Top Quality Beauty Cultivation System Chapter 43: Flirting With Eyes

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“Little Lin, mother saw that you studied late into the night yesterday, so I wanted to let you rest for a while and decided not to wake you up early.”

Mother Su looked at Su Lin with love. Because her son stayed up late to study, and even had the appearance of not having taken adequate rest, she felt very happy in her heart.

“Aiya! Mother, it’s almost 8:00 AM, so why did you still not wake me up!”

Su Lin hurriedly washed his face, then ran outside with his bag on his back. He had never thought that his mother, who usually came to wake him up at 5 o’clock or 6 o’clock and told him to study, would unexpectedly break the tradition and let him sleep lazily.

“Ah! It’s 8:00 AM already; I am certainly going to be late today!”

Although he was already late, Su Lin didn’t think that he should just take his leisure time, and rushed to school. When he finally arrived at school, it was already 8:20 AM, and he was caught by the teacher on entrance duty for being late.

In the classroom of Class 2 Grade 3, the first lecture was Lin Qingxue’s English subject. There were only 4-5 days left ’till the College Entrance Examination, and Lin Qingxue was also under significant pressure over the matter. She was comprehensively going over the important English Grammar knowledge that students learned in the three years of high school. However, while Lin Qingxue was teaching, her vision was focused on one of the empty seats in the class.

And that empty seat belonged to Su Lin.

“That rotten Su Lin, how come he’s late today? Moreover, the first class is even mine, and it’s already 8:20 AM. If he still doesn’t come, then my lecture will end soon!”

Lin Qingxue was a little unhappy today! She didn’t know whether it was because Su Lin was late again, or because she couldn’t see Su Lin.

Meanwhile, in the classroom, there was another person whose vision would repeatedly fly over to Su Lin’s seat similar to Lin Qingxue. She was Jian’an First High’s Ice Beauty and School Flower, Qin Yanran.

“Is Su Lin not coming to school today? Usually, when he’s late, he always arrives in the class a few minutes after 8:00 AM. But it’s already 8:20 AM, and he still hasn’t arrived? Did something happen to him?”

Qin Yanran was somewhat absentminded, and turned around to look at Su Lin’s seat every now and then. This made Su Lin’s desk-mate, Li Hao, feel extremely flattered. He felt as if he was being caressed by the fresh spring breeze.

“Heavens! The School Flower has unexpectedly looked towards me so many times today! Yes, she’s definitely looking in my direction! Li’l Lin hasn’t come to school yet, so if Qin Yanran isn’t looking at me, then who is she looking at? Could it be… Is the School Flower interested in me? No, that’s bad… The School Flower is the woman Li’l Lin has his eyes on, and can be unofficially considered his girl, so how can I seize his love? One must not have thoughts about a friends wife! Aiya… What am I going to do! With how the School Flower is looking at me again and again, is she really interested in me?”

Li Hao was fantasizing in his heart, and lost himself in his thoughts. At this time, Su Lin finally appeared at the entrance of Class 2 Grade 3 with a tired appearance.

“Su Lin, why are you late today? Also, you are late by such a long time!”

Su Lin had just appeared, and he hadn’t even had time to say anything, when Lin Qingxue discovered him at the earliest possible moment. Putting down the book in her hand, she held her waist and glared at Su Lin, then immediately started to interrogate him furiously.

“Sorry, Teacher Lin! I spent a long time during the review session last night, so I couldn’t wake up on time this morning!”

As Su Lin knew he was in the wrong, so he could only explain himself.

“You spent a long time studying?”

It wasn’t the first time Su Lin used this excuse when he was late. Whenever Su Lin was late before, he always gave Lin Qingxue the same excuse that he had been studying too late. But before, Lin Qingxue never believed Su Lin’s excuses, and always thought that Su Lin was deceiving her. But now, Su Lin’s academic results had progressed by leaps and bounds, and they were enough to testify the fact that Su Lin had been studying hard every day.

Naturally, Su Lin wasn’t lying this time. He had really studied late into the night yesterday, so he couldn’t wake up early in the morning. It must be known that Su Lin had studied all the knowledge of Mathematics, Biology, and Chemistry in one night that his other classmates spent three years to study, so how was it possible for him to not be tired?

“Alright. Seeing that you have been trying hard to study, I will forgive you this time. Now hurry up and attend the lecture! There are only a few days left ’till the College Entrance Examination. After these few days, you won’t have many opportunities to learn English from this teacher.”

Lin Qingxue really wasn’t angry this time, she just couldn’t become angry. The way she looked at Su Lin had also changed. As for the words she spoke, there was another meaning in her heart. She felt that she won’t be able to see Su Lin many times later.

“Thank you, Teacher Lin!”

Now that he was pardoned, Su Lin immediately returned to his seat at the back of the class, and took out the English textbook from his bag.

“Students, we will now resume the lesson. Now, I will remind everyone how the regular tenses in English Grammar work…”

Getting over the interruption caused by Su Lin, Lin Qingxue continued to teach the class as before. However, as soon as Su Lin sat on his seat, his desk-mate, Li Hao, drew to his side and said to him in a low and mysterious voice, “Li’l Lin, my buddy, I am afraid that I might end up being unfair to you this time. So, you must forgive me!”

“Li’l Hao, what happened to you? Did you have a wet dream?”

Su Lin felt amused as he looked at Li Hao’s appearance.

