Top Quality Beauty Cultivation System Chapter 28: What?! I Should Teach You?

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The delicate nightgown was somewhat translucent already. And now that Lin Qingxue was burning all over, her fragrant sweat wet her pajamas, making it even more translucent. Especially the two red cherries on her chest, they now appeared even more firm and visible.

“Wu… Wu…”

With Su Lin’s lips holding her own so firmly, Lin Qingxue’s body went numb. An unprecedented feeling assaulted her mind, making her body lighter, and vision blurred. Out of instinct, she tightly hugged Su Lin, and her legs also clasped around Su Lin’s body.

Su Lin felt as if his blood was going to explode out. Where had Su Lin been involved in such a battle before? There was already a reaction from a certain lower body part. With the blood rushing to his brain, he no longer gave a damn about what he was doing. Just when he threw caution to the wind and decided to flip the bed over, the drinking glass on the small table got overturned and water sprinkled on the bed, splashing on Su Lin and Lin Qingxue’s face.

The splash made Su Lin and Lin Qingxue sober up. With cold water splashed on her face, Lin Qingxue recovered her senses, and she was immediately shocked by her current appearance. After thinking carefully, she remembered the entire process. Unexpectedly, she took the initiative to… to kiss Su Lin.

“Su Lin, no… We can’t be like this…”

Lin Qingxue frowned and struggled to get her reason to suppress her instincts. The hands that were hugging Su Lin were now pushing on his chest, trying to push Su Lin away. Although the actual situation appeared to be like this, Lin Qingxue’s instinct was making her want to pounce on Su Lin and melt into him.

Su Lin also sobered up and violently slapped his own face, criticizing himself for being an absolute pervert. He even dared to have ideas regarding his own class teacher; she was at least 6-7 years older than himself! On top of that, she was his English teacher! How could he do something like this! If others found out, even if he didn’t care about the consequences, Lin Qingxue’s reputation will go down the drain.

“Su Lin, hurry… go away from me… I… it’s so hot…. so uncomfortable…”

Liu Yuanfeng had drugged Lin Qingxue with an aphrodisiac back in the hotel, and now, the effects of the aphrodisiac were manifesting. Her body was numb and hot because of the drug, and with Su Lin almost riding on her, his thick manly smell suffocated her.

“Teacher Lin, you… Don’t be anxious. With how the situation is, you must have been given some aphrodisiac when you were in the hotel!”

Seeing Lin Qingxue’s reaction in front of him, even if Su Lin was more stupid, he could still tell Lin Qingxue had taken some aphrodisiac.

To not stimulate Lin Qingxue even more, Su Lin quickly got up from the bed. However, as soon as he stood up, Su Lin discovered that he was only wearing a thin, non-fitting, butterfly pajama that belonged to Lin Qingxue. His appearance was quite awkward, especially the trousers. His pillar stood erect, bearing the weight of the world. Lin Qingxue could see the tent bulging between his legs.

“Su Lin, this… I… Teacher will go take a bath again to calm down…”

Though Lin Qingxue shyly lowered her head, she was still looking at Su Lin’s crotch from the corner of her eyes. The more she looked, the hotter her face, and the more she rebuked herself in her heart. In front of her was her student, so how could she let her imagination run wild like that?

“Good… Alright… Teacher Lin, you… You go quickly. You should be good after taking a shower.”

Su Lin quickly bent his back and bowed down. This way, the tent at his crotch wouldn’t be so obvious. Lin Qingxue also immediately acted and rushed out of the bedroom, into the bathroom, and slammed shut the door.


The sound of running water sounded. Su Lin also returned to the living room. With his keen sense of hearing, not only could he hear the sound of water splashing around, but he could also hear Lin Qingxue’s faint gasping from the bathroom.

“Lin… Teacher Lin, are you better now?”

Su Lin knocked on the frosted glass door of the bathroom with some uneasiness. Lin Qingxue had already been inside the shower for half an hour.

“No… No, Su Lin, you… you are not allowed to come in.”

Through the frosted glass, Su Lin saw Lin Qingxue suddenly rush to the gate and squat against it with all her might. The shower was also thrown aside and water splashed around in all directions.

“Teacher Lin, you can rest assured that I won’t go in. It’s just that… How are you now? Are you not feeling well, still? Are the drug’s effects still not worn out? Or… I will take you to the hospital!”

Su Lin secretly sighed. He was feeling quite contradictory and entangled in his heart. Feeling the regret in his heart, he said to himself, “Damn! Such a good opportunity — if I could seize it carefully without being impulsive, graduating from being a virgin might not just be a dream!”

Lin Qingxue was silent inside the bathroom. Su Lin felt her hold her breath as if she was making an important decision. After a while, she slowly said in a timid voice, “Su Lin, Teacher’s body is still very uncomfortable, you… let me stay in the shower for a while, I might just sober up. Otherwise, I might not be able to control myself if I leave right now. If something happened to you, Teacher will not be able to forgive herself for the rest of her life. You should leave me alone to wait for the effects of the drug to wear out, you don’t have to worry about Teacher. You should quickly go to sleep, or you won’t have any energy when going to class tomorrow.”

“With you in such a condition, I would rather believe that pigs could fly, then to believe I will fall asleep!”

Su Lin bitterly smiled in his heart. He never thought he would bump into such an awkward situation tonight.

