Top Quality Beauty Cultivation System Chapter 35: I Cheated? Give Evidence!

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Su Lin arrived before the student guidance room and knocked on the door.

“Please come in!”

Li Jianhua’s grating hoarse voice sounded. But since the opposite party was still the principal, Su Lin kept his temper and spoke monotonously, “Principal Li, were you looking for me?”

Finished speaking, Su Lin looked around the student guidance room and discovered that Grade Master Wu and his class teacher Lin Qingxue were indeed present.

“Hmph! Su Lin, you finally came to see me. We were talking about you just now, and here you are now. Be honest and quickly confess that you cheated during this mock exam!”

Li Jianhua wasn’t too happy when he saw Su Lin not having a modest expression. Moreover, he still remembered how Su Lin had ruined his good fortune last night. Liu Yuanfeng told him to deal with Su Lin. That was why he had to find reasons to cause trouble for Su Lin.

“Principal Li, you believe that I cheated, right? Provide evidence!”

Su Lin wasn’t polite either and spoke directly, “You can’t catch a thief with nonsense alone. Teacher Li, since you say I cheated, were you present at the scene? No! What you say doesn’t matter, the examination hall has security cameras everywhere! You should go to the security office and bring out the surveillance videos of the exam hall. If you can prove I cheated, I won’t have a word to refute you!”

“Su Lin, we are in the Student Guidance Room, not the streets where you can be rampant! Not only is your tone respectless, you ask me to bring evidence! The fact that you went from the bottom rank to the top 10 is proof enough. Besides cheating, I can’t think of any other method. You already received a Major Demerit a few days ago, and this makes two Major Demerits for you — more than enough to expel you from school. Tell your parents to come and see me!”

Li Jianhua angrily banged his hand on the table, stood up, and pointed his finger towards Su Lin.

When she heard Li Jianhua’s words, Lin Qingxue on the side couldn’t sit still, and quickly stood up for Su Lin, “Principal Li, we had just been discussing Su Lin’s result, weren’t we? And it’s like Su Lin said, we can look at the surveillance recording and find out if Su Lin cheated or not. How can you so suddenly conclude that Su Lin cheated and give him a Major Demerit? Moreover, the previous offense wasn’t that serious either, yet you arbitrarily gave him a Major Demerit! The College Entrance Examination is at hand, so making Su Lin leave at this point is being extremely irresponsible to the students!”

“Teacher Lin, what do you mean by that? How am I irresponsible to the students? When it comes to a bad student like Su Lin, one who also fights on the streets, expelling him from the school is only to provide a better learning environment for the other students. It is our Jian’an First High’s responsibility to the other students. It is what the Student Guidance authority should do, so I would ask Teacher Lin to not meddle in this matter.”

In reality, Li Jianhua was also quite depressed in his heart. He couldn’t figure out which evil he provoked. Everything was going well yesterday, and he saw Liu Yuanfeng almost succeed in getting his hands on Lin Qingxue. But all of a sudden, this Su Lin came out of nowhere and ruined everything. What’s more, he was implicated and got beaten up together with Liu Yuanfeng’s men.

After that, Liu Yuanfeng even said that he wanted him, Li Jianhua, to find a way and expel Su Lin, who ruined his good deed, and prevent him from taking the College Entrance Examination. Of course, with Liu Yuanfeng’s orders out, there would be a bunch of hooligans who wanted to suck up to him coming to find Su Lin for trouble.

After offending the great Young Master of Municipal Party Committee’s Secretary, how can Su Lin expect to pass his time calmly and steadily in this Jian’an City?

“Principal Li, Su Lin is my student, so I am going to meddle in this matter. If you are going to be hardheaded and stand on your claim that Su Lin cheated, then I can only go to the Headmaster’s office for an impartial decision.”

Lin Qingxue crossed her arms and strongly argued based on reason. And seeing Lin Qingxue maintain her position in his favor, Su Lin felt his heart get warm; she moved his heart.

He always had the worst result, and he often made trouble for Teacher Lin as well, but Teacher Lin actually stood on his side and didn’t even hesitate to talk back to Old Dog Li.

