Top Quality Beauty Cultivation System Chapter 20: Teacher Lin Actually…

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“Su Lin, what did Principal Li say to you in the office?”

In the corner of a corridor, Qin Yanran asked with her usual indifferent expression.

“There was nothing much. He believed Peng Shenda’s words and gave me a major demerit. When the flag is raised next Monday, I will receive public criticism before the entire school.”

Su Lin looked at Qin Yanran’s face with a serious expression, making her face turn slightly red. When Su Lin looked into her big eyes, she immediately moved her eyes away from him.

“What? Did he really give you a major demerit? Did you not talk with Principal Li and explain yourself clearly? The matter had nothing to do with you.”

In Qin Yanran’s opinion, getting criticized in front of the entire school and receiving a major demerit was a very bad thing. By doing something like this, Principal Li was simply abusing his power. It was extremely unfair to Su Lin.

“I did explain. But Yanran, you also know Peng Shenda’s father is the Director of Education, so if he wants to deal with me, how could that Old Dog Li not listen to him? However, there’s no reason to think too much since it is only one major demerit. So long as I don’t get another major demerit in the future, they can’t dismiss me from the school register.”

While speaking, Su Lin cautiously called Qin Yanran directly by her name, but Qin Yanran seemed to have not minded that. From Su Lin’s explanation, she understood the key to the problem. It didn’t matter who was right or wrong. No matter what happened, Peng Shenda was going to get off and Su Lin would be punished.

And the reason for all of this was her, Qin Yanran.

“Alright! Su Lin, I know it is all because of me, so I will do something about it. You should go and have lunch first! I will go to Teacher Lin’s office and directly talk to her. You can relax, I will definitely not let them punish you as they please.”

After thinking for a while, Qin Yanran already had a solution in her heart. Since young, Qin Yanran had been taught by her mother, the mayor, and was already quite mature for her age and had the airs of a capable woman. When handling matters, if she stumbled across something difficult, Qin Yanran understood that she had to keep calm and then seek out the best possible outcome.

Looking at Qin Yanran’s back as she walked towards the office, and her flowery skirt gently swaying in the bright sunlight, Su Lin felt that everything was too unreal. Qin Yanran, who was coveted by every guy in the school… did she really care for someone like him?


In the afternoon were the science subjects. Just like before, this exam also went very smoothly. Using the Time Stop ability, Su Lin again successfully copied Qin Yanran’s answers. Naturally, he wasn’t stupid to the extent that he would copy everything word for word. Su Lin modified the wording and steps for various subjective answers as much as he could while keeping the meaning.

Once the science subject examinations were over, the mock exam also came to an end, making everyone feel relieved. This time, the difficulty of the exam had indeed increased by a lot. Many students weren’t able to answer well and had a worried look as they left the examination hall.

After Su Lin packed up his things and walked out of the classroom, Qin Yanran immediately rushed to catch up to him.

“Su Lin, I have already said your matter to Teacher Lin at noon. Teacher Lin asked you to go to her office after the exam – she will help you clearly explain the matter to Principal Li.”

“Asked me to go to Teacher Lin?”

To be honest, Su Lin didn’t have much hope in his heart. Lin Qingxue was just a normal University graduate. Although she had held her position as the class in charge of Grade 3 Class 2 for three years, if Li Jianhua really wanted to help Peng Shenda deal with Su Lin, Lin Qingxue’s plea will not have any effect.

“Well, it doesn’t matter. It’s better to have hope then to have none. If Teacher Lin’s persuasion can work, it will be great, if it doesn’t, then I will just have to be criticized under the national flag on Monday.”

As for the Grade 3 English office, Su Lin was very familiar with it. As he remembered how he had taken cheap advantage of Lin Qingxue in her office yesterday, Su Lin felt very satisfied in his heart.

“Yesterday, at the door of Elder Sister Zhu’s house, I was able to completely grasp Elder Sister Zhu’s chest and it felt so soft. If I could fondle Teacher Lin, I would be able to compare the size of the two. Hmm… I don’t know if Elder Sister Zhu is bigger, or is Teacher Lin bigger?”

Su Lin looked at the remaining time in the top-right corner of his vision. Today, he had been quite economical and there were still more than 70 seconds remaining. In any case, the time will increase by 60 seconds every day at 12 AM. Since he was now going to the office, he might as well suspend time for a while and help Teacher Lin measure her size.

As the evil thought took root in his mind, Su Lin’s heart fiercely jumped. The more he thought, the more he wanted to do it!

In front of him was the door of the office. As today was Friday and the end of the exams, the English teachers should have already packed their stuff and prepared to go home.

Knock! Knock!…

After knocking a few times, the door was opened by some other teacher whom Su Lin recognized. Su Lin looked inside the office and saw that Lin Qingxue’s desk was empty.

“This student, please come in. Which teacher are you looking for? Is there some important matter?”

In front of him stood the English teacher who taught the class next to his. She was a middle-aged woman in her forties, with deep eyes and black-rimmed glasses.

“Teacher Huang, I am Su Lin of Grade 3 Class 2. Our class in-charge Teacher Lin, Lin Qingxue, asked me to come to the office after the exam.”

Su Lin pointed towards Lin Qingxue’s empty desk and asked, “Do you know where Teacher Lin is? When is she coming back?”

“Oh! You are Student Su Lin!”

