Top Quality Beauty Cultivation System Chapter 29: Mom, There’s No Man In My Room!

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Dawn of the new day.

Even though it was still 5 or 6 in the morning, many early-rising aunties living in the Jinhua Community were rushing to the market to buy groceries.

Tok! Tok! Tok!

Footsteps sounded. Dragging her exhausted body that lacked sleep out of the taxi, Wu Qiaoying finally arrived at the Jinhua Community where her daughter, Lin Qingxue, lived.

“Apartment C-302, that’s the one. This damned chick, I already informed her I would be arriving at Jian’an through the 4 o’clock train in the morning, so she could pick me up at the station! Even after waiting for half a day, she didn’t come over, nor is she answering her telephone. She must have forgotten about this matter.”

Angrily, Wu Qiaoying put the bag in her hand near the door and started to deliberately bang on the door, instead of pushing the doorbell button.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The banging on the door was quite loud, clearly ringing throughout the apartment.

“Who… Who is knocking on the door so early in the morning…”

Su Lin, who was lying on the sofa and lost in a sweet dream, woke up in confusion and muttered to himself. However, when his eyes opened and he looked at the unfamiliar environment around him, an explosion went on in his head as he sobered up.

“Am I not home? This is… Right! This is Teacher Lin’s house. Yesterday evening, we…”

Tapping his head, he recalled the events of last night. Immediately, Su Lin sat on the sofa with a fright, “I remember now! Yesterday, I rescued Teacher Lin and brought her home. As Teacher Lin was drugged with an aphrodisiac by Liu Yuanfeng, her body was uncomfortable and we almost… Fortunately, I was able to teach Teacher Lin how to relieve herself in the bathroom… Later, I, on the sofa…”

Thinking ’till here, Su Lin was stunned as his memories came to a halt at this point. He couldn’t recall what happened later.

“I took Teacher Lin’s silk stockings to masturbate on the sofa, and then… why can’t I think further? Could it be… I was too tired, fell asleep, and then got caught?”

Looking down at the blanket covering his body, Su Lin muttered to himself, “Did Teacher Lin cover me with this blanket? Then… didn’t she see everything? She must know I used her stockings to…”

As he was thinking, Su Lin felt the trousers he wore were quite uncomfortable, and his underwear wasn’t oriented correctly either. The trousers were not the ones he wore before either. To top it off, the sofa was clean and there was only this additional blanket on him. Where was there any silk stockings?

“Over, everything’s over! Teacher Lin certainly knows. What am I going to do now? What will Teacher Lin think of me?”

Su Lin thought his image in Teacher Lin’s eyes had been thoroughly ruined. But it seems Teacher Lin didn’t have a very good impression of him before either.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The banging on the door continued, bringing Su Lin back to reality as he looked at the clock on the wall. It was 5:50 in the morning. He was surprised and said, “It’s so early, how come someone is knocking on Teacher Lin’s door? Teacher Lin lives alone, and she doesn’t have a boyfriend either!”

“Damned lass, it’s already 6 o’clock, yet you are still sleeping?”

When she didn’t receive any answer even after knocking several times, Wu Qiaoying paused. After that, she banged on the door even harder and also shouted towards the house, “Qingxue, you damned girl, hurry up and open the door. I am already angry that you didn’t come to the station, now you aren’t even opening the door for your mother.”

“What? This old woman knocking and shouting at the door so early in the morning is Teacher Lin’s mother?”

Su Lin, who was planning to open the door, suddenly jumped with fright, “What do I do? Isn’t Teacher Lin from the provincial capital of Fuzhou? Why did her mother rush here so early? What do I do now? If I was discovered by Teacher Lin’s mother, then… Then I will certainly not be able to explain…”

Can’t open the door. It would be better to die than to open the door!

But, if he didn’t open the door, should he keep Teacher Lin’s mother standing outside the door?

Su Lin was getting anxious. If he opened the door, it was trouble; if he didn’t open the door, it was still trouble! What was he going to do now?

“What to do? What to do?”

Su Lin was so anxious he was on the verge of collapsing. Scratching his head, he tried to think of a way out. On the other hand, Lin Qingxue was also awoken by the pounding on the door. With her loose pajamas, messy hair, and half-closed eyes, she opened the bedroom door, stretched her body and walked to the living room.


Lin Qingxue was still not fully awake. Arriving at the living room as usual, how was it possible for her not to be scared after seeing a grown man like Su Lin. Hurriedly holding together her loose pajamas and covering her chest, she cried out, “Su Lin, why are you at my house?”

“Teacher Lin, you…have you forgotten? Last night, I brought you back!”

Su Lin was stunned. It was hard for him to fathom just how Teacher Lin forgot yesterday’s events?

“Last night? Did you bring me back home? I… Let me think.”

With Su Lin’s reminder, Lin Qingxue racked her brain and thought about last night. In an instant, Lin Qingxue’s face turned crimson. She remembered how she asked Su Lin to teach her masturbation when she was in the bathroom, and how comfortable that feeling was.

Seeing Lin Qingxue’s face that was red to the root of her neck, Su Lin knew she had remembered everything from last night. Being stared at by him, Lin Qingxue lowered her head in embarrassment. At this time, her shy appearance made her appear like a charming snow lotus.

