Top Quality Beauty Cultivation System Chapter 36: Juvenile Female Delinquent

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“Hehe! Now that the results are out, and the Grade Ranking is announced, I wonder what kind of face that Tang Zhongwang from next door is making, haha…. When everyone gets together tonight, I will have him call me grandfather for sure!”

Su Lin’s heart was filled with glee as he walked on the road. At night the day before yesterday, he and Tang Zhongwang made a bet that if he (Su Lin) could make it into the top 50 of the grade, then Tang Zhongwang must call him grandfather. Their bet was witnessed by all the neighbors present there, so it was impossible for Tang Zhongwang to act rampant before him now.

“Right, I must hurry home and tell this good news to Elder Sister Zhu! Last night, only Elder Sister Zhu believed me. If she knows I entered the top 10 of the grade, then she will definitely be very happy!”

Su Lin secretly smiled in his heart as he thought of Ye Xingzhu. Licking his dry lips, he recalled the kiss he shared with Elder Sister Zhu, the feeling of holding her in his arms, savoring her wet tongue, and her fresh flavor.

Naturally, he didn’t forget the pair of soft fullness on Elder Sister Zhu’s chest, the feeling of fondling and pinching them to his liking, and the suppressed yet arousing moans Elder Sister Zhu released. All of this made Su Lin’s capricious heart itch.

“Ah! What am I going to do if Elder Sister Zhu really got married later? Aunt Liang has already started to urge Elder Sister Zhu to find an intimate partner, and she’s even arranging blind dates for her.”

As Su Lin remembered the dialogue between Liang Guizhu and Ye Xingzhu that day, his heart felt quite uncomfortable. Letting another man hold hands with Elder Sister Zhu, kissing Elder Sister Zhu’s lips, and even…

No! No! No! He couldn’t imagine it, nor could he endure it! He absolutely couldn’t endure it!

“It’s not good. I absolutely can’t let another man touch Elder Sister Zhu, I absolutely can’t! Elder Sister Zhu is mine! She was, is, and will be in the future!”

Su Lin couldn’t endure that possibility. What he didn’t know was that at that moment, Su Lin subconsciously manifested a possessive instinct, that every man had, towards Elder Sister Zhu. All he knew was that he couldn’t allow Elder Sister Zhu to be with another man! To begin with, Elder Sister Zhu won’t be willing to be with another; Elder Sister Zhu must only belong to him.

“But what can I do? How can I prevent Aunt Liang from looking for a partner for Elder Sister Zhu, or arranging blind dates for her?”

This gave Su Lin quite a headache. All these years were not easy on the widow and her orphan daughter, so as soon as Ye Xingzhu turned 18, Liang Guizhu started to ponder over her future matter and began hurrying her to find a man for herself and a son-in-law for their family.

Walking on the road to his home, Su Lin looked at the ground that was glowing red under the setting sun. Immediately, he felt as if he saw Lin Qingxue’s rosy cheeks and face full of desire, the sounds of her panting for breath, and her gentle arms hanging around his neck and pulling him into her. He felt as if he smelled Teacher Lin’s fragrance, making his nose itch.

“I wonder what Teacher Lin thinks of yesterday’s matter? But when I attended the class today, and even saw her at the Student Guidance Room, she didn’t mention anything and didn’t look like she remembered anything either. But the matter did occur, so it’s impossible for her to stay so calm! When I am alone with Teacher Lin, won’t it be very awkward?”

Su Lin sighed, but his sigh was full of anticipation. If he said he didn’t covet Lin Qingxue, then that would be a lie. However, Lin Qingxue has been his Class Teacher for three years straight in high school, so there were some scruples in his heart. And there was also her prestige and status which made him somewhat worried.

“Qin Yanran, wait… How come so many women suddenly popped up in my mind over the last few days, and I can hardly ignore these thoughts? Are my puberty hormones making me horny? Is the time of my spring coming? When did I become so sentimental that I started daydreaming?”

