Top Quality Beauty Cultivation System Chapter 41: Did It Just Increase By 500?

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“Elder Sister Zhu, Little Lin likes you. Little Lin has liked you since childhood.”

Holding Ye Xingzhu close in her embrace, Su Lin could clearly feel the movement of her heart. After being childhood friends, and being together for so many years, they had developed various sentiments for each other, sentiments of kinship and love. It was undeniable that the two liked each other. His current thoughts were the same as when he saw the seen with Ye Xingzhu at the entrance of her home before. Su Lin absolutely couldn’t allow Ye Xingzhu to fall in love with another man.

“Little Lin, I…”

Finding herself in Su Lin’s embrace, Ye Xingzhu’s blood boiled, while that fiery thing between her thighs sent Ye Xingzhu’s mood into disorder. She didn’t know why she called Su Lin to accompany her, or why she asked the question she asked. But now that she received Su Lin’s answer, her mind became thoroughly chaotic and confused. However, there was also a feeling of happiness bubbling from the bottom of her heart, making her smile.

“Elder Sister Zhu, I love you!”

Su Lin took back his hands and used them to gently hold Ye Xingzhu’s icy face. He looked at her with a soft gaze, and as his eyes fell on Ye Xingzhu’s cherry lips, he lowered his head and kissed them.

“Little Lin, you… Wu…”

Ye Xingzhu hadn’t yet lost her reason, and she was about to say a few words to rebut him, but before she could say anything, Su Lin kissed her overbearingly.

“Un… Wu… Uh...”

The thick manly scent around Su Lin gave Ye Xingzhu a familiar feeling, reminding her that it was the same scent she had known for years. This flavor was the one she knew from the time she was young and naive, to now when she’s mature. Finally, Su Lin personally confessed to her today. The little boy who always followed her, needed her protection, and would start crying over small things had now grown up. He had now become a man who kissed her, and became the man she personally likes.

Although the nigh wind was a bit chilly, Ye Xingzhu thought that her entire body was on fire. The fire ignited from her lips that Su Lin was kissing, and spread all over her. Moreover, Su Lin’s big pair of hands was also unceasingly roaming around her jade back. Ye Xingzhu’s entire body was burning, and she was short of breath, and was gasping for air. Her hands couldn’t gather any force, and with how tightly Su Lin hugged her, she couldn’t revolt in any way.

Elder Sister Zhu!

Elder Sister Zhu!

This is my Elder Sister Zhu!

The Elder Sister Zhu who only belongs to me!

The figure in the top-right corner of Su Lin’s vision started to rapidly rise along with Su Lin’s unceasing movements, but Su Lin simply had not thought to pay attention to it. In his eyes, there was only his Elder Sister Zhu, the familiar flavor of his Elder Sister Zhu he grew up with, and her voice that he had heard from infancy to maturity.

Her flavor was one that warmed one’s heart, and calmed one down.

Her flavor was one that could entice a man into going crazy without a way back!

“Elder Sister Zhu, I must obtain you; You are only mine!”

When in puberty, one acts on their primitive impulses, becomes haughty, and doesn’t think about the consequences when acting.

Su Lin’s mind was only full of a single desire, and that was to obtain Elder Sister Zhu, make Elder Sister Zhu belong just to him.

He was clutched by his formidable passion, and was acting out his somewhat violent passion.

Suddenly, Su Lin’s mind turned and he remembered the evening Mother Ye, Liang Guizhu, was urging Ye Xingzhu to get married. These thoughts immediately inflated Su Lin’s possessive instincts.

What started as gentle caressing from Su Lin now turned somewhat wild. The movements of his hands became rougher, and his hands started to make their way under Ye Xingzhu’s T-Shirt.

“Um… Wu…”

The fiery palm moving over her lower abdomen made Ye Xingzhu want to speak out, but her mouth was completely sealed by Su Lin, making it impossible for her to speak even if she wanted to. Su Lin’s thick lips were tightly sealing Ye Xingzhu’s mouth, while his agile tongue was trying to make its way through her clenched jaws.

