Top Quality Beauty Cultivation System Chapter 32: Top Ten Of The Grade

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“Class 2, Ranked 10, Su Lin!”

It was quite inconceivable. Lin Qingxue couldn’t believe her eyes, so she carefully took out the individual subject scores and carefully checked Su Lin’s marks, “Language 125, Mathematics 147, English 138, Comprehensive Science 287. A total score of 696.”

Nearly reaching 700 scores, Su Lin entered the top 10 of the grade in one fell swoop and set his expected final score. When it came to Su Lin’s performance in various subjects, Lin Qingxue had already expected a sharp rise in his English scores. After all, when the English exam finished, Lin Qingxue had tested Su Lin on various questions and he had answered them right.

However, who knew that even his other subjects, especially Mathematics and Comprehensive Science, would have such improvements. He was only a few points behind the class’s first, Qin Yanran. Even Li Yan, the Class Leader Secretary who always placed second in Grade 3 Class 2, did not have a score as high as Su Lin.

“Could it be, Su Lin truly studied diligently in silence to pursue Qin Yanran? Then in this mock exam, he erupted with his full strength? However, is this even possible? His total score suddenly increased by more than 200 points!”

No longer anxious to announce the result, Lin Qingxue raised her head to look at Su Lin, only to see Su Lin sitting there with a faint smile on his face, looking as if he already knew the result in his heart.

“In the world of love, nothing is impossible!”

She didn’t know why, but Lin Qingxue suddenly remembered these words. She then looked at Qin Yanran who was sitting in the second row. She has always been her favorite female student in the class. She is smart, well-behaved, has good academic performance, and is the Class Leader. She is so beautiful yet has never been known for puppy love. It can be said that no matter who the teacher, she will be their favorite. But now, when she looked at Qin Yanran, Lin Qingxue’s heart didn’t feel the same.

“To have someone like that, who struggles and tries their best and thoroughly changing themselves for her, Qin Yanran sure is lucky!”

While thinking, Lin Qingxue’s eyes flashed with a hint of gloom, revealing some of her innermost feelings of emptiness. From her youth to maturity, there had been many boys chasing after her, but almost all of them only made empty promises when in front of her. When had there been anyone who truly worked hard to change himself for her?

“Eh? Teacher Lin, today… How come she is looking at me like that?”

Qin Yanran, who was sitting in her seat, obviously felt the strange look from Lin Qingxue’s eyes. Women were sensitive creatures, after all. Qin Yanran was able to see a trace of envy and loss from Lin Qingxue’s eyes.

Being discovered by Qin Yanran, Lin Qingxue quickly lowered her head in embarrassment and continued to read the score sheet. Finally, she began to announce the result of the mock exam.

“Although the mock exam this time was difficult, the overall result of our class was still great. There are two students in the top ten of the grade. It can be said to be the first for our class when, in addition to Qin Yanran, there is another student who entered the top 10!”

Calming her mind, Lin Qingxue returned to being a serious teacher and announced the result in a slightly joyful voice.

“What? Do we really have two top ten students in our class? Isn’t it always only Qin Yanran?”

“It must be the Class Leader Secretary, Li Yan. He has always been the second ranker in our class.”

“Yes. Besides him, who else can it be? Usually, he is in the 20s, while his best result has only been 13 ranked. I never expected him to step into the top ten ranks this time; he is amazing!”

Lin Qingxue’s words were no less than a heavy bomb. Because, on average, every class in the grade only gets one student in the top 10, and the top ten are equally distributed among all the class. It is very difficult for a single class to occupy two positions at once.

But in this last mock exam, Class 2 took 2 top 10 positions. In fact, the various classes had always been competing against each other, and now that the results are out, it can be said that Class 2 has made the most significant improvement.

Of course, in the minds of the Class 2 students, although Lin Qingxue hasn’t yet announced who the second person in the top 10 is, it was without a doubt the class second ranker Li Yan. Who else could it be besides him?

And right now, the happiest and most excited person was naturally none other than Li Yan. Although the exam this time was difficult, he had an edge over others. He had already done similar questions before, so he felt his results this time would be great.

Sure enough, now that Lin Qingxue announced that news, Li Yan naturally entered the limelight, enjoying the envy of the surrounding students.

“What’s so great about it, isn’t it just the top 10 of the grade? Getting so excited; the Class Leader has always taken first place but never said anything.”

Li Hao squinted his eyes at Li Yan and said with a sour taste. In fact, in his heart, he was also quite envious. Let alone the top 10, if he could enter the top 200, he would be able to smile proudly.

“Rest assured! Li’l Hao, even if he entered the top 10, I will still have him call us Big Brothers in a while.”

Su Lin said with a relaxed smile on his face, patting Li Hao’s shoulder.