The atmosphere turned a bit awkward. But after a few more seconds, Mother Lin, Wu Qiaoying, had already grown impatient and shouted, “Qingxue, you dead chick, open the door!”

“Ah? Mom!”

Lin Qingxue remembered just now that her mother was coming to Jian’an to see her. The train was to arrive at 4 o’clock, and she had planned to get up early and meet her mother at the station. Who would have known things would go awry yesterday, making her completely forget this matter?

“That, I… Sorry, mom, I will open the door immediately…”

Hurrying over to the door, Lin Qingxue twisted the doorknob and opened the door a bit when she saw Su Lin still standing there, “Su Lin is here, and I am only wearing my pajamas. It’s only 6 o’clock in the morning, so what will mom think if she saw him here?”

“What took you half a day to just open a door. Lass, did you sleep to your death? Mother has been shouting for a long time…”

As the door opened, Mother Lin was about to come inside, when Lin Qingxue violently shut the door again.

“Su Lin, what are you still doing here? My mom is here, we can’t let her see you… you hurry and find a place to hide!”

Lin Qingxu was anxious as she pushed back on the door and rapidly urged Su Lin in a low voice.

“Ah… Oh… Hide… I will hide…”

Su Lin responded in a fluster and quickly ran into Lin Qingxue’s bedroom. The bedroom was the only place he could hide in.

“Lin Qingxue! What do you mean by this you damned lass? You didn’t open the door after such a long time, and now you open the door only to shut it again. Since you don’t want mother to come inside, mother will never come to see you again!”

Su Lin had already hidden in the bedroom, while Mother Lin outside had flown into a rage. As Lin Qingxue confirmed Su Lin had hidden, she breathed a sigh of relief and opened the door to greet her raging mother.

“Mom… Mom… I am sorry. I stayed up late last night correcting test papers, so I ended up sleeping too much today and forgot to pick you up. After I got up, my head was still in a daze…”

Lin Qingxue immediately put on an innocent and pitiful face. Taking the bag from her mother’s hand, she ushered her mother to enter the apartment.

“Hmph! Qingxue, now that you have grown up, your wings have hardened! How long has it been since you last returned home?”

As soon as she entered the apartment, Mother Lin, Wu Qiaoying, started to speak.

“Mom, didn’t I tell you already the class this year is the graduating class? The children have preserved in their studies for several years, and this year is the most essential one. I am their class in charge, so I have to work hard, preventing me from casually asking for leave to go home. Also, aren’t you doing well in Fuzhou? I was thinking of going back home to stay for two months once the College Entrance Examination ended! Who would have thought you would be so impatient and run over to see me.”

In reality, seeing her mother come to see her by crossing rivers and mountains while sitting on a train throughout the night, Lin Qingxue’s heart was touched. She knew that although her mother was famous for having a sharp tongue, her heart was different. Though her mother wasn’t forgiving when she spoke, her heart was soft on the inside.

“Forget it, forget, no need for you to speak. Mom is in a hurry to go to the toilet. That broken train didn’t even have a toilet. Your mother is already feeling harmed by having to suppress…”

After putting down her stuff, Mother Lin quickly went to the bathroom and didn’t even lock the door.

Before long, Mother Lin walked out of the bathroom with a sullen face while holding a dirty black silk stocking with a white sticky liquid on it. Squinting her eyes at Lin Qingxue, she said, “Dead chick, I was just wondering why you didn’t open the door for so long! Last night, was there a man who spent the night in the house?”

“Ah? That is… Heaven! How could I forget? Last night, I just took it from Su Lin and threw it in the bathroom, now it was seen by mother.”

Lin Qingxue thought about it and remembered. After she came out of the bathroom yesterday, she saw Su Lin had taken her silk stockings and relieved himself using them, falling asleep after. She was angry and ashamed. But when she saw Su Lin sleeping with a satisfied smile, she couldn’t bring herself to wake him up. After helping Su Lin put on his underwear and pajamas, she then threw the dirty stockings in the bin clothing bin in the bathroom.

But who would have thought Mother Lin will come over the next day? Moreover, she immediately went to the bathroom and discovered the black silk stockings left behind as evidence of the crime!

“Mother, you… You have misunderstood. It’s… It’s not like…”

Lin Qingxue tried to explain herself in a fluster, but Mother Lin was a seasoned person, so how could she not be familiar with this type of thing? Moreover, she understood her daughter very well. Whenever her daughter lied, her eyes would be roaming around, not daring to look straight at someone.

“I misunderstood? That man is still in the house, right? Where is he hiding? Qingxue, are you going to call him out, or should mother drag him out?”

Mother Lin spoke aggressively and unreasonably. When she saw that Lin Qingxue still didn’t answer after she turned aggressive, she immediately rushed toward the bedroom, “He must be hiding in the bedroom! Great! Lin Qingxue, you have already found yourself a man! Something so big happened, yet you didn’t even tell mother about it?”

“Mom! Please listen to my explanation, mom… There really is no man in my room…”

Seeing her mother open the bedroom door, Lin Qingxue rushed forward but still failed to prevent her from going inside!

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