Top Quality Beauty Cultivation System Chapter 26: Spending The Night At Teacher Lin’s Place

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Soon, the Taxi stopped at the entrance of the Jinhua community. It was already quite late at night. Usually, a county-level city like Jian’an would start calming down around this time, and only the night market and some other places would be lively. Basically, the only people on the streets right now were pedestrians who usually returned home late at night.

“13, thank you!”

Arriving at their destination, Su Lin instinctively went into his pocket to pay the fare to the taxi, but Lin Qingxue was very swift and immediately took out a 20 Yuan note from her purse. After the driver received the money, the two got off.

“Lin… Teacher Lin, which building do you live in? It’s so late and might not be safe, so I will bring you to your home!”

Spring had just passed, and the night breeze brought a chill along with it as they got out. Feeling the cool breeze on her face, Ling Qingxue also sobered up a bit. At the same time, the efficacy of ‘Happiness Powder’ also seemed to not be as strong as before. With her rationality back, Lin Qingxue was barely able to make herself feel less comfortable.

“Apartment C-302. It’s already so late, Su Lin… If you are to go home alone at this time, Teacher won’t be able to feel at ease. In a while, I will call your parents and let them know you were late because of make-up lessons. You can stay at Teacher’s place for the night!”

Lin Qingxue was a bit hesitant. But she thought it was already so late, and she won’t be able to feel at ease if she made Su Lin return home at this time, so she simply decided to let him stay the night.


Looking at Lin Qingxue’s black silk stockings that wrapped around her lush jade legs, the somewhat messy coat that outlined her mature appearance, Su Lin gulped down his saliva and couldn’t bring himself to reject her offer.

Tut! Tut! Tut!

Following behind Lin Qingxue, and listening to Lin Qingxue’s high heels hitting the stairs, Su Lin was screaming in his heart, ‘Holy Hell, I actually get to spend the night at Teacher Lin’s place! If Little Hao found out, he would die of envy!’

“Come in!”

They soon arrived at apartment C-302, and Su Lin followed after Lin Qingxue and entered the home of his high school class teacher.

“Casually sit anywhere. Teacher lives alone, so the place is not tidied up well, and things are scattered around. Su Lin, you haven’t had any supper, right? Should Teacher make you a bowl of instant noodles?”

“Teacher Lin, there’s no need to trouble yourself…”

Su Lin carefully sat on the sofa. He just wanted to turn down her offer, but his stomach started to growl. Indeed, after lunch in school, Su Lin hadn’t eaten anything ’till now. Right after taking the last exam, he went to the English office, and then he had to rush to the Jiaxing Hotel to rescue Lin Qingxue. So where would Su Lin have the time to eat anything?

“It’s alright, you shouldn’t decline. I will let you taste Teacher’s craftsmanship.”

Hearing Su Lin’s stomach growl, Lin Qingxue smiled happily. Taking off her small jacket, she put on another casual pink jacket and went to the kitchen. Turning on the electric oven, she started to boil water.

“Craving food and sex is a person’s nature!”

He didn’t know why, but this saying of the former sages suddenly appeared in Su Lin’s mind as he sat on the sofa. Looking all around, he could see Lin Qingxue’s rented apartment wasn’t too big. There was one bedroom, a living room that was also a half kitchen, and a small bathroom. In an estimate, such rented apartments cost around 800-900 Yuan per month in Jian’an City.

Lin Qingxue wasn’t a local of Jian’an and had only arrived in Jian’an City for a short while. Because of this, she hadn’t yet been assigned a place in the Teacher’s Hostel, and could only rent an apartment like this outside.

“It seems Teacher Lin’s life isn’t very easy!”

Looking at the living room’s trash can that was full of boxes of instant noodles and some other takeaway food, it seemed Lin Qingxue was quite busy with work. All she had to eat were instant noodles, and couldn’t even enjoy a decent home-cooked meal.

“Alright! Su Lin, come here… try Teacher’s craftsmanship. You must know that Teacher isn’t just good at correcting students’ papers and attending classes! This Master Kong’s Instant Noodles is Teacher’s best dish. Here, Teacher will give you two eggs as well. The flavor is quite good, you should try it.”

Holding the bowl of instant noodles, with two fragrant eggs floating inside, Su Lin didn’t know why his eyes felt sour. Looking at the eggs in the bowl, Su Lin asked Lin Qingxue, “Teacher Lin, you… Are you always eating instant noodles?”

“Almost! Your College Entrance Exams are coming soon, so there is a small test every week, and a major mock exam once a month. Your entire year has more than 800 students, so English teachers have to not only mark those but also prepare the revision material, so we are quite busy. Anyway, I am always staying at home, and there is nothing else to do. Instant noodles are quite convenient and they don’t take long to prepare.”

Saying all this, Lin Qingxue was obviously pretending to be carefree. Su Lin held the chopsticks and at the instant noodles while sighing in his heart. Who said being a teacher was easy? Who said teachers took it easy with the long vacations every year and the free Saturday every weekend?

“Greedy little pig, you can eat noodles with relish as well.”

While speaking, Lin Qingxue actually reached out her hand and touched Su Lin’s head, and said with a smile, “Su Lin, I really want to thank you for saving Teacher today. Otherwise, Teacher would… It is already very late today, so I can only put you through the inconvenience and have you eat instant noodles. Another day, Teacher will ask you out to have a big feast as a reward, okay?”