The movement of Su Lin’s hands did not stop, and they kept on going upward under Ye Xingzhu’s tight-fitting T-shirt that could provide no hindrance to Su Lin’s dishonest advances.

But how could the tight-fitting T-shirt allow Su Lin’s entire palm to advance as it pleased? So suddenly, there was a ripping sound, but Su Lin didn’t care about it at all, and his hands kept on climbing. Finally, they reached the peaks of Himalaya, and mounds with great smoothness and the color of snow entered his grasp.

So soft!

Su Lin was indeed surprised to touch bare skin as soon as he grasped the soft and warm mounds. He realized that Elder Sister Zhu was unexpectedly not wearing a bra!

Even with his entire palm, it was hard for Su Lin to grasp the entirety of the softness. So Su Lin started to move his fiery palm, grasping and pinching the mounds in their grasp.

“Nh… Don’t…”

His touch was too stimulating! Ye Xingzhu really couldn’t bear it. She felt an electric shock rush through her body from the place Su Lin was fondling. Ye Xingzhu felt her entire body turn into jelly, and she didn’t have the least bit of energy left.

But the moment Ye Xingzhu opened her mouth to speak, Su Lin seized that opportunity and sent his agile tongue through the blockade. Immediately, he started to savour the flavor, and tease Ye Xingzhu somewhat affectionately and clumsily. Ye Xingzhu was enchanted by his actions.

“It is not good…”

With her entire body aflame, Ye Xingzhu’s eyes were blurred, but Su Lin’s barbaric actions also excited her heart. The brat from the past was now bullying the Elder Sister. It couldn’t go on like this; how could the elder sister be bullied by a brat?

If one talked about looking, then her entire person had already been seen by Su Lin. If one talked about touching, then hadn’t Su Lin familiarised himself with her entire body? Ye Xingzhu steeled her heart, after all, what more was left for her to lose? Seeing that Su Lin was moving around gently now, Ye Xingzhu recovered her strength while thinking that she couldn’t allow herself to be bullied like this!

“Wu… Wu…”

This time, it wasn’t Ye Xingzhu making the sounds, but Su Lin. Right then, Ye Xingzhu’s defense changed into offense. From being the guest, she turned into the host, and even her drooping arms started reaching towards Su Lin, entering his shirt. Caressing his fiery chest, feeling his heartbeat, and smelling the intense masculine scent, Ye Xingzhu could no longer stop even if she wanted to!

At the same time, Ye Xingzhu’s small cherry mouth didn’t care if she was biting more than she could chew and directly took hold of Su Lin’s mouth. Her small tongue was also no longer ignoring Su Lin, instead, it went forward into Su Lin’s mouth and started exploring everywhere. This made Su Lin want to gasp for breath.

“Is Elder Sister Zhu taking the initiative?”

Su Lin was happy in his heart, and his movements also became gentle.

What did this indicate? Did it not mean that Elder Sister Zhu accepted him?

Su Lin’s big hands were still unceasingly fondling and pinching, but it seemed that Su Lin was not satisfied with what he had. Seizing the high ground, his hands slowly started moving downwards. Su Lin’s burning hot hand slid down and caressed Ye Xingzhu’s lower abdomen, slowly making it way down while gently rubbing her smooth naval, preparing to make the final breakthrough. But just when he was about to do it, he didn’t know why, but Ye Xingzhu fiercely shoved Su Lin away.

“Elder Sister Zhu, what happened? Sorry, I shouldn’t have…

Now that he was shoved away by Ye Xingzhu, Su Lin felt great regret in his heart for being so impulsive. He was afraid that Elder Sister Zhu might have a bad impression of him now.

“It’s not that, Little Lin… I… My mother is coming.”

Ye Xingzhu’s blushed, while hurriedly reorganizing her clothes covering the lower parts of her body, and her disorderly T-shirt. Her casual pants had almost been ripped off by Su Lin.

“Aunt Liang came here?”

