Top Quality Beauty Cultivation System Chapter 34: Congratulations, Su Lin!

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“Congratulations, Student Su Lin. You made such great progress.”

In the corner of the corridor, Qin Yanran brought Su Lin, she extended her hand forward and congratulated Su Lin with a formal tone and a smile.

“Thanks… Thank you, Yanran.”

Su Lin couldn’t figure out what was going on, but he still hurriedly held out his hand and grasped Qin Yanran’s small, smooth hand.

‘What’s Qin Yanran doing? Did she call me out alone only to congratulate me? How should I reply?’

Faced with Qin Yanran’s expression that was not cold nor warm to him, Su Lin’s heart got anxious. To be honest, although Su Lin achieved excellent results this time using his perfect cheating method, he still felt inferior in front of Qin Yanran. For the past three years, he had been looking up to the School Flower Qin Yanran. But now, there was a chance of her becoming his girlfriend. All of this was too unbelievable and unrealistic.

“What’s wrong? Su Lin, you seem to have something to say to me.”

Qin Yanran narrowed her eyes and looked at Su Lin with a hint of curiosity and doubt. The boy in front of her used to be unremarkable, but he suddenly shot up and placed himself above everyone else.

‘No matter what, I must let the words out even if I have to make a sacrifice. As the saying goes, a man will never bury his words in his heart. If there’s something you have to say, say it out, there’s no need to hide it. Moreover, we had an agreement beforehand. Now I have fulfilled my end of the deal, so even if Qin Yanran doesn’t want to keep her end of the bargain, I must open my mouth and get a clear answer.’

After struggling in his heart for a while, Su Lin finally steeled his heart and started to speak straightforwardly, “Yanran, I remember the day before yesterday, we made a bet. You had said that as long as I entered the top 50 of the grade, you will let me be your boyfriend. I wonder if… I wonder if that bet stands now?”

Ba-dump! Ba-dump! Ba-dump!

Su Lin’s little heart crazily jumped. After he said those words, Su Lin felt his heart jump to his throat. Although he hadn’t used the Time Stop ability, Su Lin still felt time stagnate and the air coagulated after he said those words.

Anxious. Restless. Hopeful…

Inside his heart, a myriad of emotions was mixed. He had a feeling of wanting to know the answer, but afraid to hear the result, making him confused and distressed.

Qin Yanran, this goddess whom countless Jian’an boys adored and girls looked up to, will he, Su Lin, be able to capture her heart?

“Su Lin, at that time, I said that I will consider to and not certainly let you be my boyfriend.”

As if already expecting Su Lin’s question, Qin Yanran ingeniously used the answer she had prepared beforehand.

“Eh? Consider to do it? What does that mean?”

Although the answer wasn’t a positive one, it didn’t seem to be a direct rejection either. What did Qin Yanran mean by those words? Su Lin’s heart was in a mess. If Qin Yanran liked him, she could just promise him and it would be the end of the matter. If she didn’t like him and didn’t want him to trouble her again, she should just refuse him outright!

What the heck is “consider” supposed to mean? They all said a woman’s heart is unfathomable like the depths of the sea, and today, Su Lin experienced this first hand.

“There’s no meaning. In any case, Su Lin, I, Qin Yanran, am not someone who doesn’t keep her promise, and you know that well.”

Saying this, Qin Yanran abandoned the confused Su Lin and returned to the classroom.

Right, she is Qin Yanran, the most outstanding girl in the school. She is proud, and she has the capital to be. How can she submit and give herself to someone so casually? Looking at Qin Yanran’s back, Su Lin was somewhat disappointed in his heart. Sure enough, he was just a toad wanting to eat swan meat?

Although Su Lin was frustrated, he wasn’t reconciled. Qin Yanran didn’t reject him outright, so he still had a chance. Good, since you say you will consider it, I will work harder. I don’t believe a man like me can’t tame a proud woman like you.

“Right, Su Lin, you can’t give up. You have to prove you have the capital to be with her.”

Secretly cheering himself, Su Lin gradually came out of his inferiority complex of being he “Chicken’s Tail” among students. With his ability to pause time, so long as he believed in himself, he will certainly become excellent and powerful, albeit slowly.

“When time is paused, my memory becomes outstanding and my perception also becomes especially keen. Good, I will use this ability to imprint all the knowledge of the books in my head. The College Entrance Examination will be the final decisive battleground. I will show everyone else with my ability that I, Su Lin, am not worse than anyone else.”

Su Lin’s result in the Junior High School used to be quite outstanding, proving that he wasn’t stupid. But after ignoring classes and schoolwork for so long, what can he learn with his half-baked knowledge? The key issue is that he doesn’t even remember many key points. If he can quickly remember those key points and problem-solving methods, how will he still not be able to attain a high ranking?

Back in the classroom, during the afternoon lecture, Su Lin quietly tested his theory using a few dozen seconds. During the few seconds he paused time, he quickly flipped through the dictionary, going over more than a 1000 words of vocabulary. During that time, after turning over a dozen pages, so long as he looked at the content once with his eyes, everything would be recorded in his mind and he wouldn’t forget it after time was resumed.

