Top Quality Beauty Cultivation System Chapter 21: Not Teacher Lin?

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“Principal Li, what did you bring these two teachers here for? It wouldn’t be that you are yearning for some action?”

With a smirk, Liu Yuanfeng drew Li Jianhua to a side and asked quietly.

“Young Liu! You are misunderstanding this Old Li. I originally just wanted to bring Teacher Lin alone, but she just wouldn’t agree. Later, I had to find an excuse and also invite these two teachers. Only then was Teacher Lin relieved and agreed to come here. Now that I have already brought the person I ought to bring, I will leave the rest to Young Liu’s methods. Hehe, when the time comes, the position of the School Party Committee’s Deputy Secretary…”

Li Jianhua vigorously flattered Liu Yuanfeng. He knew that Liu Yuanfeng had quite the authority in Jian’an City. Mixing black and white was something he could do with the flip of his hand.

“Principal Li, you can feel relieved. So long as you can find some sort of excuse and make the other two teachers leave first, I will be able to use this ‘Happiness Powder’ that I ordered from Vietnam. At that time, this little girl will beg me with tears to do her. After everything is finished, Principal Li’s matters will become my Liu Yuanfeng’s matters!”

The ‘Happiness Powder’ that Liu Yuanfeng talked about was an aphrodisiac. Once mixed with a drink and consumed, it would enormously excite women, making their hormonal levels rise exponentially. Women will lose their reason in a very short time and degenerate into animals following their base instincts, seeking pleasure.

This ‘Happiness Powder’ in Liu Yuanfeng’s hands had undergone hundreds of tests. No matter if one was a pure and chaste woman or not, so long as the drug could take effect, her body would start to burn and her mind will be consumed with passion. When the time comes, there won’t be a need to force her as the woman would take the initiative to ask for it. And once you recorded the video of everything, even if she sued you afterward, you could just show the video as proof that it all happened because she was willing.

Inside the private room, Liu Yuanfeng’s eyes had a fire burning in them as he looked all over Lin Qingxue’s body. At the start of the year, he had seen Liu Qingxue on TV in an interview program hosted in Jian’an City. Liu Yuanfeng wasn’t able to forget about her ever since. For this reason, he even hooked up with the Principal of Jian’an No. 1 Highschool. He had prepared to take Lin Qingxue for himself in one fell swoop this evening.

“Come, come, Teacher Lin, Teacher Qiu, Teacher Wang… just sit down anywhere you like. Today, it will be Young Liu’s treat. You don’t have to be polite with him – order everything you feel like eating. Young Liu is a major shareholder of this Jiaxing Hotel, so there’s no need to be worried about saving his money.”

With a joyful face, Li Jianhua officially introduced Liu Yuanfeng to Lin Qingxue, “Teacher Lin, Young master Liu is the highest level young talent here in Jian’an City. His father is the Secretary of the Jian’an Municipal Party Committee, Liu Jianguo. Young master Liu himself has a great business vision and his Liu Family’s business is involved in finance, hotels, KTV, etc…”

Hearing Li Jianhua’s praise and introduction of himself, Liu Yanfeng was enjoying. He had already become accustomed to compliments given by other people. In the 3 miles around Jian’an City, there was no one who dared not give him face.

“Young master Liu is a youthful talent, both handsome and intelligent!”

“Do you know that Young master Liu is the target of adoration for many women? For someone as outstanding as Young master Liu, the number of women wanting to be with him can form a line through the city.”

Though the other two female teachers were already over 30, they still couldn’t control themselves from having some fantasies about being with Liu Yuanfeng. Lin Qingxue, on the other hand, remained unmoved. It was because she had heard quite some rumors regarding this Liu Yuanfeng when she had first come to the Jian’an City.

This Liu Yuanfeng liked to play with beautiful women. Once he set his eyes on a woman, he would do anything to get her. And when he was done playing with her, he would just throw her away. Because of this reason, there had been countless cases against him, but Liu Yuanfeng used various methods to deal with them and clear his name. Because of this, Lin Qingxue felt intense disgust for this Liu Yuanfeng. The reason she dared to come to this place was that she underestimated this Liu Yuanfeng and Li Jianhua’s courage. She believed that with two more teachers on such an occasion, they wouldn’t dare move against her.

