Top Quality Beauty Cultivation System Chapter 37: Did Elder Sister Zhu Also Run Into A Thug?

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“When did I ask you to help me? In my opinion, you are nothing better when compared to those thugs!”

Su Lin spoke without holding back. He had long been taught that women who mixed with gangsters were no good, so he always held them in contempt.

“What did you say? Brat, if you have courage, then say that again! How dare you compare this great aunt with those thugs?”

Han Xiaoxiao was really angered by Su Lin. She saved him with good intentions, shooed away the thugs for him, yet he actually turned out to be a dog that bites the hand that feeds him. Her good intentions were actually treated as evil by Su Lin. Not only did he not thank her, he even scolded her. How could Han Xiaoxiao, who always had an explosive temper, bear this? If it wasn’t that Su Lin appeared to be a high school student, Han Xiaoxiao would have already chopped him with her palm.

“You tell me than how you are different from those thugs? With that dubious appearance of yours, who knows how many men you have gone to bed with. Go away, don’t block my path. Don’t think you are great just because you saved me. Even if you didn’t save me, they wouldn’t have been able to do a thing to me.”

It was already late, and Su Lin was getting anxious to go home. He was disinclined to argue with a female thug, so he walked away from Han Xiaoxiao’s side.

“You bastard, halt for me!”

Su Lin infuriated Han Xiaoxiao so much that she felt as if her chest was going to explode from rage. Not only did he scold her to her face, he even dared say she went to bed with several men. He was simply insulting her without reason.

No longer caring about the fact that Su Lin was a young high school student, Han Xiaoxiao raised her hand and rapidly flung it towards Su Lin to maliciously hit his face.

“Want to hit me? You are still too tender.”

As if he already expected it, the moment Han Xiaoxiao’s palm moved towards him, Su Lin paused time. Immediately, he slightly moved his face to the side, and then restored time. Using only one second, he successfully dodged Han Xiaoxiao’s palm coming towards him.

“Huh? You dodged?”

Han Xiaoxiao was stunned as her palm hit nothing but air. She hadn’t held back at all, moreover the two of them were so close, so how could the brat possibly dodge?

“Little delinquent chick, Elder Brother here won’t play with you. You go home and ask your mother to play with you! Bye!”

As she looked at the shadow of the disappearing Su Lin and listened to his laughter, Han Xiaoxiao stomped on the ground with anger. Ever since she graduated from the police academy, she never met a person who laughed at her like this. As long as any smelly man made her feel unwell, she directly stomped his face to the ground. If it wasn’t to infiltrate the heart of Dragon-Tiger Gang this time, Han Xiaoxiao would have never dressed up the way she was dressed and portray an image of a delinquent chick.

“You brat, you better pray that you don’t cross paths with me again. Otherwise, you will see how I beat you until your bones crack, humph!”

If not for the fact that she had something important to do right now, Han Xiaoxiao would have rushed over to Su Lin and savagely thrashed him to calm her rage.

“Liu Yuanfeng’s father is the Municipal Party Committee’s Secretary, so it can be said he’s someone who can hoodwink the entirety of Jian’an City with ease. Now that he wants to cause trouble for me, it’s going to be troublesome.”

Su Lin decided to immediately get home while he thought of his current predicament. Although he wasn’t afraid of the thugs sent by Liu Yuanfeng, the time Su Lin could suspend was limited and precious. If he used it all to deal with the harassment of those thugs, then what was he going to do about the College Entrance Examination? What about the other urgent matters?

“It seems that I need to solve this matter at once.”

Su Lin’s home was just around the corner once he got out of the alley. But just when Su Lin saw the entrance of his house, he discovered a man and a woman quarreling on the roadside.

As Su Lin looked carefully, he realized that the woman was Elder Sister Zhu. And the man beside Ye Xingzhu, who she was quarreling with, was spouting words of flattering and favor to her. Their sound of quarreling was quite loud.

Seeing their exchange, Su Lin was startled in his heart as he thought, “Did Elder Sister Zhu also run into some thug?”

But as he got closer, and carefully listened to their words, Su Lin knew that wasn’t the case.

“Sui Hongwei, please don’t entangle with me again. It’s impossible between us.”

“Xingzhu, I specially returned to Jian’an for you this time. I have bought a house of my own, I have a car as well, and auntie has a good impression of me, too! So, why can’t you accept me still?”

“I have said this before, and I will say it again, I just don’t feel that way for you. Sui Hongwei, when we were in high school, it was just your one-sided sentiments but everyone in class publicized that the two of us were lovers, when in fact, I never had anything to do with you. For me, you were just a normal classmate just like the other boys in the class, and I never liked you. Therefore… Please, don’t make things difficult for me again…”


Sui Hongwei was wearing a black western suit, and seemed to be 23-24 yeas old. After listening to Ye Xingzhu, Sui Hongwei didn’t reply with words, instead, he went forward and tried to grab Ye Xingzhu’s wrist.

As Su Lin saw his actions, he hurried forward and drew Ye Xingzhu to his side. There was no way he was going to let another man eat his Elder Sister Zhu’s tofu.

“Elder Sister Zhu, no one can bully you with me here!”

Now that Ye Xingzhu was in his protection, Su Lin stared at the Sui Hongwei in front of him and said to him in a threatening tone, “Who are you? Since Elder Sister Zhu said she doesn’t like you, then you better not harass her again. Otherwise, don’t blame me for not being polite to you!”

