Top Quality Beauty Cultivation System Chapter 3: Su Lin, You Satyr!

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As Su Lin willed in his mind, time stopped once more.

Everything around him became still. Even the air around him felt solidified. In the face of such a strange scene, Su Lin didn’t panic like before. On the contrary, his heart was filled with ecstasy at this moment.

“Time truly stopped! Did I make time stop? I have the superpowers to pause time…”

In the static world, Su Lin suddenly saw a string of figures at the top-right corner of his vision. The bright red characters unceasingly changed with a beat.

“20… 19… 18…”

It appeared similar to the countdown of a stopwatch, decreasing with each second passed.

After a few seconds, the number had decreased to 13, yet Su Lin still didn’t know what the numbers meant. While the time around him stood still, Su Lin looked towards the students frozen in the classroom. Next, he looked towards the School Flower Qin YanRan standing before him.

Just like others, Qin YanRan wasn’t an exception and stood on her spot, static. At this moment, Qin YanRan’s brows knitted together, her cherry lips pursed lightly, and she looked towards Su Lin with her eyes squinted. Her face was displaying dissatisfaction for having to wait for Su Lin’s assignment.

What attracted Su Lin’s attention was naturally her milk-white bosom behind those assignments she held to her chest. The young girl’s crisp chest might not be as round and full as a mature woman who has experienced life, but that’s what made it more alluring. The shy, fragrant, and unripe fruits hanging there tempted a man into wanting to pick them ahead of time.

“Ah! If only I could touch the milk-white bosom of our Class Leader, oh… Even if I had to take the College Entrance Exam; I will do it willingly…”

At this moment, Su Lin remembered the words Li’l Hao said. His saliva almost flowed out of his mouth, and his heart started to beat excitedly, “The crispy bosom of Ice Beauty Qin YanRan… It…, If I could fondle them… I wonder how they would feel…”

“No, no, no. Su Lin, you can’t do something so shameless! What are you gonna do if Qin YanRan found out?”

“Found out? Now, it is me who controls time! Just like at the school gate! As long as I don’t let time recover, how will Qin YanRan even discover it?”


Su Lin was having a great war in his heart right now. If he said he didn’t want to caress her twin peaks… that would be an absolute lie. The temptation was just too great. Su Lin, filled with curiosity, intense fantasies, and urges in puberty hitting him, how could Su Lin resist such enticement?

“I…, I will touch them once and then restore time to normal! I will act as if nothing happened!”

Finally, Su Lin could no longer resist the devil. Swallowing his saliva, he looked towards the still Qin YanRan, and slowly stretched his “filthy pig trotters,” reaching towards the soft, fluffy peaks of Qin YanRan.

Peng Peng Peng…

Though time and space were still, Su Lin felt the entire world move as his heart fiercely beat. Su Lin immediately closed his mouth, daring not to say anything. He felt his heart was going to jump out his throat.

Reaching further slowly and gently, Su Lin, at this time, felt Qin YanRan to be a beautiful piece of art. Soon, he could touch and appreciate the majesty of this art.

Su Lin gulped as his pupils dilated. His eyes stared into the Ice Beauty’s eyes. For three years, the beauty ignored every boy, making every boy in Jian’an First High to fantasize about her. And today, Su Lin got the opportunity to be in such close contact with the unreachable Ice Goddess. How could he not feel excited? How could his beastly blood not tempt him into touching her?

In his excitement, Su Lin failed to notice the bright red countdown reach 5 seconds as it kept on decreasing.


Su Lin’s hand was about to bump into Qin YanRan.


Slightly moving the English assignments to the side, Su Lin put his hands behind them and let it enter without any politeness.


Turning his hand a bit, Su Lin stretched his palm, clawed his five fingers, and gently grabbed.


So soft, Ah! But even when he gripped her peak with his big hand, Su Lin couldn’t grasp the softness entirely. Qin YanRan’s bosom overflowed in his hand. He hadn’t expected Qin YanRan to be almost reaching C-cup.

As Su Lin was fondling Qin YanRan’s haughty bosom, the decreasing indicator flashed, suddenly increasing the value from 2 to 7, unexpectedly incrementing it by 5.

However, how could Su Lin have the time to notice a change like that? As he enjoyed the softness, he instinctively rubbed and kneaded it into various shapes. He felt as if he was dreaming.








Unbeknownst to him, the number that just increased to 7, depleted at the same pace and turned to a big 0. As soon as it changed to 0, Su Lin felt a chill pass his heart.

“What does this… 0 mean? And… this feeling… why is it similar to that time when everything resumed at the school gate in the morning? But I didn’t ask for time to recover? Could it be… the number that changed to 0… was the time limit I could stop time for? I am finished… if the time recovered… then… my hand…”

Time must flow normally, but Su Lin’s hand was still inside Qin YanRan’s collar. If Qin YanRan discovered it, then with all the classmates present here, Ah!! The consequence wouldn’t be small…

Thinking till here, it took Su Lin less than a second to realize the gravity of the situation. Su Lin immediately stopped fondling her, and then pulled his hand away from Qin YanRan’s chest.

