Top Quality Beauty Cultivation System Chapter 40: Elder Sister Zhu, I Like You!

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“Su… Su Lin…”

As Tang Zhongwang saw Su Lin’s arrogant and imposing stance, and remembered Su Lin’s tenth rank that he saw with his eyes, how would he have dared to come out on his own? Because of the bet from that day, Tang Zhongwang hid himself in his room today and didn’t dare to come out, afraid that he might be found out by Su Lin.

But how would he have imagined that just when he was going to run back into his room, Father Tang saw him and quickly called out to him, “Zhongwang, quickly come out here. Tell your Uncle Su and everyone whether your Grade 3’s result has come out or not. Prove that someone is clearly bringing out a counterfeit report card to deceive everyone.”

“Father, I… I am going to my room to study…”

Tang Zhongwang tried to find an excuse to get away as he didn’t dare to come out. Moreover, if he was confronted by Su Lin, then even if he wanted to lie he won’t be able to.

“It’s only for a moment, and won’t take too long. You just get here, why are you acting shy like a woman? Be a man. You are the hope of the Tang Family, so don’t be like a certain someone… like father like son, neither are good. Haha…”

Although the Tang and Su Family were neighbors, their relationship wasn’t good. Their families had always been in a mutual competition, from the children’s academic record to the wages of their family members. They had been secretly competing for several years now. Now that he caught such a good opportunity today, how was it possible for Father Tang to not shame Su Guorong as much as he could?

“Little Lin, let’s go back inside.”

With a belly full of rage over being laid off, Su Guorong was already not feeling well today. And now that he had to face such a situation with Father Tang treating him like a joke, Su Guorong spoke to Su Lin in a low and deep voice. He wanted to bring Su Lin back inside the house before Tang Zhongwang came over.

“Aiya… Brother Su, it’s still early, so why are you returning to the house already. They are just two kids, and since the kids just took a test, it will only increase their study experience if they exchange some notes!”

Seeing Father Su trying to run away, Father Tang hurriedly spoke up a few words. Then he immediately went to the entrance of his house and pulled Tang Zhongwang with him.

“Zhongwang, tell everyone the truth of the situation and how the result has yet to be announced. You should have quite some confidence this time! Tell all these uncles and aunties how much score you can get in the test?”

Father Tang just wanted to make sure Su Lin lost all face in front of the neighbors, so he spoke arrogantly.

“Father, let’s leave it. I… I am going back…”

Anxious, Tang Zhongwang was very anxious. Now that he was being urged by Father Tang, Su Lin looked at him with an amused expression from the side.

“Just say it; what’s there that can’t be said? You took a test yesterday, and didn’t you say it was quite difficult compared to before as well but you were certain of making great progress! Zhongwang, there’s no need to act modest at this time. Everyone here are your uncles and aunties; there’s no outsider here.”

“That’s right, Tang Zhongwang! Just say it! Tell everyone whether you saw the Ranking List published today or not? Tell everyone whether I ranked tenth in the Grade or not? Both of us are here in front of so many neighbors, so I want to see if you still dare to lie that the result hasn’t been announced! I am standing here! Could it be that you didn’t get a good result, so you don’t dare say the truth?”

Su Lin was filled with glee at this time. Looking at Father Tang who still didn’t understand the truth of the situation, he coordinated with him to urge Tang Zhongwang.

“You… Su Lin, don’t you go too far. Haven’t you only ranked tenth in the Grade? What’s there to be so arrogant about that? Your usual performance is trash, so how is it possible for you to rank tenth in the Grade? This exam was also very difficult, so you must have cheated!”

Unable to bear the pressure, Tang Zhongwang spurted out the words in his heart in a single breath. However, as soon as he spoke those words, he frightened his father.

“Zhongwang, you are saying, the result was announced? Did Su Lin really rank tenth in the Grade? Then why did you lie to Father and said that the result wasn’t revealed?”

Father Tang was stunned, and he felt as if his face was burning. Just now, he was complacently showing off, claiming that Su Lin’s result was false, and he even brought his son, Tang Zhongwang, out to testify. However, in the very next moment, Tang Zhongwang personally acknowledged that Su Lin’s result was real. Father Tang felt as if someone had smeared shit on his face, and the one to do it was his son!

“That’s right… Sorry, Father. I… I didn’t obtain a good score this time as my English answer sheet’s result wasn’t added to the total, so… I wanted to tell you a few days later…”

Looking at Father Tang’s enraged face that seemed to be about to explode, the blue veins that suddenly appeared all over his body, and his enraged stare directed towards him, Tang Zhongwang became afraid.

“How many points did you receive? What is your rank in the Grade?”

Father Tang was almost roaring. He had lost face, and that too, in front of so many neighbors.

“About 490 points, and a rank around 600… But it’s because one of my subject score was missing, otherwise…”

Tang Zhongwang wanted to continue to explain, but Father Tang couldn’t bear losing any more face, so he roared at him, “Otherwise what? You scored so badly, yet you have the face to say those words? What’s more, you even dare to lie to your father that the result hasn’t been announced! You get back to your room immediately; just see how Father straightens you up later!”

“Father, I… That Su Lin, he definitely cheated!”

“Get lost! Have you not disgraced yourself enough?”

While Father Tang roared angrily, Tang Zhongwang was just about to turn around and run back to his room when he was suddenly stopped by Su Lin.

“Wait! Tang Zhongwang, have you forgotten the bet we had the night of the day before yesterday? You lost, so you should now call me grandfather!” [TL: Is there a word for the day before yesterday in English?] [Ell.StackExchange: Well, there is but it isn’t used. It’s ereyesterday.]

“Su Lin, don’t you go too far!”

