Top Quality Beauty Cultivation System Chapter 23: I Don’t Care Who You Are!

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“Do you have a cellphone?”

The young woman didn’t seem to mind Su Lin’s offense and asked while looking at the darkening sky outside.

“I don’t…”

Su Lin replied awkwardly. Mother Su was afraid Su Lin would waste all day long playing games on the phone, so she didn’t get him one.

“Then give me that phone on the table.”

The young woman’s phone had already been confiscated by the two burly men. Su Lin understood the woman must want to call people to come for her rescue, so he hurriedly took the hotel landline from the table and put it in the woman’s hands.

Tut, tut, tut…

Picking up the phone, the young woman skillfully dialed a string of numbers. Once the call connected, she spoke in an imposing manner, “Chief Yang? I am Fang Yuping. Yes. I am in Room 402 of the Jiaxing Hotel right now. Right, I had been kidnapped. Someone attacked me from behind and used anesthetics when I left the hospital today. Indeed, I suspect it is that group of people who did it. Um! Please quickly send police reinforcements, I am still in the room. Two of their accomplices have already been subdued, but there is no guarantee there won’t be other accomplices in the hotel…”

Looking at the young woman’s majestic appearance as she talked on the phone, Su Lin was dumbfounded. He had never heard of a kidnapped woman who could be so calm and describe the entire matter without breaking a sweat. Not only that, but she also seemed to be giving orders to the police.

“Just what sort of background does this young woman have?”

Su Lin quietly looked at her in amazement. After a minute or two, the young woman arranged everything and hung up the phone. She seemed to have recovered some of her strength and no longer had the weak and dispirited appearance as she stood up. Looking at Su Lin with a polite smile, she said with a dignified appearance, “Student Su Lin, I must thank you for saving me this time. I have already informed Captain Yang of the City Police, and he will be coming here immediately, in at most 10 minutes.”

“Great! That is good. So long as the police are here, we will be completely safe.”

Su Lin relaxed after knowing the police were arriving soon, but when he remembered Teacher Lin, his heart tensed up again. There was no longer any danger for the young woman here, and the police would also get here soon. Su Lin could also pause time for a longer period now. Then what was he waiting for, not going to rescue Teacher Lin immediately?

“Auntie, I came to Jiaxing Hotel to rescue my class teacher. She was deceived into coming to the Jiaxing Hotel. I am afraid she will meet some unexpected accident, so I have to go and save her immediately. I knocked out the two guys and they are in the bathroom. They shouldn’t be waking up any time soon, so you shouldn’t go anywhere alone. So long as you stay in the room, you should be safe.”

Although he had heard the police will arrive soon, Su Lin still felt a bit uneasy, so he immediately told the young woman. What he didn’t expect was that the young woman actually offered him advice.

“Student Su Lin, you said you wanted to rescue your teacher. I presume you don’t know which private room your teacher is in right now, right? Otherwise, you wouldn’t have mistakenly bumped into this room and met me.”

The young woman immediately guessed his situation accurately while holding her hands before her chest that was wet. But this action of her instead squeezed the majestic globs on her chest and made them appear even bigger.

“Ah! Auntie, to tell you the truth, this is what I am also worried about. This Jiaxing Hotel has over 20 floors, so there will certainly be hundreds of private rooms, so… Auntie, do you have some other way?”

Su Lin was having a headache about this. Couldn’t he look inside them one after the other? Not to say he didn’t have such ability, even if he did have such ability, he wouldn’t have enough time! However, Su Lin immediately thought that since the young woman in front of him could think of this point, she must also have a solution.

“With such a large hotel, there must also be cameras on every floor, or even in the private rooms. If you can enter their security room and look through those cameras, you will get twice the result with half the effort. Even if there are no cameras in the private room, you can check the recordings of the hotel’s hall and quickly find the whereabouts of your teacher. However, if you just leave the way you are now, it won’t be long before you get discovered before even reaching the security room. I think that you should wait for the police squad to come, and I will make them help you look through all the rooms one by one.”

The young woman had only proposed a feasible solution; she didn’t believe Su Lin had the ability to infiltrate the security room under the surveillance of so many security guards. However, this was the only feasible method even though it had a high chance of getting caught.

Su Lin, however, thought otherwise. When the young woman proposed this method, Su Lin’s heart leaped with joy. Why didn’t he think of this? When he was in the hall before, wasn’t it because of those surveillance cameras that he was found by the guards? If not for his ability to suspend time, there would be no way for him to escape the security net of those people.

Now, with this method, he could do what he needed to do. By pausing time, he will secretly sneak into the security room and check which private room Teacher Lin went into.

“Auntie, thank you, you have given me such opportune help! Alright then, please be careful and stay here, I will go out now!”

He could no longer wait for anything. Without waiting for the young woman’s reply, Su Lin immediately opened the door and squatted near the corridor to see if there were any guards. Seeing it was all clear, he slipped out.

