Top Quality Beauty Cultivation System Chapter 33: Ruthlessly Slapping Faces

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Qin Yanran smiled; she even nodded to me! What does this mean?

Was Qin Yanran giving her affirmation over my result?

Just a smile and a nod from her made Su Lin start daydreaming, thinking he had obtained Qin Yanran’s confirmation!

“Alright, Li Yan, Li Hao, you two sit down and don’t quarrel. Let’s review the questions in the exam paper now.”

Maintaining classroom discipline was still needed, after all. As Lin Qingxue resumed her serious class in charge expression, Li Yan dared not say anything anymore as he sat down with a sullen look. Although he made great progress this time, he only reached the 11th rank. He could have easily gotten the 10th rank if not for Su Lin butting in halfway through.

11th and 10th — although the difference was only one rank, the effect is much worse. Moreover, this was the last mock exam. Now that he lost this opportunity, he would be mocked as the one who couldn’t enter the top 10 by the entire school.

“Hehe! Li’l Lin, you are great. How did you do it? Now that you have snatched the 10th rank, you should look at Li Yan’s charcoal face. In his heart, he must hate you to the bone, feeling uncomfortable for a long time to come. Look at his appearance; it’s as if you murdered his mother!”

Sitting down, Li Hao smiled and gave a thumbs up to Su Lin. He really admired Su Lin now. Both of them only played around every day without studying, yet he could soar to the top 10 of the grade. This was a great achievement!

“He brought it upon himself. If he hadn’t annoyed us with his words, I wouldn’t be bothered to trouble him either.”

Su Lin had already anticipated all of this, but the most important exam was still the College Entrance Examination. This time, it was coincidental that Qin Yanran was in the same examination hall as him. If it was the College Entrance Examination, Su Lin knew he wouldn’t have had such great luck.

“Not good! I must save a lot more ability time. This way, even if Qin Yanran is in a different examination hall, I can still run to her and copy the answers. Even if that doesn’t work, I can still copy from a few books. Or I can compare? Whichever answer is the most used, I can use it to get a high score.”

After the mock exam was over, Su Lin had proved to himself that his perfect cheating method was effective. So now, it was necessary to consider how he was going to use it during the College Entrance Examination.

In the class, Lin Qingxue began to comment on the English exam, but Su Lin had no mood to listen to her. His eyes had been continuously swaying between Qin Yanran and Lin Qingxue.

“Teacher Lin’s body and appearance are first-class, but unfortunately, she doesn’t know how to dress up. There are only so many sets of clothes in her closet as well. Although her professional attire is quite charming, Teacher Lin is only in her early 20s right now. She’s only four or five years older than us and pretends to be mature. Qin Yanran, on the other hand, makes one’s eyes brighten every time even though she’s wearing a simple dress and nothing fancy. What a pity she’s too icy. But Yanran smiled at me today! Could that mean the way she looks at me will change through this event?”

Staring at Qin Yanran and Lin Qingxue, he compared them in his heart. Su Lin also remembered the bet with Qin Yanran. The result had already been confirmed, not only did he get into the top 50, he was ranked 10th in the grade. I wondered if Qin Yanran will honor her promise. Will she really become his girlfriend?

Su Lin’s heart held some anticipation and he was quite satisfied with himself.

At the same time, in Grade 3 Class 5, Tang Zhongwang looked at his English result and Grade rank with a face full of disbelief, “How is this possible? I only got 17 points in English and my grade ranking also fell! 600 Rank! Impossible! This is impossible!”

Initially, when he finished his exam, Su Lin had erased Tang Zhongwang’s student ID from the answer sheet. Then naturally, his score from the answer sheet was lost, and he only got the score for English composition.

Although it was only a mock exam and not the real College Entrance Examination, it was still a heavy blow to Tang Zhongwang. He didn’t even know where the problem was. He remembered he had carefully checked the answer sheet and all the questions on the answer sheet were filled in. It was impossible for there to be any problems.

However, the results of the answer sheet were now gone. If the same happened in the College Entrance Examination, what was he going to do?

Soon, during class, the big red rank list of the exam was released. As the last mock exam, only the top 100 of the grade were qualified to make the list. Learning can be considered to be the top priority for students, so they all checked the performance of the heroes.

If one can squeeze their name on such a big red list, and also have a high position, then what an honor it would be. Especially for some guys; if they can do well, they might get a chance to be admired by the girl they are pursuing.

“The ranking is out. The speed of announcement this time is quite fast, the exam only finished yesterday.”

“Look at it quickly, there are so many people gathering around. This is the last mock exam, the next is going to be the College Entrance Examination.”

