a far away distance, but when he saw that those thugs weren’t vigilant at all, he started to follow them from a relatively close distance. As he heard the secret code required to enter, he almost laughed out as he wondered just what kind of culture these bunch of thugs and their gangs had, using the name of an old song as their secret code. Definitely! God covers tigers on the land!was the name of a song from the old album In Pursuit of Treasure! People now only heard it on some old TV dramas, and many didn’t even know about it.

But before Su Lin could laugh out, he heard Huang Gou say the secret code to open the door, and he was immediately shocked. Su Lin didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

“Chicken is best stewed with mushroom! Ji Tou, it’s me, Huang Gou; now quickly open the door. When the deal goes through, I will be taking you brothers to enjoy in the city.” [TL Note: The secret code will be “God covers tigers on the land; Chicken is best stewed with mushroom!”]

“Huang Gou, didn’t you say you were going to do something for Young master Liu and will be coming back later, so how come you are back so early? The deal has just started and is underway; if you had come later, all of us could have directly gone to a Sauna to find some young chicks to help us wash.”

The thug guarding from the inside, Ji Tou, spoke with a lewd smile while opening the door to let them through.


After Huang Gou and his cronies entered, the door of the factory was closed once more. Su Lin was left standing alone outside while wondering if he should use the secret code to enter while acting as one of them?

No matter what, he should give it a try.

‘Anyway, I have the ability to pause time, and I have more than enough time in my arsenal. So even if it got dangerous, I can still pause time and escape. Su Lin gathered his courage and knocked on the door of the factory just like Huang Gou.’

“God covers tigers on the land.”

The secret code was spoken from the inside. Su Lin coughed a bit and deliberately lowered his voice and said, “Chicken is best stewed with mushroom!”


The door opened again, but when Ji Tou saw Su Lin, he frowned a bit and said, “This brother, how come you look a little unfamiliar?”

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