Top Quality Beauty Cultivation System Chapter 2: School Flower Qin Yanran

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Being yelled at by Lin Qingxue, Su Lin’s body trembled, and he halted on instinct. He knew Teacher Lin discovered him. However, Su Lin immediately calmed down. He thought the school bell just rang while he was already inside the school, so he shouldn’t be late. Therefore, he quite proudly turned around. But as soon as he saw the threatening expression of Lin Qingxue walking in those high-heels, his courage deflated, and he said with a fearful expression, “Teacher Lin…”

“Su Lin, look at your watch and see what time it is? The attending class bell already rang. Didn’t I warn you yesterday you better not be late again? Now, there is only a month left until the College Entrance Examinations. Have you looked at your other classmates? All of them arrive early every day and revise their syllabus. But you…, can’t you be punctual and come to school on time…”

After Lin Qingxue raged at him, she started to pant in anger. Holding her waist with her two jade-like hands, she was having a fit of temper, “The harder you work, the sweeter it’s fruit. Su Lin, if you are careless all the time and don’t study at all, how are you going to get good results? If you stay like this, the school might not accept you and let you take the College Entrance Examination…”

It was a matter of shame to be taught a lesson like this by Teacher Lin, but he knew what kind of woman she was! It was hard to be an old student who gets his face smacked in public by a menopausal woman screaming at you daily.

However, Lin Qingxue, Su Lin’s class in-charge only graduated from University about two to three years ago. She is a twenty-five years young woman who has already matured beyond her age. Lin Qingxue also dresses professionally to maintain her majesty of being in-charge of a class. Deliberately taking the mature route, she wears a combination of professional suit shirts and high heels.

“Actually, Teacher Lin’s stature is quite great. Perky where it should and bulging where it should. And those black silk stockings wrapping those beautiful legs…, If I could touch them, they will certainly feel great…”

Though he was being yelled at by Lin Qingxue, Su Lin was still able to indulge in his fantasies. Lin Qingxue discovered that the way Su Lin looked towards her wasn’t right. She coughed and said, “Su Lin, where are your eyes wondering about? Teacher has been speaking to you, were you even listening earnestly? Do you really want teacher to ask your guardian to come?”

“Don’t… Teacher Lin, I understand my mistakes. I certain…, I will certainly study well. I promise that I won’t be late again! Teacher Lin, I must attend class… I… I will go to the classroom first…”

Like the past, Su Lin once again promised her not to be late and ran towards the classroom as if someone was on his heels.

“Su Lin… You…”

Lin Qingxue really had no idea how to deal with Su Lin. After panting in the rage, she sighed. Actually, as the teacher-in-charge of Third Year Class 2, Lin Qingxue taught each student with her best effort. In her opinion, although Su Lin’s current performance wasn’t good, he still got more than 400 marks. He was just a bit poor in three books. Su Lin wasn’t stupid, on the contrary, his perception was especially high. The only issue was not enough effort. If he put in a bit more effort, he might be able to enter one of the good Universities.

Therefore, Su Lin, who was the only bad egg, turned into Lin Qingxue’s target for key care before the College Entrance Examination. Not that she wanted to find trouble with him all day long, she just wanted to help him have higher achievements.

“Li’l Lin, why are you late to class again? Didn’t you get caught by Teacher Lin?”

When Su Lin arrived in the class, his buddy, Li Hao saw him and asked him with a gloating expression, “Didn’t Teacher Lin say it before: if you are late, she will call your guardians.”

“Call… my luck isn’t that down yet! Though I was yelled at by her, Teacher Lin didn’t ask me to call my parents. If my mother was called, she would flay my skin…”

Su Lin glanced towards Li Hao then put his bag into the table-drawer, and sat down beside him, “Li’l Hao, instead of me, worry about yourself. You are no better than me. Soon, you also need to take the College Entrance Examination. With regard to our results, what should we do after the College Entrance Examination?”

Looking towards the fat meatball on the same table as him, Su Lin couldn’t help but look towards his belly as he said, “Look at you. With this big belly, even if you went to Dongguang Province, no one will want you!” “Who is going to work? My dad said after I graduate from high school, I will either go to some professional school for a few years or just go back to the family and take over their business. It’s all about making money. All I have to do is make sure I don’t lose any money! What about you? Are you going to some professional school, or will you also go back to your family’s work?”

“I? I… I will see it after the entrance exam…”

As he thought about this problem, Su Lin couldn’t help but feel a bit lost. With his half-assed academic performance, even if he got admitted to a University, he would need to pay a high price. His family wouldn’t be able to afford that much expenditure. It was already very difficult to graduate from high school, what work could he find in the future? Thinking of all this, Su Lin’s face was filled with worry. When he thought about his Junior High, he was a top student. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be able to enter Jian’an First High, the best school in the province.

Because he idled for three years in high school, Su Lin barely passed his tests and lived through his days here.

Looking all around, Su Lin could see everyone studying diligently. The only ones who were wasting time were him and Li Hao. As his vision swept over them, Su Lin found the top students. They were the ones guaranteed to enter a top University. Looking at them, his heart was filled with envy. Su Lin knew, after the College Entrance Examination, his and their destinies would have an earth-shaking difference.

As he muddled along the day, whenever Su Lin thought about the College Entrance Exam, he felt annoyed. His father and mother were also getting old, family’s economic condition wasn’t good either, and regarding the future, Su Lin felt even more confused.

“Hello! Su Lin… You need to submit yesterday’s English composition. Your group leader already collected everyone else’s. Because you are late again, yours was missed. Quickly give it to me, I need to hand it over to Teacher Lin in her office!”

