Top Quality Beauty Cultivation System Chapter 25: Arrival Of The Police

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Spending less than 20 seconds, Su Lin easily slammed his foot into everyone’s stomach. He felt quite cool!

Time Recover!

In just a moment, all the security guards started screaming and fell to the ground. Clutching their stomachs, they roared in pain.

Li Jianhua was surprised and didn’t know just when his hand turned into a fist. And with the motion of hitting someone, his fist maliciously pounded towards Liu Yuanfeng’s mouth.

“Ahh… My tooth!”

This punch was made with quite some force. Liu Yuanfeng, who had already been punched by Su Lin before, felt two of his front teeth completely collapse with this additional punch.

“Liu… Young master Liu… It’s not… I… It wasn’t I who hit you!”

Seeing he had hit Liu Yuanfeng, Li Jianhua was frightened and spoke incoherently, appearing as if he was soon going to cry.

Liu Yuanfeng, on the other hand, was glaring at him with his bloodshot eyes. Covering his mouth and supporting himself on the ground, he angrily yelled at Li Jianhua, “You just wait for your death!”

“Good opportunity!”

With the security guards knocked down, Su Lin immediately seized the opportunity. Giving Lin Qingxue a princess hug, he quickly dashed towards the stairs. Lin Qingxue also coordinated accordingly and wrapped her arms around Su Lin’s neck, looking at him confusedly.

“Teacher Lin, with me here, everything will be alright. We will quickly run away from here!”

Su Lin comforted Lin Qingxue while running.

But at this time, Lin Qingxue had already lost her reasoning under Su Lin’s clutches. When Su Lin had just groped her body, she had already started losing reason. With the effect of the ‘Happiness Powder’, she suddenly felt countless desires welling up in her body, so where would she be able to understand his words?

“All of you are useless trash. Chase them! Let the security below also chase them… Have you all been eating shit? You can’t even deal with a little bastard? Do you all want to go home and farm the land!”

Su Lin, who was running down the stairs, also heard Liu Yuanfeng’s roars and became worried in his heart. If the security guards of the Jiaxing Hotel chased them, the remaining 10 seconds wouldn’t be enough for them. Su Lin looked down at Lin Qingxue whose eyes had already blurred, and thought, ‘Wouldn’t it be fine to just take more time?’

Gulping down his saliva, Su Lin stood in the elevator and pressed the button for the first floor. Only he and Lin Qingxue were inside the elevator. At this time, Lin Qingxue’s eyes were tightly closed, and her small cherry mouth was slightly opened, moist and wet. Her face was already bright red and hot, and her body was exuding a tempting fragrance.

“I will just take a few seconds!”

Hesitating for a while, Su Lin’s ‘salty pig trotters’ immediately climbed onto Lin Qingxue’s chest.


Being strongly stimulated, Lin Qingxue couldn’t help but moan.

Su Lin was shocked, thinking that Teacher Lin was angry, and quickly moved his hands away. But the moment he moved his hands away, Lin Qingxue seemed to be unhappy and her soft white hand unexpectedly started to tear the soaked white shirt covering her chest.

“Teacher Lin, what are you…”

Staring with his eyes wide open, Su Lin was stunned. He never expected to see such a stimulating scene.

“Hot… it’s hot… I am feeling so hot…”

When one hand was insufficient, Lin Qingxue’s body leaned closer to Su Lin. Using both of her hands, she started to tear apart the shirt covering her chest. With a hissing sound, the shirt was torn into pieces, indistinctly revealing the seductive scenery inside.

“Is it hot? It can’t be! There is air conditioning in this elevator, and it is quite cool!”

Su Lin just thought that, but under the effect of the stimulating scene in front of him, he gradually started to feel his body become hotter and hotter.

Holy fuck! What the hell was going on!?


At this moment, the gate of the elevator opened, and a hall appeared. But what awaited Su Lin was unexpectedly a bunch of hotel security guards looking at him covetously.

“It’s this brat. Young master Liu said to not let him escape!”

“Leave it to me, I will beat him up… However, I am worried that the woman next to him is Young master Liu’s chick, so we can’t hurt her…”



The security guards immediately rushed into the narrow elevator. Seeing that there was no place to escape, Su Lin immediately paused time and kicked the sea of people in front of him. Before the time could end, he hurriedly rushed towards the entrance of the hotel.

3 seconds…

2 seconds…

1 second…

The time was up, and the security guards were stunned. They didn’t understand how Su Lin rushed out in an instant, while the several security guards in the front had been kicked by Su Lin and fell. Those who were standing immediately turned around and chased after Su Lin while waving their electric batons.

“Ah, there is no more time. It seems I will have to…”

The situation was extremely urgent, but when Su Lin intended to use his method and get some more time, he heard an inexplicable voice in his head, “Sorry, the Top Quality Beauty Cultivation System has reached the upper limit of the day for obtaining time by being intimate with women!”

“What? Top Quality Beauty Cultivation System? What’s that? Why does the time I can obtain have an upper limit? What am I going to do now?”

Su Lin felt that he was stupid to have believed he would be able to get an infinite amount of time using this method. Su Lin was frightened and there were still a lot of guards chasing after him while shouting ‘kill him’. If he was really caught by them, even if he didn’t die, he will be beaten half to death. Su Lin didn’t think that Liu Yuanfeng would let him off easily after how miserably he got hit.

