Top Quality Beauty Cultivation System Chapter 27: Su Lin, Teacher Is Uncomfortable!

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“What did you say? Su Lin, I didn’t hear you.”

Under the sound of the blow dryer, Lin Qingxue didn’t hear Su Lin’s words.

“I said… Teacher Lin, you are so beautiful!”

Su Lin smiled and put his hands around his mouth to make a trumpet-like shape. Stretching his head forward, he faced Lin Qingxue’s ears and shouted loudly.

“Oh! Thank you, Su Lin, but you were so loud. My ears almost went deaf with shock. Quickly take a bath, I will also call your parents to tell them you are here, lest they get worried. What is your family’s phone number?”


After Su Lin said a string of digits, he entered the bathroom to take a bath. Lin Qingxue took the landline from the table and dialed the number. The call was soon picked by Mother Su. After saying several words, they hung up the call. Su Lin’s mother didn’t forget to urge Lin Qingxue to teach Su Lin well.

“Um… Such a good fragrance. The bathroom still has Teacher Lin’s taste in the air…”

Taking a deep breath, Su Lin gently closed the frosted glass door of the bathroom. He also felt his body was sticky with sweat. Directly taking off his shirt and pants, he started to take a shower.

“Eh? This is… Underwear that Teacher Lin just took off… And black silk stockings…”

There was a row of hooks on the inside of the bathroom. It was specially placed there to hang the change of clothes and clothes that needed to be washed. Turning towards it, Su Lin discovered Lin Qingxue’s pink colored lace bra, her pink lace panties, and seductive black silk stockings.

“This… this is too stimulating!”

Su Lin wanted to reach out and grab them, but he suddenly remembered that the bathroom door was made of frosted glass. Wouldn’t then Lin Qingxue be able to see his movements from outside the bathroom?

Immediately, Su Lin’s face turned hot. He looked at the frosted glass and then looked at the tempting little things hanging on the wall. Finally, he gulped his saliva, sighed, and said to himself, “I should honestly take a shower!”

“Brush and scrub… Brush and scrub…”

His mouth held onto the brand-new toothbrush, while his body was covered with Lin Qingxue’s rose-scented shower gel. Su Lin was happily taking a shower in an unfamiliar bathroom.

However, Lin Qingxue, who was still blow drying her hair in the living room at this moment, suddenly realized that something wasn’t right. Looking at the bathroom door, she immediately remembered that the door of her bathroom was frosted glass. Didn’t that mean when she was taking a bath, even though Su Lin didn’t get a clear look, he was still able to see the contours and movements of her body under the light?

Oh, right! She had also forgotten her underwear and stockings inside the bathroom.

The more she thought the more she blushed. Lin Qingxue felt a little flustered. When she realized it was already very late, she didn’t want to make Su Lin go to his home at such a time, so she let him stay purely out of concern that a teacher would have for a student. However, with her habit of living alone, Lin Qingxue obviously didn’t pay much attention to her actions. Now, Su Lin had already seen so many things that he shouldn’t have seen. Now… how was she even going to face Su Lin in the future?

“Teacher Lin, I am finished washing, but my clothes seem to have gotten a little wet. Do you have any clothes that I can wear?”

After washing himself, Su Lin opened the bathroom door slightly and asked while poking his head out. The bath was just too refreshing that Su Lin ended up wetting his jeans and T-shirt without knowing. How was he going to sleep like this?

“Su Lin, you… wait, don’t come out. I… I will find something for you…”

Looking up, Lin Qingxue saw Su Lin’s bare upper body. Especially, looking at the frosted glass, she could vaguely see that Su Lin was only wearing boxers, and there was a bulge in the middle. Lin Qingxue’s face turned red as she hurriedly went back to her bedroom.

“Lin Qingxue, ah, Lin Qingxue, what kind of thoughts are you actually having? Su Lin is your students, and he is still less than 18 years old! He’s just a child…”

With her crimson face, Lin Qingxue flopped around in her bedrooms closet. After looking around for a long time, she finally picked up one of her pajamas. Taking in a deep breath, she calmed herself, stomped her feet, and opened the door of the bedroom to exit.

“Ah… Hooligan! Su Lin, what are you doing… Why aren’t you wearing clothes… Hurry up and put on your clothes…”

As soon as she got out of the bedroom, Lin Qingxue screamed because she saw Su Lin sitting on the sofa with only his briefs on. He was watching the TV while blow drying his hair.

“Teacher Lin, you didn’t give me any clothes, so what do I wear?”

Su Lin smiled and put down the hair dryer. With some doubts, he thought in his heart, “For good or for evil, Teacher Lin is already more than 20 years old, and I am also not completely naked, yet she still reacts like this? Could it be that Teacher Lin has never seen a man’s naked body before?”

“That… Then put on the clothes a bit faster! Don’t… Don’t catch a cold…”

Throwing the pink pajamas in her hands on the sofa, Lin Qingxue immediately rushed away. She was red like an apple as her body started to boil. Even the breathing that she had calmed down suddenly became rapid.

“What’s the matter? Has she really not seen a man before?”

Looking at Lin Qingxue’s shy appearance, Su Lin whispered a little unbelievably, then picked up the pajamas that Lin Qingxue had thrown on the sofa. They weren’t much different from the pajamas Lin Qingxue was wearing. In addition to the laces and colorful pink sleeves, there were various patterns of butterflies flying around drawn on the pajamas.

“Well, Teacher Lin, I am dressed so you can come back.”