“Wow, what are those people talking about? It seems that…there’s a new face in the top 10…this is sensational…”


Hundreds of people were looking around the ranking list The first place in the list was still Class 2’s Qin Yanran. There was no suspense to that. However, in the position of the 10th place, there was a new name unknown to everyone, Class 2, Su Lin.

“Who is this Su Lin?”

“Yeah! Why haven’t I heard of him before? I seem to not have seen him in the previous top 100 either. How come he jumped up here all of a sudden, what sorcery did he perform?”

“That’s not right! This name sounds somewhat familiar. Grade 3 Class2… Wasn’t he the guy shamelessly boasting the day before yesterday he would get into the top 50 of the grade to pursue the Ice Beauty Qin Yanran? Unexpectedly, he stepped into the top 50, moreover, took the 10th rank… Heavens!”

“Right… I also remember that. That guy was called Su Lin; he really took the 10th rank?”

“Doesn’t that mean if the School Flower, Qin Yanran, insisted on keeping her promise, she will end up becoming Su Lin’s girlfriend?”


Someone remembered what happened the day before yesterday, and everyone tried to recall the event as well. Su Lin, who was just treated as a joke that day, actually entered the top 50 and even ranked 10th.

Heavens! This was too incredible. Everyone felt their faces had been ruthlessly slapped, that guy was ranked 10th! Su Lin, who had been looked down on by everyone, had soared to the Heavens and taken the 10th spot in the ranking.

“Su Lin? 10th Rank? IMPOSSIBLE! This is impossible! How could this stinky brat do that? Didn’t he degenerate into a loser after not studying for a long time? His result was always in the bottom 100! Impossible! This is impossible!”

Seeing the ranking list, Tang Zhongwang continuously shouted ‘impossible’ multiple times. His English result today had already given him a massive blow. Who would have thought that now, when he saw the ranking list, he would even find Su Lin on the 10th rank?

“Not right, something is not right! I know this Su Lin pretty well, he has always been in the bottom 100 of the grade. He definitely cheated!”

Tang Zhongwang loudly shouted, resulting in the surrounding people refuting him.

“Cheat? Can you cheat to the top 10 of the grade?”

“Unless he could copy the standard answers or the answers of the top 3… but how could he not be discovered with such strict supervisors?”

“Even if he cheated, it’s with his own ability! So long as his cheat works in the College Entrance Exams as well.”

It’s not that there weren’t others who thought Su Lin cheated, but even if he cheated by peeking at the other students’ papers or hiding small notes, he could have increased only a few dozen marks. How was it possible for someone to cheat to the top 10 of the grade?

Of course, it’s impossible for them to know that Su Lin can suspend time and has a perfect cheating strategy, letting him copy whoever he wants.

“Li’l Lin, you were really cool today. I, Li’l Hao, have never acted so cool like I did today, venting all my frustration. And when that Li Yan calls us Big Brother in front of the entire class… Just thinking of his face at that time makes me happy!”

At this time, Li Hao thoroughly benefited from Su Lin being in the limelight. After being suppressed by Li Yan for so long, he felt refreshed getting his revenge and smacking his face.

“When all’s said and done, Li’l Lin, what method did you use to suddenly enter the top 10 of the grade? Later, you will be my, Li’l Hao’s, Big Bro, and I will be mixing with you. So you should quickly teach me the secret, so I can get a high score in the College Entrance Examination and get admitted into a University!”

Li Hao squinted his eyes at Su Lin. This time, Su Lin had blown his mind away. Su Lin said he would score into the top 50, but instead scored into the top 10. However, Li’l Hao didn’t believe Su Lin depended on studying diligently, instead, he must have gotten some opportunity.

“The method is simple, Li’l Hao…”

Su Lin put on a mysterious expression, and his eyes turned shifty as he said in a low voice, “Didn’t you speak it in front of the entire class just now? I worked hard and studied late into the night every day, and that’s how I improved my grades in one fell swoop.”

“Piss off… less nonsense. Li’l Lin, don’t think I don’t know you who plays games all night. You can’t study late into the night. It’s simply impossible! Besides, even if you did change your ways this semester, and studied every day ’till now, how is it possible to make so much progress?”

Li Hao shook his head like a rattle drum. He didn’t believe Su Lin studied hard.

“Hmph, don’t believe it then.”

Su Lin smiled. He couldn’t reveal his ability to pause time. That was his biggest secret he couldn’t reveal to anyone.

With great difficulty, time passed and noon arrived, giving everyone time for rest. Su Lin had been quietly paying attention to Qin Yanran all this time. When there was no one else in the class left, Qin Yanran walked towards him. Although her expression was still icy, Su Lin could see some anxiety in her eyes, and her small chest was slowly heaving up and down.

“Student Su Lin, can you come out for a moment? I have some words to say to you.”

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