Teacher Huang, who had stayed behind in the office, fixed her glasses and said, “When Teacher Lin left, she asked me to tell you to return if you came to find her. Since today was the last day of the Mock Exam of Grade 3, Principal Li invited us to go to the Jiaxing Hotel to have a feast, but I refused as I had something important to take care of at home. Your Teacher Lin asked me to tell you that she will talk about your matter to Principal Li and help you remove the major demerit from your record.”

“Oh! Thank you, Teacher Huang.”

Hearing that Lin Qingxue was not there and that he couldn’t see her, Su Lin felt a little disappointed in his heart. It was quite strange, before, he used to be very afraid of running into Teacher Lin. Whether it was not doing homework, being late to the school, or anything else, he would always have a bad end whenever he bumped into Lin Qingxue.

But now, Su Lin actually hoped in his heart that he could see Lin Qingxue. Perhaps it was because he didn’t have much time left to spend in school. When he thought about graduating from school, he realized that he might not have any chance to see Lin Qingxue again. In Su Lin’s mind, the scenes of all his encounters with Lin Qingxue during the three years replayed.

“Hello, students, my name is Lin Qingxue and I recently graduated from the Normal University. Soon, I will be your homeroom teacher…”

It was the first day of high school when Su Lin first saw Lin Qingxue. She was wearing a western-style women’s dress, high-heeled shoes, and black silk stockings. With her long beautiful hair falling behind her head, Lin Qingxue was pretending to be a mature woman.

“This student, what is your name? It seems that you are a student of our Class 2, right? Do you know that you are late and this will drag our class’s overall score in the school? As your teacher, I will punish you for a week…”

That was the first time Su Lin was late and had been caught by Lin Qingxue. At that time, in Su Lin’s eyes, Lin Qingxue was a fierce class in charge.

But now, when he thought of Lin Qingxue, it seemed that there were some changes.

“I wonder if what I said before leaving yesterday made Teacher Lin blush? Hehe… The only regret I have is that I wasn’t able to see Teacher Lin’s expression.”

When he had left Lin Qingxue’s office yesterday, Su Lin had stopped for a bit and teased Lin Qingxue, “Teacher Lin, later… you shouldn’t wear that bra again, it will affect your growth…”

“Eh? Something’s wrong. Just now, Teacher Huang said that Old Dog Li invited all the teachers to a feast, and the place is called Jiaxing Hotel. Isn’t that the same place I overheard him speaking on the phone in the morning… Could it be… Old Dog Li and that person on the phone are plotting to persecute Teacher Lin?”

Suddenly recalling the name Jiaxing Hotel, Su Lin immediately made a connection to Li Jianhua’s call he had secretly overheard in the morning.

“That’s right, I have heard rumors that this Old Dog Li is a bastard who likes causing trouble for the young female teachers in the school. Teacher Lin is the youngest and most beautiful teacher in the school. With how that Old Dog Li is, I am afraid the rumors are true. He must be plotting something against Teacher Lin.”

The more he thought about it, the more Su Lin felt that he couldn’t sit still and allow that Old Dog Li and his accomplices to tarnish Teacher Lin.

“Jiaxing Hotel… Not good. Teacher Lin, you must not let that Old Dog Li do anything to you!”

Su Lin hurried back to the office. Fortunately, Teacher Huang had still not left.

“Teacher Huang, how long had Teacher Lin and the others left for?”

“It hasn’t been too long. Principal Li took them just after the science exam ended. When I saw them some moments ago, they still hadn’t left the school. It doesn’t seem to be Principal Li playing the host, but some other rich young master who drove over a car. Oh, right! I have heard that he is the son of some wealthy family who took a fancy to your Teacher Lin, and he asked Principal Li to deliberately play the middle-man…”

As she heard Su Lin ask, Teacher Huang conveniently started gossiping about some inside stories. Listening to her words, Su Lin didn’t feel any better. What rich young master? That’s just a frucking bastard who was conspiring against Teacher Lin with that Old Dog Li on the phone in the morning. If Teacher Lin really went to the Jiaxing Hotel with them, the consequences would be unimaginable!

“Teacher Lin, I won’t let something happen to you. Wait for me, I will save you!”

In Su Lin’s eyes, he had already thoroughly uncovered that Old Dog Li Jianhua’s plot, so how could he sit by helplessly and watch his own Teacher Lin fall into their evil clutches. He immediately ran outside the school, hailed a taxi, and directly went to the Jiaxing Hotel in the city center.


At this time, a white Mercedes-Benz stopped in front of the Jiaxing Hotel. The driver was a young man wearing a white suit and black sunglasses. As the car stopped, he immediately got off and attentively opened the door for Li Qingxue who was sitting beside him.

“Come, Teacher Lin, please get off.”

Though his actions were very gentlemanly, the way he looked at Lin Qingxue and coveted her beauty was very clear for her to see.

From the back seat, Principal Li Jianhua and the other two Grade 3 female teachers also got off the car. In front of them was the most luxurious five-star hotel in Jian’an City, the Jiaxing Hotel. The young man wearing a white suit and black sunglasses was the biggest shareholder of this hotel.

Liu Yuanfeng, the major shareholder of the Jiaxing Hotel, was a rich younger master of Jian’an whose father was the Secretary of the Jian’an Municipal Party Committee. Relying on his father, he had made a fortune in Jian’an City, and he also had some shady connections with the local underground gangs.

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