He had to immediately get to the hotel entrance. As soon as he got out of the door, he would be able to rush and get a taxi, escaping them completely. Besides, those guards won’t dare do anything under broad day-light. Su Lin’s only hope was to escape from the hotel’s entrance.

“Close the door, quickly close the door!”

However, not everything would go as one wished. The gate of the Jiaxing Hotel was the kind that was controlled remotely. When the receptionist on the first floor saw the situation, he immediately pressed the remotes button, and the door started to close in front of Su Lin.

“Damn! Can’t even get out!”

Running all the way to the entrance, Su Lin slammed into the glass door with his hand but failed to do anything. The security guards behind him no longer panicked and slowly walked towards him with wicked smiles on their faces.

“Haha! Stinking brat, why aren’t you running away now? Go ahead, run!”

“Brothers, let’s go and catch him, letting Young master Liu punish him as he wants.”

Su Lin saw the security guards surround him from all directions, leaving him nowhere to run in the hotel. At this time, the sounds of sirens could be heard from outside, making Su Lin happy. Looking out of the door, he could see that the police squad the young woman called had arrived.

“Don’t move! Open the door…”

Since the police had arrived, how could the security guards of the hotel still dare to be rampant? With the pitch-black muzzle pointed towards them, they immediately squatted on the ground with their hands behind their head, not daring to move a single bit.

Su Lin also relaxed and stood to the side while holding Lin Qingxue.

Before long, the police surrounded the entire hotel and started to search everyone one by one. And the young woman Su Lin had seen before was now in the hotel’s hall, talking to the leader of the police squad.

“Just who is this young woman? Why are those police officers listening to her?”

From the majestic and mature aura radiated by the young woman, Su Lin could tell she was no ordinary person. Now, she was even commanding the police, so she definitely didn’t have a simple background.

“Ah… Su Lin, I am so hot… you… why aren’t you sending me home quickly?”

In Su Lin’s arms, Lin Qingxue struggled to sober up a little. She felt that if she remained the way she was, she would no longer be able to control herself, so she immediately told Su Lin to send her back home. Her legs were already tightly clamped together. Lin Qingxue had wanted to go back herself, but with her current condition, and her legs that had gone soft, she had to lower her head and make Su Lin bring her back to her place.

“Teacher Lin, you are already like this… Should I bring you to the hospital? Your forehead is also very hot, and it seems you really have a fever!”

Su Lin touched Lin Qingxue’s forehead. It was burning unusually, and he didn’t know what kind of fever it was!

“No need for that… Just take me back to my home!”

Twisting her body, Lin Qingxue said while squinting her eyes.

Since Lin Qingxue was demanding to go home so strongly, Su Lin had no other choice but to listen to her perfunctorily. He had to first walk out of the hotel.

Meanwhile, when Su Lin was leaving with Lin Qingxue in his embrace, the young woman was also looking at Su Lin’s back and nodded slightly.

“Mayor Fang, what’s wrong?”

Seeing the mayor nod, Liu Xingyu, the captain of the police, asked.

“Nothing. Captain Liu, I suspect this hotel has been providing a trading venue for the triads to do their business. It all may involve drugs and pornographic transactions, so we must immediately seize control of everything. Shut this place down and rectify the situation.”

“But… Mayor Fang, Young master Liu seems to be a major shareholder of this hotel!”

Liu Xingyu, the captain of the police, said awkwardly.

“Which Young master Liu?” Fang Yuping asked.

“He’s the son of the City Municipal Party’s Secretary…”

“That means we must seal it. Even if a young master violates the law, he will still be judged as normal people! Seal it!”

Fang Yuping hugged her chest and said decisively.


Stopping a taxi, Su Lin carefully placed Lin Qingxue inside first, and then he also sat inside it. Making Lin Qingxue use himself as support, he said to the taxi driver, “Quickly bring us to the city hospital!”

With Teacher Lin’s forehead burning like this, how could they not go to the hospital?

“No… Don’t go to the hospital… I want… I must go home…”

At this time, Lin Qingxue’s weak voice sounded. Su Lin was very reluctant when hearing her vague words and understanding what she said.

“Teacher Lin, your entire body is burning hot. You must have a high fever, so we have to go to the hospital!”

Her body temperature was so high, it was probably reaching 39 degrees already. If they still didn’t go to the hospital, it was likely her life will be in danger.

“Don’t go there, I… I am alright, really!”

Lin Qingxue struggled and sat up. Her face was boiling hot and she didn’t dare look into Su Lin eyes. Turning to the driver, she said, “Driver, go to the Jinhua Community!”

“No! Teacher Lin, you have to listen to me. Driver, go to the City Hospital!”

“Go to Jinhua Community!”

“I say, both of you, in the end, where do you want to go? You two should first discuss it among yourselves, okay!”

The driver was tired of their fighting, so he immediately braked and parked the taxi on the side of the road.

“I am your teacher, so you listen to me. Go to Jinhua Community!”

Lin Qingxue seemed to be getting angry. Putting on her teacher’s facade, she yelled at Su Lin.

“Alright! We will go to Jinhua Community. Let’s go…”

The driver started the car and started to drive towards the Jinhua Community.

“Teacher Lin, you are so sick, you should really go to see a doctor.”

“Su Lin, thank you for saving Teacher this time, but Teacher really is not sick. It’s just…”

While saying this, Lin Qingxue crossed her legs unnaturally. As she rubbed her legs together, her expression was very strange.

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