“Hehe… What’s wrong, how is this appearance…”

Turning around with a flutter, Lin Qingxue couldn’t help but smile as she saw Su Lin wearing her own pink butterfly pajamas. To begin with, Lin Qingxue was 1.6 something meters tall, while Su Lin was nearly 1.76 meters in height. Wearing Lin Qingxue’s pajamas was of course, inappropriate.

Fortunately, the pajamas were quite loose, and Su Lin was able to put them on. In the end, his calves were exposed, and the sleeves weren’t long enough either, making part of his arms uncovered. What’s more, the pajamas weren’t long enough and they could not cover Su Lin’s belly button, so in Lin Qingxue’s view, Su Lin appeared to be just like a belly dancer when he jumped around.

“Teacher Lin, you… You are not allowed to laugh at me, otherwise… Otherwise, I won’t put anything on and sleep naked.”

Lin Qingxue’s living room had a dressing mirror. From the mirror, Su Lin also saw his own appearance and the way he was dressed. If the boys in the class knew, especially if Little Hao knew, they would definitely laugh their teeth off.

“Alright! Alright! Alright! Su Lin, Teacher won’t laugh at you. It’s almost 12 O’clock, I will give you a blanket and you should go to sleep. If you are not used to sleeping on the sofa, just let me know and I will let you sleep in the bedroom, and sleep on the sofa myself.”

After experiencing the small show, Lin Qingxue seemed to have gotten over her awkwardness. Smiling with her squinted eyes, she took out a blanket from the cupboard and gave it to Su Lin. She then stretched and rubbed her eyes as she said, “Su Lin, you should sleep early. I will also go to sleep if there’s nothing more.”

“En! Teacher Lin, good night!”

“Su Lin, good night to you too!”

Taking the blanket from Lin Qingxue and watching Lin Qingxue go into her bedroom as she closed the door, Su Lin didn’t know why there was a slight feeling of loss in his heart. He then curled up in the sofa in the living room, with the blanket covering him.


The light of the bedroom was turned off, and only the weak moonlight entering through the window was acting as a source of light in the living room. Whether it was the blanket or the pajamas covering his body, he could smell a delicate fragrance. It was the familiar fragrance he had smelled from Lin Qingxue before.

In the quiet night, Su Lin couldn’t help but also fall asleep, gently producing snoring sounds.

“Anh……… Unh……”

As he could no longer see with his eyes, his ears obviously became sharper. The sleeping Su Lin was soon awakened by a low-pitched voice. If changed to someone else, they might not have been awakened by this voice, but since Su Lin was in an unfamiliar environment, and it was even Teacher Lin’s house, how could he sleep tightly. Especially, in such a quiet night, even a little sound would be enough to frighten him.

“What’s wrong? This voice is coming from the bedroom. Teacher Lin, she… Did something happen?”

After being awakened from his sleep, Su Lin looked towards the bedroom, hesitating on whether he should go in to take a look or not.

“I should take a look. It seems Teacher Lin’s condition isn’t very good.”

After some hesitation, he remembered the high body temperature Teacher Lin had before. Su Lin got up from the sofa and lightly walked to the entrance of the bedroom. The bedroom door was not locked, so Su Lin was able to push it open with a simple twist.

“Teacher Lin, what’s wrong with you? I heard some movements from outside, so I came in to check on you…”

After entering the bedroom, Su Lin turned on the light of the bedroom.

“Ah, don’t!”

The glaring light seemed to have shocked Lin Qingxue on the bed, making her cover her eyes with her hands while rubbing her legs against each other. She softly moaned, and her condition was just like when Su Lin had rescued her from the Jiaxing Hotel.

“Teacher Lin, what is happening to you?”

Seeing Lin Qingxue wriggle on the bed with a pained appearance, Su Lin immediately went forward and pulled Lin Qingxue’s hands away from her covered eyes. Touching her forehead, he realized that it was boiling hot, her entire face was burning.

“Su Lin… I… Teacher is uncomfortable…”

With her blurred consciousness, Lin Qingxue whispered to Su Lin while still twisting her body — especially her two legs that were rubbing against each other. She was tightly holding onto the peach blossom bedsheet, while her mind was losing its rationality due to a burst of desire.

“Where are you feeling uncomfortable?”

Su Lin was about to think of what happened when unexpectedly, Lin Qingxue crossed her arms around his neck and pulled him down with her. Her two cherry red and moist lips tightly locked onto Su Lin’s lips.



Su Lin immediately felt his brain go blank, and he… he was unexpectedly kissed by Lin Qingxue!

“Holy Heavens! So soft, so moist, and so comfortable… Is this Teacher Lin’s kiss?”

Being kissed so passionately by Lin Qingxue, Su Lin felt a fire immediately light up in his heart as Lin Qingxue’s soft and burning hot lips were closely locked onto his own lips.

He had never even talked about love with someone, let alone have any close relationship with a woman. Even if he had accidentally gotten lost in the moment with Elder Sister Zhu that day, it was something he had done in the heat of the moment. Generally speaking, Su Lin was an idiot when it came to sentimental issues, but he had still seen a lot of Japanese AV movies. At this time, Su Lin couldn’t hold himself back anymore. If he didn’t respond to his teacher’s initiative, would he even be able to call himself a man?


Changing from defense to offense, Su Lin started to suck on Lin Qingxue’s lips, with both his hands going down to explore other territory. Soon, the quilt covering Lin Qingxue was thrown to the side.

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