Top Quality Beauty Cultivation System Chapter 31: Another Bet

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Su Lin took his seat. Once it was past 7:11 AM, other students started to arrive in class. Just like Qin Yanran, when they entered the class and saw the “King of Lateness” Su Lin had arrived early, they were startled and wondered if the sun rose from the west today?

Today was the day for the result announcement. During the two-day examination time, the students weren’t the only ones who couldn’t relax. The teachers of Grade 3 also couldn’t slack as they had to mark the results overnight. This was the last mock exam before the College Entrance Examination, and the Examination was only 10 days away. Basically, this test score will determine a student’s College Entrance Examination score.

Usually, those dark horses who don’t do well on the mock exams but soar in the College Entrance Exam are few. Most students are normal and give their all as they are anxious to display their capabilities. Therefore, no matter if one is a teacher or a student’s guardian, they will be looking at the student’s result in this mock exam.

“Ah! Li’l Lin, what drug did you take today? How come you arrived so early?”

At 7:30 AM, Su Lin’s desk-mate Li Hao entered the classroom. Putting down his book bag, he touched Su Lin’s forehead, “You wouldn’t be having a fever, right?”

“Screw you, Li’l Hao, do you look down on me so much? Isn’t it all because I am diligent?”

Su Lin was depressed in his heart. Just because he was normally late, there wasn’t a need to look at him like he was a monster when he arrived an hour early, was there?

“Diligent? Li’l Lin, you wouldn’t be serious about what you said the day before yesterday, right? Did you really start studying to pursue Qin Yanran?”

Li Hao was a bit surprised. One could say he and Su Lin were buddies of the same pants, so was it possible for him to not know what kind of person Su Lin was and what diligence he had?

“What’s wrong? Li’l Hao, you don’t believe me?”

“Trust! As your brother, I unconditionally support you to chase after the prettiest girl in class. Although the road is long and the end is not in sight, it won’t be too late if you work hard. But you know, the class flower and you made the bet that you would enter the top 50 of the grade, can you do it?”

In the face of Li Hao’s questioning, Su Lin knew he couldn’t convince him with words, so he simply smiled and said with a tone of mystery, “Whether I can or not, won’t you know ones the result is out today?”

“Not knowing good from bad! Su Lin, did you really think of yourself as a genius? ‘You’ want to make it to the top 50 of the grade? With your trash result, it would already be a miracle if you made it to the top 300 from your bottom 100-200 ranks.”

Someone ridiculed. It was Su Lin’s Class Leader Secretary Assistant, Li Yan. He was the second-best scholastic student in Su Lin’s class and had always been behind Qin Yanran. Naturally, he was also one of Qin Yanran’s pursuer, but he didn’t dare confess to Qin Yanran because of his family status and results. That was why he was very scornful of Su Lin’s behavior and public confession the day before yesterday. So his words were spoken in a sour tone.

“Li Yan, what did you say? How dare you look down on others? Don’t think you are a bigshot just because you take second place!”

Without needing for Su Lin to speak, Li Hao slammed the table and shot back at Li Yan.

“Yo! Li’l Hao, is this how you talk to your cousin?”

Raising his eyebrows, Li Yan slightly smiled and looked at Li Hao disdainfully. Indeed, Li Yan and Li Hao were cousins. Li Yan’s father is Li Hao’s uncle. Li Yan was born just a month before Li Hao, but he had always acted like a Big Brother from infancy to maturity. In addition, his academic records have always been good, therefore the family loved Li Yan, leaving Li Hao to himself.

“It’s alright, Li’l Hao, let him be! In a while, the result will be out and it will be clear whether I can enter the top 50 or not.”

Su Lin held Li Hao back. He knew, from the first year of high school, Li Hao had had contradictions with his cousin Li Yan and his group in class.

“Su Lin, you sure have a lot of self-confidence. Since you like to boast so much… let’s see what you will do when your boasting comes to bite you back! Hahaha…”

Li Yan deliberately raised his tone, letting the entire class listen to him ridicule Su Lin. The classmates looked at him, everyone remembering the words Su Lin had said the day before yesterday and his “lofty ambitions.” But was it that easy to enter the top 50 of the grade?

In the entire Jian’an First High, there were 10 classes in the 3rd Grade. For the students who enter the top 50, on average, every class will have 5 of them. That meant Su Lin must be second in Grade 3 Class 2 if he wanted to be in the top 50.

But currently, it wasn’t wrong to say Su Lin was in the last 10 of the entire class. It was nothing short of a fantasy story to say he would rise from the bottom to the top 5.

Except for Su Lin himself, no one believed that Su Lin had the ability to rise to the top. Everyone was waiting for Su Lin to become a joke, especially those boys who adored Qin Yanran. They were glad to see Su Lin boast to his own demise. After all, who let him eat leopard gals and dare to put his mind on Qin Yanran?

This was human nature. When one sees what others have done and want to do, they will be jealous and wish for the other to fail.

“Li Yan, don’t you dare go too far! Since Li’l Lin said he can score, he can certainly score. Don’t think you are the only guy with a good score in our class!”

Seeing that everyone was waiting for Su Lin to make a joke of himself, Li Hao couldn’t stand it and stood up for Su Lin.

“With your rotten results, you actually daydream of soaring to the sky? How laughable! Oh, how laughable!”

