Top Quality Beauty Cultivation System Chapter 4: The Neighbor Elder Sister Taking A Bath!

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Just when Su Lin finally relaxed thinking he got away, his heart jumped back to his throat. He couldn’t understand why Qin YanRan would find an excuse on her initiative if she knew about his perverted acts, instead of getting him caught?

“Class Leader Ma’am… I…”

Anyway, Su Lin still had to find a way to explain the matter to her. But just when he opened his mouth to speak, Qin YanRan turned around while holding the English assignments. She walked towards the office of English Teacher, Lin Qingxue, to submit those assignments.

“What am I going to do now? Qin YanRan’s impression of me must have dropped to the same level as perverts…! She will be back soon, how am I going to explain this matter to her? Will she tell about this matter to Teacher Lin? Haha…, Indeed, ‘lust kills a man’…! Su Lin. Ah! Su Lin…, How could you do something like that?”

Sitting back in his seat, Su Lin rebuked himself in his heart as his emotions were complex. As for his desk-mate, Li’l Hao, he looked towards Su Lin as his face overflowed with admiration. Patting Su Lin on his shoulder, Li’l Hao said in a low voice with a perverted smile, “Li’l Lin, you might be able to deceive others, but you can’t deceive these fierce eyes of this mighty master. Just now, I saw it clearly when you grabbed Class Leader’s milk-white bosom with your filthy pig trotters… So, how was it… how did they feel? “I listened to many boys outside class saying that girls chest feels very soft and hot when touched. It’s really like…”

Others were far away, so they failed to see the whole process and were easily fooled by Qin YanRan’s words. But this Li’l Hao was sitting right next to Su Lin. How was it possible for him to miss the scene with his small thief-like eyes? He saw the entire act of Su Lin grabbing Qin YanRan’s crisp chest in his hands.

“Damned Grandson, don’t talk nonsense. Are you trying to ruin my innocence… You have known me for so long… Do I, Su Lin, look like a person who would do something so shameless? Didn’t you hear what the Class Leader said? She wasn’t holding the assignments firmly and was about to drop them. I saw it and reached my hand out to prevent them from falling. Who would have thought even when I acted in goodwill, you actually don’t even believe me! It’s one thing if you don’t believe me, but do you not even trust the Class Leader Ma’am? If I had truly harassed her, wouldn’t she have told everyone about it?”

When Su Lin spoke, even he felt his words were ridiculous. Though he said everything confidently, he wasn’t convinced of his words. Li’l Hao appeared to be in deep thought when suddenly, he knocked on the table and started to drum on it, “Li’l Lin, could there be a possibility of our Class Leader being interested in you? Maybe that’s why she let your filthy pig trotters take advantage…”

“Ah! Impossible! That is definitely impossible! My build is weak, my appearance is average, my grades are bad, while my family is also ordinary…”

Su Lin said several of his bad points. He couldn’t help but sigh when thinking of his condition. He wasn’t a strong martial artist, and his family background wasn’t great either. His looks were also nothing worth mentioning. He was like any ordinary pedestrian you could find in a crowd. It was even hard for him to find a normal girl in the future, let alone someone of Qin YanRan’s level. He didn’t even dare imagine having any chance with the famous Ice Beauty, and odds of winning her heart! It was impossible!

“Everything is possible! Li’l Lin, you shouldn’t be discouraged. Just think of it like this, in the entire school, no, in the entire Jian’an, there isn’t a single guy who has even touched Qin YanRan’s hand. Yet you…, you were able to grab her chest. Do you still think it’s not an opportunity?”

Li’l Hao was just jokingly teasing Su Lin. Both of them had been buddies for years, what was there they didn’t know about each other. He knew Su Lin couldn’t do anything nor did he have a chance. But when Su Lin heard his words, his thoughts differed from what they should have been.

“Could it be true? Could Qin YanRan really be interested in me?”

As he recalled Qin YanRan’s expression and her words, “Su Lin, you Satyr!” Su Lin thought if they had another meaning. Could it be Qin YanRan was trying to encourage him with those words, flirting badly?

While Su Lin was indulging in his fantasies, the lead of the show, Qin YanRan arrived before the office of Third Year’s English Teacher.

“Humph… That annoying Su Lin. He actually… actually dared to…”

Right now, Qin YanRan was both angry and annoyed. Although Su Lin had fondled and pinched her crisp chest while time was suspended, the feeling of having her chest groped, kneaded, and caressed still overtook her as soon as time resumed.