As for Lin Qingxue, she had already thought this all had something to do with yesterday’s matter. She could see that Li Jianhua was part of Liu Yuanfeng’s group, and he intentionally deceived her into going to the Jiaxing Hotel, where they drugged her with the aphrodisiac. If Su Lin hadn’t rushed there in time, Lin Qingxue knew she wouldn’t have been able to endure the drug’s efficacy and would have willingly gotten herself played by Liu Yuanfeng.

What a pity there was no evidence for everything that happened yesterday, moreover, Liu Yuanfeng was the son of the Municipal Party Committee’s Secretary, so Lin Qingxue knew she wouldn’t make a difference even if she reported him. So now, she could only swallow the injustice. However, now that she saw Li Jianhua intentionally making things difficult for Su Lin, she immediately linked it to yesterday’s matter.

Lin Qingxue didn’t want to implicate Su Lin and see him get expelled because he saved her. If this went through, he wouldn’t be able to take the College Entrance Examination, so even if she had to go to the Headmaster’s office, she had to help Su Lin retain his qualifications for the College Entrance Examination.

“You will go look for the Headmaster? Teacher Lin, do you have opinions regarding issues in my work?”

“Principal Li, it’s your job to find your faults, not mine. Moreover, I hope something like last night doesn’t happen again. Otherwise, even if I can’t get concrete evidence, I will still go to the Public Bureau of Security to sue you!”

Lin Qingxue bluntly pointed out last night’s matter to put Li Jianhua in a bit of disadvantage. Although Li Jianhua wasn’t afraid of her going to the Public Bureau of Security because of Liu Yuanfeng’s involvement, once the matter came out in public, it would still impact him negatively.

“Alright, alright, Principal Li, Teacher Lin! In my opinion, there’s no need for you two to fight. If Student Su Lin has cheated, we would be able to see it in the surveillance video, and the truth will be clear.”

Seeing that the two were getting louder, Wu Huayan, the Grade Master who hadn’t spoken ’till now, hastily came to the rescue and proposed a solution.

“Alright then, we will do it according to Teacher Wu’s suggestion. I will call the Security Office and have them send a copy of the last two days of surveillance video of Su Lin’s exam hall. When the time comes, and there is conclusive evidence, I will see how he is so rampant to quibble against me.”

Li Jianhua agreed to the suggestion. In his opinion, cheating was the only way someone like Su Lin could soar from the bottom of the grade to enter the top 10. So long as he cheated, even if the monitoring teacher didn’t catch him at that time, won’t the truth still come out once they checked the surveillance video?

“Su Lin, you…what do you think?”

Seeing Li Jianhua be so confident as if he would have the evidence that Su Lin cheated any second now, Lin Qingxue’s heart didn’t feel well, so she quietly asked Su Lin.

Although Lin Qingxue believed in her heart that Su Lin didn’t cheat, and she also tested Su Lin after the English Exam in which he did well, Su Lin’s enhancement in the grade was just too good to be true, after all! It made Lin Qingxue be slightly worried in her heart. What if Su Lin used a trick or two in the examination hall, or hid some cheating paper? Won’t he get caught by Li Jianhua when they replayed the video?

“There’s no issue, Teacher Lin. An upright man fears not a slanted shadow. Since Principal Li insists I cheated, then let him thoroughly look at the surveillance videos and see if I cheated. But if it turns out I haven’t cheated, then it would be clear that Principal Li is intentionally finding faults with me, and so he should apologize to me in person, at least?”

With his hands crossed before his chest, Su Lin wasn’t worried at all. Instead, he raised his brows and stared at Li Jianhua while speaking.

“You want me to apologize to you? Dream on; I am a teacher, while you are just a student! Su Lin, don’t be too arrogant — do you think these petty tricks of yours are enough to dissuade me? I have already asked the Security Office to send in the surveillance video. When we get concrete evidence against you in a while, then I will see how you keep on being rampant!”

Seeing that Su Lin wasn’t afraid of him at all, Li Jianhua got enraged and fumed while speaking.

“Principal Li, weren’t you sure I cheated? Why are you afraid of my little tricks then?”

Su Lin threw further bait, and sure enough, Li Jianhua got hooked. Banging on the table again, he roared angrily, “Good, if the surveillance video proves you didn’t cheat, I will apologize to you! Happy now? But if you cheated, then… Su Lin, you better prepare yourself to drop out of school!”

