Top Quality Beauty Cultivation System Chapter 30: Anticipating The Results

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“Finished! I can not explain this to mom at all! Mom will not believe no matter what I say. The key point is that Su Lin is my student. With mom’s temperament, she will scold me to death, saying… saying I am an old ox eating tender grass…”


The door of the bedroom was opened by Mother Lin, while Lin Qingxue covered her eyes. In her heart, she was rapidly thinking of what to say to her mother.

“Eh? There’s no one? Did I really guess wrong?”

Pushing the door open, Wu Qiaoying was stunned. The bedroom was empty with no one in sight except for a bed and pillow. Obviously, Lin Qingxue lived here alone.

“Mom, didn’t I tell you already? There’s no man in my room. Let alone a man, there isn’t even a male mosquito here.”

Lin Qingxue had previously seen Su Lin enter the bedroom to hide, yet now, Su Lin was not here. Clearly, he was hiding in the only closet in the apartment. Only there was enough space for a person to hide.

“Humph! Mother thought you finally straightened out and found yourself a man. Yet, it seems you are still a disappointment. Qingxue, you are already 24. The older a woman, the less valuable she becomes with the years. From the time you graduated from university, it has already been three years.”

Mother Lin sighed as she spoke, but she still looked around the bedroom suspiciously.

“Alright, alright, mom, I already understand. It’s not like I told you I was never going to find a boyfriend or get married for life. It’s just that, matters like love and marriage depend on the affinity between people. It’s no use being anxious. What do the old sages say? When the time is right, the world will be bright! Mom, you must be hungry, right? I will go and make breakfast for you.”

Afraid that her mom will find Su Lin hiding in the closet, Lin Qingxue quickly pushed her mother to the living room while explaining.

Lin Qingxue had guessed correctly, Su Lin was indeed in the large closet. When Su Lin hid in the bedroom, he had already considered the possibility of Mother Lin entering the bedroom. Therefore, he had already hidden in the big closet in the bedroom.

The big closet was not too big though, and it had all of Lin Qingxue’s clothing. But when Su Lin counted the total number of clothing Lin Qingxue had inside the closet, he realized that there were only a few sets of formal wear, one or two sets of ordinary casual wear, while the rest were Lin Qingxue’s underwear and panties. Compared to other women, it could be said that Lin Qingxue was lacking in the amount of clothing.

“No wonder I never saw Teacher Lin change her style even once in the last three years. Not only does she have such a few sets of clothes, but they are also all of the same style.”

Inside the narrow space of the closet, Su Lin was squeezed and had to lower his head and suppress his panic. It smelled very nice inside, though. The entire closet was full of a sweet aroma. The fragrance was very similar to Lin Qingxue and was Lin Qingxue’s unique taste. Though faint, it was very nice and addictive.

“Eh! How come Teacher Lin’s bras and panties are so generic?”

Although he was hiding in the closet, Su Lin’s hands weren’t idle. He was gently turning and feeling Lin Qingxue’s underwear inside the closet. What he didn’t expect was that the underwear was quite traditional, having no appeal and monotonous.

As he flipped stuff without much caution, his elbow hit the wall of the closet, producing a bang!

“What’s that sound?”

Just when she left the room, Mother Lin heard this sound. Immediately, her attention focused on the big closet in the bedroom.

“Qingxue, you go and make breakfast first! Mother will tidy up the closet for you.”

Obviously, Mother Lin had already thought that someone was hiding in the closet, so she made up an excuse.

“There’s no need! Mom, my clothes are arranged very neatly.”

Lin Qingxue knew what her mother was thinking, so she tried to prevent her. But Mother Lin had already gotten suspicious, so it was difficult to prevent her as she walked over to open the closet.

“Damn! Screw me for moving around too much…”

Inside the closet, Su Lin naturally heard the dialogue between the mother and daughter and knew that Mother Lin was going to open the closet and going to discover him soon.

“Oh, right, I can stop time! That way, I can run away.”

The current circumstance was quite dire. Su Lin noticed that the number in the top-right corner of his vision was now 60. After the time went past midnight, the number had automatically increased by 60 seconds.

“Mom, don’t open it… Don’t open… I… I will tell you everything…”

With sweat flowing down her forehead, Lin Qingxue closed her eyes and was prepared to confess everything to her mother. But before she could speak more, her mother had opened the closet door.

Inside the closet, there was no one except for clothes. However, the clothes inside were in a mess, seemed to have been piled up carelessly.

“You damn girl, so this is why you were so anxious. Look at the situation inside your closet, it’s like a chicken coop. As a good family’s girl, even if you live alone you have to be more refined. You should clean up inside and outside thoroughly.”

Saying this, Mother Lin started to arrange Lin Qingxue’s closet.

“Su Lin isn’t inside?”

Looking at the messy clothes in front of her, Lin Qingxue was sure Su Lin was hiding inside before. Otherwise, how could her clothes turn into such a mess? But where did Su Lin hide now?