Sui Hongwei was 1.7 meters tall, and he was half a head shorter than Su Lin, so Su Lin’s threat was quite effective against him. And as he heard Su Lin call Ye Xingzhu as Elder Sister Zhu, Sui Hongwei thought that Su Lin was Ye Xingzhu’s relative, so he hurriedly put on a flattering expression and said to Su Lin, “Little brother, I am your Elder Sister Zhu’s classmate from high school. I and your Elder Sister Zhu were lovers back when we were in high school, and now that I have graduated from University and have a car and house of my own, I returned to Jian’an as I wanted to marry your Elder Sister Zhu. But your Elder Sister Zhu and I had some disagreement, so how about you help me mediate… I will buy you delicious food…”

Listening to his words that could barely be used to deceive a child, Su Lin would obviously not be swindled. But Ye Xingzhu was disgusted by Sui Hongwei’s words, so she said in clear words, “Sui Hongwei, I am telling you this clearly, there is nothing between the two of us. And who was your lover in high school? You better not talk nonsense again.”

Saying this, Ye Xingzhu suddenly looked at Su Lin. Immediately, a light bulb sparked in her mind as she pulled on Su Lin’s arm and spoke in a tender and sweet voice, “I am telling you, I already have a boyfriend. It’s Little Lin! Although Little Lin is younger than me, and he usually calls me Elder Sister Zhu, but I like Little Lin. Therefore, you should give up. Later, you should not harass me again.”

“Eh? Elder Sister Zhu likes me?”

Su Lin was stunned. In the present situation, he couldn’t distinguish whether what he heard was the true or false. It could be said that Elder Sister Zhu spoke the words merely to shirk away Sui Hongwei, but it could also be said that Elder Sister Zhu was exposing her thoughts to give him a chance to take the opportunity?

“Haha…. You like him? Xingzhu, you sure know how to crack a joke,” Sui Hongwei was first stunned, but when he looked at Su Lin’s attire of a student, and the school bag on his back, he said with a smile, “I think he’s just a high-school student, and should be 17-18 years old, at most. The two of you have a difference of 3-4 years in age, so how is it possible?”

“How is it impossible? I like Su Lin! Isn’t the brother and sister love quite popular nowadays?”

The more Ye Xingzhu opened her mouth to rebut him, the more Sui Hongwei didn’t believe his words.

“Then, what does he have? He’s just a kid who’s still wet behind the ears. If you ask for money, he doesn’t have money; if you ask for a good school record, he doesn’t have a good school record; so how can you like him and not me?”

Sui Hongwei indignantly pointed at Su Lin and loudly questioned Ye Xingzhu.

“Even is Su Lin is a good for nothing, I still like him! What does that have to do with you?”

Ye Xingzhu replied with a lot of energy. Su Lin, on the other hand, was perspiring as he listened to her words as he thought: Elder Sister Zhu, there was no need to take a jab at me just to stimulate this Sui Hongwei, right?

“I don’t believe it. Xingzhu, you are intentionally deceiving me, I know!”

“I will make you believe and leave on your own. Little Lin, let’s go home.”

Saying this, Ye Xingzhu pulled Su Lin’s arm. Standing by his shoulder, Ye Xingzhu suddenly stood on her toes and secretly planted a kiss on Su Lin’s face.


Su Lin felt cool on his face, and immediately realized that those was Elder Sister Zhu’s moist lips on his cheek. Meanwhile, as Ye Xingzhu was so close to Su Lin, one side of her soft chest directly rubbed on Su Lin’s arm. And as the two walked, it appeared as if Ye Xingzhu was intentionally squeezing Su Lin’s arm between her twin mounds.

“Xingzhu, you…”

Seeing Ye Xingzhu kiss Su Lin, and her intimate posture with Su Lin made Sui Hongwei’s heart burst with rage. Rather than being with a good man like him, she actually chose a good for nothing. Just what was wrong with him? Sui Hongwei had arrived with massive hopes, but all those hopes were thoroughly dashed by the appearance of Su Lin. His happy dream was heartlessly destroyed.

“Good, good, Ye Xingzhu. For you, I, Sui Hongwei, wasted my life in foolishness. I went to University for three years, and all that in vain. I used to write letters for you every now and then, and I wanted to read them to you when I returned and asked you to marry me. However, you actually do this to me! I will definitely make you pay for this. You can only be with me, and I will obtain you whether you want to be with me or not!”

As he stared at Su Lin and Ye Xingzhu’s back, Su Hongwei spoke through clenched teeth, “And that brat, Su Lin! You just wait for me to deal with you! You dare put a green hat on this Big Brother’s head, this Big Brother will make you pay!”

After entering the courtyard and determining that Sui Hongwei had left, Ye Xingzhu let go of Su Lin’s arm. But before she let go, she gently kissed on Su Lin’s face.

“Little Lin, it’s thanks to you that Elder Sister Zhu was able to get rid of trouble today! This is your reward!”

With her eyes twinkling, Ye Xingzhu had a shy expression on her face as she looked towards Su Lin.

But before Su Lin could return to his senses, Ye Xingzhu hopped back to her home, leaving a dazed Su Lin in the courtyard. Touching his moist cheek, he didn’t know what the kiss from Ye Xingzhu meant.

“How come Elder Sister Zhu feels different from before?”

Su Lin doubtfully asked in his heart.

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