Not only that. Su Lin had inserted his hand inside her dress very crudely. When he suddenly pulled it out, Qin YanRan’s underwear got messed up, making her feel very uncomfortable.

“Bastard Su Lin…”

The more she thought, the angrier Qin YanRan got. In addition, the feeling of having her chest caressed by Su Lin made the dignified Qin YanRan stamp her foot on the ground hatefully.

The reason Qin YanRan took the initiative to make an excuse for Su Lin, and her pretending to be calm was also forced. After all, in the school, Qin YanRan was known as the Ice Beauty who was always serious. If she yelled and reprimanded Su Lin, though he will get disciplinary punishment, her own reputation will go down the drain.

Having to let go of Su Lin even when he ate so much of her tofu, Qin YanRan wasn’t reconciled. Qin YanRan’s really wanted to punish Su Lin, but she failed to think of any method. At this time, Qin YanRan’s heart bubbled in anger, but she had no place to vent. She could only helplessly suppress that anger in her heart.

Knock Knock Knock…

In a bad mood, Qin YanRan knocked on the office door thrice.

“Come in…”

“Teacher Lin, these are the assignments for yesterday’s English composition. I have collected them from everyone in the class. ”

Lin Qingxue had just returned to her office from the school gate. While organizing her lesson material, she looked up. Seeing it was Qin YanRan, she smiled and said, “YanRan, you can put them on the table! By the way, how is your recent self-review going? With your current achievements, our school will be relying on you this year for…”

Before Lin Qingxue could finish her words, the phone on her desk started to ring.

“Hello… Right, I am the Third Year Class Two’s supervisor Lin Qingxue. You are…” as soon as she answered the telephone, Lin Qingxue’s expression turned grave, “Mm… I understand, YanRan is just beside me. I will tell her to go to the City Hospital immediately.”

“Teacher Lin, what happened?”

As Qin YanRan heard Lin Qingxue’s words, she felt her heart jump to her throat as a bad premonition overtook her mind. She wanted to rush to the City Hospital and find out what happened.

“YanRan, it’s not good. Your grandmother had a sudden heart attack in the food market. Fortunately, a good youngster delivered her to the ambulance in time, sending her to the City Hospital. She is now being treated in the hospital. Maybe… she might still be in danger… Just now, it was your mother who called. She wants you to hurry over to the City Hospital.”

Lin Qingxue put down the phone and immediately signed a leave slip, giving it to Qin YanRan, “Okay, you can go now. You should hurry and get to the hospital.” {TL Note: Leave Slip is a form of permission to leave in a written form given to students. Proof that the student had permission from their teacher when they leave the school gates before school is over.}

“Oh… Thank you, teacher Lin…”

Hearing her grandmother had an accident, Qin YanRan felt her mind go blank. She didn’t know what to do and immediately rushed out as soon as she took the leave slip.

With a panic-stricken heart, Qin YanRan’s face was full of anxiousness. Running back to the classroom, she didn’t say a word to anyone. Carrying her books and bag, she hastily walked out of the classroom.

“What happened? Why is Qin YanRan so anxious? Class is soon going to begin, yet she is rushing out so anxiously! I have never seen her skip class before. Could it because of what I did before?”

Watching Qin YanRan’s abnormal actions, Su Lin was both anxious and narcissistic, associating the matter to himself. However, Qin YanRan didn’t return to attend any lessons for the entire day. Su Lin stared at Qin YanRan’s empty seat, having a feeling of emptiness and sadness in his heart. Because of it, he couldn’t focus on the lectures.

It wasn’t easy to get a leave from school. As Qin YanRan didn’t return to school for the entire day, Su Lin went home with his a heavy heart, worried about her.

On the way back home, Su Lin’s mind was filled with Qin YanRan’s beautiful figure as her words reverberated in his head, “Su Lin, you Satyr!”

Every time he thought about her, a silly smile appeared on his face. Looking towards the hand he caressed her chest with, Su Lin brought it to his nose and smelled it. It seemed that there was still a lingering fragrance of Qin YanRan left on his hand.


Thinking of how he caressed the Ice Goddess’s crispy yet soft chest, Su Lin’s heart was satisfied and proud. Unknowingly, he arrived before his house’s main gate while giggling foolishly.