Before, Su Lin had already seen the hotel’s “Emergency Escape Map” that was distributed throughout the hotel. It was clearly marked on the map that the security room was on the fifth floor, right before the way to the fourth floor.

Immediately, Su Lin rushed towards the stairway without delaying anything. Fortunately, he didn’t encounter any security guards along the way, preventing him from wasting time stopping time.

However, when Su Lin rushed into the security room, the security guard inside immediately rushed towards him to apprehend him. But under Su Lin’s magical ability, they didn’t have the slightest resistance and got beaten to the ground by him in under five seconds.

“Got it! Now, I should immediately see the recording…”

Restoring time, Su Lin clapped his hand and looked at the surveillance system in front of him. It wasn’t too difficult to operate it, so he immediately checked the recording of the last 30 minutes in the hotel’s halls.

“I should fast forward it… Teacher Lin must have entered the Jiaxing Hotel around this time.”

Su Lin estimated the time and immediately played the recording. And sure enough, he saw Teacher and Old Dog Li enter the hotel around 28 minutes ago. There was also a man with a white suit and black sunglasses, wearing a cool expression. He was Liu Yuanfeng.

“Is it him? Did he collude with Old Dog Li to persecute Teacher Lin?”

Staring at Liu Yuanfeng’s back on the screen, Su Lin’s face flashed with an ominous expression for the first time.

Continuing the search, Su Lin soon followed the camera’s position and determined they had entered into the private room no. 708 on the seventh floor.

Immediately switching to the real-time video surveillance, Su Lin skipped to the corridor of the seventh floor. Right then, Su Lin saw Liu Yuanfeng holding Teacher Lin and leading her to room no. 712 on the 7th floor. From the video recording, Su Lin discovered that Teacher Lin wasn’t looking right, she was wobbling and appeared to be drunk.

“Not good! Teacher Lin is in danger!”

Seeing ’till here, how could Su Lin still dare to keep on looking. He immediately rushed out of the security room, directly dashing towards room no. 712 on the seventh floor.

“Teacher Lin, wait for me, I will certainly rescue you!”

The situation was extremely urgent, so Su Lin didn’t dare waste any time. Running out from the security room, he suspended time and immediately rushed upstairs.

From the 5th floor to the 7th floor, there was only a distance of two floors, but Su Lin felt it was too far away. He couldn’t suspend time forever as he was continuously losing those seconds.

Sixth floor…

Seventh floor…

Su Lin was panting as he had pushed himself to the limits. Even when he participated in the 100-meter race held by the school, he hadn’t used so much strength.

“7th floor… I will reach it soon. I am already in the corridor and just need to get to room no. 712… Teacher Lin… I am going to save you now…”

He didn’t know where he got the strength to rush like this, but the moment Su Lin used up the remaining time he could suspend, he also happened to arrive at the entrance of room no. 712.

At this moment, Liu Yuanfeng had just opened the door of room no. 712. Holding onto Lin Qingxue, he was still walking inside the room and hadn’t even had the time to close the door. Su Lin seemed to have appeared in front of Liu Yuanfeng out of thin air. Without saying a single word, he sent out a fist towards Liu Yuanfeng’s chin and also took Lin Qingxue away from him.


Without any preparations and warning, he was immediately hit in the chin by Su Lin’s fist. Liu Yuanfeng, who still hadn’t figured out what happened, felt as if his lower incisors had been knocked out. He was immediately lifted in the air and slammed into the ground. Withstanding the immense pain, he yelled at Su Lin, “Motherfucker, do you know who I am? I am Liu Yuanfeng, son of Liu Shuji — the secretary of the City Municipal Committee. You dare to beat me; are you tired of fucking living?”

“Motherfucker, who cares who you are?”

In the face of Liu Yuanfeng’s insults, Su Lin was also not polite and immediately retaliated, “You dare to make a move against my Teacher Lin, see if I won’t fuck you up!”

Saying this, Su Lin maliciously stomped his foot on Liu Yuanfeng’s belly. Don’t look at Liu Yuanfeng’s 1.76-meter height. Inside, he had long been hollowed out by women and wine. When it comes to fighting and sheer strength, he was far worse than Su Lin and even worse was his tolerance for taking a beating. In the end, he could only yell at Su Lin. And after being stomped by him, he could do nothing but cover his belly and roar in pain while lying on the ground.

“Teacher Lin, Teacher Lin, you are alright now! It is me, Su Lin. Take a look… I am Su Lin…”

After dealing with Liu Yuanfeng and making sure he wouldn’t be causing any trouble, for the time being, Su Lin turned towards Lin Qingxue who was in his arms. Only after looking did he realize that Lin Qingxue’s entire face was pink, her body was boiling hot, and her two legs were unconsciously trying to hold onto him, while she moaned in a low voice.

“Wuu… Anh… Wuu…”

While moaning, Lin Qingxue’s two hands had actually locked around Su Lin’s neck. Without caring about anything, she hung to Su Lin’s body and coquettishly winked at him.

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