“Teacher Lin, we can’t keep on going like this. What if you have to stay inside for an entire night, wouldn’t you easily catch a cold? I heard the effects of aphrodisiacs won’t wear out until the victim has vented. How about you first wear some clothes and we can then think of some other way. If nothing works out, we will just go to the night-shift hospital.”

Although Su Lin didn’t study well, he had read a lot of those messy novels. Like the current situation, if an author wrote it in a novel, he would be beaten half-dead by the readers. What dog blood did he drink to make this up? However, facts are often more absurd than novels. Even though novels are skeptical and far-fetched, the things written inside often happen in reality.

“Then… what should I do? I will not go to the hospital, it… It’s too shameful! I am not coming out. Teacher… Teacher no longer has the face to see you. I won’t go anywhere, I am going to stay inside the bathroom.”

Now that they had arrived at this point, Su Lin didn’t expect Lin Qingxue to throw her temper like a child. Moreover, it seemed that she had made up her mind to not come out of the bathroom.

“That’s not good! Teacher Lin, you will fall ill like that. Moreover, if the drug’s efficacy does not decrease, will you hide in the bathroom for the rest of your life?”

This time, Su Lin felt helpless. It seems that no matter how old a woman is, she will still have a childish side. Teacher Lin, who usually had a cold and serious expression on her face, and dressed like a mature and serious woman, could also act like a little girl who had not grown up.

“Then… Then what do I do? Su Lin, what do you want me to do? Do you really want Teacher and you to… just what to do?”

“No, no… Teacher Lin, you can’t do it with me, but you can… you can do it yourself…”

Thinking it over, Su Lin didn’t have any good means to solve the issue. Since the aphrodisiac won’t stop until she vents, and since he can’t have that kind of relationship with Lin Qingxue, then the only thing… Then he can only make Lin Qingxue solve it herself.

“What? Do it myself… do it… do what?”

“It’s… Aiya! Teacher Lin, it is masturbation! Do you really have to make me say it out loud? Haven’t you done it before?”

Although Su Lin’s face is thick-skinned, but even he felt a bit ashamed when saying it out loud, yet Lin Qingxue still could not understand.

“Ah!? I… I haven’t!”

Lin Qingxue’s face burned hotter. Even though there was a frosted glass door between her and Su Lin, Su Lin seemed to be able to feel Lin Qingxue’s body heat through the frosted glass door.

“Eh… Teacher Lin, you really haven’t done it?”

“I… I really… really don’t. How do I do it?”

Fortunately, Lin Qingxue and Su Lin weren’t face-to-face, otherwise, just how awkward would the situation be?

“Then what should we do? Teacher Lin, let me tell you that unless you vent yourself, we can only go to the hospital. You should come out, I will send you to the hospital’s nightshift ward.”

Su Lin was thoroughly defeated now. He did not expect that his high school English teacher, Lin Qingxue, was so pure. Not only was she a maiden, she had never masturbated either.

“No, don’t… Su Lin, I… I won’t go to the hospital… Definitely won’t go to the hospital…” Lin Qingxue shook fiercely shook her head in the bathroom. If she went to the hospital, how disgraceful would that be! If her colleagues in school found out, or even the students in her class found out, how would she be able to live? Obviously, at this time, Lin Qingxue completely neglected the fact that Su Lin was also her student!

“How about… Su Lin, Su Lin, you teach me…”

As faint as a mosquito, Lin Qingxue finally pushed the words out of her mouth. If Su Lin’s current sense of hearing wasn’t extraordinally sharp, and it was someone else in his place, he would definitely not have heard her words.

“What? Teacher Lin, what do you want me to teach you?”

Hearing Lin Qingxue’s faint words, Su Lin was confused. Lin Qingxue was his teacher, so what can he teach her? Could it be… Suddenly, realization struck him.

“Teach me… You should teach me… that… masturbation…”

When she said this, Lin Qingxue’s face appeared so red it might just bleed. Fortunately, Su Lin couldn’t see it through the frosted glass door.

“This… how can I teach this? Teacher Lin, I… I won’t… I don’t… I mean, I only know how to do it myself. You… you are a woman and I only know how a man does it. How can I teach you…”

Su Lin’s mind was also in chaos, and his words were incoherent. As he thought about it, his body was faintly getting stimulated.

“Then… What do you say I should do? I… No matter what, I won’t go to the hospital…”

“This… Then, I will try. Teacher Lin, you should just follow my words and do it accordingly…”

Steeling his heart, Su Lin took a deep breath. For good or for evil, he had still watched many of the Island Country’s action movies. Even if one has never eaten pork, they still have seen pigs run, right?


Lin Qingxue reluctantly agreed.

“Teacher Lin, you, you use your finger and then…”

Su Lin desperately recalled the plots of the action films of the Island Countries that he had seen before and described them to Lin Qingxue with a thick face. Lin Qingxue, on the other hand, walked away from the frosted glass door and gradually followed Su Lin’s instructions.

“Anh… Wu…”

Getting into the mood, and listening to the low moans, Su Lin knew that Lin Qingxue had learned what to do. At this moment, Su Lin’s own tent was bulging higher and a fire was rising in his body, making him more and more uncomfortable.

“Dammit, screw it, I will also…”

He could no longer stand the moans and the atmosphere. Su Lin looked at the pair of black silk stockings that Lin Qingxue had changed, then secretly fled to the sofa. Taking the pair of silk stockings, he started moving them up and down. Listening to Lin Qingxue’s moans coming from the bathroom, he also lost himself in the mood.

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