Top Quality Beauty Cultivation System Chapter 44: Let Me Give The Speech?

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I will just touch it once!

With the time suspended, Su Lin looked at the still Lin Qingxue and extended his filthy pig trotters in a frank and upright manner.

“Eh! Teacher Lin is not wearing that hard bra today. Did Teacher Lin listen to the constructive suggestion I modestly gave her, and take it seriously?”

Very soft, warm, and addicting; the feeling was indeed great. Su Lin was a little reluctant to part with her, but he couldn’t just waste his precious ability. So after peeping at the answers, Su Lin rapidly ran back to his seat and took the same posture he had before stopping time, then turned the time normal.

“The present perfect tense…”

With great confidence, Su Lin started to say the model answer with a speed that was neither fast nor slow. Immediately, Su Lin felt that the way the classmates looked towards him completely changed.

If yesterday, there were still some people who thought that Su Lin got his current result through cheating, then today, Su Lin’s fluent grammar and accurate answers showed everyone that he obtained his results not through ulterior moves, but his own strength.

“Very good… Su Lin, you are completely… correct!”

Listening to Su Lin’s answers, Lin Qingxue nodded with satisfaction. But suddenly, she thought that her chest felt somewhat strange, as if she was being fondled and pinched! Moreover, the technique used to fondle and pinch her was quite familiar and comfortable. It was similar to how she felt when Su Lin touched her on that night!

“I… What is happening to me? How can I have such a feeling while attending a lecture? Just what is my brain thinking about?!”

As the feeling came over her, Lin Qingxue’s face turned red. She lowered her head and started to rebuke herself over having such thoughts.

“Eh? How come Teacher Lin’s face suddenly turned read?”

Su Lin had been staring at Lin Qingxue, so he naturally noted that point. However, he didn’t know that the instigator of the matter was him!

At this time, the school bell rang, and Lin Qingxue felt that she grasped a straw while drowning. Hurriedly holding the lesson plan before her chest to cover it, she announced the end of the lesson, and then rapidly walked towards the exit of the class.

“When I wore it in the morning, my bra was in place, so how come it suddenly became crooked? Is this soft silk bra really not suitable for me? But… Didn’t Su Lin say that wearing that hard bra won’t be good for the growth of my chest?”

As soon as she left the class, Lin Qingxue felt somewhat irritable and realized that her bra was not in place. As she walked with the lecture plan over her chest, it rubbed against her chest. Lin Qingxue wanted to put it back in its normal position, but the more it rubbed against her chest, the more numb and itchy Lin Qingxue felt. It was very strange, and the feeling was quite similar to when Su Lin fondled her on the bed on that night. It was very comfortable. She didn’t know why she suddenly felt like this after thinking about Su Lin, when it was alright before?

Mess! It was all a mess!

Lin Qingxue’s entire mind was in a chaotic mess right now. How could she be like this? How could she let her innermost feelings become so chaotic over a her own student?

With her complex and tangled mood, Lin Qingxue soon returned to her office. Inside the office, she was staring at Su Lin’s name on the class list in a daze.

While inside the classroom, as soon as the lecture finished, Su Lin flipped his bag and took out the three notebooks he took from Qin Yanran yesterday.

“Thank you, Yanran. I will return these to you now. Your notes are really well-made, no wonder everyone borrows your notes.”

Placing the three notebooks before Qin Yanran, Su Lin didn’t forget to flatter her. However, if he was honest, Qin Yanran’s notes were indeed very well-made and organized. All the important points were defined, and some sample questions that went to the heart of those points were also noted.

“Thank you for the praise, Su Lin. Did you really take a good look at these three notebooks in just one notebook?”

Qin Yanran was slightly surprised, and she didn’t believe that Su Lin read the notes for all three subjects in a single night. It must be known that if she reviewed them herself, she would still need an entire day, so how could Su Lin possibly go over them in one evening?

“Yes! I am lucky that I had your notes, and I read all three. Many of the points that I wasn’t clear about before are now very clear to me!”

Not only were they clear, they were so clear no one could compare with him. What Su Lin just said was him being modest. After all, when he looked at anything during the stopped time, he would instantaneously remember it. As for these three notes, Su Lin could almost guarantee that with just the content of these notes, he could get an almost perfect score in the College Entrance Examination.

“What shameless boasting! Su Lin, even if you want to flatter the Class Leader, you should try a better method. Humph, you read all three notes made by the Class Leader in a single evening? What a joke! I am afraid that you didn’t even read the table of contents! Even if you want to flatter the Class Leader, there’s no need to be so fake!”

After losing face because of Su Lin last time, Li Yan had been constantly looking for a way to get revenge and reclaim his lost face. Now that he found Su Lin talking big in front of Qin Yanran, how could he not seize the opportunity and expose him?

When she heard Li Yan say it like this, Qin Yanran also frowned slightly. If it was really like what Li Yan said, then what would be the difference between Su Lin and the other guys who were always trying to flatter her?

“Li Yan, I am not trying to trouble you, so why are you trying to get yourself in it? Alright, since you think that I am boasting, this young master will show you some colors!”