“Teachers have worked hard and raised various talents for our Jian’an City. I deeply respect your hard work, teachers. To show my respect, I would like to make a toast. I hope teachers will give me face and drink some of it. I will go first.”

On the scene, Liu Yuanfeng was smiling and speaking like a gentleman. However, as the dishes came up and he drank more and more alcohol, Liu Yuanfeng started to show his true colors. His speech became more and more unbridled, while his eyes became more and more lascivious as he stared at Lin Qingxue without any scruples. Especially Lin Qingxue’s proud and towering chest, he looked at it with his eyes wide open.

At this time, the ‘Happiness Powder’ he had mixed into Lin Qingxue’s drink also started to take effect. It could be clearly seen that Lin Qingxue’s face had started to turn red, her body temperature increased, and her breathing became ragged.

“Teacher Qiu, Teacher Wang, don’t you have to go back early?”

Seeing it was almost time, Li Jianhua hinted at the two other teachers with his eyes. The two teachers also acted tactfully and immediately stood up to say goodbye and prepared to leave.

“Then… I should also leave…”

With an uncomfortable feeling all over her body, Lin Qingxue’s face had already turned very red. Sitting on the seat, she was gently rubbing her legs covered with black silk stockings. Seeing that the other two teachers were leaving, she also quickly stood up and wanted to leave. But the moment she stood up, she felt as if her legs went soft and she again fell back to her seat.

The light in the private room was dim and Lin Qingxue’s eyes were blurred. The orange halo in the room made her dizzier. She felt as if there were insects gnawing her all over her body.

“Teacher Lin, weren’t you going to discuss with me about that Student name Su Lin who is in your class? We haven’t talked about that matter yet, so how could you leave? Please sit down and we will slowly talk about that!”

Li Jianhua had used this exact reason to bring her here, and now, he was again using this reason to force Lin Qingxue in staying here. When Lin Qingxue, who was already very confused, heard Su Lin’s name, she immediately sobered up a bit. With great difficulty, she said, “Principal Li, Student Qin Yanran has already reported this mornings matter to me. It really had nothing to do with Student Su Lin. Moreover, although Student Su Lin was a trouble-maker before and his results were also not very good, he has indeed been putting in effort this time and his results have improved…”

“I know, I know. Teacher Lin, we will not discuss these matters now. You see, Young Liu specially invited you here today and he has some things to tell you, so how about you and Young Liu go to the hotel room and have a chat?”

Lin Qingxue’s consciousness was getting more and more blurred and her vigilance was also getting lower and lower. When she heard Li Jianhua’s words, she actually started following Liu Yuanfeng towards a hotel room.

The situation was extremely urgent. Su Lin could feel that Lin Qingxue was close to danger. After taking a taxi, he rushed to the entrance of the Jiaxing Hotel, but he was stopped by security at the door.

“Excuse me, sir, but do you have a private room booked in our hotel?”

“I am here to see someone, she should be in one of the private rooms.”

“Then, can you please tell me about the private room number? I will call and confirm.”

Jiaxing Hotel was no ordinary hotel. Here, many triads and people dealing in black and white would gather to discuss in the private rooms, so the check at the entrance was very strict. Su Lin didn’t look like someone who mixed in with those people, and his immature appearance and the air of a student was already very clear, so he was stopped at the entrance by the security guards and driven out.

“Damn, they actually drove me out. No, if I can’t get inside, how am I going to save Teacher Lin. On top of that, I don’t even know in which room Teacher Lin was brought to by Li Jianhua. This hotel is so large, there are 20 floors. It’s so high. how am I going to find her?”

He stood at the roadside before the entrance of the Jiaxing Hotel. Currently, it was the peak time for commuting, so the incoming vehicles and their horns made Su Lin feel very uncomfortable.