Who said only young girls can be sentimental? Excellent youngsters going through puberty, like Su Lin, are also longing for love and relationships, and even more so when sentiments and desire appear in the heart together. Su Lin felt guilty as he thought he tarnished the pure sentiments and love.

When a person walks on the road, they will indeed indulge in various fantasies. Su Lin thought that his mind was a complete mess, so he decided to ignore all those thoughts. After all, the more he thought, the messier everything will become and he won’t know what to do.

Turning a corner, he entered an alley. His home was just a few hundred meters away from that point. However, Su Lin suddenly discovered that there were several people following him from the distance, and when he entered the alley, these people suddenly sped up and surrounded him in the alley.

“Who are you? I don’t know you, so why are you blocking my path?”

Su Lin looked at the 5-6 hooligans in front of him. All of them had long hair dyed in various colors. They wore tattered jeans, and were slowly dragging their shoes on the ground. With lips curled upwards into smiles, they appeared to be enjoying looking down on Su Lin.

“Brat, do you know who you have offended?”

The yellow-haired thug in the lead had a cigarette in his mouth. Slowly taking out the cigarette and blowing out rings of smoke towards Su Lin, he said, “Since you dare to offend Young master Liu, we will break a few of your ribs today. If you know your place, you better follow behind us so that Young master Liu can personally teach you a lesson.”

As the yellow-haired thug gave his speech, the other hooligans encircled Su Lin, making it so that Su Lin could no longer escape.

“Young master Liu? Is that Liu Yuanfeng? Was he the one who sent you to attack me?”

Su Lin didn’t immediately realize who this Young master Liu was. Actually, Su Lin should have thought that he ruined Liu Yuanfeng’s good deed yesterday, and he even hit Liu Yuanfeng, so it was impossible for Liu Yuanfeng to let him off. However, Su Lin never thought that Liu Yuanfeng would retaliate against him so quickly, as these thugs must have been following him from the school’s entrance.

“No need to speak nonsense with him, brothers… Young master Liu said to beat the brat first, then put him in a sack and bring him back for more beating.”

The yellow-haired thug threw the cigarette butt on the ground and stepped on it to extinguish the fire, then shouted towards his brothers encircling Su Lin.

“Such hateful fellows! You are wasting my time.”

Su Lin definitely couldn’t fight the bunch of thugs pouncing towards him by himself, so his only advantage was his ability to pause time. As long as he had a few seconds, he would be in an invincible position. But the key issue was that the amount of time he could save every day was little, so if he started using his ability to pause time for everything, the time won’t be sufficient no matter how much he had.

“Huang Gou, you dare bully a Jian’an student? Were you not paying attention to my words when I warned you?”

Just when Su Lin was planning on using his Time Stop ability, someone walked out from another alley. And a few words from her made it so that those thugs didn’t dare act rashly.

“And here I was wondering who arrived? So it’s Elder Sister Xiaoxiao! Elder Sister Xiaoxiao, although I agree that this here is your domain in Jian’an, and I have also promised you, but I am not bullying any student this time. You have misunderstood me. I am not asking this little brother for any protection money, instead, this guy has offended Young master Liu. Young master Liu mentioned him by name and asked us to bring him back, so that he can personally deal with him…”

Huang Gou, who was acting haughtily just now, immediately restrained himself and started to speak in a cultured manner.

“Young master Liu? Liu Yuanfeng? Can the young master of the Municipal Party Committee’s Secretary even have a grudge against a little high-school student? You think I will believe you? Hurry and get the hell out of here for this great aunt. If you don’t disappear from here together with your little thugs in ten seconds, this great aunt will keep you all here. Don’t blame this great aunt for getting physical with you at that time…”

Han Xiaoxiao threatened them while moving her wrist. Before she even finished her words, the thugs beside Huang Gou became afraid and innocently looked towards Huang Gou.

