Top Quality Beauty Cultivation System Chapter 22: Unconscious Woman

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How come it isn’t Teacher Lin?

Seeing the beautiful woman on the bed, Su Lin groaned. Even then, his eyes still looked towards the beautiful woman. The black tight-fitting western suit was wrapped around the woman’s graceful figure. Her plentiful waist gave off a slightly mature feeling. The high-heeled shoes under her feet had partly fallen off as they hung on the tip of her toes, revealing her yellowish-pink silk stockings.

A part of the silk stockings had been ripped. The scene before his eyes made Su Lin burn with unease.

“Not good! Not good! I must calm down. Teacher Lin is still in the middle of a crisis, so how could I think of such dirty matters at this time?”

Su Lin forced himself to calm down. Teacher Lin was still waiting to be saved.

“Now that Teacher Lin isn’t here, then where did Teacher Lin go? It’s been a long time since Teacher Lin entered this hotel. If I don’t find Teacher Lin soon, I am afraid Teacher Lin will have some mishap.”

Su Lin was anxiously walking back and forth in the room. Now, he could only suspend time for at most 30 seconds. Under such circumstances, how was he going to quickly find Teacher Lin and rescue her?

Steps sounded…

There were sounds of footsteps from outside the room as the two burly men had returned.

“Eh? That’s strange. Old Seven, my keys are gone. I clearly remember hanging them on my waist.”

“Maybe, you left them in the room? Well, it’s nothing much, I have a spare key. That woman is already unconscious and won’t be waking up anytime soon, so we brothers should drink a few more cups below.”


The sound of the door being unlocked could be heard. Su Lin was shocked as he thought how he forgot about these two guys? These two men were originally guarding this woman, and maybe, they had just gone out to eat something. He had to find an opportunity to hide. Now that the two men were full and back, if he was discovered by them, he might not have an opportunity to run away.

“What do I do? I should hide in the bathroom, and once they open the gate, I will stop time and run away!”

Su Lin immediately thought of a solution. Moreover, as the matter stood, he only needed a few seconds to get away without being discovered.

But then, Su Lin turned his head around and looked at the unconscious woman on the bed.

“If I ran away like that, she wouldn’t be able to run away from the clutches of those evil people, right?”

Seeing someone in trouble and not doing anything was not something Su Lin could do. But if he really wanted to save the woman, Su Lin might get implicated in something big. Not only won’t he be able to save Teacher Lin then, but he also might not even be able to escape.

Su Lin quickly weighed the pros and cons in his mind, but time waited for no man. With the sounds of keys being turned, the door of the room was about to be opened.

“Better to save one life than building a seven-storied pagoda! If I just left like that, my conscience will haunt me for the rest of my life. Now, I can only take a step forward and first deal with those two robust men.”

At the moment those two men entered through the door, Su Lin had already made a decision in his heart.

Rescue her! He must save that woman. There were many unfair and dark matters in society, but since the Heavens had granted him the ability to stop time, wouldn’t he be wasting the blessings of Heaven if he didn’t achieve something?

Just like the old woman he had saved in the food market the day before yesterday. Some matters were dictated by once principles. Even if the consequences after saving someone would be dire, those who should act should act and those who should save lives should save lives.

When the two men entered the room, they immediately saw that there was a strange boy inside the room. Both of them were stunned and couldn’t react in time. Su Lin immediately suspended time. Circling the two men as soon as he could, he arrived behind them and immediately knocked them on their heads.

“Time Recover!”

When the time recovered, the two men felt a heavy blow on the back of their heads and immediately fainted and fell on the ground.

“Huu… Fortunately, it only took five seconds and I still have 22 seconds remaining.”

It was the first time Su Lin had dealt such heavy blows to someone, so he was also sweating. Usually, he didn’t fight and behaved quite well. Nothing to say of using such extreme methods. He was afraid that if he was too light, with the size of these two men, once the time ran out, he definitely wouldn’t be there match.

Finally, the threat of these two strong men was solved. In order to avoid other people discovering them, Su Lin quickly dragged the bodies of the two men into the bathroom and closed the door of the room.

“What do I do now? This woman…”

Looking at the young woman who was still unconscious, Su Lin swallowed his saliva and tried his best to keep his eyes away from certain parts of the young woman. Sitting in front of the bed and shaking the woman’s body, he cried out, “Auntie, please wake up.”

It wasn’t any good. When he shook her, it was as if there were waves forming through her flesh and the woman’s perky chest swayed up and down. Su Lin was astonished, and as if afraid that the two plump things would fall from the woman’s chest, he immediately hurried over and grabbed them with his hands.

Hoh! So round! So big! So strong!