Seeing that he had enraged Li Hao, Li Yan felt great in his heart. Su Lin, on the other hand, was moved by Li Hao’s actions. He knew Li Hao didn’t really believe he would be able to score into the top 50 of the grade, but because they are buddies, even if he (Su Lin) was boasting, Li Hao would definitely take his side.

“Li Yan, since you are so sure I won’t score into the top 50, do you dare gamble with me?”

Since Li Hao defended him so much, Su Lin also wanted to take the opportunity to help him out.

“Oh! It seems you can’t accept the truth anymore and decided to prove yourself by gambling. For what, to suffer a crushing defeat? Good, I will bet with you. If you can enter the top 50, I, Li Yan, will apologize to you in front of everyone and call you Big Brother thrice. But if you lost, you must acknowledge before everyone that you were boasting, acknowledge that you are a toad wanting to eat swan meat. And… Later, you can’t harass our Class Leader Qin Yanran in any form…”

While speaking, Li Yan intentionally raised his voice at the end and turned his head towards Qin Yanran so she would hear. He wanted to take this opportunity to show his face in front of Qin Yanran.

“Alright, if I lose, I will do it. But if you lose, you can’t just get away so lightly. Not only do I want you to apologize to me, but I also want you to apologize to Li’l Hao and call him Big Brother three times.”

Su Lin readily agreed to Li Yan’s conditions, but also raised his own conditions. Indeed, he was going to help Li’l Hao vent his anger, while also knocking Li Yan down his pedestal.

“What? You want me to call this brat Big Brother? No way, I am his elder cousin. Making me call his Big Brother, that’s absolutely impossible…”

Li Yan immediately refused. But after thinking about it, he realized it was impossible for him to lose. Since he couldn’t lose, the conditions weren’t that unacceptable. Therefore, Li Yan’s complexion immediately returned to normal as he said to Su Lin with a laugh, “Su Lin, I accept your condition. However, if you lose, you must accept an additional condition. Li Hao must call me Big Brother thrice before everyone.”

Because their ages are close, Li Hao had been stubborn since childhood and was always rude to Li Yan. No matter what one did, making Li Hao call Li Yan Big Brother was absolutely impossible. He would rather die than relent.

“Alright! There’s no issue.”

Seeing Li Hao take the bait, the corners of Su Lin’s mouth slightly curled upwards, flashing a happy smiling face. However, Li Hao, who was nearby, couldn’t smile like him. After Li Yan went back, his face changed and he said to Su Lin with a pained expression, “Li’l Lin, my buddy, I boasted together with you and now I am going to suffer with you. After a while, the boasting is going to be blown out, and then I will be blown to the Heaven…”

Until now, Li Hao still didn’t believe Su Lin could enter the top 50.

“Rest assured, Li’l Hao, how can I harm you? You can just sit down and wait for that Li Yan to call you Big Brother!”

Su Lin crossed his hands before his chest with a light smile. Just at this time, the class bell rang and Teacher Lin Qingxue walked in, wearing high heels and holding a stack of English papers.

“Teacher Lin is so beautiful today. Li’l Lin, did you see Teacher Lin’s face is rosy today? Previously, her face was a bit pale, but today, her face looks so good and ruddy.”

Although Li Hao was afraid of Lin Qingxue just like the former Su Lin, he still commented on Lin Qingxue’s dress together with Su Lin. When Su Lin heard Li Hao’s words, he smugly smiled in his heart, “Let me tell you, it’s because I taught Teacher Lin masturbation yesterday evening, letting her complexion become so good!”

Although Su Lin never paid much attention to special magazines and papers, he had still heard experts say when men or women properly released their desires in that regard, whether it is through love or loneliness, they gain many benefits. Of course, they should pay attention to the frequency. If they do it too frequently, it will only be harmful.

Lin Qingxue, on the other hand, didn’t have her previous serious mentality when she entered the class and found Su Lin staring at her. She realized that as Su Lin stared at her, her heartbeat inexplicably started to jump and became quicker and quicker. Also, remembering the events from yesterday evening, and that feeling of wanting to stop but couldn’t stop, her mood suddenly seethed and she became excited.

But this was in the classroom! She, Lin Qingxue, was their English teacher and the class in charge. As a teacher, she must be calm and serious. Remembering this in her heart, Lin Qingxue closed her eyes and took a heavy breath. Slowly exhaling, she stood on the podium, put down the English papers in her hands, and felt her mood calm down.

Lin Qingxue didn’t dare look at Su Lin’s devastating gaze. She could only deliberately evade his eyes and look at other places. Adjusting her mood, she cleared her throat and loudly said to the class, “Students, yesterday and the day before, we conducted the last mock exam. The teachers have worked overnight and already scored the exam papers. Although the difficulty of this exam has increased, I have discovered that our students have improved as well and they have the capability to face the difficult College Entrance Examination!”

The result was already out. Su Lin never thought that the result of this mock exam would be announced so quickly. According to the past experience, Lin Qingxue was going to start announcing the grades and rankings of the students. At this moment, Su Lin felt a sharp gaze staring at him. He turned his head to look and it turned out to be Li Yan with his wretched expression waiting to see a show.

Lin Qingxue opened the result list to look. She had just received this from the Headmaster and hadn’t had the time to look. However, now was the time to see. According to the convention, she looked at the top rankings of her class and was immediately shocked.

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