“I say, Elder Sister Xiaoxiao, where would I, Huang Gou, have the courage to use Young master Liu’s name without his permission? You must believe me! This brat is really the person Young master Liu wants and even mentioned by name.”

Huang Gou’s heart was depressed as he wondered what did he do wrong to meet this chick. When they helped Liu Yuanfeng deal with high school students in the past, so long as they paid attention and made sure not to get found out by someone of influence, everything went there way. But how come they ended up bumping into this evil star, Han Xiaoxiao?

Regarding Han Xiaoxiao, Huang Gou both hated and feared her. Who knows what background this Han Xiaoxiao has, but she joined the Dragon-Tiger Gang only a little while back. In the beginning, Huang Gou thought that Han Xiaoxiao was just an ordinary female delinquent, so he decided to try getting close to her so he could trick her before riding her in bed. But who would have known this Han Xiaoxiao was quite skilled, and even a thug leader like Huang Gou got himself beaten with his face planted on the ground by Han Xiaoxiao.

Moreover, this Han Xiaoxiao not only took a domain of her own, she went as far as to make sure her name was spread everywhere in this region of Jian’an. This made it so that other thugs didn’t dare to blackmail or trouble students again.

“What Young master Liu this, Young master Liu that? No matter what it is, since I, Han Xiaoxiao, asked you to leave, are you going to listen or not?”

Han Xiaoxiao crossed both her arms before her chest, and no longer said anything. She simply looked towards Huang Gou with a faint smile, waiting for him to act. Her look immediately frightened Huang Gou so much that he almost pissed in his pants. He was very familiar with that smile of Han Xiaoxiao. So long as Han Xiaoxiao had that smile, it was an indication that she was about to sweep away a bunch of people. Moreover, when Han Xiaoxiao asks whether you will “listen or not,” she’s in fact saying that you must listen.

“Leave, we will leave… Elder Sister Xiaoxiao, please appease your anger. We will leave…”

Seeing Han Xiaoxiao’s stance, Huang Gou hurriedly brought his people and left. If they got caught by Han Xiaoxiao as her punching bags, then it won’t be possible for them to leave the hospital bed for 10 days to half a month. As for Su Lin, they could just find another opportunity to deal with him when Han Xiaoxiao wasn’t around.

“It’s good that you know your limits. If you hadn’t left, this great aunt would have beaten you until you crapped your pants!”

Han Xiaoxiao happily brandished her fists towards Huang Gou and his people, while Su Lin was looking at her and her attire of a young delinquent with curiosity. Her hair was in a mess and appeared to be some sort of a bird’s nest, while various metals were hanging from her clothes, and her miniskirt was a standard delinquent type. [TL: I don’t know what a standard type for delinquents is.]

With such an attire, together with Han Xiaoxiao’s rampant personality, she completely looked like a young female thug that mixed with gangsters. Su Lin slightly knit his brows. He decided that he didn’t have a favorable impression of girls like this, even though the opposite party just helped him get out of a bind.

“Brat, how come you are frowning when looking at this elder sister? Are your bones itchy? Do you want me to straighten them out for you?”

Being sized up by Su Lin, Han Xiaoxiao obviously felt uncomfortable, so she maliciously glared at Su Lin.

“You are dressed like this, but won’t allow me to look? Since you dare to dress in such a way, what are you being shy for?”

Su Lin retorted with his eyes narrowed. He was completely different from Huang Gou and his people as he didn’t fear Han Xiaoxiao one bit.

“How absurd! Not only do you look at this elder sister with narrowed eyes, you even dare quibble with me. Don’t you know this elder sister saved you just now? If this elder sister didn’t scare off those thugs, you wouldn’t be standing here right now!”

Han Xiaoxiao forcefully restrained her rage and walked towards Su Lin. Two meters… One meter… She stood in front of Su Lin, gripped her small fists, and stared at Su Lin to demonstrate her prestige.

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