Tang Zhongwang turned his head and glared at Su Lin with red eyes.

“Don’t give me that glare! I just asked Uncle Tang, and Uncle Tang said that since the bet was made, it must be honored. If you want to renege on the bet, you are just making things difficult and losing face for Uncle Tang. Although I don’t care about the bet.”

Su Lin had already set up a good trap, and he was waiting for this moment. Father Tang was angrily looking at Su Lin, but he couldn’t say a thing. Under the watch of all these people, he had indeed said the words, so even if he wished to renege, he couldn’t.

Letting Tang Zhongwang call Su Lin grandfather… Wasn’t that indirectly saying that Su Lin was Father Tang’s father? Right now, Father Tang’s face was so ugly as if he had stepped on a dog’s shit.

“Good! Su Lin, I will remember this disgrace. It’s just calling a word, after all! Grandfather… Happy!”

Tang Zhongwang unwillingly said the words, and then rushed back to his room. Father Tang also had no more face to stay in the courtyard since he had lost all face today. How was he going to raise his head in front of the neighbors in the future? All of this because of Su Lin; Su Lin certainly planned it all beforehand.


Looking at the Tang Father and Son leave with charcoal-colored faces, even the always serious Father Su, Su Guorong, couldn’t help but smile. The events today really helped him vent his anger. Su Guorong and Tang Liangyuan have fought all these years, but he was never this happy before. At first, he was still mad at Su Lin and thought that Su Lin deceived them just like Tang Liangyuan said. But now, Tang Liangyuan’s son turned out to be the liar.

With such a reversal of events, even the neighbors present at the scene couldn’t help but laugh. The plot just reversed in such a mysterious way. The Tang Father and Son thoroughly lost face in front of the entire neighborhood, so it won’t be easy for them to gain ground again.

“Little brat, I also thought that you were deceiving this old lady just then. Even though your progress is good, don’t get too proud. It’s the College Entrance Examination that will decided which University you will enter.”

At this moment, Mother Su, Liu Aizhen, was filled with a feeling of carefreeness. Now that her son put in so much effort and succeeded, they will no longer be looked down upon by others. The way the neighbors looked at the couple had already changed from before.

“Aiya! Aizhen, Little Lin was ranked tenth in the Grade this time, so he will definitely enter a top University later. Ones he finishes his studies, he won’t be any less than a C.E.O or major official, making ton of money. You husband-wife pair have great luck.”

“Aii! A Second-rate University and a top University are just completely different, a top University is completely extraordinary. Later, when your Su Lin has great achievements, don’t forget this group of neighbors!”

“Right, Old Su, didn’t you just leave your company? Out company was seemingly looking for a driver, so how about you have a look at our company tomorrow? Should I help you by recommending you to the manager?”

“Then, thank you. Is it alright if I go and have a look at your company with you tomorrow?”

Su Guorong cheerfully said. He thought that he had been showered with his son, Su Lin’s luck.

“Little Lin, come with me… Accompany me to a walk outside, I want to take some fresh air…”

At this time, Ye Xingzhu asked Su Lin to come with her.

“Elder Sister Zhu, what is it?”

Su Lin looked at Ye Xingzhu. Ye Xingzhu had not gone to work today, so she wasn’t wearing a nurse’s uniform. Instead, she was wearing a casual attire. Casual pants and a tight fitting T-shirt outlined Ye Xingzhu’s slim and plentiful figure. And her ponytail only made her look full of energy. As the cool night breeze blew past her hair, it accentuated her unique charm.

“Brat, since Elder Sister Zhu asked you for it, why are you questioning back?”

Leaving the courtyard, Su Lin arrived on the open street, and the two strolled under the willow trees. Ye Xingzhu stared at Su Lin and said in a charming yet angry way, “Su Lin, your current result is so good, and your vision is also high, so you would no longer place any importance on Elder Sister Zhu, right?”

“No… Elder Sister Zhu, how come you are saying all this?”

Su Lin hurriedly waved his hand and answered, “No matter what happens, whether Little Lin is admitted to a University or not, Elder Sister Zhu will forever be Elder Sister Zhu, will forever be Little Lin’s Elder Sister Zhu. That will never change!”


Turning around, Ye Xingzhu blinked her eyes and slightly raised her head, staring closely into Su Lin’s eyes.

“Absolutely real!”

Su Lin’s heart was banging and jumping around. With Elder Sister Zhu so close to him, and staring at him with all her attention… Su Lin could feel the warm and soft body of Elder Sister Zhu coming closer, slowly attracting Su Lin towards herself. Especially if he looked a bit downwards. From Su Lin’s angle, he could clearly see a gully. It appeared to be formed by a patch of fair snow, with a line extending all the way down.

“Then… Little Lin, you… Do you like me, Elder Sister Zhu?”

Gently coming closer to him, she raised her hand and slowly touched his face. Ye Xingzhu’s spoke in an attractive voice as she looked at Su Lin with gentle eyes.

“Elder Sister Zhu… I… I certainly like you!”

Swallowing his saliva, and looking at the current Elder Sister Zhu, Su Lin recalled the day he was in the bathtub with Elder Sister Zhu. The two images merged together, and Su Lin felt as if the current Elder Sister Zhu had returned to be the one he saw on that day.

Immediately, an evil fire raged from Su Lin’s lower abdomen. Su Lin’s pair of big hands were as if controlled by something as they circled around Ye Xingzhu’s back and fiercely held her close. Ye Xingzhu almost had a scare as Su Lin held her like this. Moreover, she could feel something suddenly make its way between her thighs, taking place where it pleased. Before she could even understand what was going on, Ye Xingzhu couldn’t help but release a soft moan, “Anh…”

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