Top Quality Beauty Cultivation System Chapter 24: I Can’t Help It, Teacher Lin!

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“Teacher Lin, how are you?”

Su Lin was a little confused. He had thought Lin Qingxue was forced to get drunk by Liu Yuanfeng and had lost her rationality. But now, he couldn’t feel the stench of alcohol from Lin Qingxue’s body at all. So, why did she still have such a drunken appearance and wasn’t sobering up?

“Ah? Could it be Teacher Lin was also drugged with anesthetics like that young woman?”

With this in mind, Su Lin struggled and dragged Teacher Lin into the bathroom of the private room. Scooping up clear water from the tap, he splashed it towards Lin Qingxue’s face.


The icy cold water seemed to have some stimulating function that helped awaken the brain and immediately made Lin Qingxue sober up.

“Su Lin? You… What are you doing here? I… Where is this?”

Having just sobered up, Lin Qingxue head was still not very clear. When she realized that she was actually inside Su Lin’s embrace with both her arms around his neck, she was shocked and immediately let go of him. But seeing that she couldn’t even stand stably, she immediately pulled onto Su Lin’s clothes and stabilized her footing.

“Lin… Teacher Lin, you were deceived by that bastard, Old Dog Li! Can you remember what happened?”

Being grabbed by Lin Qingxue in such close proximity, Su Lin’s heart was also flustered. In addition, Lin Qingxue’s upper body clothes were also wet and her white shirt was sticking close to her chest, making it translucent. Su Lin couldn’t help but look down. Unexpectedly, Teacher Lin was actually wearing pink underwear today.

“I remember Principal Li asked us, female teachers, to come to Jiaxing Hotel for dinner. I didn’t want to come, but then I thought of discussing your matter with Principal Li, so I just followed them here. I didn’t expect… I never thought Principal Li would something like this to me…”

Thinking back to the matter, Lin Qingxue suddenly looked at Liu Yuanfeng, who was still lying on the floor and screaming about his pain. She didn’t know just what happened during this period of time.

“It turns out… Teacher Lin came here for my sake.”

Hearing Lin Qingxue’s words, Su Lin felt his heart getting warm. Looking at Lin Qingxue, he didn’t know just how many times he had been reprimanded by her and had his parents called to the school in the past three years. But Su Lin understood that Lin Qingxue was a really good person at heart, and even though she got angry sometimes and scolded him, wasn’t it all just to make him focus on his studies?

“Su Lin, Teacher must thank you for this time. If not for you rushing here in time, Teacher’s purity might have been…”

Lin Qingxue was speaking with great difficulty as the efficacy of that ‘Happiness Powder’ had still not be dissolved, and she was still under its effects. It was only because of the cold water that Lin Qingxue was able to have a clear mind for a while, but her body’s reaction had still not weakened.

At this time, Lin Qingxue was using her own reason to suppress the reaction and impulse of her body. She couldn’t help but have a wanting expression on her face, but she couldn’t show it in front of Su Lin.

“Teacher Lin, you… What happened to you? Why is your expression so ugly? Could it be… are you sick? Right, when you just leaned on me, I realized that your body was burning hot. You wouldn’t have a fever, right?”

How would Su Lin know Lin Qingxue was under the effect of an aphrodisiac. From the start, he had not even thought about that aspect. However, Teacher Lin was looking very tempting right now. Her entire body was exuding a mature fragrance, her face was crimson, and the hot air she exhaled from her mouth made Su Lin’s little heart jump to his throat.

“It’s not that… there’s nothing!”

Lin Qingxue quickly denied, but then suddenly added, “Su Lin, my body is feeling very uncomfortable, so you… you should quickly bring me down as I have to go home!”

The effect of ‘Happiness Powder’ was getting stronger and stronger. Lin Qingxue felt she was almost unable to control it. With her legs tightly clamped together, she couldn’t even walk and had to rely on Su Lin’s body. The final thought she had while sober was to make Su Lin send her home as soon as possible.

“Alright… Teacher Lin, I will immediately bring you downstairs.”

Having Lin Qingxue lean on his body like this, Su Lin was also quite embarrassed. With Teacher Lin’s soft body in his embrace, he could feel her body’s high temperature. Her jacket was already quite messed up, and her inner shirt was also wet. As long as Su Lin looked down a bit, he would be able to see everything with a glance. The pink underwear binding the pair of soft and pure white mounds were right before him, free for Su Lin to see all he wanted.

Twisting twice, he unlocked the door. Su Lin’s brain was already in quite a mess, and without thinking too much, he helped Lin Qingxue out of the private room. He would have never expected that this Jiaxing Hotel was Liu Yuanfeng’s property.

Just when he went out of the room, he saw Li Jianhua in the corridor.

“Su Lin? You little bastard, what are you doing here? Teacher Lin? What… Young Liu?”