It was a different feeling, completely different from when he touched Elder Sister Zhu’s. This woman was perfectly round and strong up there. Seeing that the young woman wasn’t waking up, Su Lin became much more daring and used his fingers to pinch her. He shouted in his heart… So good to play. Seeing the mature woman with her willow-like waist and perfect countenance, Su Lin couldn’t control himself from gently kneading and pinching her. The feeling was very fascinating!






As Su Lin’s two rough palms gently fondled the young woman’s chest, the number of seconds in the upper-right corner of his vision continued to increase.

“What is going on here? I know it will grow if I am intimate with women, but why is it growing so quickly?”

Although he didn’t know what was going on, the time he had consumed in the hotel had actually been recovered with interest. This made Su Lin feel quite happy. After getting this time, Su Lin was even more confident about saving Lin Qingxue.

“Right, I have to save Teacher Lin!”

When the time had reached 98 seconds, Su Lin felt that he couldn’t drag on the matter anymore. Otherwise, even if he arrived, Teacher Lin would have already suffered. And if that happened, Su Lin knew he wouldn’t be able to forgive himself for the rest of his life.

“I have to immediately go and rescue Teacher Lin. But… what about this woman?”

Su Lin was somewhat puzzled. Although the two men had been knocked out by him, if they suddenly woke up or if they had some other partners who came here… It was certainly not a good idea to leave this woman in this room.

And if Su Lin took the woman with him, then he would only have another burden and it will be very hard for him to move around. Not to mention, he still had to save Lin Qingxue.

“I should first wake her up and let her find a way to escape, or I will take her to a safe place to hide! But from what I heard those brawny men say before, she was probably drugged and I wouldn’t be able to wake her up in a short while!”

After hesitating for a few seconds, Su Lin remembered that on TV, when a drugged and unconscious person was splashed with TV, they would sober up. He immediately went to the bathroom and filled a toothbrush holder with clear water. Steeling his heart, he directly splashed the water on the woman’s face.


As soon as the water was splashed on her face, it showed its effect. The woman immediately started to cough and started to sober up with blurred eyes.

“Auntie, are you awake?”

Seeing that the young woman was struggling to open her eyes, Su Lin hurriedly said. When his vision landed on the woman’s chest, he almost cried out.

Oh! Heavens!

The white shirt worn by the young woman was already wet and became translucent at once. Inside, the black bra holding her chest immediately became visible before Su Lin.

“Hu… Hu…”

Su Lin’s breathing immediately became rushed and his body also had a natural reaction. And right at this moment, the young woman swayed and soberly opened her eyes.

“Who are you?”

The young woman, who had just sobered up, was very calm. Her eyes soon changed from confused to sharp. Lying on the bed, she immediately stared at the nearby sitting Su Lin and asked.

“This… This… Aunt, you… Please don’t misunderstand, it’s… it’s not like what you think.”

Being stared at by the young woman like that, how could Su Lin have any indulgent thoughts. He had always thought that the vision of young married women was too scary. He felt as if he couldn’t hide any of his secrets from them.

Her fierce appearance was too much for him to take, and Su Lin’s body immediately shivered. Even the reaction he had just a moment ago was gone in his fright.

“Who are you? Where is this?”

Looking at Su Lin’s apprehensive appearance, the young woman immediately restrained her fierce vision and said somewhat friendlily.

Su Lin was relieved. He didn’t know why he was so afraid of the young woman’s eyes. He then replied honestly, “Auntie, I am Su Lin, a high school student in Jian’an No. 1. This is Jiaxing Hotel. It is very complicated to explain the entire matter. Anyway, I saw that you were kidnapped by those bad guys, so I rescued you. And, in order to wake you up, I splashed some water on your face. I have absolutely no malice towards you.”

As he said all this, Su Lin lowered his head. However, every now and then, his gaze would fly towards the translucent white shirt of the young woman.

“Alright, I understand. You should stand up now, I also want to stand up.”

The young woman spoke succinctly (say something briefly and clearly). Su Lin hurriedly stood up from the bed. The young woman also used the bedside to support herself and stood up. But it might be that the efficacy of the drug had not been worn out yet, the young woman felt her legs go soft and she wasn’t able to stand up. Immediately, she started to fall down again.

“Auntie, be careful!”

Su Lin hurried up and hugged the young woman with both hands, preventing her from falling down. At the same time, the two strong mounds on the young woman’s chest rubbed against Su Lin’s chest again and again. This caused a certain part of Su Lin’s body to have a reaction and it just so happened to be placed quite close to the woman’s inner thigh.


Being held like this by Su Lin, the soft-skinned young woman couldn’t help but make a sound. But immediately, she held back her voice and gently pushed Su Lin away. After that, she gradually stood up and with the support of the table and chairs close by, she stood up firmly.

“Auntie, I am sorry… I… I didn’t do it intentionally.”

The young woman wasn’t angry, but Su Lin was quite embarrassed and tried to explain himself.

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