The moment Su Lin took his hand away, time returned to normal. Then, in the classroom of Third Year Class 2, the scene of the bold Su Lin daring to extend his hand towards the School Flower Qin YanRan’s chest happened. It was good that Su Lin halted his movements before he could take any advantage.

In the eyes of the others, that’s how Su Lin’s actions appeared. Instead of taking his hand back, he appeared to be reaching towards Qin YanRan’s sacred lands.


Su Lin was just sitting on his chair, but her shriek scared him into standing up, while his frozen hand went forward, and grabbed Qin YanRan’s chest. Qin YanRan was stunned and didn’t know what to do. She threw away the assignments as she shouted, and backed away in a flurry.

“Ah! Not good…”

Su Lin felt his heart sink under great pressure and soon discerned that he was going to die. This time, he actually did it before everyone in the class. He touched the School Flower in front of everyone. Su Lin originally wanted to rely on his ability to manipulate time and obtain some cheap advantage, but who would have known there was a damned time limit to it. Now, as he felt the stares from everyone in the class, Su Lin didn’t know how he could show his face. He wanted to drill into the ground and bury himself inside.

What to do? What am I gonna do?

At this time, Su Lin was utterly confused. Right now, he knew even Gods couldn’t save him. Qin YanRan’s high-pitched scream sounded like the declaration of his death sentence, making him even more apprehensive.

All the English were assignments was scattered on the floor with a thud. All this looked even more magnificent with everyone’s attention gathered towards him.

“I… Me… Class Leader Ma’am, I will help you pick…”

Su Lin hurriedly lowered his head and squatted down, helping Qin YanRan to reorganize the scattered English assignments on the ground. He wanted to avoid those stares as much as possible.

However, after this scene, all the male students in the class started to stir chaos as if they feared nothing in the world.

“Yo… Su Lin, you brat. Who would have expected that a nerd who never spoke much in the class is actually so brave! You even dare to eat Ma’am Class Leader’s tofu…” {TL Note: Eating Tofu means taking cheap advantage of someone.}

“Su Lin, Ah, Su Lin! Great, you are truly great! Now you just wait for your death…” {TL Note: Death refers to a good thrashing, not actual death.}

“Oh… Su Lin… I never expected someone with an innocent face like you would be…”


In the eyes of everyone present, the moment time restored, Su Lin’s action was to reach out to Qin YanRan’s chest and grab them. If they knew Su Lin inserted his hand into the valley, fondled it, rubbed it, and kneaded it, enjoying to his heart’s content, their envy would certainly make them kill him in hatred.

“Li’l Lin… Great. I am proud to have you as my deskmate. A buddy like you who dares do what no one in the world ever did! Don’t worry! I will be proud of you! You can rest in pieces! After living for 18 years, you finally became a real man. After having such intimate contact with the Class Leader, one can die without regret! If you have any final words, you can speak them now., I will help you bring them back home…”

Li Hao also stood up. Patting Su Lin on his shoulder, he said with a sigh full of regret.

Su Lin didn’t raise his head and kept on reorganizing the English assignments. At the same time, his brain was churning at a rapid pace, thinking of some countermeasure. At this time, he really wanted to suspend time and flee from this scene. However, he tried to stop time in his heart again and again, but it failed to have any effect.

Only then did Su Lin finally understood what that big, bright red ‘0’ in the corner of his vision meant. He was now sure the previous two times he paused ‘Time’ wasn’t a dream.

“Ah! What am I gonna do now? I can’t even suspend time anymore… How am I going to face the whole class, how am I going to face Qin YanRan?”

In a disturbed mood, Su Lin’s heart jumped even wildly. Tidying up the English assignments, Su Lin handed them over to Qin YanRan fearfully.

Qin YanRan took over the English assignments from Su Lin’s hand. Su Lin had steeled his heart to welcome a fierce slap from her, but what he hadn’t expected was Qin YanRan’s reaction. Qin YanRan smiled as she received the assignments, and said to him, “Schoolmate Su Lin, thank you for helping me! Just now, I know I wasn’t holding the assignments stably. I know you were trying to help me hold the papers by reaching out your hand…”

Huuuh? Did Qin YanRan really pardon me just now?

Su Lin fiercely shook his head and determined he had not misunderstood. Was it really like that? Did Qin YanRan actually think he was helping her hold the assignments?

As Qin YanRan said those words very loudly, everyone in the class heard her. After the boys listened, they were disappointed. They were not too close, so they didn’t see it all clearly. They were only trying to look cool and haughty. Now that they heard the ‘real situation’ from Qin YanRan herself, they lost all interest in ridiculing Su Lin. One by one, they all went back to study.

“No… no need for thanks… Class Leader Ma’am…”

When Su Lin saw the issue get solved by Qin YanRan, he felt his heart grow light. It felt as if a massive stone was lifted off his heart. Looking at Qin YanRan’s expression, it appeared she indeed thought he was helping her.

Just when Su Lin’s heart calmed a bit, he heard Qin YanRan’s chilly voice, making his heart jump again. Her expression was dark as she said to Su Lin with gritted teeth, “Su Lin, you Satyr!”

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