Originally, when Li Jianhua saw Lin Qingxue being pulled to the private room by Liu Yuanfeng, he was feeling quite good in his heart. He thought that so long as Young master Liu opened Teacher Lin’s seal, the position of the Jian’an School Party Committee’s Deputy Secretary would be in his hand? Li Jianhua, who was about to go downstairs, never expected for Su Lin to appear here. On top of that, Lin Qingxue, who should already be tossing about in the bed with Liu Yuanfeng, was also by his side.

“Old Dog Li! You still have the face to call me a bastard when you actually planned to murder Teacher Lin in secret!”

Seeing Li Jianhua, Su Lin’s anger was rising and he immediately wanted to pause time and hit him. But he realized that the number in the upper right corner of his vision was actually 0. It turned out that when he rushed upstairs, he had used up all the time.

“Li Jianhua, quick… Catch this stinky brat for me. He actually dares to attack this young master, and steal my woman! Where did all the security guards die off to?!”

At this time, Liu Yuanfeng also walked out from the private room and roared in anger. When had he, Liu Yuanfeng, ever been beaten in Jian’an City? No matter where he went, everyone would welcome him respectfully. But today, Su Lin not only punched him, he even stomped on him in his own territory. Where was he going to put his face from now on?

“Security! Quick… grab this brat! Young Liu has said whoever can apprehend this brat will be rewarded 10,000 Yuan!”

“Fast… All of you, hurry…”


In a flash, security guards started flooding in from all the directions. As they had walkie-talkies, all the security guards soon received the message and soon made their way to the seventh floor.

“It’s not good!”

Su Lin regretted that he was too arrogant and forgot to consider the situation outside, and directly ran out with Teacher Lin.

“What do we do? Su Lin… you must escape first! Hurry up and report to the police!”

Seeing so many securities guards flood into the narrow corridor, Lin Qingxue couldn’t find a single empty spot. Su Lin couldn’t escape by himself, let alone take her out of here.

“There is no way out! I have already run out of time!”

Su Lin was also anxious, but he had already used up the time he could pause.

“What are you all dallying for? Immediately kill him, I will take care of everything!”

Liu Yuanfeng was already fuming with rage, and his belly still hurt. Now there were already dozens of security guards on the 7th floor, ready to trample Su Lin to death. Liu Yuanfeng was rubbing his pained body with his hand, recovering from the attack. He wanted Su Lin to suffer tens of times the pain he was inflicted with.

Of course, there was also Lin Qingxue in Su Lin’s embrace. She was the meat on his plate, so how could Liu Yuanfeng let her get away? It was absolutely impossible for the cooked duck to fly away from his grasp.

“Su Lin, quickly run away. Teacher will block them for you…”

Seeing the security guards rushing up, Lin Qingxue struggled to go forward to cover Su Lin so that he could escape first. But how could Su Lin let Lin Qingxue take such risk? Now, he only had one way out…

“I can’t help it, Teacher Lin!”

The moment Lin Qingxue was going to rush out, Su Lin hugged her from behind. Immediately, his two hands entered Lin Qingxue’s wet shirt without any restraint.

He started fondling her! Her towering and erect chest were very soft, and the pin underwear also had a special feeling when he touched it, making her body even warmer. Lin Qingxue’s body’s high temperature was getting even higher.

“Anh… Wu…”

Having her chest suddenly grabbed by Su Lin’s big hands, Lin Qingxue couldn’t help but moan because of her body’s extreme sensitiveness. Her body went completely soft and she tightly wrapped her hands around Su Lin’s waist.

“It’s so soft… Eh? Why is this part hardening?”

Su Lin’s thick and rough palms were holding onto Lin Qingxue’s softness, and gently fondling them. He could see the numbers in the corner of his vision begin to rise.

5 seconds…

10 seconds…


After just a few seconds of stroking, Su Lin could see the time had risen to 30 seconds, yet he was still very reluctant to give up the feeling in his hands. In addition to this, Lin Qingxue’s entire body was now glued to him, and she was also exuding an orchid fragrance, making Su Lin’s heart sway.

“Good wild brat, your death is already at hand, yet you actually dare do this in front of me! Go and beat him to death!”

Seeing the scene in front of him, the already raging Liu Yuanfeng now felt as if he was going to go insane. He had not thought that instead of thinking of a way to escape, Su Lin would actually start getting intimate with the woman he had taken a fancy to.

Of course, it wasn’t just Liu Yuanfeng who could see, Li Jianhua was also there. As the principal, Li Jianhua knew that Su Lin was just a student in Lin Qingxue’s class. It was unbelievable that Su Lin actually dared to take advantage of his teacher. She was his own teacher!

Under Liu Yuanfeng’s orders, several security guards rushed towards Su Lin with electric batons in their hands. But Su Lin was now fearless. With more than 30 seconds in his arsenal, Su Lin slightly smiled and immediately commanded time to pause in his heart.

The time was suspended and everyone’s movements were fixed. Only Su Lin could move freely.

Bam! Bam! Bam!

Unceremoniously, Su Lin slammed his feet towards the stomach of the nearest security guard. At the same time, he also made Li Jianhua form a fist and maliciously slam it towards Liu Yuanfeng’s mouth.

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