The one who arrived before Su Lin was the most beautiful girl in class, Qin YanRan from Third Year Class 2, holding a pile of papers. Qin YanRan was the English representative of the class, responsible for receiving any English Homework. Therefore, she arrived before Su Lin and urged him to hand in his composition.

Actually, Qin YanRan wasn’t only the prettiest girl in class; she was the school beauty of Jian’an First High. Her lovely appearance and outstanding results made her not only a treasure for the teachers but also the dream Goddess of every guy in school. Today, Qin YanRan was wearing a pale white skirt, white silk stockings covering her pure white legs, with adorable floret cloth shoes protecting her feet. Her pitch-black hair was tied into a ponytail. As she shook her head a little, her hair swayed, and the air spread her faint fragrance.

“Ah! English composition? I… Sorry, I… I forgot to do it. Can I… submit it later! I will do it immediately. It will only need ten minutes. Will ten minutes be alright? I will give it to you before class ends.”

Su Lin slapped his head and remembered the homework that was due today. So, he asked Qin YanRan to make an extension.

“Li’l Lin, this method of yours is too old-fashioned. If you want to attract the attention of the class beauty by not doing homework, you should give up. It is doomed to fail because this brother of yours has tried it countless times. All you can get in exchange is an opportunity to drink tea in Teacher Lin’s office.”

Li Hao said lightly as he peeked towards Qin YanRan from time to time. After all, she was the Goddess in every guy’s mind, but none had ever received any care from her.

“Damned Grandson, don’t make blind assumptions. Class Leader, Miss, I will do it immediately, I will do it immediately, just don’t tell Teacher Lin. Otherwise…”

Teacher Lin had already caught him for being late, and if she found out he hadn’t done his homework either, perhaps she might really call his parents.

“I will wait for 10 minutes, but Su Lin, you better do it fast!”

Qin YanRan lightly said as she held the assignments and returned to her seat, and continued to study. Qin YanRan was just like that. No matter which guy, she always treated them like this. No matter who pursues her, she remained unmoved, and won’t speak more than a few words to the boys.

“See! Li’l Lin, didn’t I say this method was futile. No matter what you try, there is no way to move the school beauty! Pursuing the school beauty is a joke in Jian’an First High.”

“Go away! Damn brat, I really forgot to do my assignment! Tell me already, what was the English composition topic we were given yesterday!”

“You really didn’t do it? Then you need to hurry up and finish it… Yesterday’s English composition topic was to imagine yourself as Li Hua who hopes to find a penfriend through his foreign teacher Peter. Please write a letter to describe the conditions of your ideal penfriend, and explain why you choose such a penfriend…” {TL Note: Pen-friend are friends over letters. You don’t really meet them in real life and only exchange letters.}

“Who is this Li Hua? He sure is a busybody, finding penfriends…”

As he heard the topic of the English essay, Su Lin felt his head hurt. But even if he had a headache, he still needed to write it, Ah! He started to turn the textbook to look for the sentence pattern and some reference to writing his composition. Finally, after spending 10 minutes, he barely got 1-2 inferior English composition words collections.

“Right… Li’l Lin, don’t you think the guys in our class are guarding the school beauty as if she’s some mythical treasure. And even the seat nearby her is first come, first serve. The school beauty also has a lot of minions… Ah!”

Li Hao looked towards the Qin YanRan’s seat, sighed, and just held back his feelings of powerlessness and frustration. Don’t look at his bad results, the guy’s results might be bad, but his speech was very eloquent.

As Su Lin heard Li Hao’s words, he remembered the three years of time he spent in High School. It seems that what he said was indeed the case. Although Qin YanRan has been the class representative for three years and also participated in various activities held by the school, there has never been any news of the school beauty being in any relationship. That too when the male population of the school is two to three times larger than girls, and even when the guys from other schools came to confess to her. For this reason, Qin YanRan always had the title of ‘Ice Beauty.’

“Not just our class, even the other classes, and the stud of the school, Luo Tian from the Basketball team, the rich Young Master Peng Shenda, and the others also wanted to get in the good books of our school beauty but failed. Hais! Those small hands of Class representative’s, and that milk-white bosom, if I could touch them, oh… Even if I have to seriously take the College Entrance Examination, I will do it willingly…”

Li Hao continued on with his trash talk, while Su Lin was amused and said to him, “I can see that the College Entrance Exam you imagine is somewhat different from other people’s perception, heh?”

Although he said that, but looking at his eyes, they were still glued to Qin YanRan’s figure. Looking at the simple, beautiful, and refined figure of Qin YanRan, her lips moving slowly while she read the English words, the chest heaving up and down slowly, Su Lin felt his heartbeat speed up, and his blood boil.

“Su Lin, ten minutes have already passed! Have you finished your English composition? If you haven’t, then I won’t be waiting for you anymore!”

After ten minutes had passed, Qin YanRan walked towards him. Holding the stack of paper close to her chest, she asked.

“Written… I have written…”

Because Su Lin had just been staring towards Qin YanRan, now that she arrived before him, he lowered his head and stood up fearfully, handing over his English Composition to her.

However, just when Qin YanRan received the composition from Su Lin, he remembered the time suspension matter from the morning. Therefore, to explore it again, he said in his heart, “Time… Suspend!”

Just then, Su Lin realized that just like the morning, everything in the class had been suspended, and beside himself, no one could move. Everything was frozen in time.

“Time… Unexpectedly, it really froze!”

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