“The instant noodles teacher cooked are very delicious.”

“Haha! Seeing you enjoy it so much, Teacher is also feeling hungry.”

“Then Teacher should also eat!”

Saying this, Su Lin held some egg white with the chopsticks and brought it before Lin Qingxue. Right after he did that, he was stunned as he never thought Lin Qingxue wouldn’t refuse. She took the chopsticks in her mouth and licked it with her tongue. After eating it, she laughed and said, “My craftsmanship is indeed very good!”

“Teacher Lin, you…”

In Su Lin’s impression, Lin Qingxue was a very severe person. In school, Lin Qingxue intentionally put on the mask of an experienced and strict teacher in front of students. However today, in the eyes of Su Lin, the feeling Lin Qingxue gave him was that of a cute and lovable little girl. Moreover, Lin Qingxue didn’t seem to be repulsed by him. Was it because he saved her, so Teacher Lin’s attitude towards her started to substantially change towards her?

Seeing her change, Su Lin also started to look at Lin Qingxue differently. And he also completely put away his former attitude of being half-afraid and half-mischevious.

“Hu… I ate well. Thank you, teacher, it was the most delicious instant noodles I ever ate.”

In this way, taking a bite one by one, Su Lin and Lin Qingxue soon cleaned the bowl of instant noodles. Lin Qingxue then said with a smile, “Su Lin, it is also the best instant noodles Teacher has eaten.”

‘Hehe, it was naturally delicious. Teacher, don’t you know, by eating like this, you have also eaten my saliva?’ Su Lin was secretly happy and thought evilly in his heart.

After eating, Lin Qingxue packed everything up. When she saw it was almost 11 O’clock, she said to Su Lin, “Su Lin, it’s already 11 O’clock, so you should take a bath and go to sleep. Only if you rest early will you have the energy to attend class tomorrow.”

Saying this, Lin Qingxue pointed towards the bathroom and said, “In the bathroom, there are spare toothbrushes and towels in the small drawer. They are new, so you should quickly take a bath and sleep. You can sleep in the bedroom, while I will sleep on the sofa in the living room.”

“Teacher Lin, how can that be? I should be the one to sleep on the sofa, while you go to the bedroom to sleep. I am a man, so how can I let Teacher sleep on the sofa?”

Su Lin said with his chest puffed out. He never expected that Lin Qingxue would pat him with her jade-white hands, saying, “Alright, go wash, little man. Since you want to sleep on the sofa, you can sleep on the sofa! Hurry up, Teacher has to take a shower as well!”

Stretching lazily, Lin Qingxue felt sticky around her body, especially in some certain places. She was feeling fiery hot and itchy, making her feel very uncomfortable, and wanted to take a bath already.

“Then teacher, you can take a shower first, I will watch television for a while. I will wait for you to take a bath…”

Taking the remote, Su Lin immediately turned on the TV and changed to a random channel, starting to watch.

“Alright, Teacher will go ahead then. If you are really sleepy, you can go to sleep first! There’s no need for you to take a bath.”

Returning to the bedroom, Lin Qingxue took a change of clothes and went into the bathroom. Soon, the sound of water could be heard from inside. With Su Lin’s keen hearing, he could hear the sound of slipping and rubbing.

“This, too…”

Slowly moving his eyes from the TV to the bathroom, he saw that the bathroom door was a sort of frosted glass, and he could clearly see Lin Qingxue’s silhouette rubbing soap on her body. In addition to the dense water vapors, Su Lin couldn’t help but take in a deep breath, seeming as if he could smell the shampoo in the bathroom.

“Teacher Lin’s body is really good! Those high bulges, those…”

Looking towards the frosted glass, Su Lin couldn’t help but let his imagination run wild, as a certain part of his body obviously had a reaction. A lone man and a single woman in the same room, moreover, the opposite party was also a beautiful mature woman. What was even rarer was that she was Lin Qingxue, his high school English class teacher!

Which guy has not fantasized about the beautiful high school English teacher?

Half an hour passed, and the sound of water splashing around in the bathroom also stopped. The mist was receding as Lin Qingxue took a bath towel and started drying her body. The entire process was being watched by Su Lin sitting on the sofa of the living room. Although there was a frosted glass door between them, and he only had a general view, but this was undoubtedly a huge stimulus for Su Lin. A certain part of his body had already turned into a pillar supporting the heavens. If not for him controlling his sanity, Su Lin felt it would be very difficult to guarantee he wouldn’t rush into the bathroom.

The door of the bathroom was opened, and Lin Qingxue walked out wearing slippers while holding her long black hair. As the beauty left the bath, she brought along a fragrance that seeped into a person’s heart, making Su Lin feel an itch inside him.

“Sorry, Su Lin, Teacher took a long time taking a bath, making you wait outside! If you want to take a bath, feel free to use the things inside without worry.”

With a large bathrobe covering her seductive body, binding her curves as she walked with her slippers on, Lin Qingxue arrived next to Su Lin and sat down on the sofa. Taking the hair dryer in her hands, she started to dry her hair while humming.

“Teacher Lin, you are so beautiful!”

Smelling the scent of shampoo mixed with her body fragrance so close at hand, Su Lin could even feel the heat emanating from Lin Qingxue. Especially as Lin Qingxue blow dried her hair that was gently falling on her bathrobe. It was just a white bathrobe tightly wrapped around her body, making people believe it would completely fall off in a moment, were they to just pull on it gently.

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