‘The feeling of learning is great. I just need to pause time and glance at the key points and words to remember them.’

Su Lin almost laughed out loud inside the classroom. With such a memorizing method, what could he not learn?

‘But there are too many books to review. I can’t go through every single page, after all. I need to look at the key points, problem-solving methods, and previous examination papers. The best thing would be to have a set of standard exercises, a set of unimportant topics, as well as the key questions, pointed out by the teachers.’

Considering that his time was limited, Su Lin knew he must use that time on the most essential places. After all, the best steel is always used at a knife’s edge. [TL: Most of one’s focus should be on what is important.]

‘Right, I can ask Qin Yanran for her notes.’

Su Lin remembered the round of review before the last mock exam. The majority of students in class ran up to Qin Yanran for her notes. Indeed, Qin Yanran’s notes recorded the key points of various subjects, the previous examination questions, as well as some important questions and error-prone and confusing points that could end up in the exam for the various subjects.

This was one of the reasons Qin Yanran could successfully occupy the first rank in the grade continuously. She spent a lot of time on each subject and understood every key point well.

‘If I can remember all the knowledge in Yanran’s notes, the College Entrance Examination would no longer be an issue. Even if I don’t pause time to copy others’ exam papers, the knowledge in my head would still be enough for me to get a good score. Hehe!’

Having made up his mind, Su Lin waited until the afternoon lectures finished and it was time to leave school. Su Lin went to Qin Yanran’s desk who was sorting out her bag, and said, “Yanran, can I borrow your subject notes to have a look? I think that some of my knowledge points aren’t well consolidated. As I never took good notes before, I now want to borrow your notes to have a final look.”

Qin Yanran didn’t object to Su Lin calling her “Yanran”, so Su Lin had decided to be shameless and call her intimately.

But right now, Su Lin had a diligent expression that was eager to learn, as he looked at Qin Yanran with his pair of knowledge-seeking eyes.

“Which subject do you want?”

Qin Yanran looked up at Su Lin with some doubts. There were only a few days left to the College Entrance Examination, so it was a bit too late to look at the notes. What’s more, Su Lin’s performance wasn’t too bad this time as he was able to get such a good result. She was sure Su Lin had a firm grasp on those knowledge points. Something like that was impossible without taking detailed notes. So now she wondered why Su Lin wanted to borrow her notes?

“Language, English, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics, give me all of them! I will only borrow them for one evening.”

“An evening? All subjects? You… Can you even look at them? Are you going to take them away for photocopying?”

Qin Yanranr took out several notebooks from her bag, “I only have Mathematics, Biology, and Chemistry right now. The rest are at home, so I will bring them to you tomorrow!”

As she handed over the fine notebooks to Su Lin, Qin Yanran still had the same expression as before, neither cold nor warm. But Su Lin was still chuckling in his heart. To be able to make the Ice Beauty Qin Yanran speak so many words so patiently was proof that he had taken a small space in her heart. At least, compared to the others of the same age pursuing Qin Yanran, he had a much higher chance.

“Thank you, Yanran, I will study them earnestly.”

With these good notebooks in hand, Su Lin’s great College Entrance Examination review plan commenced. With less than a week left from the College Entrance Examination, what kind of comeback will he make?

While Su Lin was fantasizing in his heart, Qin Yanran had left the class. At this time, a boy from outside rushed into Class 2 and asked Su Lin, “Student, may I ask where Student Su Lin is?”

“I… It’s me. Are you looking for me?”

Su Lin didn’t know this boy, but the boy seemed to be familiar. He must be the Class Leader of some class or a member of the Student Study Association.

“Great. Student Su Lin it’s good you haven’t gone back. It’s like this, the Grade Master and the Principal are looking for you for some matter; your class teacher is also there waiting for you in the student guidance room.”

The guy spoke while panting. He had received the order to rush over at top speed, in fear that Su Lin would go home and take a vacation from school.

“The Grade Master and the Principal are looking for me? Teacher Lin is also there?”

Su Lin had a bad feeling in his heart. And since the matter involved Principal Li Jianhua, it would certainly not be a good thing. Su Lin didn’t want to go, but since the other party had specially asked him to come, even if he didn’t go today, he won’t be able to escape tomorrow.

‘I will go then. I must see what tricks this Li Jianhua has up his sleeve. I haven’t gone to find him to calculate yesterdays debt for deceiving Teacher Lin in the Jiaxing Hotel, yet this bastard came to find me on his own accord.’

Remembering how Teacher Lin almost got tarnished by that bastard Liu Yuanfeng, Su Lin’s heart swelled with rage. If not for him listening to their plot by chance, and if he couldn’t pause time, Teacher Lin would certainly not be able to escape their evil clutches.

This rage couldn’t be endured, and this enmity must be repaid. Indeed, Su Lin was going to vent for Teacher Lin. He couldn’t let this evil Li Jianhua roam free.


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