“The remaining time that can be suspended is only 73 seconds. It seems that I can only enter this way. There’s not much time, I will have to race against time.”

If there was no other choice, Su Lin really didn’t want to suspend time. But now that he couldn’t get inside, he had no other choice. He immediately got to the entrance of the Jiaxing Hotel, issued a command in his heart, paused time, and immediately rushed into the hotel. After turning a corner to avoid the hall’s security, he immediately restored time.

“Huu… I am finally inside. Fortunately, it only took 10 seconds. I should now inquire which private room Teacher Lin is in?”

After getting inside with difficulty, Su Lin realized that the waiter was looking at him.

“Sir, which private room are you going to? I will guide you.”

“No need, I can find it myself.”

The waiter came forward and asked politely, but Su Lin immediately avoided him, causing the waiter to become suspicious. Su Lin immediately saw the waiter pick up his walkie-talkie and say something inside. Soon, Su Lin discovered a group of people dressed as security come towards him from the hotel’s hall.

“Dammit! Did they already discover me? This hotel’s security is quite tight.”

Su Lin hurriedly ran away. When he ran, the security guards became even more vigilant. They started to surround him from all directions and knew that he had rushed inside the hotel without permission.

“Strange, how come I can’t throw them off? Is this hotel in the shape of a circle?”

Even after a few laps around the first floor, Su Lin couldn’t get rid of those security guards. When he looked up, he realized that there were cameras everywhere. Under the eye of the camera, how could he escape from them?

“Not good! I will be surrounded by them like this.”

Su Lin found a blind spot in the monitoring system and immediately paused time and rushed towards the stairs at the fastest speed. He couldn’t use the elevator, so climbing the stairs was his only option. The second floor didn’t seem to have any private rooms, seeming to be used for miscellaneous stuff. There weren’t many cameras around either. When Su Lin arrived, he knew he had to first get away from the range of the cameras, so he immediately found a blind spot behind a liquor box. Hiding behind the liquor box, he immediately restored time.

“Damn, it took another 20 seconds!”

At this time, Su Lin truly felt that he was lacking time. He had felt that 70 seconds would be a lot, but he had already consumed 30 seconds in such a short time.

“What do I do? If I keep on going like this, once the time runs out, I wouldn’t be able to rescue Teacher Lin. At that time, I wouldn’t even know how to get out of here.”

Hiding behind the liquor box, Su Lin felt quite battered. He had originally thought that with his ability to suspend time, he would be able to easily rescue Lin Qingxue. But the facts proved that it was much more complicated than what he had envisioned. Now, even after spending such a long time, he still didn’t know which private room Teacher Lin was inside.

When Su Lin was fretting over what to do, he heard some footsteps. Su Lin quickly hid and saw two brawny and burly men walk over while chatting with each other.

“Old Four, what background does that woman in room 402 have? Why did the boss make us capture her? What’s more, the boss didn’t allow us to touch her either!”

“Who knows? However, Old Seven, since the boss didn’t allow us to touch her, it seems that the boss wants to do her himself first. To be honest, that woman’s body sure is first-class. If not for the boss speaking up, we two brothers would have been able to pleasure ourselves to our heart’s content. Hahaha…”

Hearing the dialogue of the two men, Su Lin eyes immediately lit up. Could it be that the woman they were talking about was Teacher Lin?

“It could very likely be Teacher Lin!”

Seeing the keys on the waist of one of the brawny men, Su Lin immediately paused time. Using two seconds to get the keys, he immediately flew upstairs and quickly found room 402. Recovering the time, he immediately opened the door.

“Teacher Lin, don’t be afraid, I will save you soon!”

As soon as he opened the door, Su Lin saw a young woman who looked to be around 35-years-old lying on the bed, unconscious. She had quite a plentiful stature and even the Western-style suit couldn’t cover her proud figure. Some of her hair loosely hung before her chest. Su Lin couldn’t resist but stare at her proud and erect chest.

“How come it isn’t Teacher Lin?”

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