Top Quality Beauty Cultivation System Chapter 42: Studying Crazily

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“Happiness really comes all of a sudden. Unexpectedly, the time available rose by 500 seconds! If it was left to normally increase by 60 seconds every day, I would have needed a full eight days to collect these 500 seconds.”

Returning to his bedroom, Su Lin looked at the 500 seconds he had gain. He felt the same as someone hitting a jackpot, and started to ponder how he could use this time well.

“500 seconds are enough to suspend time for eight minutes. If I use these seconds, and suspend the time while at the entrance of a bank, then won’t I be able to rob an entire bank without anyone even noticing? Eight minutes are more than enough for me to make a lot of money. As the matter stands, Father and Mother will no longer need to worry about money ever again!”

He remembered the words that with greater ability comes greater responsibility. But now, Su Lin felt that his desire was also inflating with the rise in his ability.

“No! I can’t do that. Robbing a bank is against the law even if I can stop time and won’t be discovered by anyone. But no matter what, that’s going against the law. No matter what reason I can make up, I can’t let those bank employees take responsibility for my actions! I would be harming others to benefit myself. If I started using such methods, then what difference would be left between me and an evil like Liu Yuanfeng?”

At the critical moment, Su Lin was able to suppress the evil thoughts in his heart. No matter what others think, he absolutely won’t use his ability to stop time to do something that violated the law.

“Since I can’t violate the law, then what can I do?”

Su Lin vision fell on his school bag, and he suddenly thought to himself that he seemed to have asked Qin Yanran for some of her notes.

“While the time is stopped, everything that I see and read will be imprinted in my mind as a clear memory. Now that I have enough time, I will completely remember Qin Yanran’s notes. Once I have all these notes imprinted in my memory, my knowledge regarding the subjects will solidify after I spend some time to digest the content. Then, even if I can’t cheat in the College Entrance Examination, I will still be able to obtain a good result.”

Cheating was, after all, not the best method for the long term. If he can learn the knowledge from the notes, then he will achieve his results with his own effort. It’s a matter of honor and truth.

“Alright, I will do just that.”

Don’t think that just because Su Lin was able to cheat his way to the tenth rank using his ability to stop time, he had become smug. Actually, when Su Lin was faced by the envious stares of his classmates, the praise from Teacher Lin, as well as the praise from his parents and neighbors, he became a bit afraid. After all, it was all through cheating. And even if others didn’t have a method to find out the truth, it wasn’t suitable to continue walking down this path.

Mathematics, Biology, and Chemistry…

Turning over his book bag, these three finely kept notebooks appeared on the desk. As Su Lin looked at the fine notebooks, he felt as if he was looking at some delicate work of art. Before, he used to have a headache whenever he tried to remember the main points for a book, but now, he just needed to take a quick glance and he would never forget them again.

“Lets start with mathematics…”

Su Lin commanded time to stop in his heart, and time immediately became still. Su Lin then used his rapid movements and continuously turned the pages of Qin Yanran’s mathematics notebook. There were various numbers, algorithms, sample questions, and various problem solving methods. Without any exception, Su Lin mapped them all in his mind, making it so that he would never forget them.

“A total of 97 seconds. It’s still good since the expenditure of reserve time isn’t too great.”

After spending a total of 97 seconds, Su Lin remembered everything from the mathematics notebook, but Su Lin also felt that his brain was bulging out. After all, if a lot of information is poured into the brain, it needs time to digest it instead of understanding it in a moment.

“Functions, Analytical Geometry, Trigonometric Functions and sets…”

Closing his eyes, Su Lin discovered that the mathematical formulas and sample questions in his mind seemed to be alive. They were acting as teachers revealing their innermost feelings to him, informing him of the important points and problem solving methods.

“Oh! So it was done like that! It seems mathematics isn’t really difficult, instead, it’s a mixture of several different topics.”

Now that he was studying, he actually felt that it was no longer difficult, and he it won’t be difficult to answer those questions. So long as he grasped all the main points, understood the problem solving methods and mentality, and looked the the questions from various angles, how would it be possible for him to not score high in the College Entrance Examination?

“Alright then, mathematics is done! Eh? How come an hour passed all of a sudden?”

Su Lin looked at the clock on his bedroom’s wall. Before he closed his eyes, it was obviously 10:30 PM, but now, it had suddenly changed to 11:40 PM. He had never thought that he would end up spending so much time just sorting the knowledge in his mind.

“It doesn’t matter. Next is Biology…”

Since he already had a well-established method, Su Lin studied Qin Yanran’s Biology and Chemistry notebooks that followed a set pattern.

It could be said that he was studying crazily. Su Lin was rapidly turning the pages of the notebooks, but no matter how fast he turned the pages, everything was getting deeply mapped in Su Lin’s mind. Meanwhile, the entire notebooks were handwritten by notebooks. When others said that a person could be recognized from their handwriting, they said the truth. Looking at each word on the notebooks made Su Lin remember Qin Yanran.

In this world, who else besides Qin Yanran would have such handwriting?

12:00 AM… 1:00 AM…

“Haa… My head is going to explode…”

Finally, Su Lin put down the notebooks and raised his head. He had finally completely remembered the contents of the three notebooks.

“Good, I still have 300 seconds remaining, and I ended up spending some 200 seconds on it all. The remaining 300 seconds can be used to handle some other matters.”