“That’s not it, I tell you! Don’t be angry, alright. Since you are so late today, you didn’t see it, but the School Flower, Qin Yanran, had been unceasingly looking towards me since the class started. She must have looked towards me 20 times now, no, even more than that! It seems to me that this Qin Yanran really likes me, but I know that you also like Qin Yanran. So you tell me, isn’t this compelling us two brothers to become enemies?”

Li Hao earnestly explained.


Su Lin asked doubtfully.

“Yes, yes… If you don’t believe me, you can take a look yourself. Here we go again, here we go again, Qin Yanran looked again!”

Li Hao excitedly spoke. As Su Lin turned his head to take a look, he discovered that Qin Yanran had really turned her head to look at him (Su Lin).

Today, Qin Yanran was looking as fresh as every other day. Her long hair was tied into a ponytail, and she was wearing a clean and elegant dress. She had the appearance of a Goddess untouched by the filth of the mortal world. Whoever saw her would not be able to have any evil or blasphemous thoughts about her. On the contrary, whoever saw Qin Yanran, would want to willingly become her most reverent follower, the protector of a Goddess.

Both of their eyes met; Qin Yanran was looking at Su Lin, and Su Lin was looking at Qin Yanran. The two of them were acting as if no one else existed in the classroom. It was as if their eyes started to communicate with each other at the speed of light.

“What’s going on? Qin Yanran was just looking at me, so how come she’s staring at you now?”

Li Hao immediately understood what was going on. It turned out that when Qin Yanran was looking back all this time, she wasn’t really looking at him, instead, she was looking towards Su Lin’s seat. Indeed, Su Lin’s empty seat was more attractive to her than him. This made Li Hao feel depressed in his heart.

“Forget it, Li’l Lin, I will be magnanimous and won’t rob a girl from you. From now on, Qin Yanran is yours, so you must treat her well.”

Taking back his disappointment and lowering his head, Li Hao patted Su Lin’s back and spoke to him with a grin.

“I really must thank you then! Li’l Hao, you really are my true brother!”

Su Lin also didn’t expose the truth. Just looking at Qin Yanran was enough to calm his heart.

Yes, Qin Yanran had this charm that made a person feel relaxed all over their body. Looking into her eyes made him feel as if a warm spring was caressing his heart with abundant love, and a seed of love was being planted in the depths of their hearts. At this moment, the seeds were being watered by their eyes as the began to sprout with vitality, rooting themselves and growing.

“Why is Qin Yanran looking at me like this? Was her ‘consider’ from yesterday the truth? Was she not just saying it to me perfunctorily?”

At this moment, Su Lin felt an emotion of shyness from Qin Yanran, and his imagination started to run wild. He even thought that he might be having a misconception.

The thoughts of a woman, and her emotions… they aren’t easy to guess.

It was possible that others might not have discovered Su Lin and Qin Yanran flirting in the classroom with their eyes, but how could Lin Qingxue, who was in a commanding position that over looked the entire class, not see?

Teacher Lin turned angry. Right, Teacher Lin was very angry, and the consequences of it were going to be serious. Not only did the two not attend her lecture earnestly, they even dared to openly flirt with their eyes; that was unacceptable.

Especially when it was Su Lin and Qin Yanran doing it. Lin Qingxue didn’t know why, but when she saw Su Lin looking at Qin Yanran with all his attention, a feeling of jealousy welled up in her heart.

“Alright, next we will study the Past Tenses. Yanran, your English is the best in class, so you should come up here to explain it to the students.”

Lin Qingxue suddenly spoke to Qin Yanran, catching Qin Yanran off guard. Qin Yanran hurriedly straightened her thoughts and stood up. She didn’t dare to look straight at Lin Qingxue. Lowering her head, she checked what Lin Qingxue asked for and started to slowly iterate the correct answers.

“Very good, Yanran, you were absolutely correct. Then next, we will take a look at Present Perfect Tenses. For that, we will ask student Su Lin to explain it to us since he has made the greatest progress in this time’s mock exam.”

Immediately, Lin Qingxue thrust the spearhead towards Su Lin. Su Lin was stunned as he never expected Lin Qingxue to suddenly target him. Even though he studied hard yesterday, he only got to study Mathematics, Biology, and Chemistry. As for English Grammar, he didn’t know scratch!

“For the Past Perfect Tense…”

Su Lin stood up and slowly started to speak. Suddenly, his gaze fell on the lesson plan in Lin Qingxue’s hand, ‘Won’t the English Grammar tenses be recorded on it?’

“Good, Time Stop!”

Su Lin commanded in his heart, and time immediately stopped. Everyone in the classroom turned still, and Su Lin rushed over to Lin Qingxue’s side. Looking at the lesson plan in Lin Qingxue’s hands, he discovered that it really had all the Tenses recorded on it, so he mapped it all in his mind in a flash.

“Being able to immediately remember… having Eidetic Memory sure is a boon!”

“Teacher Lin’s fragrance…”

As he breathed with his nose, Su Lin immediately smelled Lin Qingxue’s familiar fragrance and remembered the night he spent at Lin Qingxue’s house, and how he had to wear Lin Qingxue’s pajamas. In his heart, he started to picture the ambiguous situation from that night.

“Teacher Lin’s snow-white chest…”

Su Lin swallowed his saliva. Now that the time was suspended, Su Lin thought in line with his principles of not wasting what was in front of him, and decided to touch! After all, no one was going to discover.

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