“Today sure was a magical day. Don’t know just what happened, but I now have the ability to stop time! Could this be one of the legendary superpowers?”

Looking towards the bright red number ‘0’ stuck in the upper right corner of his vision, Su Lin felt a bit of fear, “Could there be a problem with my body? Was everything I saw today a hallucination?”

Su Lin really wanted to find someone to talk to, but he knew if he said he had the ability to pause time, no matter who it was, they would think he had gone insane.

“Oh, right! Elder Sister Zhu is a nurse in the hospital. She should understand these issues better than others… I will ask her…”

The Elder Sister Zhu Su Lin spoke about was the big sister from his neighborhood; both of them grew up together. The two were always together when young. Calling them childhood besties wouldn’t be an exaggeration. The Elder Sister Zhu was four years older than Su Lin. This year, Su Lin was 18 while Elder Sister Zhu was 22.

Her full name was Ye Xingzhu. After graduating from Junior High School, she went to a medical academy. Right now, she was a nurse in the Jian’an City Hospital. Ye Xingzhu’s family condition, however, wasn’t very good. Her father passed away when she was young, and the widowed mother and orphaned daughter now lived together. Therefore, it was Su Lin’s family who had looked after the mother and daughter duo for more than a decade.

Although Su Lin and Ye Xingzhu weren’t related by blood, they were much closer compared to even real siblings. Su Lin also runs over to his Elder Sister Zhu’s home every other day.

“Elder Sister Zhu seems to be on duty today. I don’t know if she already went to work or not! What should I do…?”

Instead of going to his own home, Su Lin opened the gate of Ye Xingzhu’s home and entered. Just like in the past, he unhesitatingly threw his bag on the couch in the living room and sat down.

“Elder Sister Zhu… Have you gone to work? Elder Sister Zhu… Aunt Liang… Is there anyone home?”

Even after calling multiple times, Su Lin didn’t hear any response. In his heart, he felt strange, “If both Elder Sister Zhu and Aunt Liang aren’t home… then how was the door open? What’s going on?”

Su Lin went to the kitchen, yet there wasn’t anyone either. Turning his head all around, he said, “Could there really be no one home?”

As there wasn’t anyone in the house, Su Lin decided to leave. Just when he was going to walk towards the entrance, Su Lin heard a weird sound coming from the bathroom’s direction.

“What’s this sound?”

Su Lin’s heart felt cold. Both Aunt Liang and Elder Sister Zhu weren’t home, yet the door of the house was open. On top of that, he now heard this strange sound… Could there be a thief?

With the relation between Su Lin and Elder Sister Zhu’s families, it was impossible for Su Lin to sit back and watch as their house got robbed. Slowly, Su Lin approached the bathroom’s door cautiously. Bit by bit, he carefully opened the door of the bathroom.

“Uh… Uh… Ah… Ah…”

As the door of the bathroom opened gently, Su Lin was able to hear the sound clearly. Unexpectedly, it was Elder Sister Zhu’s sound. The voice appeared to be like suppressed moans accompanied by the gentle stream of water.

“Ah? It turned out to be Elder Sister Zhu bathing inside…”

Su Lin finally understood the situation. Su Lin felt fortunate as there was a curtain in front of the door. Thus Ye Xingzhu probably didn’t discover him even though he was almost inside the bathroom.

“I better leave before Elder Sister Zhu finishes taking a bath… If she discovered that I almost barged in, she would definitely beat me up savagely…”

Listening to the gentle stream of water mixed with the faint moans of Elder Sister Zhu, Su Lin’s heart and soul trembled while his blood started to boil, producing some reaction. But when he thought about the Elder Sister Zhu’s temper, he sneakily walked back.


Just when Su Lin was leaving the bathroom, he accidentally tripped a toilet cleaner that hit the ground and produced noise.

“Who’s there?”

Ye Xingzhu, who was taking a bath, heard a thud and got scared. But she immediately calmed down and said, “Mom, have you already returned?”

“Not good, I must get out of here as soon…”

Su Lin knew that the matter was going to get out of hand, and immediately rushed out. Just when he was going out, he heard the sound of the door close. Next, the voice of Aunt Liang, Ye Xingzhu’s mother could be heard, “Zhu’er, you should go to work a bit later. Mother is going to make soup for you now. You can leave after you drink it…”

It was Ye Xingzhu’s mother, Liang Guizhou, who just returned.

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