Su Lin only used around 250 seconds to read and remember all three notebooks, while it took him 2-3 hours to digest their content. 12:00 AM had passed already, and Su Lin’s time was increased by 60 seconds. This was what brought his remaining reserved time to 300 seconds.

“Little Lin, how come you still haven’t gone to sleep? It’s already so late. Mother knows that you want to study hard, but don’t spend so much time on just studying, you should hurry up and go to sleep!”

Mother Su had gotten up at that time and discovered that Su Lin’s room was still bright with light. She hurriedly opened the door of Su Lin’s bedroom to have a look, and saw that Su Lin was sitting with notebooks in front of him, while he had an expression of having a headache. She couldn’t help but lovingly remind him to sleep.

“En! Mother, I was just looking. I will rest now.”

Su Lin had not taken a single second to lay down and rest, and he was worthy of being called someone who studied late through the night. Moreover, the efficiency of his study session was also incredibly remarkable, and could be compared to 1-2 years of studying by others. If he didn’t have the time stop ability that he received from somewhere, where would he have gotten Eidetic Memory from?

“Old Su, it seems that our Little Lin has really become sensible and grown up. I just got out of bed to go to the bathroom, and discovered that the Su Lin’s room was still bright with light. As I opened the door to have a look, I discovered that Little Lin was studying. It seems that Little Lin has been studying late through night like this for a while, otherwise, it wouldn’t be possible for him to rank 10th in the Grade.”

Returning to her bedroom, Mother Su, Liu Aizhen, emotionally told about her discovery to her husband.

“That’s for sure! My, Su Guorong’s son is bright and has his own principles. Although Little Lin is usually playing around, he knows what needs to be done in his heart. Now that the College Entrance Examinations are close, he decided to obtain great achievements in a single leap.”

Su Guorong was also very gratified with Su Lin’s current situation, more than that, he was proud.

With Su Lin’s result progressing by leaps and bounds, the weight pushing on Father Su and Mother Su’s heart from being laid off was removed, and they were filled with hope.

Late at night, Su Lin wearily laid on his bed. Studying was the most laborious mental task, so it was obvious for Su Lin to be so tired. How was it possible for him to not be tired after he studied in an evening what others studied over three years?

In his dreams however, Su Lin wasn’t tired.

That night, Su Lin thought that he had a very very long dream. In that dream, there was him, there was Elder Sister Zhu, there was Qin Yanran, and there was Teacher Lin. What’s more, there was also that young housewife Su Lin saved in the hotel.

What was this dream about? Su Lin thought that it was a bit blurry. Why were there those four people in his dream? Was it because of his current relation with them?

“Brat, you can only be this Elder Sister’s man. The other seductresses can just give up the idea of taking you away from Elder Sister’s hands!”

It was Elder Sister Zhu’s barbaric and overbearing voice. Su Lin first heard her words, then he discovered that he was being ridden by Elder Sister Zhu.

Heavens! Just what was this situation!

Moreover, Elder Sister Zhu is also holding a leather whip! Was this some sort of S-M play?

“Su Lin, didn’t you say you liked me? Didn’t you work hard in this exam to be my boyfriend?”

Su Lin had yet to regain his strength, when Qin Yanran jumped out from who knows where. Blinking, she pursed her lips, and her expression changed into one of a desolate ice beauty. Looking at Su Lin being ridden by Ye Xingzhu, she was very jealous.

“Little Lin, who is this seductress?”

Elder Sister Zhu flung her whip and interrogated Su Lin.

“It’s not what you think, Elder Sister Zhu! She’s…”

Before Su Lin had enough time to explain, Teacher Lin also joined the fun from another side.

“Su Lin, Teacher is very uncomfortable, Teacher wants…”

Teacher Lin’s face was flushed. Her current condition was similar to that day she had been drugged with an aphrodisiac. Her blurred eyes and seductive moans suddenly reminding Su Lin of what Lin Qingxue did in the bathroom on that day.

“Su Lin, Teacher can’t hold it. You… You teach Teacher…”

“Su Lin, who is this seductress?”

Elder Sister Zhu was getting angrier. And before Su Lin had the time to explain, the young housewife he met in the Jiaxing Hotel also arrived and joined the trio.

“Little brother, thank you for saving me. In order to repay you, I will serve you well from now on!”

She said those words with an air of superiority. A woman that could make others feel inferior just from a look was actually willing to bow down to someone and serve him. In a flash, all of this together with Elder Sister Zhu riding him stimulated Su Lin, and he was almost overcome by desire.

“Su Lin!”


“Little brother!”

“Su Lin!”


The voices of the women sounded at the same time.

All he could see was the women and hear their voices.

“Su Lin, where did these seductresses come from? You better tell me the truth!”

Elder Sister Zhu angrily roared. Su Lin became so afraid that he suddenly woke up.

“Huu… Thank god! It was a dream, just a dream!”

He suddenly sat up on his bed. Su Lin’s heart was full of fear, while his body was covered with cold sweat.

“What a strange dream! How come I had such a dream? Really, studying too late only causes issues!”

Sighing with emotion, Su Lin looked at the time and found that it was already 7:50 AM. Shooting out of the bed, he hurriedly wore his clothes while complaining to his mother at the same time, “Mother, it’s nearly eight o’clock already! Why didn’t you tell me to wake up and get out of the bed!”

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