“Haa… That was close. It isn’t suitable for me to stay here any longer. My ability’s time was only 60 seconds, and now there are only 40 seconds left. It seems getting 60 seconds every day is not enough.”

After pausing time for tens of seconds, Su Lin finally slipped out of the closet and arrived in the living room. He wanted to leave the place immediately, but he was still wearing Lin Qingxue’s pajamas, so he went to the bathroom to get his clothes. However, he found out that Lin Qingxue had already washed his clothes last night, dried them, and hung them under the sun on the balcony.

“I never thought there would be a day Teacher Lin would wash my clothes.”

Looking at the pant and shirt hanging in the balcony, Su Lin felt happy and satisfied in his heart, feeling as if Lin Qingxue had really turned into his young wife.

“The quicker I can put on the clothes, the faster I can leave. Otherwise, if all of the ability time is used up, I really won’t know what to do.”

While Lin Qingxue and Mother Lin were in the bedroom, Su Lin didn’t dare stay here too long. Rapidly changing into his clothes, he opened the door and quietly left Lin Qingxue’s apartment.

“Yesterday was really too exciting and enjoyable.”

After leaving Lin Qingxue’s apartment, Su Lin’s taut nerves finally relaxed. Recalling the experience from yesterday to today, he felt an endless excitement. Although there were a lot of thrilling moments, in the end, he still ended up as a hero who saved the damsel in distress. Moreover, he almost pushed Teacher Lin down. What’s more, he got to personally teach Teacher Lin how to relieve herself! How could Su Lin not be excited?

After having breakfast at a roadside stall, he arrived at school. Unexpectedly, it wasn’t even 7 o’clock yet. It could be said today is the earliest Su Lin ever came to high school.

Walking to the door of Grade Three Class Two, Su Lin could hear the voice of a student’s reading.

“Someone has already come to class so early?”

The voice was crisp, pleasant to hear, and quite familiar. Su Lin entered the classroom and saw Qin Yanran.

“Su Lin?”

Qin Yanran had just arrived in class for a short while and started to read when she saw Su Lin arriving so early and gawked.

As yesterday was the last test, many students were now relaxing, giving themselves a vacation, sleeping late, or not coming to class early. However, Qin Yanran treated herself strictly. As usual, she left for school at 6 o’clock sharp, arrived in class, and started to do an early review. Therefore, even though it was close to 7 o’clock, Qin Yanran was the only one in Grade 3 Class 2.

However now, Su Lin turned out to be the second person in the class. Indeed, it wasn’t anyone else, but Su Lin who often rushed into the class when the bell started to ring. Su Lin, who is late every day, had unexpectedly arrived so early today.

“Don’t tell me… Could it be that Su Lin was doing it for me? He really started to study seriously?”

Qin Yanran’s ear echoed with the words Su Lin had said in front of hundreds of students that day, “Qin YanRan, today I, Su Lin confess to you! I know you will reject me, you will never look at someone like me! But you just wait, I, Su Lin, will certainly become an exceptional person, better than anyone else on the scene! Why? Because… I like you!”

Because a person likes someone, they will change themselves, pay attention to the one they like. Before cherishing oneself, a person will work hard for the one they like, doing everything they can.

Without saying a word, Qin Yanran calmly raised her head and quietly watched Su Lin enter the classroom. Looking at the dark circles under Su Lin’s eyes caused by a lack of sleep, a complex feeling she wasn’t familiar with welled up in her heart. Qin Yanran discovered that her heart was somewhat moved by this former “poor student” whom she had never paid much attention to.

For the first time, Su Lin saw Qin Yanran take the initiative to look at him, making him feel somewhat unnatural. In particular, Su Lin felt that Qin Yanran’s eyes were a bit strange today. Unlike the previous cold and sharp expression, her eyes seemed to be a little gentle today.

“Class… Class Leader… Is there something on my face?”

Arriving in front of Qin Yanran, Su Lin stared at her beautiful face and asked a bit unnaturally.


Hurriedly turning her head away, Qin Yanran thought she had been too rude, staring at a boy’s face like that. Moreover, she stared for such a long time. She was not like herself.

The atmosphere became a bit awkward. Su Lin also reprimanded himself for saying such inappropriate words. He couldn’t help but change the subject, “Class Leader, the results of the exam subjects will be announced over the next two days. At the latest, the grade ranking will also come out the day after tomorrow. When the time comes… Our agreements, will it still stand?”

“So long as you make it into the top 50 of the grade, the agreement will stand.”

Qin Yanran didn’t dare look Su Lin in the eyes. Her reply was also spoken in a weak voice. Suddenly, she thought in her heart, “Su Lin mentioned this matter again. Is he really confident he will be able to score into the top 50 of the grade?”

Qin Yanran was a little worried, but she discovered that, for some reason, she was also anticipating to see Su Lin’s result and if he will really rise. Even if he can’t enter the top 50 of the grade, it will still be good if he stepped into the top 100!

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