Although Su Lin wasn’t sure he would be able to squeeze his way into the top 10, he was sure there would be no issue entering the top 50. After all, there were still some subjective questions such as essays that he, Su Lin, answered himself. The rest was copied from the first place, Qin Yanran, so there was no issue in entering the top 50!

“Take your seats. Teacher will now announce the scores and rankings of the top 10 in our class! This time, there are quite a few students who have made substantial progress.”

Lin Qingxue picked up the transcript and started reporting the rankings, “Qin Yanran, 723 Marks, First Place, Rank 1. Su Lin, 696 Marks, Second Place, Rank 10. Li Yan, 689 Marks, Third Place, Rank 11…”

In the order from first to tenth, when Lin Qingxue finished speaking, she found the entire class was silent.

The second place was Su Lin?

The tenth rank was also Su Lin? Not Li Yan?

How could this be? It must be we who got it wrong. Or it must be Teacher Lin who made a mistake.

Almost everyone had the same thought, especially Li Yan. When Lin Qingxue reported he wasn’t in the second place, he was stunned. It was even more inconceivable to hear that Su Lin was second. In this class, no one should be able to score higher than him except Qin Yanran. Not to mention Su Lin, this guy who knew nothing better than to waste time.

“This is impossible! Teacher Lin, you must have read it wrong. I… How am I not the second place? Even if it’s not me, how could it be this chicken’s tail, Su Lin?”

Li Yan was so angry, he had lost his mind. He stood up on the spot and questioned Lin Qingxue.

This kind of behavior made Lin Qingxue quite displeased. Li Yan had always been a good and cultured student, so how come he turned like this today?

“There’s no mistake. Li Yan, the class is still ongoing, so please sit down.”

Lin Qingxue frowned, “Your progress this time was also great, reaching the 11th rank. However, the most exceptional improvement was still made by student Su Lin.”

“Impossible! Teacher Lin, how can such a person enter the top 10 of the grade? He must have cheated! Su Lin definitely cheated. Teacher Lin, Su Lin most certainly cheated!”

Li Yan kept barking that Su Lin cheated. At this time, Li Hao stood up and refuted his words in Su Lin’s defense, “Li Yan, don’t think you are someone great. Since you can be second in class, why can’t Su Lin? Maybe, Su Lin went back and studied diligently throughout the night every day; to pursue our Class Leader, Li’l Lin worked extra hard this time!”

Li Hao had long wanted a chance to fight against Li Yan. So now that there was such a golden opportunity, how could he let go? Moreover, Li Hao was cunning and conveniently decided to speak about Su Lin’s ambition to pursue Qin Yanran.

Thump! In front of the entire class, when even the class in charge Lin Qingxue was present, Qin Yanran’s calm heart couldn’t help but skip a beat when she heard Li Hao’s words.

“Could Su Lin have truly diligently studied in silence for me? So he could get into the top 10 of the grade?”

“Sure enough, Su Lin worked hard just for Qin Yanran.”

When she heard Li Hao’s words, Lin Qingxue also confirmed the thoughts in her heart. At this time, the way she looked at Su Lin was complicated. She was Su Lin’s teacher for three years, and she had thought she understood Su Lin the best. But now, it seemed she could no longer see through Su Lin anymore.

He was able to continue to study hard even under such pressure. In the last mock exam, he even took a position in the top 10 of the grade. The difficulty was probably not inferior to Goujian’s revival.

“Su Lin, just what kind of person are you?”

The current Su Lin, in Lin Qingxue’s heart, is like a knot that can’t be untied, making her curious and confused. And when she thought of last night’s events, the hero who saved the beauty, and their fascinating encounter, Lin Qingxue felt her heart being moved. Wasn’t she waiting for a person just like that?

It was a pity Su Lin was working hard for Qin Yanran, and not her. Thinking of this, the glimmer of joy in Lin Qingxue’s heart was immediately replaced by a feeling of loss.

“Alright, Li’l Hao, don’t make any more trouble as we are still in class. We don’t have to be like some people who pay no attention to the words of their elders, ignore their teachers, and don’t study hard enough. Let Teacher Lin announce the results of the rest of the class first. After the class is over, we still need a certain someone to call us Big Brothers.”

Su Lin never thought he would enter the top 10 of the grade. It seems he had answered the questions quite well. He could see envy and doubts in the eyes of the students looking at him. But Su Lin was completely relaxed after the result came out. At least, he proved to them he was not boasting shamelessly.

This time, the people going to suffer the greatest loss was not him, Su Lin, but Li Yan and Tang Zhongwang who bet with him. Oh, right, the most important one was the first place School Ice Beauty Qin Yanran. Qin Yanran had said in front of so many people that if Su Lin could enter the top 50 of the grade, she will let Su Lin be her boyfriend.

Su Lin looked towards Qin Yanran’s seat and found that Qin Yanran was also looking at him. She didn’t hide or dodge his gaze, instead, her bright eyes suddenly narrowed into a smile as she nodded to Su Lin.

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