“Su Lin, you…”

Although Su Lin vouched with confidence, Lin Qingxue’s heart was still worried about him. There were only 5-6 days left to the College Entrance Examination. If he gets expelled now, he will lose his qualifications to take the College Entrance Examination. Especially now that Su Lin’s results had improved. If everything went right, then he will be able to enter the best University.

“Teacher Lin, relax.”

Su Lin smiled, while simultaneously roaring in his heart: Yeah, I cheated! Not only did I cheat, but I copied the entire exam from Qin Yanran! What can you, Old Dog Li, do about it? When the surveillance video is played, you better prepare to apologize to this little daddy of yours!

Before long, the surveillance video arrived.

Li Jianhua turned on the Guidance Room’s computer, put in the disk, and played the video.

Fast-forwarding the video, the scene focused on Su Lin. But no matter how slow or fast they played the video, Su Lin always had an honest appearance. Throughout the examination, he either sat there in a daze or answered questions; not once was there a sign of cheating.

“How is this possible?”

Li Jianhua wasn’t convinced. Replay, forward, rewind — no matter what he did, the facts remained unchanged. Su Lin made no irregular movement, nor did he looked towards the tables ahead or behind him.

“Hmph! Principal Li, how is it? Do you still think I cheated?”

With the surveillance video before them, Li Jianhua could no longer charge Su Lin with cheating. Besides, Lin Qingxue also spoke for Su Lin, and there was also the Grade Master Wu Huayan. Li Jianhua had nothing to say.

“Well, Principal Li, we have now figured it out. Su Lin relied on his effort to progress by leaps and bounds, instead of cheating.”

Wu Huayan, the Grade Master, opened his mouth and said, “Since the matter is cleared, and the school has also ended already Principal Li, we should also leave!”

“Hmph! That’s it then!”

Since Li Jianhua no longer had an excuse to make things difficult for Su Lin, he could only accept Wu Huayan’s suggestion and back down.

“Not yet, Principal Li. You just said that if I prove I haven’t cheated, you will apologize to me.”

Su Lin narrowed his eyes and smiled at him.

“I am a teacher, while you are a student. Don’t even think about me apologizing to you!”

Pounding on the table, Li Jianhua stared at him with blazing eyes. His voice was hoarse and unpleasant to hear as he spoke through clenched teeth.

“But Grade Master Wu and Teacher Lin here heard you say it, Principal Li. You promised to apologize if you couldn’t find any evidence.”


Li Jianhua pointed his finger at Su Lin but found Lin Qingxue and Wu Huayan staring at him. Since he said it himself, and the two of them heard it, it was counterproductive for him to rage at this point. Li Jianhua finally lowered his head and said to Su Lin, “Good, it was your win this time. Su Lin, I apologize to you! I am very sorry! Good!”

“Good, it seems Principal Li is a good boy since you know your wrongs. Now that everything is over, Grade Master Wu, Teacher Lin, I will take my leave.”

Su Lin smiled at Lin Qingxue, then walked out of the Student Guidance Room. Not only was this Old Dog Li picking bones with him, but he also wanted to secretly harm Teacher Lin. Su Lin would not let him off so easily. He must find an opportunity to retaliate against him, making him understand true pain.

After Su Lin left the Student Guidance Room imposingly, Li Jianhua couldn’t help but be indignant in his heart when he thought of how he just lost face. But thinking that Liu Yuanfeng had already arranged some thugs from the underworld waiting for Su Lin outside the school, Li Jianhua found a balance in his heart.

“Little brat, look at how you get beaten half-dead! Those thugs have received Young Master Liu’s grace, so you just wait to suffer a loss! Since you dare to ruin Young Master Liu’s good deed, you should be prepared to pay the price.”

Li Jianhua then glanced at Lin Qingxue, who was leaving at that moment. Liu Yuanfeng has exerted quite some effort for this woman. Sooner or later, she won’t be able to escape from Liu Yuanfeng’s clutches.

Going out of the school, Su Lin was thinking about how he would explain last night’s matter to his parents. Although Lin Qingxue called home and told his parents last night, Su Lin knew that his mother would be suspicious and ask him to give a detailed explanation.

At the school gate, just when Su Lin came out wearing his school bag, he was stopped by a little punk with yellow hair. He took out a photo and confirmed the target, then immediately ran away to call others.

Su Lin, who was lost in his thoughts on how to deal with his parents, didn’t notice that after he left school, 5-6 punks started to follow him.

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