Su Lin wasn’t angry or annoyed. Randomly taking a notebook from the table, he placed it in Qin Yanran’s hands and said, “Yanran, if you don’t believe that I read your notes completely, then you can test me. You just say an important point, and I will tell you on which pages of the notes you have written it down. If you say a page number, then I can even tell you what important point is written on that exact page!”

“What? Su Lin, have you already memorized all three of my notebooks?”

Qin Yanran was also shocked and a bit scared by Su Lin’s words. After all, reading the notes and memorizing everything were completely different concepts. If Su Lin could really tell what page each point was on, and what was recorded on each page, then just how strong would Su Lin’s memory be?

“Less bragging! Su Lin, I don’t believe you can really memorize all these notes in a single night!”

Li Yan had also read Qin Yanran’s notes, and he knew how all-inclusive Qin Yanran’s notes were. Let alone saying one could remember each page, even remembering all the important points was not an easy thing.

“If you don’t believe me, then you can take the notes and test me. Just open any page and ask away!”

Looking at Su Lin’s confident appearance, Qin Yanran started to ask questions.

“On what page is the Aerobic Respiration noted?”

“It’s on the lower-right corner of page 23 of your notes. Right, Yanran, the Micky Mouse you drew on that page is very cute as well.”

Su Lin replied with a smile. Not only did he tell the correct page number, but he even mentioned the pattern that Qin Yanran drew while she was bored.

“You even remember this?”

Qin Yanran was also surprised. Her grandmother was a well-known painter and art professor, so she had learned painting from her youth. Whenever Qin Yanran studied, she would draw some small pictures on the blank parts of her notebook pages if she got bored. Qin Yanran never thought that not only did Su Lin study the content of her notes, but he even remembered the pictures she drew on it while bored.

“Impossible! I will test you myself!”

Li Yan was unwilling to believe the truth. Taking another notebook from the table, he opened it and asked Su Lin, “What are the contents of the 56th page of the Chemistry notes? I will see how you say it now!”

Su Lin didn’t care about Li Yan’s act of placing obstacles in his path and directly spoke, “This page is about Copper and the nature of Copper Ions! Yanran summarized it by starting with the valency of Copper…”

There was nothing missed. Su Lin clearly spoke about the nature of Copper Ions noted on that page of Chemistry notes, making Li Yan speechless. Li Yan flung the notebook down and got out of the way angrily.

“Su Lin, you… did you really memorize my three notebooks?”

Although it was somewhat unbelievable, the facts were in front of everyone, so it was impossible for Qin Yanran to not believe them. What’s more was that even she, who made the notes, didn’t memorize to them such an extent!

“Yes, that’s right. Yanran, what about the other notes? Did you bring Language, English, and Physics notes? If you have, then please lend them to me!”

Su Lin had it all planned in his heart. As long as he could get Qin Yanran’s other notes, then the College Entrance Examination won’t be an issue anymore.

“Brought… I brought them. I will give them to you now, Su Lin.”

Qin Yanran took out the other three notebooks and handed them over to Su Lin. The bell also rang at this time, so Su Lin said thank you, took the notes, and returned to his seat.

“Li’l Lin, it seems that the School Flower has been won over by you!”

As soon as Su Lin returned to his seat, Li Hao said with an envious face.

“Don’t talk nonsense, Li’l Hao. Which eye did you it with?”

“With both of these eyes! Li’l Lin, don’t you see that the way the School Flower looks at you, and the way she looks at the other boys is completely different?”

Sure enough, the involved see it not, but the bystanders are clear of the situation. Li Hao was right. Su Lin, however, was still not sure of it. Did Qin Yanran have any other meaning when she spoke to him? Su Lin didn’t dare to ask her upfront as he was afraid of getting rejected again.

People are such strange creatures. When there was nothing between them, Su Lin had the courage to confess to Qin Yanran. But now that Qin Yanran’s attitude towards him was slowly changing for the good, Su Lin didn’t dare to easily poke through that layer of paper between them.

Throughout the entire lecture, Su Lin didn’t have the heart to listen, and he kept on staring at Qin Yanran’s back. Once in a while, he would discover Qin Yanran taking advantage of moving her hair back or something to secretly take a glance at his direction.

When it was late in the afternoon, Lin Qingxue actually asked someone to tell Su Lin to come to her office. Soon, Su Lin came to the familiar high school English department’s office while wondering what Lin Qingxue was looking for him for.

“Su Lin, just this afternoon, the Headmaster asked me to see him. Tomorrow, aren’t we having a general assembly over the College Entrance Examination? The Headmaster wished for the student who made the greatest progress in this time’s mock exam to go on stage to give a speech to increase morale. As it’s without doubt that you made the greatest progress in this time’s mock exam, so the speech will be given by you. You should go back and prepare well for the speech. Tomorrow morning, you will be speaking before the teachers and students of the school.”

“What!? You want me to give a speech?”

Just when he entered the office, Lin Qingxue dropped a bomb on Su Lin.

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