Su Lin had a scare. He hurriedly turned around and discovered that Ye Xingzhu’s mother, Liang Guizhu, really just came out from the courtyard’s entrance and was now walking towards them. At the same time, she was calling out Ye Xingzhu’s name.

“Mother, Little Lin and I am here!”

After reorganizing her attire, Ye Xingzhu waved her hand towards her mother, Liang Guizhu. The good thing was that it was nighttime, and the street lights weren’t bright enough, otherwise, they would have been caught red-handed by Mother Ye.

“You smelly lass, I couldn’t find you in the courtyard and was wondering where you ran off to? It’s already 9:00 PM, don’t you have a morning shift tomorrow? Why aren’t you hurrying back to sleep?”

Mother Ye mumbled. As she got closer, she discovered that Su Lin was also there, so she said, “Little Lin, you are also here! Little Lin, aren’t you going to take the College Entrance Exam in a few days? Don’t you need to review for it?”

Saying this, Mother Ye started to scold Ye Xingzhu, “You stupid lass, Little Lin is going to take the College Entrance Exam soon, yet you are taking him out in the evening to run here and there!”

“Mother, it’s alright! Out Little Lin’s academic performance has improved by leaps and bounds, and he’s ranked 10th in the Grade! Won’t it be an easy matter for him to enter a good University?”

Ye Xingzhu smiled and replied proudly.

“Ranked 10th in the Grade? Little Lin, is that the truth? No wonder I heard the other neighbors in the courtyard say the same thing; I had thought they were cracking jokes!”

“It’s the truth, Aunt Liang. Recently, I have been studying diligently. I am indeed ranked 10th in the Grade in this mock exam, and I will certainly perform well in the College Entrance Examination and make it into a good University. Later, I won’t make my parents live a laborious life!”

Su Lin nodded and replied. Actually, he also wanted to say, ‘Moreover, I will also make sure Elder Sister Zhu marries me and lives a good life!’ However, he could only suppress these words in his stomach for now. If he let Mother Ye find out that he was having ideas regarding Elder Sister Zhu, then Su Lin was sure that even if Mother Ye didn’t kill him, she will still tell his mother, and then Mother Su will skin him to death.

“Little Lin has already grown up, and become a sensible adult. Now that you understand the weight on your parents’ shoulders, Aunt Liang is very happy for you. Raising you wasn’t easy for your parents, so when you have graduated from the University in the future, you can’t treat them unjustly!”

Liang Guizhu had watched Su Lin grow up from his infancy, moreover, Su Lin and Ye Xingzhu were always playing together. Su Lin basically treated the Ye Family as his second home, and Liang Guizhu also treated Su Lin has her own son.

“That’s to be expected. You can relax, Aunt Liang! When I make some money, I will also let you and Elder Sister Zhu have good days. I will make sure to buy a big house for you and Elder Sister Zhu, and provide good food.”

As Su Lin spoke, he looked quite naive. However, this was what he really thought in his heart. From Liang Guizhu’s point of view, his words weren’t to be taken seriously. After all, even if Su Lin graduated from the University, he won’t be earning too much money. It would already be good enough if he could provide a good life to his parents.

“That’s good enough… Little Lin, the fact that you have such thoughts, Aunt Liang can rest assured that she hasn’t loved you in vain, that your Elder Sister Zhu hasn’t loved you in vain. Now hurry up and go back! Not only is it late, it’s also getting cold outside…”


As Su Lin heard her words, he smiled in his heart. Elder Sister Zhu had indeed not loved him in vain. Su Lin turned his head to look at Ye Xingzhu. He saw Ye Xingzhu blush and lower her head, not daring to look at him. Her T-shirt was still a bit wrinkled, while her proud, full chest was actually heaving up and down with her rapid breathing that had yet to return to normal.

At the same time, Su Lin realized that the figure at the top-right corner of his vision had changed. It had dramatically risen to a whopping 500 seconds!

“Am I dreaming? Did it just rise to 500 seconds?”

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